"Hey! Get away from me!

"No -.

"... Huh..."

It was tangled liquor, besides cherry blossoms to toddler regression, and Sora, who seems to have been laughing Uedo. Kite, intertwined from the two drunks, made it difficult to move, while still reaching the guest room given to Sola.


The moment I opened the door, it was Sora's Ibiki that I heard directly from the side. I thought it was nasty on the way, but apparently she was asleep. It should have been hard to carry Sola by reason.

"This guy..."

Kate regains charge of Sora, who began to slip away, with her blue muscles slightly floating on her forehead.

"Hey! Throw it!

"... hmm?

Carrying Sora to the side of the bed, who fell asleep feeling good about her ibiki, she threw her straight into the bed. It's a pretty good quality bed, so whether it was Sola's big body or not, she sank in with little tremor in her person and absorbed the shock. He stayed asleep, even though he was thrown away because of the booze or because of the bed.

"This is the first one..."

Ha, and I sigh deep, and I see a lady sitting in a chair laughing at Nico. Cherry blossoms noticed it spread their hands.

"Wow. Hugs.

Saying so, cherry blossoms turn their hands around Kite's neck. Apparently, this one is turning to good liquor as well. It was an action that the Later Japanese would blush bright red.

"Um, ma'am? A hug, what?

"Mmm, cherry blossoms,.

The cherry blossoms swell her cheeks as she gets slightly grumpy. toddler regression here was superb, was

"... cherry blossom lady, hug, what?


"... ha, yes.

To get rid of the drunkard quickly, Kate decided to listen to Cherry Blossom Wishes. Whatever you say to a drunk is useless. Apart from the sighing kite, the cherry blossom was in a very good mood, being held by a princess.

"Hey, cherry blossoms. It's the room.

I just don't sleep, and I don't throw like Sola to the cherry blossoms that are girls, Kite.

"Thank you.... Yes.

That's what I said. Down from the kite, cherry blossoms with their hands up. Besides, Kate wondered with a patchy eye.

"... what's that?

"Get dressed,. First, from the top, is.

Kite, who almost fell by accident, yells in spite of the night.



The cherry blossoms swell their cheeks again, in a very grumpy mood.

"Fine. Then Kite attacked me here..."

"Hey! Hey! Sprinkle!

Though it's the doors that are closed, if you shout, you can hear them outside. If a student council member sees a place like this, he will surely be killed from the face of the fan club and the women. Note that even if Kate takes off the drunken cherry blossoms, it is only unlikely that she will find out.

"Ah, already! Bye, yes, jacket!

That's what I said. With Kate giving up, she goes to take off the cherry blossoms.

"... awesome.

Thus, after removing his jacket, and taking off his cutter shirt, Kite salivated to the huge mass that became evident.

"... let's chisel. It's a live kill..."

For Kite, who is returning to his original state, the two huge masses shaking in front of him have enough appeal to drive a man's desire. but naturally I can't get my hands on it, so kite removed the clasp on her sobbing skirt and made her strip off.

"Just change your underwear yourself..."

That's what Kite says. Turn around. I'm not sure I can stay rational when I'm drunk because I just let you do that. Rather than that, I thought it would be awesome to be able to keep reason even after doing this to a beautiful girl opponent. Kate listens behind the sound of the clothes rubbing, waiting for it to end.

"Yes. It's over -.

That's how he turned around, Kite, but Cherry Blossom wasn't wearing a bra for some reason.

"What! The bra!

"Huh? I won't. Yo. That's common sense, isn't it, Kite?

I just lean forward a little bit and tap Kate's nose tip with my right hand finger. With frontage, huge masses accentuate the valley of the chest.

"I don't know!

"You can't do that anymore, can you? Girls get shapeless when they're bluffing at night..."

That's how it starts. To the rigging I'm not sure, Kate sighed. Unfortunately, if anyone sees me dressed naked in my upper body and only in my lower body pants - Kate - it's over, so I decided to get dressed early.

"... ha. Unbelievable, cherry blossoms, another banzai.

"Yes. Banzai.

Kite dresses the gap where the cherry blossoms raised their hands with the clothes being given from above. I was in the mood to not care anymore.

"Cherry blossoms, sit in bed. Let them wear pants.

"Yes...... yes.

That's what I say. Cherry blossoms that stretch my legs, kite that makes me wear pants.

"Yes, I'm done dressing.

"Thank you.

That's what I say, Pecori, and the cherry blossoms that bow their heads.

"Yes, then let's go to bed. Good night."

That said, Kite tries to escape before he gets tangled up any more, but he didn't. The cherry blossoms grabbed the hem of my clothes.

"... what is it now?

Take a deep sigh and Kate sees the cherry blossoms.

"Together till I go to sleep -.

"... ha.

Around, I lay down and saw the cherry blossoms diving into the futon, and Kate sat down in a chair that was nearby.

"I'm already... tired..."

Determining that it would be better to stay still than be grumpy here, Kite waited for the cherry blossoms to sleep with her tired face.

Kite came to the Duke's mansion's private room, having managed to send two drunken and tangled cherry blossoms and Sola to their rooms to sleep in bed.

"I haven't seen this room in three years either...

The room was already unlocked, so slowly open the door. There, my room existed there, as it was at the time I returned. Then, slowly walk to the center of the room and look around nostalgic surroundings. There is a slight increase in the number of items, but I had a feeling about it. I miss that, and that's where I hear the door locked from behind.


I didn't miss it, but I was going to go right back, and Kite looks back at the sudden sound. Yuri locked the door.

"What's up, Yuri?

Even as he questions Yuri, who answers nothing, Kite, whose room nostalgia prevails, confirms the room.

"This book... did Lux forget? This one's an old man... he said he still drinks cheap. That's why you get sick. This knife Will used to cut the dishes... and went up on his own during their absence..."

Kite smiles when she discovers remnants of the traces of her former companions.

"The bed stays the same.

Kite falls asleep in her bed and takes a deep breath. So, look to the right and ask Kuzha, who was there.

"... everything, just like that. What is it?

"Yes, no matter when you come home, it's fine.

"The bed is... a little softer.

The bed where Kate was falling asleep had been using luxury products since that time, but now she was more comfortable sleeping.

"Yeah, we're using bird feathers that have been newly discovered in the last 300 years. What your brother doesn't know is, I can't help it.

"Right...... 300 years. Taro Urashima, or..."

While falling asleep, Kate turns her mind to the numerous events that would have been in between. There was a lot on Earth, but I guess there was a lot on Enefia.

"... thanks, Kuzha, Yuri.

With all due respect, Kate thanks the two of them. The two who heard it snorted with a sense of purpose.

"...... hmm.

"... Yes.

That's how Kite closes her eyes for the first time. As I gave thought to the various thoughts swirling around my chest, I felt, uh, signs in front of me. Kuzha was covered over the kite. It was a distance where lips seemed to flutter just a little closer. Surprised Kate looks aside from the beauty of Kuzha nearby and there is Yuri who somehow grew up.

"Um, Mr. Kuzha? Mr. Yuri? What the hell is this all about?

Kite asks politely in a sense of crisis. The eyes of the two had a demonic light. Because they were sinking into the abyss of thought, they didn't realize the actions of the two who didn't make them feel any hostility.

"No, I was wondering if I could make good on my promise to your brother soon.

"Uh, what do you mean?

"Not eating a meal is a disgrace to a man, kite.

That's what Yuri answers.

"No, hey, no!

They try to get away with it all of a sudden, but the two of them won't allow it.

"I won't wait because waiting any longer won't necessarily get you in the way! Even though my plans are crazy......

I'll say that and see Yuri. Kuzha. Yuri stares at Kuzha the other way around. It wasn't emotional or anything, but they couldn't afford to care less about it. By the way, unwanted interruptions are missing Aura.

"No, both of you, calm down. Oh my god, why even Yuri!?

How about that, and Kite trying to calm them both down with her hands up and down. Kuzha always said that she would be his wife, so I could understand half the time, but I don't know why she even stayed with Yuri.

"Because I love Kite, too. Oh, in a male and female way, of course."

Yuri's smile, saying so in the light, was a very beautiful one. Kate falls in love, but the meaning swallowed a little and got a surprise.

"Ha!? I didn't realize that at all!?

"Haha, I understood myself because after Kate was gone, hey. Yeah, on the contrary, it's been the last 100 years.

Talk about it in the light, Yuri. It's not that Kite is blunt, but she didn't notice, so there was no reason for her not to notice.

"And so, keep in mind, brother.

Returning her gaze to the cuzha in front of her to the words, cuzha has already taken off her clothes and her whispered breasts have been exposed. Shr, I noticed the rubbing sound of clothes and slowly glanced to the side and there was Yuri's nudity there.

"Uh, what about probation?

I would ask that to the last resistance, but I knew it didn't make much sense myself.

"Do you think there is?

Kuzha blocking Kate's mouth with his own without question. It was a stumbling kiss.


All of a sudden he kissed me so I try to speak up, but it only makes a creaking noise.

"Oh, sloppy! Now me too!

Yuri kisses Kite, who breathes haha when Kuzha's lips are apart. Now they put my tongue in it.

"Hmm...... Hmm......

Pei, Yuri intertwines her tongue with the sound of it. Kite, who no longer gives up, also tangles his tongue from this side. Giving up was the key.

"Ha... I don't know anymore.

Kite turned her belly as she finally made a thread of saliva between her remote Yuri lips.

"Yes. Whatever your brother wants.

"Yeah. You can do whatever Kite wants.

To both of them, Kate didn't think this would happen back in the day, but she turned her consciousness to both of them.

"Hmm? I hear a woman whispering somewhere.

Tickle, and move the fox ear, and say so is the lamp fire. That's where the entrance to the room opened with the roar.

"Demon King! Where is it?

What came in was a beautiful woman of about the style of a college student wearing dreadful clothes - not so much swimsuit-like clothes.

"... the present demon king, huh? Come in a little more calmly. Is this it? Aren't you surprised?

The light fire bitterly complains against the beauty breathing on her shoulders. I was surprised, and my nine-tailed hair was upside down.

"Ah, Mr. Light Fire...... and the Demon King!

"Did Tina just say she was going to the lab or something?

Light fire to check with those who were nearby.

"No... He said he came in a big hurry around the corner......

The present demon king who drops his shoulders disappointingly. The present Demon King was an ardent follower of Tina.

"Well, don't be so depressed. Here, I'll drink this, but it's good. Three rushing glasses, I suppose.

That's what I said. A light fire offering sake. The Demon King took a sip of it and found the two men under his ministry to inquire.

"Why didn't you pull off the Demon King and put it down when this Claudia came around the corner!

The Prime Minister, who was drunk in good health, reminded me that she was in for an emergency today, even as she was drunk.

"But, Lord Claudia. Didn't you get a visitor all of a sudden?

"Oh, is that what you mean? I came without an appointment. It wasn't a big deal, and he was a disrespectful messenger, so I ended it.

Even so, it was iced back to the extent that it was revivable. Nothing is said to be the Demon King, nor does it wield a violent, outrageous outrage.

"Hmm, is his country the same?

That's what the Demon Prime Minister says in disdain. Claudia sighed with the same fright.

"Well, it's a land of bandits, good manners, it's a waste of time. Is it salvation that the talks were completed quickly thanks to the only disrespect?

I don't feel well, Claudia rejoining the liquor just to say so.

"Hmm, is that bad?

I have only heard rumors about the light fires in Nakatsu, which are almost irrelevant due to the fact that it separates the sea from several other countries of the Empire.

"Yeah. I call it the Kingdom of Jataryu, but I don't recognize any country, do I? Hey, I don't care about this story. Was the Demon King saying anything!?

Where did the chilling atmosphere go until just now, excited at once and now asking the Minister of Magic.

"Ugh, um. I was so happy with the ore I sent.

That's what the light fire says even as I pull as much as I like Tina. Claudia is relieved to hear that Tina was happy and has a full grin.

"Really? That's good. Then I will also head to the Demon King's lab.

That's what I said and transferred, Claudia. The leftover face continues the banquet without paying attention to it. Yes, it was the same as always.