And an hour later. The grounds had a large audience. Because there will be a final match at last.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, we can't wait for the final! Finally this is the time to do it! No longer need a long story! I'll only tell you about the changes! There's only one difference! The game has removed the dividers on all the playing fields in this ground and expanded the stage! I mean! The size of all the match venues we've ever had combined makes it combatable! That's just it! Now come and introduce your athletes at once! First of all, this guy! Heavenly Sound Kite! The eyes of the biggest typhoon in the Games right now! I didn't expect anyone to win this far. But if you open the lid, it combines offense and dodge with the top strength of the tournament right now, including winning candidate boxing manager in the first match and defeating the toughest Tenjo player in the semifinals right now! Besides! He still seems to have a hidden hand in earlier battles with Tenjo, including using mysterious means to defeat that defense!

Cheer is given to Kite where Live has said it. There were many mostly handsome and hateful male students.

We're all hoping to see the hidden hands, so we're looking forward to seeing them soon!

'Yes! I'm so excited to see what the hell kind of surprise you're showing me! So, this is the guy next! An instant player! Winning Candidate Leader of the Games Now! We all only expected this person to come! One bread for all fights at a hell of a speed until the semifinals! Complete victory of not letting the opponent do any attacks! Midway Shrine Temple players struggle with moves (skill) or blow K.O.! The extra look on his face after the game makes it obvious that he was still underhanded!

Now a cheer is given by a female student who is seen as a fan of one article. Even when they were both given cheers, they went through anything, and they only saw each other.

"You're looking forward to seeing what kind of games Shun is going to show you when he starts using his moves (skills)!

"I didn't know Heavenly Sound would stay this far. I thought Sola was coming.

Since Sola's teacher and the teacher of one article were close, the interaction between the disciples was also flourishing. Therefore, one article had called Sola and Al and others who were not very old by name from the middle of the training.

"Well, there will be a lot of problems with combinations.

"Don't lie. From what I can tell, none of your movements were in vain. Sorry to interrogate you, but Al and Lil had the same idea. I thought in the game with the Shrine Temple, you must be out of your opponent's offense too, right?

"... well, a little.

That's what they were asking me about the unpleasant conversation, Kate thinks so and affirms. I wanted to hide that I could read the magic flow if I could.

"Fair enough. Let me see how far Heavenly Sound's trick can go in the game.

That said, one article creates a setup for the start of the game. I was going to pack my time once and for all, just like in previous games.

"Oh, senior. I'm fine with kite, too. You fight in the corner finals, so don't hesitate.

That's what I said. Kite grins, too, and pulls the knife out in preparation for the start of the game.

"Then quit that polite tone, too, Kite.

"... oh, let me do that.

Kite is slightly troubled, but one called it by name, so she decided to accept it as an exchange condition.

"Don't lose me at the opening, okay?

"Seniors, please don't lose with one blow, etc.

He was defeating his opponents with one blow except for the semifinals against each other, so he would provoke them with a grin.

'Looks like both players are ready! So, unfortunately...... First Heavenly Cherry Blossom School Tournament Final! Fi!'

That's how the game started, and it was one article that took the lead.


As before, one article at a time packs an intermission and rolls out a poke. He didn't need anything to see how things were going, he just said he was going fast in all the games. Therefore, this attack was also predictable for Kite and was easy to deal with. Kite doesn't avoid it, he uses a knife to fly the spear and intercept it with a knife to return it.

"It's late!"

As it is, Kate launches a counterattack with a knife to return. One article backs it up and dodges it. Once the blade is cleared, roll out the < >.


But Kite wasn't there when the < > of a single article was activated, and she was circling behind a single article. And avoiding the onslaught of Kate, one article leaves the momentum behind. Instantly flips, stuffing and attacking again.

"I need you to avoid it to this extent!

"Really...... then I'll let you speed up more too!

Say so. Kite increases his speed further, dodges, and fights back. We were both traveling quite a distance from the starting point as we repeated the attack while dodging.

"Developments not in previous matches! They both run through a narrow playing field! Exactly what the finals deserve!

"We both still have a grin on our faces, so you're watching.

"You're no less than the fastest single player in the tournament right now, and Heavenly Sound is pretty fast.

'Well, there's a difference between Schun having a linear speed and Kite having an excellent overall speed.

'Is that it?... Oops! Apparently, he's stopped moving from earlier and is rewarding the attack in one place!

"To this extent!?

One that asks Kite as she repeatedly strikes with a spear. Inside, however, there was a slight rush.

(Shit! If it's just speed, it's better than me!

Now the series of one-striped strikes was all prevented by Kate's knife. That said, Kite was in the same situation.

"Even though the seniors who say so don't seem to be pretty on the offense?

All of Kite's attacks were also prevented by spear defenses. Well, I thought about what to do, and Kite swung sideways to let go of the time for now. As expected, one article backsteps it down and avoids it greatly.

(Switch to a double sword and you can easily outmaneuver... is it too early for a trump card? I'd like to check my senior skills a little bit more.

Increase the amount of magic used in the first place to gain more than one combat ability, but I wasn't willing to beat Kite that much. Besides, he was also intrigued by a single battle ability to defeat Mizuki, who showed talent over cherry blossoms, so he was going to fight for as long as possible.

"< >!"

To the contemplative kite, an article using < > is attacked all at once packed in time. Kate interrupts and dodges his thoughts once.

"Shit! Avoid even at this speed!

One of the fastest moves (skills) I've ever had, but Kite avoids it and hits me in the tongue. It was a speed that did not exceed the speed of sound, but it was still not a speed that humans could put out without the help of magic. Thus, the approaching of the time restarts the reward for the attack.

"Exactly. I'll avoid kite at my leisure.

"Well, what's wrong with expecting the same fighting ability as Mr. Kite?

It's only natural that we lose where we're all set.

"But one article seems to do quite well. If you weren't a student, and you were a Duke, you might have had your shoulders lined up with us.

"That's something you can tell everyone who stayed in the semifinals. Other than that, Cherry Blossoms, Yuri...... you were pretty good, etc.

"That doesn't start when I say it.


Once again, the three were to observe with interest how far a strip could feed down to kite.

"... a thousand hands?

With Kite's attack speed right now, catching up with a single defensive speed won't get him over it. The other one was also in a hurry when he noticed it.

"Chi! Fast and accurate defense! I don't know!

One can still afford magic and stamina residue, but I am a little frustrated by a battle that never progresses. Kite doesn't move to this extent. What was separating the two was the difference in experience in action.

(I have no choice. Is it time to use a double sword or a dagger? Ironclad would be fine...... you don't like to just kick ass.

That's what Kate tries to think and start getting ready for, but so once the article jumps back in one step at a time. Kate decides to see how it goes without following it. I was interested in what one might start.

"I didn't think I was going to use it until this guy. Don't eat a sermon from Lil later......

Knowing Kate's prowess, Lil seems to praise him for eating so far so well - he didn't actually say anything - but one article is a little dissatisfied. I didn't think I would be allowed to use a trump card until I did. A spear made of magic was altered to create a spear that resembled a competitive spear. And create a familiar spear pitching structure, and breathe.


One can roar or no, swing it wide and throw the spear. The spear unleashed goes straight to the kite. Kite, who watches with interest, tries to avoid it instantly, thinking a little and daring to choose his defense.

(This!... That's pretty good power. But......

Kite, who dared to defend himself in an attempt to identify the power of a single trump card. I succeeded in my defense, but there was also a price.

"You're my winner, kite.

One article convinces me of the victory when I see how Kate is doing, and I smile. And in order to hang the king's hand, he created again a normal spear that was not a spear this time.

"That's one player even told the Japanese high school shore world that there is this guy! I wondered what you were thinking in the tournament now that you've used spears as your main gear, not spears, but finally unlock spears! If you look closely, that hand has a glove for the thrower! I thought it was a normal spear because I always had a spear, but apparently they were all fooled -!

'Looks like you were going to use the spear as a trump card anyway. I wonder how much exercise it took to get him to hold it that far.

'What the hell does that mean?

'Well, it's common sense to us that it's pretty hard to create and fight weapons for close range with weapons for normal throwing. First of all, magic doesn't keep it, which is the biggest reason... I guess Shun had it right. I guess you used it separately by changing the spears and throwing spears.

'That's... that's a great talent. Is it impossible for us to be deceived? But apparently, it was the same Heavenly Sound player who was fooled, defended by a knife! The Heavenly Sound player's knife is crushed! Was there a battle at last?

"With battles? What are you talking about? We're about to, aren't we?


A true harp of reality with an audience that unexpectedly becomes proper to Yuri's words. If you look closely, there was a grin in Kate's face, and at some point the crushed sword in her hand went somewhere.