As Kate expected, many students were temporarily incapacitated due to mental damage, and were to spend most of the final week resting. However, with the help of a psychiatric healer from the Duke's house, many had regained their normal lives in less than three days without taking deadly spiritual damage, and in the earliest they had resumed their workouts two days after training in action.

"You recovered surprisingly fast.

"Mm-hmm. Well, I decided a few days based on Kite's experience, but when I thought about it, Kite's first line was pretty hard over here, too.

That's what Kate and Yuri are talking about. It was based on Kate's own experience that we both took most of the final week off, but they took too long. It is the result of a full recovery, but such an early return was more than expected for both of us.

"I didn't take care of my mental healer, and I had five orgasms in the first war..."

"It's all my sister, Grandpa. Everyone knocked me down fast. I shuddered when I kited and it was cute. How did this happen?

The students weren't the only ones who couldn't fight from the first line. The same was true of Kite. The person called my sister or sister is about a female soldier who was taking care of Kate. Because I took good care of him, the soldiers called me sister, so both Kate and Yuri learned to do that and called me sister. Note that the original name is Artesia.

"Do you still want to tell me... Most of my trauma is my sister's... even my first line here was too tight to see her face properly for the time being... that's not a good face for a woman.

"It's a line that's going to kill me if I'm alive. Sister, you're a dark elf beauty.

"That's a bloodthirsty ghost..."

"Haha...... and speaking of which, I didn't ask, but then they took me away and what happened?


Suddenly he began to sweat cold, and kite began to rattle and tremble. Seeing that, Yuri startles me.

"Huh!? What happened!

"No more... I can't... my sister is scared..."

I thought the tremor had stopped, and the next moment I moved to the corner of the room in an instant. He was holding both legs, pulling and shaking.

"Hey, what happened..."

"Why didn't anyone stop me... what a reward. That's a punitive game..."

Kite begins to grudge with bumps alone. His eyes were cloudy and he had written a letter on the ground. Yuri is very curious about what happened to Kite, who trembles in the corner, but she just doesn't have a hobby for playing with other people's trauma. Therefore, I decided that there was no such thing as this topic because I had trouble dealing with it.

"Uh... well, aren't you glad it didn't suck for the students?

"Ugh...... well, zero impossible to return to. Comprehensive reports from the troops and the healer's diagnosis show some shock, but no problems.

I've managed to come back, Kite. He's still shivering, but he's not going to do it the same way Yuri did.

"Well, maybe this is surprisingly true. I'm no different than these kids over here.

"Well, I'm glad you seem to be able to afford it surprisingly, let's just say. It's only in everyone's interest not to have a shepherd.

But it is the result that there is room for this that will create tragedy later. But it is ironic when it comes to irony, because even just kite could afford it but can't anticipate the tragedy of the late.

"After that, you should rest and let them go free if you want to work out. Originally, the only training I had planned for this week was in action. Besides, he's ordering the instructor to respond if he asks for help.

As such, the two were to re-schedule their appointments, relaxing and chatting again.

Then for a while, with the advice of teacher Yuri, I reconstituted my upcoming appointments. Cherry blossoms arrived when the bulk of the content was decided.

"Ah, Mr. Kite. You were here, weren't you?

Cherry blossoms had normally returned from their parents' education and her coming history within a relatively early period with few shocks.

"Well, it's only here or in my room that Yuri can normally read a book. I can't get the light in my room, so I'm not ready for reading.

"Thanks for the key! Oh, you want some tea?

In fact, they were in conversation in the Student Council President's Office. The soundproofing of the chairman's office - Tina has also applied a silencing junction - is perfectly close, making it a place to bring it to tell stories you don't want to be heard. That said, both Kite and Yuri were quite immersed privately around having mugs and tea cups for themselves in the chairman's office. There are also pots and sinks for visitors in the student council room, so it is significant that they were comfortable.

"Please. Oh, a little milk. You want to hide a little more that Yuri can grow up, don't you?

"Yeah. I'm sorry.

"No, that's okay. So, Mr. Kite. Are you okay now?

"Hmm? What's up?

Kite raising her face from the book she was reading.

"No, I'm on vacation for the next three days, so I was wondering what Mr. Kite would do.

"Oh. I guess reading while moderately training. After that, material fishing in preparation for future adventurer activities? I don't know about herbs, even though they told me to bring them.

Although I wasn't convinced by the contents of the first line of work among the facades who played in action earlier, and although many of them built up more workouts than ever before, Kite - naturally - was the same workout contents as usual. Incidentally, Tina was dissatisfied with the first line - also because the battle of the miscellaneous fish opponents was very uninteresting - and that night, when Tina forced her to summon her to another space, Kite was forced to do a mock fight until Tina felt better.

"Um, if you have time, would you mind accompanying me on my sword workout?

"Yeah? In Mr. Kuzha... right. You weren't coming anymore.

I tried to get Kuzha to take care of me, and Kate remembered that Kuzha's training was already over. It's actually possible to come because I'm turning my job around to kite, but I'm not even going to talk about the circumstances behind it.

"Yeah. So I thought I'd ask Mr. Kite to work out with him.

"Kite would be fit for most weapons. I wonder if that's possible.

"Well, somewhat. So, do you have long range and close range, weapons designation, etc?

"In real life format, please.

"... are you serious?

Kite looks serious and asks for cherry blossoms. Cherry Blossoms asked Kite to fight while switching weapons. Cherry blossoms also give reasons with a serious face.

"Yes, I felt impeccable in the actual battle ahead..."

"Right. Since what time?

"Hopefully even today.

"... fine. What about Yuri?

Kate stared seriously at the cherry blossom and nodded when she saw that there was no shock in her. There was no reason not to help those who were willing to move forward.

"Hmm. Sometimes I thought it would be nice to train with Kite, but that's 2-on-1, so I was wondering if it's just against cherry blossoms.

I was listening to that. Kite thinks a little.

Sure, if you're Yuri, you're familiar with how to fight while working with Kate, but you can still feel the blank caused by the fact that you've been away from each other for years. I would have liked to have made this correction in the future, but I wondered if it was important to have a look at each other's changes before doing so.

"Then, Yuri. You, get to cherry blossom support during this training. It would be a good experience to go through support other than mine. I have no idea how to attack you, because I've never done it before. It would be a good experience.

Yuri seemed to have somewhere to think about the words, too, and nodded a little thinking.

"Hmmm...... it sure was always Kate's support. Cherry blossoms, okay?

"Yes, because I will be training to work with my peers.

Thus, the rest of the days were spent training with Tina, Sola, Meizi, Yuri, and Xiang, but eventually all the students who train as adventurers were divided in half into military battles.

And the last day of training. All the instructor roles and students, including Kuzha, were gathered together.

"They all put up well with the training they've been through. Though it was a rush, I think only the underlying technology was taught. Nevertheless, everything I have ever taught is the foundation in the foundation. I hope you will continue to lack training. You will be free to take requests from tomorrow onwards, but for the time being Alphonse and Lil and several other instructor roles are scheduled to support your activities as adventurers. If anything happens, you should rely on it.

When I said that, some of the crew members who served as instructors and Al, Lil's face came forward.

"This face will usually be a face to support school adventurers. As for Alphonse, he boasts the strongest combat capability in the regular units of the Duke's army, so if you find dangerous demons in the vicinity, ask him to talk to you.

The reason they were chosen as the apparent reason was because they were highly capable of combat and could be quite a force in individual combat. Not all of them, but some are officially equipped with magic guidance armor with airplanes, so it can be said to be a breakdown response.

There is, naturally, a back to this broken response. In fact, it had a strong connotation as Kite and Tina's immediate power.

"It will be important that you do not lack training in order for you to return safely. Failure to do the opposite could result in loss of life. Be careful. Last but not least, I hope that one day I will be able to fight alongside you all. Then I pray that all of you will return safely to your former worlds.

That's how he completed his month-long combat training and mastered the basics. Two days later, some students, including Kite, went back to Maxwell to officially accept the request as an adventurer.