Together with Kate, who managed to return to Maxwell, even though he collected the requested herbs in the woods and would fight a group of warcraft about three times on the road. It was only about 4 hours since we left, so the surroundings still remain bright.

"About 13 o'clock now.

It was about 9 o'clock JST when we left, so it was about that time.

"I'm hungry. Let's go have lunch..."

Sola, who couldn't stand hunger, hopes for lunch. All the same, but there was only one problem with this. It's money.

"You don't have any money, do you? I bought scratch pills for what if. I spent quite a bit of money on that.

"There isn't.

"It was a miscalculation that there was no medicine in the equipment set in the first place. There was quite a bit of emergency food.

Kate replied with a slight apology to Yuri's sighing remarks. At the Duke's house, we arranged to prepare a set of equipment and the necessary items for the journey, but this set of medicines, such as herbs, had been leaked.

"In the first place, it's been a long time since any of us have had the idea of using drugs.

As Kate had been, so had Yuri. There was a slight reason for this, and the only time Kite was using the medicine was in the early part of her journey with Yuri for two. For this reason, the idea that recovery is something we do ourselves is deeply rooted, and Kate forgot that she had to hide that she could use the healing formula herself.

So, what else were you doing? At the beginning of the journey, there was no need for wound medication because there was an old sage Hermes who was highly appropriate for the healing ceremony, and since the middle of the journey, there was no need to use wound medication because the type of healing magic had been lubricated by Kite's increased skill and contract with the Spirits. Besides, there was also a proper consumption deadline for recovery drugs, and after being chased by that consumption deadline, there was no way to buy items that would have been luggage with the carriage lost.

When Kate began to participate fully in the war, Aura, now specialized in healing and auxiliary magic, joined the battle early on. Then again, no one in my crew needed wound medication, and Kuzha lost consciousness because I didn't use it. I mean, in her case, even if she knew it existed, she might not have seen a low-level recovery pill, so I can say she had no choice.

"We are the same. Finish your medicinal herb request first, then lunch, right?

Apparently, the cherry blossoms bought wound medicine as well, and they were short of money. Kate decides to arrange for the sponsor to be able to drop the cost of purchasing the wound medicine at his expense, and pretends to consult with Al and Tine once and for all. In the meantime, Asako, other than Kite, was discussing lunch.

As such, Mizuki opened her mouth because she wanted to eat something famous.

"What is McDawell's masterpiece?

"There's a lot going on. If you go to the market, you might want to buy some skewers or something. Mizuki and Sakura seem like ladies, but are you okay with buying and eating?

"For once, I'm a lady, too.

Al suggests buying and eating in the market, but the care for the ladies is scratched out of fascination.

"Huh?... Oh, is Meizuke okay too?

Until he was pointed out, Al apparently didn't notice anything because he was a girl student looking like the charm clothes were rusty.

"... well, I'm good. I'm used to it.

It was just a little uninterrupted charm, but it didn't seem to bother me either, and I answered with just a little light.

"I'm tired today, so I'd like to sit somewhere. Don't you know where, Mr. Tine?

In contrast, Mizuki hopes to sit down and eat. This was endorsed not only by the women but also by the men.

"Then I recommend the old West Town Tavern. There are several other delicious shops on the streets of South Town, but if you want some authentic food, this one should be at night. There are delicious shops in the north, but there are plenty of fancy shops and cafes. We're overbudgeted right now. East is... I wouldn't recommend it because it's a little crappy over there.

To inquire about Mizuki, Tine gives some suggestions. Note that there are brothels and other brothel districts to the east, so there were a few poor gala residents. As a result, East Town was slightly insecure among Maxwell.

"The recommended Nishimachi tavern has been around since the city was created, that store?

Al, who was remembering the listed store, asked Tine. Apparently it's a famous shop.

"Right. Well, it's a famous shop for tourists as well as locals.

Lately, Tine says, it was actually about 20 years ago. This was the difference between a long-lived elf and a short-lived human sense of time.

"I use it once in a while, because that's a pretty uniform over there. There are a lot of men and travelers. If your uniform is cute, you haven't even lost the cafe in South Town, but if your meal is delicious, I wonder if you have a minute over there.... Mirei is probably the store number for the time being. She's a pretty girl from Middle Long.

"Al, Lil's gonna piss me off again. Or did you have a cafe in South Town?

"It's okay.... because I haven't got my hands on the clerk. Oh, I think I recently made a cafe in South Town. I tried to come in because I was curious.

I'll add that in a whisper, but Tine is frightened. In fact, Al is quite a woman lover and famous for his troops. Lil used to embarrass me because sometimes I would give a voice to a girl I liked in my free time at work.

"Blood muscle?

When Kate said in disdain, Al, who was listening, looked strange and thought only a little and gradually understood.

"... maybe even your ancestors?

Cochlear, and little nodding kite and yuri.

"Oh well. And your ancestors... I feel intimate.

Al heard the unexpected side of his great ancestor and remembered his intimacy. Incidentally, Kate, Will and Lux's wife had noticed that Lux's female lovers had a strong percentage of acting and had aspects of obtaining information. That is why the Duke's leadership was silent. Well, there's the aspect that kite was worse.

"... by the way, Al's female lover is a vegetarian.

After Kate returns, Yuri, who came to the same conclusion against Lux some time later, whispers to supplement. It seems Al was a vegetarian.

"Now if you're tall and have silver hair, don't look just like him in the tavern...

Lux was a handsome, beautiful man with silver hair and a knight of high height. He is naturally such a hottie man that fans have existed all over the continent since he belonged to the Luxionist country. At the time, he was so serious about discipline that he was called a knight in a knight who wouldn't let out depression for every such color, and the accommodation didn't work, but something seemed to have blown out since he ran away. I was turning into a social knight. This makes it even hotter from women, so it wasn't too upsetting for Kate.

"If we hadn't met Kite, wouldn't we still be knights among the knights?

"You had that woman lover from the beginning... well, you pierced your pure love and didn't get your hands on someone else's woman.

In fact, it was not Will, the later emperor, who was often made into a play with the story of Kate, but the story of Lux.

When he finds out for some reason that his marriage to his fiancée will not come true, he takes his fiancée and leaves the country. It was a material that made it easy to become a theatrical motif that you would travel with Kate, become a hero and finally be rarely tied together.

"Uh, Al is also a wife, and you can rub your hands on someone else's woman, and you don't ask.

"If you just took a woman from the people, Kuzha wouldn't shut up.

"Well, hey. Exactly what's too bad to hear outside.

They came to a conclusion about lunch while the two of them were consulting with that or this, and Al came to convey the conclusion.

"I decided to make it a West Town store earlier, and Kite's okay with it?

"Oh. I'm fine there.

"Well, you can expect most of this city's specialties there.

"I know. I've been involved since the beginning there.

As a matter of course, he came to say hello to Kite as he left the store.

"Oh, is that true too?... maybe the brave menus in that store or something, you know?

Al asks in a low voice. The other faces were already on their way to the Union branch.

"... you know, nothing, it's a menu that only collects my favorites... it's been around for a long time, or the first generation asked me to make it.

I just couldn't rely on Kite alone to cook my favorite dishes, so I asked her to help me. I didn't ask Cock at the Duke's mansion because Kite secretly wanted to enjoy it.

"... you like meat dishes and powder a lot.

Because the Brave Men's Menu had a menu lined up with meat dishes and okonomiyaki, Al grasps Kite's taste. He was laughing bitterly at the exact array of dishes that the young man seemed to prefer.

"Sorry! I like steak, fried chicken, meat dishes!... Oh, is that what's left of it?

Kite says it in the light of Al looking bitter. That's right. He was ashamed to find out about the menu of biases.

"I still do. He said the menu hasn't changed since 300 years ago. They arrange all the flavors, though.

"... All right, let's go.

Kite and I have hardly tasted anything like it since we got here. They came there and discovered the dish of their choice. There was no hurry either.

"Oh, kite! Wait a minute! We have to go to the Union first!

I know the geography, so Kite tries to get to the liquor store right away and Al stops it.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah.

That is why Kate and the three others went to the Union branch.

"You've got a pretty good forehead.

A total of five coins, three silver coins and a few other smaller coins, including the core discovered by Sola on the road and the weapons of the oak that fought in the woods. It is about 53,000 yen in Japanese yen. The most expensive was the core, and this turned into three gold coins.

"No, you don't. It's the total price of my cherry blossom party.

"Five gold coins for a beginner's request would be a pretty good amount, wouldn't it?

"Well, you can also see it that way. But not enough at all.

"How much better would you be?

There's not enough kite, I assured you, so Sho shakes his neck. His question is best, and by student standards, 50,000 yen was a lot of money.

"It's the lowest Mithrill silver coin.

"That's hardly more than A-rank...... Or a guy who can take more than a prize-winning demon class B...

The charm is frightened, so I put in a scratch.

"If we're going to go to the ruins, we need to get geared up.... By the way, Sola. How much do you think a one-handed sword cost for a typical weapons dealer's mass-produced magical silver (misrill)?

"Hmm? If you're mass-producing, like five gold coins, right?

Being mass-produced, Sola answers by setting a lower price on her own criteria. He's a good little boy, so his sense of money was pretty much away from the average household.

"That's actually ten times that. Plus, it would end up being six Mithrill silver coins with a dedicated grindstone or something as a maintenance cost.

"Whoa! You're mass-produced!

Sho accidentally roughs his voice. All but three of the Enefia officials, Cherry Blossom, Mizuki and Meizuka, are donning.

"It's magic metal, even if it's artificially mass-produced. By the way, if this is natural magic silver, tell me some.

That's how Kite shows Al and Tine's weapons. Sometimes I'm actually a little concerned about what I asked.

"Mine is a natural product, but 10 bespoke, misrilled silver coins. I guess it was the... elves that worked out. The shield is also a natural product, but I wonder if this one was a few beats made of dwarf. Here are eight.

"My Rapier was given to me by my father when I was in the Duke's army, so I don't know. It looks like it's made to order by Dwarf, so I'm expecting about 15 Mithrill silver coins.

"If it was a few hits, I wonder if 3 Mithrills would be the lowest price. Either way, the amount of demanding magic is pretty high.

Finally, Yuri supplements. With metallurgical technology, Dwarf had more minutes than Elf, so Tine's Rapier was more expensive. Well, the price was much higher than mass produced either way. Together, it is the price of the dong deduction.

"By the way, in our case, the Duke's family subsidizes the maintenance costs, so one Mithrill silver coin.

"They're going to be five if they don't have the aid.

"... you got it? Adventurers earn a lot, but spend a lot. Our goal would require at least first-rate connections and first-rate weapons with top craftsmen. At the very least, it is the minimum conditions that will allow you to request a Mithrill silver coin.

That's all I hear, supplemented by Mizuki and cherry blossoms. As ladies, these two have seen a variety of goods of such good quality that their aesthetic eyes were not lost even when they came to the metaphorical world.

"Well, as you can see, I think it would be worth it if it were to be made to order in luxury materials by top craftsmen.

"Yeah. I was wondering if I'd do that. You two swords seem to be good, so you know you're a pretty good craftsman.

The two ladies agree. Another young lady, Meizuke, was stunned by Sola and the others, who did not know the price of the weapons that might be relevant to them in Meizuke.

"Both Sora and Sho should look at the materials provided. I usually write about the price of mass produced magic silver (misrills).

Apparently, Meizi was eyeing the material she was given. Yuri and other faculties were also distracted from this opinion.

"Hey, I've been busy working out with Sho and a senior on holiday... you don't have time to read the materials.

Let's get out of the way. Answer, Sola. Sho also looked away and looked far away.

"I mean, wasn't Sola the son of a pretty good place?

"Is that it? Did I, uh, tell Al?... No, well, I am. My disciplined dad and I don't get along well. I haven't seen it seem expensive. I mean, I'm not close to my father and he can't show me. My brother is showing it to me.

Sola has one younger brother who is three years old. My brother was trusted by his father because of his adult and courteous character, the opposite of Sola's. It should be noted that Sola doesn't really care about being unfriendly with her father. There used to be a time when we weren't even close, and now it's still better than then. On the contrary, I am happy to be able to do what I like.

"This guy used to be quite repulsive and dyed his hair..."


Charming reminds me of Sola once, and I can stop trying to expose Sola's past.

"Fine. Nothing."

"I don't know what to do! I don't want to expose Meizu's past!

"Wow! Stop!"

Kate told Al elsewhere that they had started making noise like that.

"Well, that's why don't expect Sola to have an eye for it.

"No, it is, but it doesn't really fall...

Sora laughed at Sora and headed to lunch as she felt something unintelligible about Kate's words.

By the way, there are people elsewhere who are being pointed out the same as the charming allegations.

"Moments! How many times can I tell! I can't afford a glove made of magic silver!

"But if it's cheap, it could be for sale! Worth looking for!

"... moments. Do you know the lowest price for Mass Produced Magic Silver (Mithrill) in the first place?

"... it's mass-produced, so it's about a piece of misrill silver coin?

"For a moment, it's good to build up your holiday workouts with Sola and the mountain shores, but at least look through the material... It's higher.

"... sorry.

Maybe this one still just honestly takes advice and improves.