It's a tournament that closed the curtain with Kate's win, but there was still a little time before the closing ceremony. Then, using that time, True Harp and Yuri approached. Having a recording device with Mike would mean an interview.

"Now let's do a winner interview. First of all, Heavenly Sound, how do you feel now?

"First, Yuri. What are you gonna do? Keep it that big, you know?

"Ah... er. If you happen to be wandering around the school..."

One sweat fell from Yuri. Don't stand out as much as you can, it's true they were telling you, and it's true you were hiding in kite and moving there. Therefore, I was wondering if it was a little bad. Just a little though.

"It was with me, wasn't it?


It seemed like a good thing to be close, but seeing the blue muscle on Kate's head, Yuri continues the conversation instantly. There have already been many times when I feel comfortable flushing you and eating your sermons, and in 300 years she has learned about it as well. I don't play games, although I don't deal with them fundamentally.

"No, so, I asked him because he seemed to be worried about something, and then he worried that he would do the reality of the tournament, but he didn't have a description.

"Well. I really thought I'd ask the crew. I just don't have any connections, and it's hard to ask.

Apparently, the true harp had changed the tone for it at the live time, and the current tone is vegan. He answered the truth openly.

"I thought it was heavenly help to Hondo when Yuri came over there. It was a coincidence, but when I asked him, he seemed knowledgeable, so I was wondering if it would be just right for the mascot.

I didn't trust him about knowledge, but since he normally did today's commentary, True Harp trusts Yuri's knowledge from the middle of nowhere.

"Because Dada hasn't lived long.

"Speaking of which, how old are you after all?

"Ask the maiden how old she is!

Note that both Yuri and Kuzha are over 300 years old in real life, and you will wonder if they are of the age of maidens, but in fairy clans, they are certainly maidens who disgrace flowers as well.

"Oh, I'm sorry.

"Fine, though. I know Kite.

That being said, it's been a long time since the opening ceremony, and Yuri sits back on Kate's shoulder.

"Oh, I knew that was the fixed position there. It was a rumor, hey.

"I'm used to it.

"Hmm. So, kite. What do you think? Oh, I'm not broadcasting this, so you can have a normal tone. Because it is a material for later use in on-campus newspapers. I'm the only one asking.

You're familiar at once, I think so, Kite, but I'll answer for now.

"Well, you're happy. I got the results of my training.

Kate is at the corner, so I decided to let her talk in her usual tone. Even if it's a true harp, it doesn't look like it cares. He was a pretty frank senior.

"Hmm. So you take it for granted you won?

"No? If not for the slightest bit of fame, I might have been the one who lost. For better or worse, Senior Shijo was too famous as a spear thrower. A shore strand, anyone who was a schoolboy knew. It is likely that the senior trump card will be a spear. Even at the end of the day, I was worried about my surroundings, but I just realized that the spear was coming back. Conversely, I was cautioned because I was idiosyncratic propriety and anonymity. I guess that worked well.

In fact, there are quite a few students who have chosen a knife like Kate. Kate didn't become famous because she acted in such a way that she could see that she had been buried by such swordsmen and that Kate herself was athletic tone deaf at Heavenly Sakura School.

"Then it's Kite's feeling that the battle with Ichi-kun was a battle with each other. It looked pretty spare as far as I could see though.

After finishing the fight, Kate left the game venue breathless, so it was impossible for True Harp to think this way. Nevertheless, I was expecting this from Kate as well, so I have an excuse.

"Not really. It was physically superfluous, but magically consumed quite a bit. That way of fighting will always consume magic. Well, seniors, I didn't squeeze it out to the last drop I wanted to see, so I guess I could afford it. Ask the seniors why they did all they could for the last hand. I don't know.

"Well, because Kate even exposed herself to the back of her hand. I guess you've been struggling pretty hard.

This statement by Yuri is not a mistake. It was actually just a show card, but it was a trump card in this fight.

"But then, aren't we going to struggle with a second tournament or something? When I was talking about Yuri earlier, Kite, you fight with as many bills as you can, right?

It remains to be seen whether a second tournament will actually take place at this time.

"Oh, then I'll be fine. Because both Kate and Shun are almost turning into bills in six months.


"Yeah. That's it. I can't believe the strength of the kites right now.

"Oh well. Then you'll be fine.

Makoto nodded, feeling relieved when she understood that she had nothing to worry about in Yuri's tone.

"But isn't it a pretty advanced way to fight even now?

"Since now? Not yet. Battle of Mizuki vs. Shun, for example. Shun had a lot of trouble defending Rui Tree, but Al and Lil could definitely get that much clearance through, and even if it were the other way around, it wouldn't make that much clearance. In other words, you create a defense where the gap itself does not exist. Besides, I would never apply such an attack to protect you. What's more..."

That's how it starts. Not by Yuri. Makoto, who realizes it's going to take a long time, makes an immediate orbital correction.

"Hey, Yuri, this is a place for commentary..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I got a fever.

"So, let's get back to it, you want to tell someone something or something?

"Well, I'd like to thank Mr. Kuzha for what he told me. And then Tina and Cherry Blossom.

"To me?

"I appreciate that.

Kate replied with a bitter smile to Yuri, who jumped out in front of her face and looked over at her like she was forced to do so.

"Ah! That's right! Cherry blossoms are Heavenly Door! Tell me the truth about the rumors!

I forgot, Makoto suddenly brightens his eyes and retrieves his notes. Kate remembers true harp rumors and decides to try to talk.

"Please keep your mouth shut. I heard there was a banquet the day I happened to ask at the Duke's house. An old man accidentally found Cherry Blossom and Sola and sent them to the banquet. There's no age limit for drinking over here, so if I let him drink, yeah, that's why.

Partly lying, but generally true. I can't tell if the part of the lie isn't pretty close to the Duke's either. It seemed unfortunate to whine about whether Makoto could be a story when asked about the situation.

"Uh, yeah. I see. So all kinds of rumors are complicated. I can't do that in the article. That's right, the student chairman drinks and stuff, it's not going to be stylish.

"Well, there's no problem with the law over here. It's still going to be a problem now. I'm sorry, but just deny it. I don't know where it leaks from, and even the Duke's house seems to have a secret banquet that day.

"That's more and more impossible. Rikai. You just don't want to treat me like that at the moment.

I'm glad you're the head of the department that makes sense, so relieved, Kite. But then, True Harp makes his eyes shine again.

"So, did you really hold the princess?

"... in the end, you ask. Yes, I did. The photo is in the cherry blossom digital camera. Is this it? Instead…"

"I know. Shut up for the time being. Even I know what's going on. Instead, I'll demurr it and rescind it so it doesn't follow you to the banquet.

I want to avoid something that could be rubbed in the school right now, and having confirmed that it lay as a common perception between the two of us, Kate decided to talk only about the part where she could tell the truth about things as a silent consideration. What Yuri trusted was also due to one reason.

"It helps."

"I mean fine. I'm sorry to bother you. Oh, will you keep me regularly informed? Because instead, if that's the first piece of information, I'll help you get rid of it. You know about our ability to gather information, right?

That's how True Harp smiles confidently. In fact, the school's journalism club deserved a club of heavenly cherry blossom students with a particularly talented crowd of students, and had quite excellent intelligence skills. Therefore, in the back, we also bought and sold information related to Tensakura School, which had considerable credibility. It's a pretty lucrative deal because you get that cooperation.

True Qin understands that when you buy and sell, and involve money, it develops into a major problem, so it is the extent to which you can enjoy lunch, treat luxury, and eating out after school with learning food and purchasing. Conversely, students from the press department sometimes took advantage of each other to obtain information.

"So let's hit our hands.

That's what I'm saying. I'm offering you my right hand, Kite. Zhenqin also shook his hand back at it.

"Even so, Kite is the leader aspiration of some organization? I made a terrible deal with Hutu that it was just a deal.

Zhenqin gave his face an unexpectedly slightly surprised look. In her experience, there were few pupils who felt uncomfortable with these kinds of suggestions.

That said, he is the head of the Duke's house with Kite. Naturally I'm not as pretty as I would hesitate to make a deal to this extent. At the height of the season, the two of us normally practiced with some future emperor means that we could not find out about, such as assassinations or plots. Note that the two faces at that time were such evil grins that they did not think of themselves as brave men or heroes.

"No? I'm usually a one-time student, and I don't think that far. Well, next time I get a chance, I'll introduce you to cherry blossoms.

"Really! I'd like to talk to you once or so, but Mr. Tendo is too hard for the student union officers around him to get close.

Exactly. True harp should be experiencing quite a few places as well, but the number and concentration of experiences are too different from kite's. Even though I understood this as lip service, I was honestly delighted. Sometimes I didn't feel bad about Kite at all.

"If you get a chance, yeah?

"That's fine. Okay, thanks.

That's what I said and left Makoto. Kate was satisfied that a good deal had been made.

"Kate, you look happy. But why did you explain the situation? If you're the head of the press department, aren't you going to talk to someone else?

Yuri and I are the dean of the school of magic instruction at the Duke's. He also understood the activities of the Department and the existence of a press department. That's why I'm worried.

"Well, normally...... when it comes to the news department's one letter true harp, it's the total tightening of information on Tensakura School. The two names are those who follow the truth, which they also said they were. The information is highly credible, although it is limited to involvement in Tianxue School. Other than that, it has an information network in its own hobby. Bring it to cover up. I don't know why I told you, but yeah, I can see that. That senior is good at handling the information itself. I heard rumors that every piece of information is bad, that this kind of influence can occur, that you're a person who can think of anything. So even if you buy and sell information in the back, you're silent from school, you know.

Kate felt surprised by this, but when she saw the true harp's mouth earlier, it seemed to be true.

"It is. Well, I knew you weren't a bad person, so that's fine.

"Oh, you brought me on edge with a good person. It helps."

"Fine. I only helped those in need.

That's what Yuri tries to finish the story. But that doesn't put the inquirer down.

"So, Yuri. I don't mind about that, but it's true that it was working in hiding, isn't it?... I'll deal with you later.

Kate says so with a nice smile and grabs Yuri with her hands firmly.

"Ha ha!"

Yuri suffers even in Kate's hands, but Kate just looks at it happily. Kite then hurries back to the private room he was given. Only two people know if the punishment was done that night.

By the way, in order to deceive the cherry blossom story in moderation, Makoto did spread another rumor. But because of that, Kate has had to be seriously wary of assassinations from Tina and the cherry blossom fan club, which is another story.

The tournament closed with Kate's win. Kate had stopped Yuri from connecting to her room and had received praise for the winner from Kuzha. At the end of the day, Kuzha gave words of encouragement to the students.

'Gentlemen, today's tournament was very promising. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the future to hone my mind and mind and be an adventurer.

"Damn. Is this the last time you can worship Mr. Kuzha...

"Firstly. Surely, the Heavenly Sound guy should have been taught by Mr. Kuzha. That means he could come to school again...

"Heavenly Sound guy, how lucky of a woman...

"Tina is missed under one roof, by Yuri, trusted by Chairman Heavenly Tao... I wonder if anyone will remember the curse.

Note that when found out, the curse is an immediate death sentence or a life sentence.

"Hey, Mr. Kuzha's fan club is open, do you want to come in?

"Oh! Seriously?

And Kuzha's words came to an end, and all went back to all parts of the school again. After that, Kate was a little too shabby in the middle of the night.

"... I overdid it because I'm going to tidy up later... it won't end..."

Kate moved around a lot in the fight against the last one, because she would tidy up herself later. Because of this, the aftermath of the battle between the two of us made it worn out all over the ground. After the different spatializations were solved, there was no damage to the walls surrounding the school, but the ground turned up and it was not a very decent situation to be able to train. Thus, Kate silently restored the ground destroyed in the game with the help of the Great Spirit of the earth.