When Kate and Yuri left the reception, they were the last to know.

"Mr. Kite, have you closed your registration?

Cherry blossoms hang up waiting in a space near the reception to make sure everyone receives it.

"Oh, bad. Sounds like it took a little while.

"Did you have any trouble?

"No, there was nothing...

"A good number of people signed up at once, so maybe it happened to be a glitch in the device. 50 people are rarely there.

Yuri makes appropriately made assumptions. Think about cherry blossoms sometimes.

"Really? It's fine if I could register. Then I will report to the teachers that the registration has been completed.

That said, cherry blossoms head to the teachers. When the teachers heard the cherry blossom report, they began to attract schoolchildren.

"Hey, kite. That was late. Is something wrong?

Sounds like Sora was waiting for Kite to ask the question too late.

"Really? It would be a coincidence. That's what you were talking about, isn't it? Tina told me.

"Oh, well, I was the last one, too, when I happened to hear that the grandma at reception was a hobby to gather the legacy of the brave. I've been listening.

"Right. So, what could you possibly ask me?

"Oops. Eh, first of all, to rescue the story of the Fallen Dragon exorcism during the war and the inner raid of the Elves of the previous Demon King's Army, the Imperial Capital Rescue. Later...... oh, that's after the war. Well, I'm not talking out loud, but he did something about the public professionalization of whores and male whores with the introduction of a whorehouse public prostitution system, and the introduction of a series of works into the invention of greenhouses. Well, I couldn't ask for more information.

If you're interested, next time I'll talk to you over a drink.

"Don't drink too much.

"Haha, well, be careful.

That's how they seem to be ready. Together with the others, they headed for the carriage to the school.

"Heh. This is Kite's school.

That's what Yuri says. She flies around the school. Fortunately, the remaining school students didn't seem to notice.

"Oh. Heavenly Cherry Blossom School High Department. Schools that combine kindergarten to graduate school. The number of people in the higher education department is 150 a school year, including about 500 teachers. When transferring, it involves non-dormitory facilities and transferring. Since there were no dormitories, the Duke's space manipulation magic increased the space to secure personal space. About 4 tatami tatami per person.

"Hmm. Well, I guess I'm in the room with Kite, too. Long time no see, sleeping in a room with Kate.

"Oh, we were mostly together when we were traveling.

"As soon as my journey ends and I become Duke, I bring the girl into my room every day. Thanks to you I'm in the room with Kuzha.

"You weren't every day...... At least Monday...... no, about Tuesday.

"... there was about Friday, right?

That's what you say with half eyes, Yuri.

"... no, not that far.

Kite denies it as she sheds a lot of cold sweat. The rest of Wednesday was not supposed to go away.

"Yeah, you didn't bring him in. Mostly people who feel like spirits and mourners, because they suddenly show up.

"I'm sorry. They didn't call you, but you show up on your own, for a reason, and there's only one way.

"... hmm. But we're together after all, aren't we?


Incidentally, why not on a weekly basis is because most of the other two days have work, night clubs, etc. Exactly. They have enough consideration not to attack Kate in the middle of work.

"Well, put that aside...... So, what do you say, schoolmaster? What do you think of seeing schools in different worlds?

"Oh, yeah. That's a great reference. The facilities I know are amazing, and a lot of them I've never seen before. Yeah, we still have room for progress in our school, right?

"Right. Next time you should show cherry blossoms around. He's the student chairman, so he'll also be familiar with the facility.

Cherry blossoms loved Yuri so much that she probably would take it on, that's what I thought, Kite, but Yuri is unhappy.

"Ah, Kate won't show me around. You thin lover.

That's what I say to tear it up, Yuri. I knew cherry blossoms would be better if I were to be properly guided. Kite, who knows that well, is through. Other faces came down while I was doing so.

"I'm home. I miss the dining room a little. Oh, no. What about Yuri?

"Oh, I'm going to eat in the dining room with everyone - So, you're not gonna tell me to eat alone, are you?

"If you do, you can eat Heavenly Sound by yourself. Yuri should eat with us, right?

Hey, and Meizu and Yuri are approaching. Tina is with me.

"That's exactly what he said he wouldn't say. But at least don't make a scene, okay?

"I can't. Okay, maybe.

That said Yuri denies it.

"Isn't that impossible? Even we were very excited when we first saw it.

Remember when we met and Meizumi agrees. Remember Kite, too.

"Oh, I knew I shouldn't have brought you...

I whispered, Tina asked me.

"I can't do that. If that's the case, it's still in the luggage.

"Yeah. Because I already know where to hide.

Yuri had already figured out where to hide, as there were multiple priors - not once or twice either - who had swallowed into her luggage and secretly accompanied her. Tina denied it because she knew it.

"Kite, you can pick a weapon tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

"Hey, Sola. I'm looking forward to it, but for once, it's real, and it's life-threatening, right? Take your selection seriously.

"Whoa! Well, it looks like we're ahead of us in action for the time being.

"By the way, cherry blossoms look like swords. That's the famous lady.

"What are you going to do with Meizuke?

"Um, I don't mind a razor blade with the chairman... he's also hard to throw away Rapier. I've used both. What about Yuri?"

"Oh well, I wonder if I'm a bow.

"Well, I guess I'd rather be in close proximity to Rapier or something. Tina seems to have volunteered as a magician.

As a matter of fact, Meizuke is from a pretty famous family, so I had experience with Tsubagaki and Rapier in my parents' policy. Yuri was a general household, but since it was a bow section, it was a bow choice.

"Um, I'm sorry. What about Sola?

Tina volunteered as a magician because she doesn't like exercising for once. Although we can't actually beat Kate, we can do quite a bit of proximity. Instead, even if the simultaneous militants are opponents, they have enough power to prevail.

"I... I guess I'm just like Al. Al told me if I asked, he would tell me.

"Al, Tenjo, have you seen it?

"No, I don't. He must have been a standard warrior with a one-handed sword and a shield.

"Well, you'll see.

"Well, hey. Oh, yeah! Kite, you've seen this before, right?

Only Kate and Tina did not lose their minds on the first day of the Enefia metastasis. They thought Al helped them, so they should be watching.

"Oh, you saw it. It was certainly a style of using a one-handed sword and a shield. Except that's a style with some air warfare magic armor.

"Is that so after all? So, what are you gonna do?

"Well, a knife.

"Huh? The knife?

"Look at the list distributed... there are swords in Nakatsu. This time, a light fire from Nakatsu gave it to me.

"Seriously. I didn't know. Well, since I started, I've decided to have the same style as Al.

"Hmm? Really?

"Well, you need a wall on the front line, don't you? If you're an adventurer and partyplay, I thought you needed it the most. That's why I'm thinking of putting my protective gear on heavy duty.

Though somewhat short-circuited, Sola seemed to think of it as the same one-handed sword and shield as Al, plus a heavy metal armor style, as he was a guy who could think and act on what was needed properly.

"Sounds like you.

"Well, if you have a problem, you can stay behind Tenjo.

Kite, Tina, Sola, Yuri and Meizhika are not surprised by Sola's thoughts, as they have known each other since middle school.

Besides, Shang, who was with us at the previous student assembly, was a good friend of the same middle school. By the way, Kite has a little acquaintance apart from them, but that's another story.

"Whoa, do that. Well, if a beginner escapes, it's a replacement, so I guess you don't have to worry that much.

Sora laughs. Naturally, only a beginner's weapon is supported by the Duke's family. Buying weapons after that was the expense of the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School side.

Naturally, the weapons for beginners are cheap, but on the other hand, the weapons that have been removed from beginners seem to be of considerable value. This had no choice in relation to demand and supply.

I guess that's true of any profession, but few adventurers will be frustrated in the first place, and it would be silly to produce weapons in large quantities afterwards in anticipation of the growth of those who say so. Even closer to a one-off when we get there. Mass production becomes difficult and inevitably the value becomes high.

"Sure, well, if you pass too much magic beyond capacity, this time the weapon will explode. You should think about when to replace it."

Kate refers to the phenomenon that would have happened if she hadn't bought it back, as Sora agreed. Some magic in Enefia uses this phenomenon to keep gathering magic and exploding in certain spaces, called < > Magic Explosion. This required a considerable amount of magic, and the power was origami.

"Explode the weapon you hit by applying it, it looks like you could do it. Kim, I'm not stupid.

Sola suggests bitterly when she hears Kate's words. As a matter of fact, Kate does this using a weapon she created with her magic power, but it was one of her favorite methods of combat because it deals quite a bit of damage extensively with zero original hands. Besides, because it is compressed into the weapon, the range is inferior to < > for the same amount of magic, but it is overwhelming with power. That said, I rarely use it because it's still a one-on-one fight because it's not cost-efficient.

By the way, Tina used < > a lot of Magic Explosion, saying that it was easier to bust the whole area at once than to do something like this precision bombing. Of course, difficulty is easier if you simply gather magic at a single point.

"Maybe you can remember that on the last trump card.

"Right. Worst of all, if one weapon will save your life, is it worth a try?

To Kate's words, Sora nods too. I understand that life is more important than weapons with Sola.

"Well, we need to have that much magic before then.

"Not at all.

Haha, charm was turning back on the two laughing men.

"Try not to get into that situation before then...

The two men looked at the opinions of the most charming clothes. Apparently, I didn't have that idea in mind from the start.

"Lord, why did you talk about this under the premise of a crisis... no, well, speaking of right, you're right... if you're in a situation where you lose your weapons in the remainder of the day, that's death, isn't it?

Anyone could understand that it was a mistake to bracket that I wouldn't wake up.

"So is that. Is it useless to think about such a long way forward story? First, we need to consolidate our feet.

With the exception of Kate and Tina, school students today are far weaker than Goblins, Enefia's weakest demons if they lose their weapons. We finally have a weapon and it's about parity. Such an argument is pointless not to take that status quo off. So why did this become such an argument, Kate was a Duke habit, and Sola was a story flow.

Therefore, they were greeted by the students who had greeted them and returned to Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. By the way, naturally, Yuri's presence became a big topic, but I'll leave it aside.