Approximately 10 minutes after we left Maxwell together. When the city came blind, a dozen goblins appeared, opponents of the first line.

"It's these guys...

Sho squeaks so. My body was just a little tense, but less trembling than it was in the first place.

"Everybody, take a fighting stance. Al, cover the whole thing.

Encourage Kite to take a fighting stance on everyone. Al also joins the line because it is not already a training.

"Let's go!

With Kite's signal, the battle began again against Goblin opponents.

"Shit! But it doesn't work like this!

That said, frontline Sola defends Goblin's offense. Keep attacking, keep goblin distracted.


Raise your voice like a chirp and another goblin tries to attack Sora from behind, but that attack never arrives.


Because Yuri was put to despair by an arrow he unleashed.


"Thank you!

"I'm still here, don't be alarmed!

Kate urges vigilance on the two of them. That said, the number of goblins was down to about half because I knocked them down earlier.


Kite crusades the third goblin.

"It's a hat trick! I'm gonna lose too! Tina, it's good to have you back!


The responding Tina took control with < > and Xiang packed the time at once.

"That's the second one!

That's how Sho gives a toddle. With the addition of support from a distance, cooperation was becoming largely possible.

"Meizichi, can you go?

Prevent Goblin from attacking when Al was targeting Charm from behind.

"Somehow, yeah!

The charm managed to launch an attack with Kate's created gaps and Al's cover, crusading the goblins.


"Don't take a breath there!

That being said, Yuri launches a weak thunderstorm attack on Goblin, who targets the charm.

"Sorry! This!

With that said, Meizuke tries to attack Goblin earlier. Goblin collapses before that.


It was defeated by Kate's sword. And Kite, who instantly switches to a double sword. The battle is almost over. At this point, there was no anxiety, and both Kite and Al were equally relieved.

"... I guess I could win this minute.

"Oh. I can afford a little more, but now you're desirable.

During the battle, Kate and Al will whisper to check the status quo. As the word goes, Sola and the others moved better than in the first line, a momentum that seemed to manage to win.

"Well, it's only the second fight. I hope I can afford to use my moves (skills) later.

"If you're a goblin opponent, you don't need it...... hey!

Kate flushes the Goblin attack she was attacking with a double sword and stays on the counter.

"That's just such a goblin...... hey!

Al has similarly attacked Goblin with a shield to prevent Goblin from attacking, and Goblin with a shield. Todome with a one-handed sword to a glaring goblin.

"Is this the last time now?

Looking around, he seemed to be the last in the goblin where Al offered todome, and the other faces were relieved, exhaling like that. Tina is taking a breath too, so I guess there are no demons around.

"Now you could afford it.

The battle is over, and that's what Sora says.

"Tina and Yuri are at a distance this time. As long as we can hold him back, we'll both finish him off.

"Uhm! I can afford it!

"Well, I wonder if I can do a little.

In practice, Yuri, who was an arm of 100 meters, also had difficulty making arrows in action. However, in World War II, and because it was a collaboration with a close friend of mine, he was creating arrows with skill close to practice. The hit rate isn't exactly what we practiced yet.

"That's what I'm saying, you knock out about five of them by yourself, right?

"... that was definitely MVP....... hmm? What the hell?"

That being said, Sola picked up the large green crystal-like spherical stone of the cobwebs that was falling at her feet.

"Heh, Goblin Core? It's not uncommon...

That being said, Al is making it slightly more interesting. Although not uncommon, the real thing was rarely visible to you.

"Goblin Core?"

"Yeah. You know demons are made of magic vegetables.

Nodding together. Look at that. Al keeps explaining.

"Actually, it's not exactly magic (mana), it's also a negative magic (mana) that makes demons. Ah, negative magic vegetables (mana) are magic vegetables (mana) derived from resentment, sadness and dark emotions. But that's not how demons and warcraft are born.


The first time Meizuma heard of it, she asked back. The neighbor Yuri was also nodding.

"Yeah. I need a core with this negative magic vegetable (mana), a crystal called

By the way, the core is like a mass of negative magic vegetables (mana), Yuri adds.

"Well, I don't know which part of the demon there is this core, but you usually crusade the demon by breaking this core or causing irreparable damage to the flesh. So, sometimes, if this core is not damaged at all when the flesh is destroyed, the core may remain after the demon dies and returns to the magic (mana), as it is now.

"Why doesn't it stay if it's damaged?

Sola asks looking through the core in her hand.

"I don't know about that, but maybe it's because I can't keep my shape and I'm going back to magic (mana).

"Once a theory, it is predominant that magic vegetables (mana) can only exist in nature as solids in optimal form. We can create cores artificially, but we're going to need a lot of magic. As long as I'm stable, I won't need magic.

That being said, Yuri will provide a supplementary explanation again.

"Hey, if you keep building up magic in the core of positive magic vegetables (mana), are angels or something born?

Ask Al and Yuri the questions that Sora came up with.

"If it's man-made, you're a demon. The shape depends on the image of the person who created it.

"It is said that the existence of such positive magic vegetables (mana) in nature is what we call fairies and water-solubles - aliases of the Slime race.

There were individuals in the Slime tribe who could see the core through, so you're probably right.

"I wonder if this is the place to explain. So, Sola. Leave the core alone and you'll return to the demon, so break it or treat it.

"Wow! Just say it!

That's what I say and let go of Core in a hurry. Sora tries to destroy it as it is, noticing a question.

"Hmm? Treatment?

"You heard Miriam explain. If you want to make it into a material, you need to apply special procedures.

Kite responded to Sora's question.

"No, you said that.

"If you're going to treat me, I'll leave you to it!

That's what Tina says. She takes the little magic guide with the demon stone embedded in it from her nostalgia. It was a tool for applying the special treatment that Kate said.

"Do this to him..."

"What are you doing?

Sora whispers to Kite. Tina was practicing some sort of witchcraft using magic aids.

"That's a procedure. Specifically, negative magic (mana) is removed from the core, leaving only the elements of the goblin, and made available as material. Even leather and bones are treated the same way. A procedure for immobilizing magic vegetables (mana) is applied, so it takes a little while.

"Why didn't you just do it to the goblins?

It is Sola's biggest question.

"... you think he's here? I don't know about goblin material.

Kite answers with a feeling of what is normal.

"... you don't need it.

I was convinced that Sora and that would be the case. Goblins are the lowest demons. The strength of the material in which it resided did not have to be explained, but seemed weak.

"Sounds like you're at least above the lower level of a crustacean demon if you're going to treat a corpse. If you're a Goblin, you'll find it useful if it's not more than an orga. Besides, all you can use is your fangs and genitals. The core, well, seems to be a little useful as a reinforcement material for weapons...

It is a goblin material that is said to be the weakest of demons, except for the core, which cannot be used as much as no one wants it unless they are also collectors. Wasted as much time as it was treated.

"... that's the genitalia, isn't it?... What do you use it for?

It's a big imaginary sho, but I'll ask.

"To what... you're up to Nani. There will be some requests to get it at some point... but don't tell Meizumi and Yuri. That would be a pretty spiritual request.

That's what Kate replied as she sighed. The point was the material of the male vigor enhancer. Tina already knew, so she was excluded.

"... oh.

Sora and Sho, both of whom looked sloppy, agreed, and that ended the conversation.

"Meizi, are you okay?

While Tina was undergoing the procedure, Kate watched as she was concerned about the appearance of her charm clothes.

"... yeah. I don't know."

The charm was like that, but my body was still shaking a little. Realizing that, Kate had no choice but to hang the decree on everyone.

"It's a short break. They're all still in the second fight. It's possible that fatigue builds up out of sight. And Al, is that all right?

"Yeah. That's fine.

Confirming that, Kate developed a magic guide that creates a simple junction. Upon confirmation of the deployment, everyone sat down and took a break.

"Yuri, speaking of which, has there been no change in geography for 300 years?

The Northwest Forest from Maxwell was also visited by Kite from time to time, so it became doubtful whether there would be any change.

"Uh, not much. Once a labyrinth (dungeon) is formed everywhere, it disappears. Oh, but I guess I got a little small lake about three days east of Maxwell by carriage.

"Lake? What's the sudden matter? Did you even get off the meteorite?

"Yeah. There was a fight with a few slightly stronger Fallens there after Kate returned. Warriors came from us and all races..."

That's it. Yuri laughs bitterly and seems a little hard to say. That's what Kate understood.

"Is it because the old man or Lux did too much?

"That sort of thing. Aura used auxiliary witchcraft, which was in the development stage to be exact, and that worked more than I could imagine... well, Luc's < > on the Holy Sword became very powerful. Both the Lux I used and Balan's grandmother looked like Pokhans back then. What about the warriors of all races? It feels like there's usually no such thing as the races we used to hang out with, so much so that we laugh at each other. By the way, the reconciliation of the various races has progressed further by cutting off the Fallen Crusade at this time.

"Is that, well, there's no choice when it comes to having no choice? Good results, too. Anything else unusual?

"If it's us, it's the last time we're going out. Well, there were a couple of fallacies outside the Duke's territory like us. In the last 300 years, Kuzha and I, Tia and Glaia have been helping us out when we're running out of hands in Aura.

These three were not of a combat system - the only Kuzha had some degree of attacking magic propriety - but lacked offensive power, not least. Thereupon Tia and Graia were secretly rushing for cover.

"I wonder if there have really been some very rare light fires coming. There was no Master In Ryu. The same applies to other ancient dragons.

"You're more crazy to expect help from that face.

"Right. Normally, it would be weirder for Kolong (Elder Dragon) to come to the Fallen Crusade.

"Hey, kite. Time to go.

Sora talked to me as they were doing a status report that resembled a chat. I was talking to Al, but he's getting free. Kate and Yuri decided to cut off the conversation and check on the status of Charming.

"Do you? Makoto, are you okay?

"Yeah. It's okay now.

"If you can't, I'll cover the rest, so you can't help but say it, can you?

"Thanks Tina, too. I'll let you do that when it happens.

That's what I say. A charm to stand up for. The tremor had stopped. That's how we set out for the woods again.