When a week has passed since the training began. Many things can now manifest their magic, saying they are the fastest improving

"Hey! Look at that!

A boy student said so, lowering one leg back and falling back, tilting his torso slightly. From there, take your hands to the right side of your body and reveal a magic ball between your hands.


That's what I said. I put both wrists in contact and stick them forward. From his hands a spherical magic was released. It was a masterpiece of a famous fighting game.

"Then this way!

Another boy student poses the same way against it - although this one is holding both wrists in contact from the point of his hipster - screaming out louder for something more and sticking his hands out at the end of the line.


This one releases magic into a longer bar than spherical. It was a masterpiece of a famous comic book.

"Wow! Magic!"

It's not really magic, it's magic, but no one cared about that.


"Now I'll try that one!

So the boys began something again. In the same way, students are trying to recreate moves that should only be possible in comic books, games and other stories.

But nothing excited me was just a boy student.

"I'm not looking.

Yuri, who says so, gathers his magic power at the end of the bow and releases an arrow, slamming all the prepped targets.

"A hundred shots!


I also admire the charm that was on my side with excitement. Now Meizu sets up a rapier.

"Well, now it's me!

That said, he releases more than one magic ball from Rapier and smacks all the similarly prepared targets in one go.



In this way, the students were excited to be able to use the magic they had dreamed of. Some of the unregistered adventurers who had asked for friendly crews to train as adventurers were also seen.

As such, while the first holiday was there and there was a frenzy, there was also the struggle of the crew, and no one was seriously injured and it was further improved.

"Well, all I can do is still release magic.

The frenzy of such students elsewhere. Kate was reading a book in the chairman's office. Lily, who grew up with cherry blossoms in the same way on the side, is reading a book.

It should be noted that Tina has been in the lab since last night, R&D Sanya, and Sola has been away from the frenzy and secretly continues her voluntary training.

Currently, the training was two days off within a week. Students who do not train as adventurers are similarly off for two days in a five-day class. Classes vary in Enefia practices, common sense, etc. Today was the first day off since training began, and the students were wrapped up in frenzy.

"Well, can't you help it? There was no magic, was there? I haven't gotten anybody to a level where I can completely control it yet... but I think I'm finally getting into skill practice with a fast mastery cherry blossom. Next up, Ichijo? Right, but the fact that magic control is perfect. Though Sora is on a good line, too.

Yuri took advantage of her love and reported to Kate crushing her face to train there. The soldiers who knew who they were could not be stopped, and the students who thought of Yuri as a mere fairy as a mascot could tell us how far they had proudly been able to do so, so much information had been gathered.

"Early, I think Mr. Kite and Tina are faster......

Although Kate and Tina were out of the question in the first place, they took it to a level where they were able to use their skills once and for all.

"Well, Kate trained faster than everyone else. Cherry blossoms were a little early, but they're still good.

"Really? Thank you.

Currently, cherry blossoms come with four instructors. Some cherry blossom muscles are good, but since three of these instructors are at the top of their brains in Enefia, they also improved quickly.

"Ha... It's a beautiful day, maybe I can keep reading the book.

Cotton, and kite drinking tea in a teacup provided in the chairman's office. Turning his gaze out, a very good blue sky was spreading.

"Right. Sometimes I could have a day like this.

"Speaking of which, what is Mr. Kite reading?

What Kate was reading was a pretty heavy book. The cherry blossoms I don't remember having such a book in school attracted my interest.

"Hmm? Oh, it's the tactical book of the world over here. I was interested, so I asked Mr. Kuzha to lend it to me.

In fact, it is a tactical book of books given by Will after his return.

"What are cherry blossoms reading?

"I'm a novel in this world, aren't I?

"Novels or romantic things?

"Yeah. I borrowed it from Mr. Kuzha. Originally it seems to be the property of your fellow fairies of the brave.

Cherry blossoms who say that and start reading books again. When Kate looked at Yuri, it was unusual for Yuri to blush with shame.

"You surprisingly read a romance novel.

When Kate was still around, she was mostly reading comics, just like Kate. It's also for boys. If that was reading a novel for girls at some point, I couldn't help but be surprised.

'... what, are you complaining?

Yuri gave it back, showing signs of something.

'No, well, you don't. Though I was surprised.

Whose fault I thought it was, Yuri, but I didn't want them to know, so I didn't put it up for conversation.

"Would you like to read it later, too, Yuri?

"Uh, no. I've read that.

Naturally because it is my property. I have complaints about Kuzha loaning it on his own, but I have no problem with the cherry blossoms reading it.

"So, what is Yuri reading?

"Hmm, fiction history novel?

"Why Doubtful?

"It sounds like a historical novel about brave people's behavior from a brave perspective, because the description of their behavior is full of mistakes.


I decided not to ask for more information, Kite. I didn't want to know how my actions were written. All this day, nothing important happened but slowed down.