After the completion ceremony, everyone was given a day's rest. Then, over the course of two days, a meeting focused on the prestigious among the Duke's family, teachers, cherry blossoms and students who said one article was held, and a new party was organized, creating eight parties in a six-party formation, which took two days to confirm the collaboration by putting them together.

This organization also allows for later scattering, but within the beginning everyone was forcibly assigned to the party. There are two fractions in this organization, but the other two are student council officers, usually responsible for administrative systems such as manual making for the rest of the school students. I forced all the personnel into the party because it was a problem if they were solo and important.

And tomorrow morning, each party was gathered at the school gate. Some of them are just about to leave now.

"So, in the end, this face... why is Al here?

That's what Sora always looked over at. It is six people: Kate, Sola, Tina, Meizi, Yuri, and Sho. Yuri and Al for options. Cherry Blossoms is assigned to the Student Council Board Party and has become a leader. It should be noted that as the overall leader, one article has been nominated on the basis of the wishes of the faculty. (i) Article is also the leader of the main school party composed of live students.

"I'm your go-to. In the blink of an eye, Tine, the master of Meizhi-chan and the others, is serving as a go-to for Sakura's party.

"I'm with kite, hey.

Naturally, if there is anything wrong with throwing out the adventurers of Tian Cherry School as they are, it involves the coupons of the Duke's family who acted as instructors. It was only natural to keep surveillance so as not to cause problems within the beginning.

"Well, that's reassuring, isn't it?

That's what Kite says. He looks over at everyone. Everyone - especially the charm - snorts at this kite's words.

"Well, the rest of us haven't just fought in action once yet. You'd better not think you'd be able to fight normally in the next fight.

"Well, hey. I mean, if possible, there's no fighting. Let's choose...

That's what Sho said as a maniac. Apparently the failures in the first line are pulling off quite a bit later.

"And, you know, warehouse organizing? Exactly. Combat training means nothing, right?

It could be a warehouse maintenance, but Kite denies it.

"Besides, it's almost useless to ask the rest of us, whose ultimate goal is the relics of ancient ruins, the magic of an undiscovered world jump. Even if we avoid some rough stuff... right, we need to get to the Northwest Forest, even if it's just a constantly acceptable herb collection, for example. We're about an hour away from the Union Branch by strengthening our bodies, but how many fights are there...

Normally, convenient things like herbs growing near the city don't happen. Sometimes it grows rarely, but if I was going to pick it up, I had to take the road between the school and Maxwell to a forest a little north.

"There are demons in the woods, too. Even demons aren't the only goblins in the meantime. When you get to the heart of the woods, you have to be careful, because there are sightings of orcs and orgasms.

That being said, Al provides a supplementary explanation.

"What if it's in an orc or something?

"I'll fight alone. This time, the only person who can defeat the demons in places like novice adventurers.

The point is, stay out of the way, that's what happened.

"Okay. Well, if it's us now, it's someone you can't beat.

"That sort of thing.

"Well, everybody, we're leaving.

And by Kite's decree, the party led by Kite also left for Maxwell only a little late for the other parties.

Walking for an hour using concomitant physical enhancement by magic. We arrived at the Union branch of Maxwell.

"Ah! Gentlemen, it's been a long time!

That's what I said and said hello to was Miriam, the receptionist. It is the first resumption in about a month.


"Miriam! Yes, touch!


"Not this way either!

That's how we enjoy reuniting with Miriam.

"Ah! Grandma! Long time no see!

Soon after, I found a mid 30s receptionist who said that Sora had gotten along when registering and went to talk, but Miriam left Sora alone and started talking.

"Are you all starting your activities today? Cherry blossoms and one of them have already accepted the request.

"Oh. We're accepting the request today, too. You got anything good for me?

"That's right...... oh, have you seen the bulletin board over there?

That's what Miriam, who said and was looking at the list of requests, points to is a worn out bulletin board with about a dozen sheets of paper on it about the notebook. They have quite a few years in, and the bulletin boards were lame.

"No, you haven't seen it.

"Well, I think you should see that one too.

That's why Sora and Sho, Meizi and Yuri, who are back, head to confirm. Miriam, who confirms it, asks Kite in a whisper.

"So, in fact, what about the students?

"... Well, you don't seem to be okay. At least the first line is over.

"Well, you can feel a little relieved.

"Well, in the worst case scenario, it's gonna be me and Tina and Yuri.

"I don't want to interact with miscellaneous fish... but if it's for charm, Yuri, or cherry blossoms, I have no choice.

"If Kate's gonna do it, I'm gonna do it.

"That's... they're a little pitiful.

In addition to the two people who can even do it alone with the supposedly super Rank S demons, Miriam feels pity for the demons who will be fought against the fairy clan's strongest Yuri. It wouldn't take 10 minutes for a single division if it were a low-level demon. So four people who were watching the bulletin board raised their voices.

"Hey, kite! How about this guy or something?

"Which one? … classic, but ideal as a first request?

Sora's request to show Kite was a request under the direct jurisdiction of Adventurer Union, a request to obtain medicinal herbs. Whatever the means of obtaining it - naturally excluding criminal activity - it was a simple request that it could be purchased or collected. The reward is 5 copper coins per herb. Since the market for medicinal herbs is five copper coins on the general market of the Empire, it can also be said to be as market.

"Right? It's perfect for us, isn't it?

Sora says that with a little pride.

"It's not a tutorial quest. There's nothing wrong with that.

"Are there any other problems?

That's what I'm gonna say. I'm gonna get confirmation from the other three. Since there was no objection, the first request was decided upon.

"Miriam, I'll take this.

"Yes. The request is to obtain medicinal herbs, right? My client is Union Maxwell Branch. Are you sure about this?

"Oh. I'm fine.

"Yes. Now, show me your registration card.

Ask everyone to show their registration cards. Sora questioned them when they all presented their registration cards.

"Hmm? Why do you even have Al?

"Oh, because I work part-time as an adventurer occasionally, too.

"Oh well.... even if you work, you work part-time.

"... I'll subsidize it, but it costs a lot to maintain privately owned equipment and stuff. I don't have much to drink or anything because of that, and I'm going to be free.

Sho took a slightly distant look when he heard Al say something a little sad. What an intelligent story.

"... sorry.

Unexpectedly apologize in a whisper, Kite. Luckily no one asked me. To color the next bonus, Kite thought so, just a little bit.

"Yes. Confirmed. Okay, so you sign the receipt.

That's what I'm gonna say and sign the receipt, Miriam. After signing and handing over the receipt to Kite, I started chatting casually.

"No, thanks to all of you for belonging. Not so many adventurers belong to the Maxwell branch of the Union, and they were chronically understaffed, weren't they? That said, adventurers get hurt a lot, so they tend to lack medicinal herbs. Sometimes they deliver the excess herbs and other herbs collected because they are always acceptable, but I still can't keep up with the replenishment...

Goblin exorcisms - goblins sprang up in large quantities, whether knocked down or not, so they needed to be exorcised seriously - and herb collection is always acceptable, that's what I'll add, Miriam.

"Really? Sure, Maxwell's the biggest city on the continent, isn't it?

"And it's the best technology city on the continent, isn't it? Isn't that a lot of adventurers?

Sora and Sho are not only wondering about Meizu and Yuri. Kate and Tina had already heard the current situation from Kuzha, so they understood the cause.

"Uh, what's it say in front of Al... Well, the regular army here is the strongest in the empire, isn't it?

"Well, some people say we're stronger than the Imperial Regular Army, including the Dukes and Dukes.

"Yep. That in itself is appreciated as a resident...... Look, even a young Tianlong will defeat you alone, won't he?

"Yeah. But I won't be able to do it alone from around 100 + years old at the Ground Dragon. I guess I'm 50 years old if I'm a Tenryu.

Al's line has the impression that the Tenryu is nearly twice stronger than the Ground Dragon, but with strength they are both the same. Since the means of flying are limited for warriors who cannot satisfactorily use aerial techniques, and there are still some limitations on the method of combat in the air, there is a sensory difference between ground dragons and heavenly dragons as much as double the fighting power.

"When you have a regular army that can easily crusade that class, the adventurer has fewer places to be more active... and someone with some strength will move the base elsewhere, right? Well, on the contrary, if you're a high-powered person, you can come back for a variety of reasons to come to the request of a high-ranking race of autonomous people who are only in McDawell territory even on continents like the Dragons and Divine Wolves. There aren't many adventurers out there, and there aren't any guilds based in Maxwell.

Beginners here are more likely to be unable to fight, so say so, Miriam.

There is a cause for this. During the pioneering years of the city, there was a massive influx of many non-combatants trying to gain asylum with kites and brave men, as well as adventurers capable of sniffing out various problems in pioneering and fighting to gain fame. However, although times have changed and it is the influx of non-combatants that is more common, the adventurers who could fight were more likely to spill.

"Hmm. So few beginners can fight, like us?

"It's not much. There are a lot of people, so I have a lot of requests. There are many requests for non-combatants, so there are few problems on the adventurer's side..."

Miriam's chatter, which has increasingly presented a look of stupidity, has been a headache issue even for Kite.

With the difficulty of the request, there is nothing wrong with the Duke's army for the part that could be the middle tier, and there is no problem with the upper tier because the skilled adventurers return or influx. However, there are many beginners of the lowest level of difficulty from the lowest level of the most numerous in the battle system, and even if they stay in the Duke's territory for more power if they have more than a certain amount of power, they will leave Maxwell. Because of this, there was a chronic shortage of adventurers who received lower level requests.

So either assign the Duke army to this, or it wasn't much of a preferred way. I would dispatch it if it were really necessary, but the Duke's equipment was too powerful to be cost-effective. Besides, I have another problem.

"Coffle and Stra from the Duke's house have also taken requests from time to time... but they still didn't have enough absolute numbers. Well, we've got 50 more, so I think it's going to be somewhat better!

Yes, it's an absolute number problem. It was chronically understaffed because almost all of the intermediate layers with the largest numbers would go outside without excessive restraint. In contrast, the Adventurers of Tensakura School are based near Maxwell, and the number of people is expected to increase by 50 even more. Miriam had no choice but to smile. Also, the entire Maxwell branch staff, who have frequently received allegations from Adventurers Union headquarters and other leading branches that this is not enough, smile.

"... I mean, work full,?

"Yes! Work exactly to the point of not dying and aim to rank up!

Miriam with a nickel and a loving smile.

"You have a good smile...

As Yuri said unexpectedly, Miriam said to work with a shiny good smile. He was a successful merchant soul only to talk to the adventurer of the desolate.

"Well, I'm coming.

"Yes. Be careful.

Then we had a little chat and followed the Union branch together. Sola goes out and says something.

"So, where do I go?

To such a sola, we step on it together.

"You didn't even confirm that. The woods, right?"

"Hmm, Sho. Which forest?

That's what Kate asks Sho with a mean smile.

"Huh? There are many woods?

"Please check your map. You saw the woods a little further north when you came, didn't you? Right there."

"Charming is right, this time it's the Northwest Forest. Kite said that, didn't she?

"There are three woods north, one south, three west, and two east just near Maxwell. There is also a large lake, besides Lake Lust near the school, in the northeast. One is famous for its borders with the demonic territories of the north, where the mountains are hundreds of kilometres away, and several others in the territory. Lots more mountains. I wonder if 13 rivers were wide. There's an ocean to the east of the territory.

"Whoa! Why is there so much nature!

Though the Duke of McDawell's territory is vast, Xiang shouts his surprise because there was too much nature if he thought of it as a noble territory. By the way, Maxwell is located in the southern part of the Duke's territory, and almost all the streets connected from the Devil's Territory are connected to Maxwell. It was the so-called main point of transportation, the Qu 'an.

"Come on. There's a lot of nature because your ancestors signed with the Great Spirit, that's what they're talking about.

It was actually true. At the request of the Spirits, much nature is left in the Duke's territory. Furthermore, because autonomy is recognized for each race, their habitable environment was maintained.

"Well, leave that alone. Northwest Forest would be the best place to go to pick up some herbs. Efficiency would be even better in the north woods, but the demons are a little strong over there, so it's impossible for everyone to do it now.

"So it's a decision in the Northwest Forest, huh?

"That would be fine. So, we all got weapons, huh? This time I, Sola and Al will be at the avant-garde. Sora, keep your opponent from attacking and focus on keeping your enemies out of the way. Sho, Meizumi will provide our support in the guerrilla while preventing Tina and Yuri from attacking. Al doesn't fight as much as possible and asks for a follow up.

"Rikai.... but wouldn't Kate be better off if you were a guerrilla?

Indeed, Kite could use a number of weapons, so the guerrilla was better. but there is one problem.

"You can't go avant-garde with the charm yet, can you?

"Ugh. Maybe......

A charm who remembers the first formations during this time and says so.

"Well, from this time on, there will be more and more. The danger will be reduced.

"Yeah. Right.

Yuri was at a long distance and was able to prevent the avant-garde from successfully attacking the rear guard in the first place. As a result, there was less danger and less mental damage.

"... Ugh, thanks.

Glamorous garment with a slight tear eye, thrilled with care.

"Then go.

That's how they left for the Northeast Forest.