Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 31: The Natural Missing

While the banquet was over and I fell asleep in the ballroom partly as it was, many returned to their respective rooms and territories. And the next morning. Naturally, there was a clean-up going on in the ballroom.

"Oh, my brother's still asleep. I'll get out of the way when I get out of the way.

That's what I said. My sister Yuhara, who forcibly ruled out her brother on the wall. No consideration existed for my brother. Coffle returned after being stunned by Kate, but this time he fell asleep drunk by alcohol. There comes one maid. Looks like he's looking for someone.

"Aren't you on this side, too?

"What's wrong -?

Yuhara approaches and talks because the maid who came in was a maid under his command.

"Ah, Mr. Yuhara. That's right, one of our customers from Heavenly Cherry Blossom School is missing. I didn't think you'd go to your room to call for breakfast......

(Absolutely, it's Master Tina. Looks like he was pretty depressed last night. You're making magic props through it.

Yuhara who immediately perceives someone when he hears that, but does not put it on his face or in his mouth.

"That. Who's missing?

"Uh, sure, you said Justina. She's a little girl with blonde blue eyes.

It was Tina who was missing as expected. I had predictions of where I would be, but I decided to ask a lot of questions without getting fired up.

"Did you look for a room?

"Yes...... I thought it was the Japanese-style room in the courtyard, but you weren't there either.

"To Master Kuzha?

"It's already passed on.

Tina was likely drawn to an area that was unlikely to be reached by the ministerial corps, including Yuhara, so I had to ask Kite or Kuzha.

"It's tough! More missing again!

More maids come in there and say so.

"Huh? Now who?

Yuhara could have predicted Tina, but the other couldn't, but I'm convinced by her name.

"It's Dear Kate Amane!

(Was it your husband? They made me tester where I found Daita Tina, and now your husband is the heat pattern -... the usual pattern though.

There comes another maid there - and, by the way, this maid was also present last night.

"My wife went to the lab to look for me, but the others told me to search the mansion again.

And I say and give instructions to the two of you who came looking for me. Sending out the two of them who went looking again after instructions, Yuhara and the maid who came later sighed. But his face seemed somewhere sunny and nostalgic.

"Ah, your husbands are the same.

Yuhara also agrees with the maid who sighs at the two who remain the same at all.

"Well, I feel lonely even if it changes.

"Not at all. Oh, but maybe I should put away a little of your husband's femininity?

Although not intended in person at all, the female ratio was considerably higher within the ministerial corps of the Duke's family, in particular the Duke's residence. Nor does that allow the female rate of members who have been around for 300 years since Kate was there to follow other houses at 70%. In some nobles, the Duke McDawell family has many beautiful women, including the Duke's deputies, so the brave were exposed to color preferences, or even heroes, as well as brave Harlem. Although there were no men either, the ratio seemed even higher because it was more often that they were not acting as territorial guards, like Coffle, or ruling their own organization, like Stra. The other maids and deacons in the room who were listening to it laughed and agreed, confirming once again that Kate was back.

Not long before Yuhara and the others talked about Kate, the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School and Kuzha were supposed to gather at the same table as last night, but the earliest were Kuzha and Cherry Blossom.

"Good morning, Kuzha.

"Good morning, Mr. Cherry Blossom.

"Were you okay after that last night? They seemed pretty drunk..."

Cherry blossoms dyeing their faces to Zhu remembering last night's ugliness. She didn't remember clearly, but some of them did.

"Yeah. I'm fine. So, last night, if I could...

cherry blossoms asking me to keep it a secret in the dark. I just wanted to keep it a secret that there was no rule of law and that I was tangled up in a drunken kite to say I was drunk by the situation.

"Pfft, I don't mind.

Kuzha laughs and acknowledges. That's where Sora and Kite just come in.

"Oh, Sakura-chan and Kuzha, hi.

"Hmm? Oh, good morning to both of you.

"Yes, both of you, good morning.

"Good morning. I'm sorry about yesterday, Mr. Kite. Hopefully yesterday..."

As soon as I finished greeting her, Kate also laughed at Sola for the cherry blossoms that would stop her from talking about yesterday.

"Oh, I know. I don't want to find out I was drinking, either.

"Right. What will they say if Rain Palace Sense finds out..."

"Yes...... I'm relieved to think if my maple grandfather finds out......

And that made one case last night a secret for the three of us. Also, I barely remembered what happened while Sola was drunk.

"You know what I mean, too?

Kite stops at Yuri, who is rowing the boat over her shoulder in a whisper. Yuri didn't wake up early when she wasn't willing to prank, so she looks pretty sleepy. Maybe I still have the fatigue of yesterday's work.

"Mm-hmm. Rika..."

Cotten, and Yuri about to fall asleep again. but it's cherry blossoms and sola that surprised me when I saw the fairy on my shoulder.

"Yesterday's fairy!

"Why have you been on Kate's shoulder since yesterday?!?

Kate had Yuri on her shoulder with her usual habits, but on second thought it was a strange thing.

"Oh, no, I was nostalgic at yesterday's banquet... huh?

They didn't know what face was collected for what reason yesterday's banquet, and they had no idea how old the fairy was, so they took the liberty of deciding that Yuri was a young man's stubborn fairy.

"Oh yeah...... nice.

Though it is a cherry blossom with a calming impression, she liked cute things for her age.

"Between rice, then, that way...

I always want to keep it in my sight because when I realize it could be a prank. That's what Kate says, but a maid comes in looking rushed along the way and ears to Kuzha.

"Ma'am, I need to put a little something in your ear.

A maid who was retaliating for being eaten and vindicated by one of the butlers for the dishes she had left to look forward to at last night's banquet, but now she was behaving like a sober maid. Kuzha makes a surprised face when she hears the report, right?

"Well, is it?... I'm sorry, everyone. Do you have any idea where Tina is, etc.?

Kate and Yuri have far-sighted eyes, but it is the other two who wonder about this statement.

"Uh, what's wrong with Tina?

When asked where Tina was going, she wondered. Sora asks about the situation.

"Actually, they're not in your room.

Sola chooses to join the search, although she opens her eyes to amazement.

"Well, I'll help you find it, too. If it was just the place you showed me yesterday, I remember the way.

"Then I'll be waiting for Tina here, won't I? You can't let it get in the wrong way.

Cherry blossoms choose to wait as if it's okay to go in incorrectly.

"Well, let's go find him, too. Kuzha, wait here with the cherry blossoms, too. Hey, get up, Yuri. Let's go."

Naturally, I can't go get Tina for a face other than Kate and Kuzha and Yuri, so Kate also begs for a search. Kate woke up Yuri, who looked asleep as usual, and set out to look for her with Sola.

Soon after I leave the room, Sora talks to Kite.

"So, you, why are you with that kid?

The fact is that we have been friends since 300 years ago, but it was very difficult to answer deceptively, so we appropriately tease each other.

"So, I told you, they missed me yesterday for some reason.

In other words, I decided to say that there was no reason.

"I miss it, I call people pets!

When she finally wakes up, Yuri protests by swelling her cheeks at Kate's pet handling. Next Yuri looked at Sola and bowed her head.

"Oh, speaking of which, you didn't introduce yourself to me ~. Nice to meet you, I say Ulysia Felicia. You can call me Yuri if you're friends with Kate."

Where did the anger go earlier, and when I realized I wasn't named after being slightly introduced, Sora also introduces herself.

"Oh, yeah. I'm Tenjo Sky. Sola is fine. So, why is Yuri with Kate?

Now I'm going to ask Yuri because Kate's answer doesn't get the guidelines, Sola. Yuri knows what Kate is hiding, so she answers appropriately.

"Hmm? Somehow?

Sola has no choice but to convince herself to do so. Furthermore, since Yuri was a fairy, I decided to think that it might be a fairy whim because of the fairy impression on the planet.

"So, no matter where I say I look, I look.

Talk to kite, sola.

"You're on the third or fourth floor for now, and I'm on the first or second floor, okay?

Tina's laboratory exists across the ground floor and underground, so it was this division.

"Well, let's find it. We'll meet you in the room in 15 minutes, okay?

Sora agrees because there was no place to look.

"Well, maybe he'll be here when it's time for dinner. That will do.... You're the one who's gonna get lost, aren't you?

Looks like a nigga and laughs. Sarcasm kite. Sora also returned sarcasm with a laugh.

"You're the one who's gonna get lost, aren't you?

That's how I saw Sola going up the stairs, and Kate and Yuri sighed at the same time.

"After all, did this happen?

"Right. Okay, let's go.

That's why they were scratched out.