Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 63 Semifinals - Moment vs. Mizuki

"Now go on to Game Two! Now, come quickly to introduce your players! First of all, this guy! Until now, a quick opening hit is a special hit! I've pierced all my opponents with an inevitable spear! Somebody stop this guy! Winning Candidate Lead 3 Years Group B One Moment Player!

A great deal of cheer comes from female students as they introduce athletes. Without worrying about it, one article is delayed in meditation.

"Master, the speed and penetration of the conceded spear is not insulting! If you don't be careful, you'll lose any show!

'Yes! We're having trouble getting live in a single player's game, too! Then this guy is next! Gracefully, and pitifully, avoid all attacks by their opponents! Does a being appear that can strike at her! Likewise, winning candidate 2 years Group C, Mitsuki Jingu Temple!

This is a fan club member male student cheering. Mizuki responds to the cheer in a moment.

"The destructive power of the too-handsword is not insulting! A Must Destroy blow hits the opponent!

'Well, it doesn't start if we're talking too much, so the second semifinals game! Fi!'

"It's more decent than our description... And the audience.

"... give up.

Kite and Sola fall shoulder to shoulder in a rather serious factual narrative, unlike their own time. Giving up was the key.

The offense was launched early in the opening with a single article, as in previous games. Stuff up all at once and roll out the poke instantly. But for the first time here it is dodged. The circumvented Mizuki immediately countered.

"Finally, the legend of the opening fast-track victory of a single player broke down -! I am also very happy with the fact that I was able to live!

'Cause when you get here, the other player gets pretty good at it, too. It's gonna be fun!

One immediately steps back only for one minute, away from the toe hand sword intermission, and continuously punches the attack from its position. But Mizuki, who is reading the magic currents, avoids it as a matter of course.

Two people are watching that from a relatively good spot in the audience: Lil and Al. Lucius is also on the side, but he didn't show any interest in the conversation between the two.

"Will that moment be avoided even if the attack is being read?

"You think I should have told you how magic flows instantly?

"No. You could remember now, but you'd better master the basics first.

"Because there's something wrong with the two of them who are made.

They weren't in charge of cherry blossoms and Mizuki, so they didn't know they were mastering the basic martial arts. Therefore, I was surprised at the two people who were able to make the basics.

"I wonder what Mr. Kite thought and taught you.

"Come on."

In fact, Kite avoids attacking too easily, so he just taught the touch when the cherry blossoms asked him about the knack of the fight. Afterwards, cherry blossoms only earned it for their talent and hard work before. Mizuki was highly talented, but by chance. It was the gift of her workout that made up for it by further effort.

"But I hear a girl at the shrine has mastered it on her own.

"Sounds like it. If it's futuristic, it's probably above the moment.

"But if you're strong now, Mr. One is better up there, isn't he?

"What do you think? If it's on the offensive side, it might be up there, but for not being able to guess.

"How do you think I'm going to deal with that as a teacher?

Al asks Lil curiously.

"Well, let me show you that from now on.

That's how they decided to focus on the game again.

"Sounds like I'm the first person you've avoided! Let us strike again next time!

Has your body grown accustomed to one attack, or if you avoid a single series of attacks and look at the gap, you start fighting back, Rui Tree.

"I can't help you with a senior-level opponent! I will use it all of a sudden!

That's how Mitsuki rolled out < >, but it wasn't a single blow, and it goes on and on.

"Because I'm the only one who can do all this in a row! Taste it to the full!

That is how < > is carried out with physical ability only. This is the first time I've come here to turn to war prevention.

"I don't seem to be reading Magic Flow, and... can this also be avoided? That's great.

Now, one article had been avoided since I saw it all. Everything is avoided because of the unmatched physical abilities of a single article.

"But it's hard for you to think that my < > is all!

That being said, Mizuki saves her magic in her sword and slashes around herself.

"< >!"

That said, the < > activated by Mizuki leaves a light of thick magic to follow the slaughter of Rui Tree. Ultimately, a circle made of many magical powers lags around Rui Tree.

"What... no, miss this gap!

I cared about that for a moment, but I shrunk the time between alerting the move (skill) and releasing it just a little in order to resume the attack. As such, the only time you can attack is between when you take it. I instinctively thought it was dangerous to approach. But the moment the protruding spear hits the magic light, the attack is bounced.

"Didn't you get close? It's a shame. If I hit it, I would have done damage.

The < > used by Mizuki is a move that can be manipulated as a blade that is inherently made of magic. However, since so delicate a technique was not possible in Rui Tree today, it was applied as a defensive move. If you don't move it and just let your surroundings lag, it's not that difficult. You have to make a gap to suit your movements, but still, it's easier than moving freely.

Thus, a single article tries to strike through the gap of a circle made of magic, but Mizuki also avoids it, so it's hard to hit. Besides, he gets poked through a bouncing gap in the magical light, and he's about to eat a counterattack.

"A player is struggling -! Instead of one player ever letting his opponent attack him, he is being pushed into battle defense!

"Shun couldn't make up his mind at first hand. You're missing out on the attack. In contrast, Mizuki is also shunned for all his physical abilities. Shun is great.

A yellow cheer comes from a female student in that narrative.

'But if it stays like this, I wonder if it will be a win for Mizuki.

'Really? As far as I'm concerned, it seems faster for the Shrine Temple players to run out of magic.

"Until now, Mizuki has consumed little magic other than cherry blossom warfare. Maybe if it's just that move, I'll have it for the next hour.

'But isn't one athlete consuming magic?

'Right. But Shun really has a slight waste of movement against Mizuki, who is dodging it with minimal movement. Besides, you can play Shun's attack with that light, so Mizuki hardly needs to move. I can concentrate on the attack. Shun, by contrast, needs to spear through a slight gap, so he will need a lot of focus. There's a good chance Shun's health won't last long.

'I see. This is an expectation of what kind of offense a single player will show us.

'Yeah. Right. Besides, Shun hasn't shown a single move (skill) yet, so that's also attractive.

(Again, can't you get it yet...

That's what I think and remember is the battle of Al with the mysterious figure I once saw.

(Probably Al would smash every defense. If you're sure of Al's story even for that black guy, I guess you'll let loose about this much clearance to show.

Still enough training, concentrating on the game even though I think so in my heart.

"... you seem to be struggling in about this battle, don't be considerate ahead.

There is a bit of a grin on the face of one of the strips that grumbles once we let go of the intermission.

(First, let's see how far we can go without the moves (skills), that's how we got here... so far.

In previous battles, he fought like a willy as an Earthling, a kind of how far he could go without moves (skills). Still, I didn't have a problem with it because I'm stuck with a blow, but I decided to deal with the top strength of the school and throw that detention away. One article knew detention was restraint and it was important to win. I'll just pack up the time for now and repeat the mere poke, just like I did earlier.

"Are you just repeating the poking again? You don't like persistent men, do you?

"Unfortunately, I'm not interested in that right now.

"Oh, seniors, you've never answered that before.

"I'm sorry, but the finals are holding off after this. And..."

That's the one that separates words. Mizuki waits for the next word.

"I can't keep up with those guys forever like this. Let me get rid of the detention.

Those guys, I doubt the word Rui Shu, but I shake my head and once I shake that question off.

"Well. Can you guess through this defense and my evasion? And I'll fight back, too, won't I?

That being said, Mizuki once again takes an attacking stance without alarm.

"That's a pleasure to see. < >!"

Saying so, a strip accumulates magic on the tip of the ear and rolls out a poke with a spear. Mizuki sees it flow of magic and tries to avoid it, knowing it's impossible.

(6 simultaneous attacks! This is inevitable!

That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to immediately adjust the position of the magic light so I can play half of it. Evade two more by shifting your body, the last one playing with a sword.

"We did it!

The next moment I say that, Mizuki is shocked. As a matter of fact, < > only the last bottle would be a delayed attack, so I played it and was reassured that I took a direct hit.

"I somehow understood that the attack was readable. But you didn't seem to be able to read it in order.

In fact, it can be judged by the strength and weakness of magic, but Rui Shu and Cherry Blossom today did not have that much strength.

"Yikes... I'm here. Senior winner.

The voices of the two MCs echoed along with the words.

"Winner, an athlete! The winner of the second semi-finals is a single player! I wondered what would happen when I was pushed to the side of the battle halfway through, but the result ended in a one-player victory in due course!

"It's Mizuki's mistake to read the magic currents and be alarmed by the last bump because she thinks she's cut it off.

"Now we have two of the finals! The final starts around 15: 00 an hour later! The final place is the ground! Now look forward to the match between Heavenly Sound vs. Ichijo!

"Is the finals next?

One that just looks forward and says so. Mizuki managed to give a word of encouragement to stand up.

"Well, good luck with that.

After a courtesy of the venue, he was taken by the staff who were preparing him. So he took a deep breath, and prepared his breath, and left the venue behind.

"Not surprisingly, you seem to have struggled quite a bit.

"Sounds like it.

Lil rethinks his upcoming training plan as he remembers an earlier game. I discovered quite a few things to review and was frowning.

"Don't spare me that much, for example...

"Well, there was no magic or skill on Earth, so you wanted to try without it.

"So stop that over and over again, and so on...


Lil says so with a shuddering face, knowing why one article did not use moves (skills) from the beginning.

"But you would lose instantly if you showed such restraint in your battle with Lord Kite.

Here finally, Lucius joins the conversation. Apparently, in the current battle and conversation, there was something I thought.

"Nevertheless, if you don't think about where you're going to use it, you'll be defeated by getting poked in the gap where you put out your moves (skills)...

"Experience in action is too different...

"It won't be enough to add us all up.

"Well, that's a sight to see, including around there.

So the three returned to the camp once. The rest is a battle. They were also looking forward to seeing what the battle would be.