Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 62 Semifinals - Kite vs. Sola

'Come on! Are you all hungry! Only semifinals and finals will be left in the afternoon! I don't know what's going to happen next!

"It's not weird who wins. You've got all the faces!

"So, the semifinals, the first game, are Heavenly Sound vs. Heavenly Castle! According to the information, you two are with your best friends! Information from a certain muscle suggests that you are two iron plates as a story for your rotten sisters!

The moment I heard that, Kate and Sola gave it a slack. When Kate saw the cherry blossoms immediately, she was nodding along with the maple beside her for some reason. On the contrary Yuri and Charming do not seem to have noticed.

(Those two...

Kite caught a glimpse of the face of the unknown president and vice president of the student council. I decided to forget by concentrating on the game. It is also called a reality escape.

"Hey, kite. Is that how they see us..."

"I don't know.

We both sigh. I didn't know why I had to get tired just before the game.

What's a rotten girl?

'Oops, I'm sorry. Sounds like an early story to Yuri.

'Fast... I'm much older than True Harp!

"Yes! It is!

"The vegetables are out. The vegetables are out.

'Oops, to a lot of things... Now, where we also discovered the surprising facts, we introduce the athletes! An unnamed player who was totally unnoticed until before this tournament! It was miscalculation that my press department didn't pay any attention! But! Open the lid and you'll find one of the best players in the tournament! I don't know how many food vouchers I've sprung up because of you, gambler and fan club member Don't make me cry this man! 2 years Group A Heavenly Sound Kite player!

"Sorry about that.

Booming winds up from students and fan club members who were betting on the players that Kate defeated to match that word.

"The weapon used is a knife! There's plenty of cluelessness that I haven't pulled out of my sheath once before!

'Yeah, totally. The opposing player is here another 2 years Group A! Despite not doing any clubbing, its athletic ability is a clubbing raw face loss! Now the toughest iron wall in the tournament has been shielded from all attacks by its overwhelming defenses! He was one of the featured players in the tournament now, but no one expected him to stay so far! It was this man who captivated many women with his wild face and childish words and deeds! Group 2A Tenjo Sky Player!

"The weapons used are one-handed swords and shields! Everyone actually knows I've been practicing alone on previous holidays!

'Yes! You all know it!

"What? No! I was hiding from you!

A lot of laughter happens to that word. Kite also tells Sola with a grin.

"You thought they hadn't noticed?


"Well, don't worry. Looks like a lot of guys left without interrupting.

"... I don't know what to say.

I can assume that he cared not to disturb me, and that he tried to make me laugh later by hiding from the laughter and way of saying it.

'There will be unlimited game time as fewer matches will be played after this! Also, the stage is twice as big as ever!

"Watch out for stamina runs out, fight funny!

"So, you guys can't wait for the first semifinals game! Fi! '

That's the first game that started, but there's no sign of the two of them ever moving.

"Uh, both of you, it's starting.

This line has not been heard since broadcasts to the match venue should be interrupted so that players are not disturbed after the start of the match.

'I think I know. We're just both counter types, so I guess we're looking at each other.

'I see. But this. Well, that's not picturesque.

'You can't help it. Sora is avoided and eats the counter because the attack is huge, and the only thing she can do is wait for Kite to attack. On the contrary, if Kite attacks, he could be prevented.

(Well, you will.

Think so, Kite. Sora does not attempt to solve the defensive posture by alerting Kate's counter.

(I can't help it. You want to go?)

At the next moment, Kate pulls out her first knife in the tournament. And lay the knife aside as it is.

"... come.

Take a deep breath, so grumbled Kate packs up an intermission with Sora at once and gets rid of it as a sideburn. The offense I let go for a try, but the speed was slightly faster than the speed of previous games. But I can afford to be prevented by Sola.

"You can afford this extent.

Sola, who said so, certainly seemed to be able to afford it. The defensive posture will not collapse when it comes to launching an attack on the counter.

"I guess. So, how about this?

That's what Kate says. Now he goes on to slaughter in a row. The speed - for him - is quite slow. Sora can be prevented using a sword and a shield with it all in her hand. That way, the sound of the sword trident continues from between the two of them incessantly.

"Oops! Heavenly Sound players finally pulled out their swords here and attacked themselves! But! For the first time ever, a Heavenly Sound player has appeared to prevent his attack! Heavenly Castle will spare no further attacks! We have an extra grin on each other's faces, but to this extent, is it still a prelude for both of us -! Even so, I don't know what's happening to me without magic training!

"It's just that Sora is preventing Kate from going on a streak. So far, we don't use moves (skills). Looks good.

"I think it's time to go from here.

With that said, Sola is able to prevent Kite from attacking, poking a flash of gaps and attacking him at the counter. Sola's attacks, which were few at first, gradually increased in number, and eventually Kite moved on to dodge.

(Is Sola more proficient than I imagined? Well, I was practicing alone on holiday. This would have improved even better if you had seen it around Al.

I'm a little sorry about Kate. Sola herself was just going to practice by herself and surprise her, which is why she was sorry.

"Hey, kite! Don't you have to use the example trick!

That's what Sora says while attacking at the counter. There was a fierce grin on his face, full of anticipation.

"Ha! You're just getting started, aren't you? Have fun."

This one has a fierce grin, too, Kite. My personality is a little undone.

"If you can afford that, it'll be over before you let it out!

"Don't worry. At this level, then, you won't hit it.

"Shit, is it too late after all?

"Naturally. You're on the counter because you know it's late, right?

"I'm tense. Well, you're right.

"A little. Well, you attack faster if you want to hit me.

"Right. Okay, I will.

Say so. Sora uses a combined attack with a shield from previous one-handed sword only attacks. Kite uses a body surgery that uses a lot of leg moves to go with it.

"Ah! Meh! You can't even do physical surgery! That's the secret!

"No? This is less than a show bill. I just didn't have anyone to let me use it until now.

"That would be an honor! So, how about this! < >!"

"Well...... that's pretty big.

Kite dodges an attack with a giant shield created by Sola.

"Chi! I knew it was a big swing, didn't I?

Leg moves that wrap Kate's magic around an attack with a shield that wraps Sora's magic around her. We have more trouble with each other.

'Rewards for attacks that do not pull a single step toward each other! Almost no longer know what's going on with amateurs! Or is this okay as a fact sheet -!

'I can't help it. Because all the games ahead from here will be at this level. By the way, the trouble and speed are now up because Sora used the shield and Kate started using a lot of leg moves.


'Yeah. But you're not giving each other a decisive beating. Same as when Shaw. Kite is too hard to break Sora's defense as it is now, and Sora is too fast to give Kite an attack. Well, Kite has more trouble than Shaw, so if we keep doing this, we'll be able to break Sora's defense at some point. Instead, it would drain quite a bit of magic and stamina.

'And, to say, also the developments ahead?

'Yeah. You have to be the same.

"Same as when Sho, huh?

Kate makes a similar decision for Yuri.

"Right...... or the strong guy on the same level who fought me mostly does.

"Naturally. You may not have noticed, but you, once and for all, it's not a mistake to be the school's toughest defense in senior reality. Well, the attack speed is slow. Powerful for that matter, well, some would.

If it's just weapons, it's better than him. But if you add up the boost by magic or magic, he was definitely at the top of the list first.

"Are you tattooed by kite? Then you're sure.


"If only you hadn't collapsed!

That said, Sola was able to prevent Kite from attacking. She pokes a pretty big gap and rolls out < >. Kite flies down a lot, not a minimal dodge.

"You're rude to seniors, even if you take too long. Is it time to end it?

That's what Kite said. He took a knife. Sit back and create a living arrangement. Condens the magic into a sword as it is.

"Is he living with you? Then I'll have to roll out the trump card, too. Me < >!"

That said, Sola activates a move that improves the < > Giant Shield. Unlike the < > giant shield Large Shield, many shields emerged to make up a single thick, magically knitted shield not much the same size as the original shield.

(That guy...... Have you braided your own < >?

In fact, Sola's knitted move was a derivative of < >, called < > Scale Shield. Although the size is less than < >, the strength has increased dramatically.

(That's not going to tear you apart if you live at your current cap. I can't help it. Sounds like Sora wants it too. Do you want to use it?

"... Ha!

Kite takes a deep breath and packs her time with Sola with one leg. Kate let go of the knife as it was.

"Residence < >."

It unleashes a residency with a magical slash, and Sola intercepts it with < >. The clash between the two < > creates a roar and smoke.

"Finally, the two trumpets clashed with each other -! Perhaps Heavenly Sound's attack is now the best in the tournament! By contrast, Tenjo's defense is probably the toughest in the tournament right now! Exactly the strongest shield against the strongest! Either you're standing after this soot smoke clears -!

"See! I did it to prevent it! That's it! < >!"

Perhaps Kate can't move due to the impact of the current attack, Sora judging so while she can't see her opponent due to dirt smoke. But against expectations, Sora's offense comes off.

"Chi, are you still moving!

"Oh, of course.

"It's Kite! Where are you going?

"Practice to see even earthly smoke. And that's the secret you wanted to see. Thank you. Take it!

< > "

Soon after hearing Kate's voice from before, Sora sticks her shield forward and takes a defensive stance. A double strike was unleashed to be a cross, but at that time, Sola, who saw Kite, dazzled and then opened her eyes.

"Huh!? What the hell!

With the tall sound of cancer, Sola's shield is smashed and blown out of the soil and smoke. Fortunately, there was physical strengthening due to magic, so I never sustained one scratch from being blown away, but I was crushed most of the magic barrier.

"Winner, Heavenly Voice! What the hell happened in the dirt smoke! Heavenly castle players who have been blown away have their shields shattered!

'Sounds like Sora's voice could have prevented Kate from attacking. Instead, we only saw some kind of attack in the soil and smoke.

'I'd expect to see this clearly in the finals!

"Hey, kite! Oh, my God, now! That's you..."

The moment Sora talks that far, Kate stops.

"That's it. Exactly. I'd like to hide the trump card in the next game.

"No, you too, you, those eyes... Wasn't it your fault then?

That's what they said. Kite meditates her eyes for a little while and opens her black eyes.

"... well, I'll tell you more next time.

"... Really?


Sora answers Sora with a serious look on Kyte's face sometime as well. Yes, Kate was stunned and excited along the way and was about to go back to where she was.

"But now wait. Exactly. I'm ready for a lot of things.

"... ok. I trust you, best friend.

"Oh, thank you. Best friend."

"Hang in there.


That said the two laughed niggardly and left the game field behind. Then, as it were, the two headed to their seats for the players to watch the next game.