Using the material modified by Kate in one of the corrections on the second day, she was able to complete the course with almost no corrections for the remaining days. And on the last day, this day, the course was scheduled to be summarized and tested.

"Gentlemen, today is the last day of the course. Tomorrow this request will be closed by issuing an Adventurer's Registration Certificate.

"Ahhh. I'm used to getting along with Miriam at last.

"Haha, I usually do reception at the Union branch, so you can meet me at any time if you want to come to the branch.

Some students and Miriam, who became quite close during this course period, had a normal conversation.

"Well, let's go to dinner next time!

"Fine. I'll introduce you to a store with delicious desserts.

"Say it!"

In every world, women don't have eyes for sweet things, and some female students and Miriam were suppose to go to dinner.

"Okay, here we go. The beginning of today's course begins with an exposition of the adventurer and his history.

"So that's it for you. Good luck, everyone.

"Thank you!

Pepper, and Miriam, who bows her head, will be thanked by officials from Heavenly Cherry Blossom School.

"This is the last time I'll be with you guys, but I mostly pack it in the Union branch, so if you see me, call me. It's a test in the afternoon, but don't worry, bad test dots don't mean you can't be an adventurer. Because it's precious just to be an adventurer who can understand the intelligence and meaning of the problem just to be tested in the first place.

In fact, it was the Adventurer Union McDawell branch that gained the most from this request.

Although the literacy rate is high in Enefia due to the effect of earrings, there are not many things that can write letters. Furthermore, when he became an adventurer who learned Japanese student-level upbringing and courtesy, he was not necessarily a former nobleman or his bearer. If that made 50 adventurers affiliated with the branch at once, and there were possibilities for more, there was no reason not to take requests from the Duke's house this time. Therefore, at this request, the Branch Manager himself visited the guide and, at a relatively close age, chose Miriam, who had experience in the Duke's Ritual Magic Instruction School, as lecturer.

"Well, I've seen that you're all going to get hands-on training from the Duke's army, so it's a month or so early that you're actually going to start talking to me. I look forward to your growth at that time, so be careful and train to be free of injuries.

Though I do, inside, Miriam worries about how many of us will see each other again from here, and the students we've gotten along with in this past week. She's actually watching adventurers, too. Therefore, things could be judged quite calmly.

"All right, then, I'll hand out the test paper now - Thank you, Miriam.

"Yes, then please sign the end of the request here. I'm on my way to the Union Branch to report closure, so I'll see you guys later.

Miglia, who was signed by Principal Sakurada, said so, leaving the conference room and returning to the Union branch.

"Have you gone to all of them? The test time is 100 minutes. This time it's easy because two years with a special number of people is the same grade guy, and one year is three years and can be consulted. Now if I make a mistake, I'll laugh.

I don't think there is any point in the test, such as being able to consult the same grader in the test, but since cooperation with fellow members is essential in my activities as an adventurer, consultation was granted on an exceptional basis this time. However, because some of the test questions have applied questions or problems with the theory of magic guidance that cannot be reached without anticipation from current knowledge, no one thinks it is actually possible to score full scores.

"You get together every class for two years? Take care of him for three years for a year. One article was entrusted with three years and one year, and Heavenly Road with two years of summary roles.

"Okay. Hey, gather around me for a year and three. If you have subordinates, take care of them. If anyone doesn't belong in the club, show them to me. Take care of yourself on shore.

"Yes. Then all sophomores gather around me.

The first batch of applicants for this adventure were club members, the highest number of whom were from shore. This is because a section of the general manager vigorously solicited it. Next up are students from various sports clubs. This is also in the form inspired by one article. That said, since this time it probably includes combat training, cultural department students were scheduled to become after the second formation unless they had the extra personal hope.

"All right, everybody ready?

"No, Doctor. What should I do with this guy?

That's what Kite points to, Yuri. Yuri pointing fingers is decent.

"Huh? Me?

"No, it would be obvious.

"Oh, what's wrong...... Principal, what do you want to do?

"Mm. I don't know what's going on... If Yuri's knowledge is such a test, it won't be easy... Because I have trouble getting help from Heavenly Sound......

During the course of this course, Yuri was correcting Miriam's mistake in giving lectures as a lecturer. To Yuri's knowledge, which modifies knowledge based on textbooks and speaks plainly about theories, etc. among researchers, this test is more obvious than looking at fire, such as the fact that children are alike.

"Huh? Shouldn't it be me?

Yuri nods her eyes with a heavily shocked look. Naturally, it is an act. I mean, she's a teacher, so I don't have to wonder if it's better not to give students unwanted help.

"Well, I guess I'll have to say it to the test questions.

"Right! You can even give your test questions answers and tips!

Principal Sakurada and his teacher, who do not know such a thing, are not allowed to cry, so they are allowed to be on condition that they do not export to the test. If you don't, you can turn the school students who like Yuri to their enemies.

"Yay! Well, you're here as usual.

That's what I say. Yuri sits on Kate's shoulder again. The crying threat was universal and satisfying.

"Why, you are so liked...

"Be careful in all directions when magic is available... I'll definitely get Yuri to show you.

I'm afraid of the gaze of the students around me, but not as soft as Kite moves to that extent.

"I don't know. Just get everyone in their seats and get your writing gear out...... I'm afraid of the sight of the seniors.


That's what I said. Sophomore looking around. Together. Hurry up, and my 1st and 3rd grade gaze hurt.

"All right, here we go!

The teacher signaled the start of the test when the sophomore was ready.

The Adventurer Union Branch Manager's Office, where school students are in the midst of a test. There was Miriam and Kitra talking who were hurrying back. It was customary to report it together with the report, but since things were going on, I finished the report first.

"So you say Master Ulysia was with you?

"Yes, I didn't say anything, but given the story of the journey told and the nickname Yuri, and even the depth of knowledge of all kinds, I thought it might be you.

"What the hell are you thinking...

Kitra to loosen the temples. I don't know what to think, but since Yuri was a heavy town in the Duke's house, I will use it to get confirmation from Kuzha.

"Come on...... However, Heavenly Sound, who was with you, said your name was Kite, Probably a nihon with the same name as a former brave man, so you miss the brave man?

"I see. Indeed, Master Ulysia was once the longest with the brave. It's no wonder you're being deceived of the brave man you once were.

When I asked, it was a crack and a convincing reason to go, so I'm convinced with it for now. It is not too late to wait for a response from Kuzha for details.

"Even so, kite, is it? There will be no such thing as a brave man himself...

"It just won't be possible. The work of the brave man was 300 years ago. The record states that the brave and the lux were pure human beings, so you should also know that Ulysia is not dead already.

"Yeah. That's why you must miss Sang. It seems as if the once brave man has returned.

"Master Ulysia said that her personality is similar, so I guess so.

"Oh. That would be nice to see you at some point.

"Hehe, you can see the unexpected side of Master Ulysia.

"Really? I'm even more excited about that.

The two of them laughed and Miriam went back to work on the report, and Kitra went back to her paperwork. The next day, they would actually talk to the brave men themselves, but there was no reason for them to know that now.

Meanwhile, in the conference room where the course took place, the kites had finished the exam and scored. Apparently, they managed to all score more than 80 points, but unexpected things happen to faculty.

"...... 5 out of 5. What the hell is going on... Mr. Al, surely this test was almost impossible to get a full score?

"No, it's not impossible to get a full score because once you apply it from previous knowledge, you're creating problems that can be derived from it. Well, I still didn't think there were 5 of them......

It was no surprise that the faculty were surprised, and when the teachers had conducted the test in advance - consultation with the teachers - they managed to create a problem dominated by Al and the Duke's Army to the extent that they were able to produce the second half of the 80-point platform at best.

"The full score is...... oh, kite and tina? Too obvious. Later on, cherry blossoms...... Jinguji Mizuki? I don't know this one. At the end of the day, Ichijoshun? Oh, was that the guy from the general meeting? Do you remember my sister?

Kate and Tina have the highest witchcraft-related knowledge in the world on this side in the first place, and it is only natural that they can get a full score on this level of testing. Cherry blossoms and Mizuki listened to Kate and Tina's reflections and inferences and gave their own answers. As for the moment, it is because he has been studying without neglect for the past few weeks.

"Yeah. It felt a little pigsty, but apparently it also has the knowledge and the head to apply it. They say they use the same spear as me, so it looks like it's worth working out.

"Well, they all have top notch academics in the school year, but I didn't know they'd still show up here......

The main weapon of one is so far undetermined, but if you are throwing spears on land, spears will probably be the main weapon. Still another article is the head of the athletic club federation at the school, so it was likely that top Lil would work out in combat among the troops.

"Well, it's natural that Kate and Tina are full, but I can't believe there's three others out there.

"Yep. This seems like you can expect school students to grow more and more. Well, if we survive that far, we're talking about.

"That's exactly what Kate's worried about. In the meantime, they're going to work out with us to a certain level, and then teach each other at school.

One of the teachers who was grading to two Lil and Al, who are whispering and discussing, asks.

"Mr. Al. Should they still turn to backward support as magicians? Because they also had considerable holdings in this magic quantity measurement.

It is # 1 Mizuki, # 2 Tina and # 3 Cherry Blossom. The idea was that Kite and I were in the same class as Sola and Meizuke, so there would be no problem with either.

"No. You should leave that to their will. It helps because the weapon of your choice will be more willing to teach you as a Duke's Army as well. Well, that's just about as much advice as I'll give you. Oh, this is the list of weapons I can offer at the Duke's house.

"Thank you. After consultation with this person, I will share the results with you.

Teacher who said so and went back to his seat. This ended the whole process on this day and everyone returned to the hotel.