It wasn't just the audience or the true harp of reality that questioned the absence of a crushed knife in Kate's hand.

(... where the hell is the weapon...)

The opponent is one of them. No, on the contrary, I could say that he was more confused than the audience who were springing and paying attention to a single article because they watched Kate's move carefully, which had not yet surrendered, so the battle was decided.

(And why are you laughing when he says his weapon is broken?

Normally, the loss of weapons, close to equals defeat. Sure, defeat wasn't the decision, but if a swordsman using a knife as his main knife lost his knife, it could be said that it was less than half for both offenses. Yet when I saw Kite smiling with pleasure, one article made me more alert.

"Er, I don't care how you look at it, Tianyin lost his weapon, lost his offense and defense, and I think it's almost like he was defeated... Well, they did use body surgery in their game with Tenjo, but can they beat a single player with that?

Represent the voice of the audience with the exception of the true harp in part to Yuri, who, no matter how he sees it, is convinced of his victory over Kate in a favorable current situation.

"So you lost your weapon? Look, you didn't lose it, did you?

That said, again, when True Harp and the entire audience saw Kite, there was a knife gripped, just like earlier. It also gives off a dangerous glow, as if nothing had happened to the shattered body.

'What?... uh, what's this about?... Well, for now. What the hell happened!? Heavenly Sound's knife, thought to have been discarded by a smashed scattered Heavenly Sound player, is once again in Heavenly Sound's hands -!

'So I told you, didn't I? From now on.'

"Uh, Mr. Yuri in the commentary? What the hell happened?

True harp to speak for the audience again. The same was true of the one where the question had not diverted attention from kite.

"Suddenly a knife appeared... so... how the hell did you do that?... No way!

One article I was thinking about what the hell means I used, I noticed Kite's gear a little bit.

'It's usually the same way as Shun. Take a good look. What are you equipping kite's hands with?

Yes, one thing I noticed was that kite was the same glove for adventurers using throwing weapons as he was.

'... er... ah! Holy shit! Heavenly Sound has the same glove in his hand as a single player! Were Heavenly Sound's weapons also using the same gloves for ranged weapons as a single player -!

'I mean, that's the thing. I haven't had a weapon since I started, that's why.

'I see, so don't just believe in things that are visible, right? I'm convinced. But now both players have finally unlocked the trump card! From now on it will be a game that competes purely for skill only!

Asking about such a reality, Faceko, who already knew Kate's secret strategy, snorted, as if he were convinced the other way around.

"Oh, I knew you'd mistake me for that.

Yuri nodded a little troubled as Meizi said so.

"But in the end, isn't that Kite's strategy, too?

"Well, you will. Even I lost that one with Kite.

"You can be proud in the case of the Lord. I let Kite use her secret tricks.

"But won't you use it for a meeting head?

"Mm? No, I would probably use it......

Sho, the only one who didn't know Kite's secret, frowned and was surprised at the five people who rated themselves as fit for Kite's measures.

"... Isn't that the secret?

Sho was as stunned as the audience was, but he questioned the same people who would affirm that Kate's trump card was different, which he thought had finally been revealed.

"Huh?... That's enough, right?

Inquired cherry blossoms take confirmation from other faces.

"You're still good, aren't you?

That's what Sora says in retaliation for trying to kick herself out earlier.

"Well, Sho shouldn't you see for yourself?

"Yeah. I think I'll probably use it. Yikes?

"That'll do. Besides, the others are listening. It's strictly forbidden to rattle.

"Ah, haha...... And that means......

Cherry blossoms had to say no with a bitter smile.

"You guys are all terrible!

Watching Sho say that, 2-A Noeko, who was bluffing his ears around him, was also listening with interest, but Tina told me that and honestly regained consciousness to the game.

"Then I guess I'll go from here.

Having said that and slightly losing his personality restraint, Kate stuffed the time at once with a grin on her face.

"Seniors, if you're too surprised, we'll end this all at once!

While feeling slightly uncomfortable with Kite's words, one article deals with Kite's attack. But Kite's attack was faster than it was earlier.

"Shit! Can you still speed it up!

"How many minutes are you trying to make the weight of a knife work for you!

I stopped hiding it. Kite's speed would be faster out of step, and one article would be devoted to defense.

(I can manage to defend myself... but there's no clearance around the attack! Keep it up, I'll push you down!

As a matter of fact, I didn't put a single article on my face, but I felt bitter in my heart. So he thought whether to place a bet, which he could not even describe as a secret.

"Rush! Rush! Larsh! Heavenly Sound finally lifted the ban on his back, increasing his speed at once and launching a fierce assault on a single player! The smile is gone on the face of the opposing player!

"If you just change the weight of the knife to make it easier for you to shake it, the speed will also be faster. Until now, it seems to have been created with uncomfortable weight to be unnoticed.

'I see. Until now, you've changed your weight so you wouldn't dare find out. Now, is it possible for one player to reverse from here -!

(... chi, do I have to use that one? I've never even used it... But if magic is the power of will, you can, you can. If I imagine it, I'm burning it to my head. After that... just try, yeah.

I decided to place a bet that I couldn't even call a bet, which was not even a secret after thinking about it. But to use that means, as it is now, it was certain to eat Kite's attack the moment he tried to use it. So, one article was by far the loudest roar in this battle.


One that shouts out loud and waves a spear at the horizontal giraffe. Kate dodged it on the backstep and backed off as far as a single strip could go a little behind it. At the same time, one strip turns the spear into a spear thrower again.

(... what are you going to do? Spear is no longer defensive. If you're just throwing a spear, get close to that moment and end it all at once.

Kate never gets close, surprised by the action of a big intermission. If it's the same throw as earlier, it no longer deserves to be seen. But in case there is, we're looking at the way out. However, the time is in good shape, so I decide to end it here. Thus, one article breathed loudly and shouted.

"Go, < >!"

At the same time as shouting, one article throws a spear again. That speed finally breaks through the sound speed and generates a sonic wave. The thirst to bring a little bit of the battle technology gained in Enefia, to the goal that is still unforgettable, to the technology of tossing gained on Earth. It was a blow to the synagogue with everything the current article could hold.

Exactly. Kite couldn't hide her amazement at this either. Not so much, his power outweighed that of a beginner.


Kate was going to avoid it, but instantly creates a shield on her left hand. To avoid it, it exceeded the provisions it had set itself. Besides, attacks faster than the speed of sound were difficult for beginner adventurers to avoid. However, I can't take it properly. If you hit it right, it wasn't the power that a beginner could defend or cut. So what Kate thought was to flush it out. Do not receive power, divert from power and receive it. Although slightly higher technology, there was no alternative to avoiding or preventing it. And Kate used the curved surface of the shield on her left hand to divert a spear of a strip.

(Chi! But not yet!

A quick toss. It is finally one that squeezes the power of commonality and is no longer standing. I couldn't even afford to utter a word. However, he focuses on his own imaginary moves (skills) with a slightly obscure consciousness. Kate looked at the condition and stood guarded, but felt the chills and signs the next moment, only slightly off to the left.

"The fastest spear ever unleashed -! I've never seen that before. Was that Sonic Wave!

'Sounds like you were over speed.

'Is it true! But! Heavenly Sound players are flushed with shields... Huh! Shield? From where? What about the knife?

'Well, that's as explained later. It's going to be settled.

"This is him!

In so doing, Kate follows her sixth sense and stretches her right hand to where she was until earlier to grab an approaching spear from behind. At the same time, he takes the spear created by one as his own. The action surprised me with one eye open.

"It's over!

Stuck immediately into a strip and stick the spear forward. Even though one article notices it, it is no longer time to stand. It could not be avoided or prevented. Thus, look at the protruded spear and understand what a single article should say.

"... here we go. My loss.

That said, it was bound by the fact that one of them admitted to losing.

"There's a battle! One player, you admitted defeat! The winner is Group A Tianyin Kite for 2 years! And that was a great settlement.

"Shun's spear was over the speed of sound, but Kate managed to recirculate it with a shield. Kite, who had been tracking with magic without alarm ever since, grabbed his returning spear and remained fleshy to Shun. Spent all his magic on the spear. Shun can no longer be avoided or prevented. If he gets that close up there, he can't avoid it. He was my checkmate.

"Even so... Kite... where the hell did you get your shield out of?

One that listens to the origin of the shield as it becomes a big letter and breathes with its shoulders. It was only natural that I cared about one hand of kite who dodged my last trump card.

"Well, here's the thing.

To answer one question, Kate disappears the shield she wore on her left hand and now creates a spear.

"Nah!? Even I'm full of spears and spears!

Lil, Al, and the rest of the crew were telling me that even one can create spears for spears and regular spears, which depends considerably on talent. But even that one article spends a lot of time these past two weeks being able to create a normal spear, regardless of the spear you're accustomed to using. It was therefore a question.

"Well, speaking of Yuri, I hear I had more aptitude than a crowd. Taking over the senior spear is also a matter of due diligence. Well, that's more like overriding my created spear than taking over.

"Even I, a rare talent in the Duke's army, was told...

Rather than that, in this field, it has only been confirmed to the extent that it was counted with the fingers of both hands in history that it possessed kite class talent. It was pretty rare even in one class.

Nevertheless, it is one of the few talents that Kate possessed besides magic. Instead, if spears and spears are not properly thrown as in one article, and the same amount of magic or combat skill is present, then there is a minute in one article. Others, for example, would lose the shield treatment compared to Sola. In fact, Kate forcefully compensates for that disadvantage with yet another force, except that, perhaps if only looked at appropriately, she belonged to a lower group among the students.

"Instead, there is no more aptitude for spear and spear than seniors. Speaking of matchmaking, I guess it is.

"... well.

Feeling something uninterrupted, one article decided to be convinced for now. He also doesn't expect to lose to anyone now or ever if he is purely a toss as a competition. I was convinced that it was such an assignment.

'Well, that's what I'm talking about. You know all the students can't do that at this tournament, right?

Asked by Yuri, who was equally explaining Kate's secret, the players are convinced everywhere. Everyone tried it once. And I understood, I can't.

'Really? I think Heavenly Sound is pretty easy to do.

True harp wasn't trained as an adventurer, so I didn't know how difficult it was. The same applies to students other than athletes.

'Mm-hmm. If it's appropriate, you could do about the same lineage of weapons you use, like Shun. But otherwise, there's some glitch and it's useless. For example, it's heavy or light, brittle or bent, and it's useless as a weapon.

'I mean, Heavenly Sound players...

"That's out of order. I told you, didn't I? Don't just believe in what's visible. It's a mistake to use a knife in the first place. If Kite stands for" Weapon Master "> >, he won't be able to get to the top of his class, but I guess he can get to the top of his class. Instead, it would get to super top notch if it was the inappropriate Shun or Sola, Cherry Blossom or Rui Tree. I'll avoid deciding which one is better here.

Incidentally, < > is one of two names for kites given 300 years ago.

'For now, I understand that no one else can imitate me.

'Well, you can try it once. It's a path that everyone passes, a path that everyone gives up. Might be as fair as Kate by mistake.

Yuri says so, but actually no one inside can do it, he thought. As a matter of fact, Kite and the adventurous aspiring students of the second period of recruiting that followed in the first place will give up on everyone trying.

'Ha. Well, for now, the first Tensakura School Tournament, the first winner to flourish!

"I was a Group A Tianyin Kite player for 2 years -!

That being said, Kate and I went to one as the two applauded, and the audience applauded and cheered. That's how the first Tensakura School tournament ended.