We came to Nishimachi with the guidance of Tine for a meal. Unlike the central part of one of the Union branches, a large number of residents were seen who appeared to be ordinary citizens.

"Huh. When I got here, I knew there were a lot of races.

That's what Sora says as she looks around. Totally superior. There were a variety of species around, including long-eared elves that even they could tell from, dwarves that were small but had a good impression, and halflings that were small but somewhere.

"It's about time.

"If it's time now, I think I'm free for a little while...

Tine and Al also told him as they looked around. Unlike Sola, this one confirms where it will be marked. Apparently, we'll be arriving at the tavern in a little while. It was now after 14 o'clock, as cash changeovers and requests were reported at Union branches. The peak of lunch should be over.

"I'm hungry..."

Sho's words, but he was representing everyone's words. I've been exercising for nearly 5 hours since morning, so I'm all hungry.

"Ah, here you are... Miley! Is your seat open?

"It feels like I saw it. The seats are going to be empty.... erm, 15 people.

That said, the store where the two entered was almost entirely stone built, and the big wooden door was an impressive tavern. It has an old-fashioned appearance from the outside. From inside, I heard a girl talking to you two.

"This is the tavern that's been around since the city was created...?

"Peeing through the window, some guys are drinking... I thought it was more of a place to fight and stuff.

Sho checks inside through a peeping window in the store on Sora's words. But what was reflected there was a sight of a tavern that seemed to be common on Earth. They imagined a restaurant with a rougher vibe.

"I tried to get in and suddenly the door kicked in or something.

"... that would make it a business. Normally, even in a liquor store, violence is a shame.

Kite sighed at the words that Sora said with a little joy.

"It would be difficult for us to introduce you to such a place.

Mizuki gives his best opinion. Talking about that, Al came out of it.

"Everyone said they were free. Get in."

"Say it! I'm hungry -!

Together with entering the store ahead of Sora, who has been waiting for now or not. Unlike the exterior, the interior of the store had no old smell and was cleaned beautifully. As a result, I didn't really get the impression that it was a liquor store.

"You mean a tavern... a regular dining room?

"Something's just like a tavern.

I was nervous about what the liquor store looked like, and Yuri and Meizuki were relieved and stroking down my chest where I said.

"The interior of the store has been renovated several times. A tavern is a remnant of the past.

"It looks like the liquor is still on offer.

"Haha, that's a remnant from a long time ago, too. Few stores don't serve alcohol at a restaurant, though.

"But are these people okay with drinking in the daytime?

I am frightened by the rough people whose charms are whispering and drinking from day to day.

"They don't know when they can drink. I need to drink it when I can. Worst case scenario, this booze could be the last one.

"So, Al. Are these the guys with you?... Is that it? Mr. Yuri? Why are you dressed like that?

That's when the store clerk-like girl arrived. She was a brown-haired girl with slightly pointed ears.

"Oh, yeah. Mirei, nice to show you around.

"Well, I don't care, I don't care. Well, good to see you.

"? Well, gentlemen, I'll show you to your seats!

That said, I was guided by two large desks in the store. The conversation I heard on the way out, apparently connected me for the kites.

"Store manager! 15 people - su!

"Ooh! I need some backup from Millet. Go!

In response to Mirei's voice, I heard a dandy response from the kitchen behind the store. Probably the manager's voice.

"So, what shall we make your order!

"I'm the usual. And can I see some bread?

"I... recommend pasta today. With soup. After that, I had some bread too.

"Yes. As always with the bread, come and see for yourself. As usual with the boiling of pasta?

First Al and Tine, who are familiar, order the menu. In response, Millet points to a shelf close to the kitchen. Looking at the shelves, there was a line of some bread. That's how I learned from the two Al's and the kites started to choose to cook while looking at the menu.

"Yeah. Oh, I also do takeaways here, so if you want to eat on the way home or something, you can buy it and go home.

"Oh, let me do that...... you didn't used to have this.

It's a nostalgia store, but I miss Kite a little because the interior and menus were a bit gully.

"So, what are you guys going to do! Recommended is the Brave Men's Menu! They say it tastes like the home of the brave men created 300 years ago by the brave men and the first store manager, Chief Cock, working together! Only we have flavors that cannot be imitated in other stores!

"I don't know what to cook other than the Brave Menu......

"Huh? Which is it? I think it's a common menu that my menu is mostly here... Well, sometimes when the brave man has developed a menu or something, many don't know.

Mirei peeks at the menu table the cherry blossoms were looking at. Cherry blossoms tried to point to a dish called 'Steamed Noo'.

"Like this...

"Noo, don't you know? I usually walk to the meadows around Maxwell though.

Miley looks surprised. Apparently it was a common ingredient here.

"Oh, I'm sorry. They just came to Maxwell, and I still don't know anything about this place.

Al explains the cherry blossoms.

"Uh, I was an adventurer. Well, I wonder if there's anything I can do... Noo is a herbivore in this area, and it tastes a little habitual, so be careful who doesn't like the smell or anything. The next Mumpa is a fast running animal in the woods, and this one has a bit of hard meat. Cui is here. Animals raised for meat. Pretty thick fat and lots of teethy areas, I guess. Oh, you know exactly what cattle and chickens are, right?

"Yep. Exactly...

To Mirei's words, cherry blossoms nod. Also, there were familiar animals and a set of seasonings on the planet that were properly said to Enefia as cattle, horses, sheep and chickens. There are many other ingredients specific to Enefia, so whatever the flavour, there was a wide variety of dishes.

"Do you have an oven or something like this?

As Mizuki looked at the menu, she asked Mirei with a slight surprise. Ovens and microwaves do not seem to exist on a civilizational level, but oven baking was usually indicated on the menu. Meanwhile, Millet, who was asked, answered with a look like what was normal.

"Huh? If it's the Duke of McDawell now, it's always in most houses. Oh, and we also have a business range and a business freezer. Well, even when it comes to Maxwell Spacious, this is the only restaurant with a freezer as big as ours!... Well, thanks to the brave.

Opium, and Millet, who boasts with her chest stretched.

"Thanks to the brave?

To Mirei's words, cherry blossoms frowned and asked what was going on.

"Is that it? Don't you know? There are quite a few cooking magic aids that the brave man led the development of. All the magic tools needed for today's restaurants, such as ranges, ovens, and refrigerators, have been developed at the initiative of the Valiant. I don't know the origin of any other magic devices for video transmission, but you're making something called television and you're broadcasting it publicly. Now there are times when newspapers broadcast, and there are times when they do dramas and movies. Well, it must be about the Duke McDawell house that has so many channels so far.

Saying so and looking in the direction Millet pointed, it was equipped with a television-like magic guide there. If the size is based on Earth standards, it is called type 36.

"Well, it's just not cheap, so I'm putting defensive system boundaries around so they don't break it.

Most of them caught an eye on you, so Millet added an explanation.

"Oh, me, with this big assortment of curry rice! You couldn't eat in the dining room without spices!

"... then I'll fix a steak meal, a lot of rice! The sauce is soy sauce based! So, Sora, give me a bite too!

"Give me a slice of meat instead.

"Business negotiation established!

And, Sola and Sho, who were also desperately looking at the menu during the TV and other appliance stories, apparently decided to order it, and order it from Mirei.

"Oh, yes! Large Curry Platter, Steak Set Meal Platter!

The fact that the two of them ordered the dishes reminded me of the main issue. That's how I choose to cook in a big hurry.

"I'm a set of BLT sandwiches and tea. Vanilla ice cream for dessert, please.

"I'm the same. Oh, dessert is in pudding alla mode.


That's what I'm going to say, Millet, and I'm going to write down my orders for Charm and Yuri on a note.

"Well, I'm Margherita on the back and brave menu. Oh, the size is fine as it is. Drinks are...... in the usual drink bar.

"What, behind that/brave menus?

Suddenly Sho asks Yuri a question about ordering dishes that aren't on the menu.

"Back menu. Regular privileges!


"What about me... hmm? Oh, I knew there was one. Then rice balls, plums, wigs and kelp from the back and brave menu. And two beef skewers. The drink is...... with spiritual water.

"Oh, you're on the back menu too!

Sho sticks the rice balls from the back menu into the selected kite without hesitation with Yuri's earring. Actually, Kate was looking for three kinds of rice balls, but apparently she had a back menu in 300 years. Incidentally, spiritual water is one of the brands of alcohol.

"Yes. Three types of rice balls and two beef skewers on the back menu. The drink is spiritual water, isn't it! What about spiritual water? Although it can be carbonated.

"Squeeze the lime, add the carbonation.

"It's like alcohol.

Sakura laughs and says when she hears Kite's order.

"... by the way, booze.

To such cherry blossoms, Bosoli and Tina eared.

"Rejected! If you're drinking from noon, you'll be a bad person!

"Shit.... with barley tea.

I was going to drink it so I wouldn't find out, Kite, but it was rejected by the cherry blossoms, so I changed to barley tea. Millet, watching it, smiled bitterly, and the drunkards who were listening to the cherry blossoms were a little depressed.

"Okay. It's tough. Is that your wife?

"That's right.

To Miley's joke, Kite returns it with an immediate lie. It wasn't a good Nori, it was a payback for being rejected for liquor by cherry blossoms.

"Yeah...... no!

Cherry blossoms that turn red and deny instantly. And I wish I had ended up here, but Tina came on board for some reason.

"My wife won't be here!

"You suck at putting your hands on other women in front of your wife.

"Oh, I've been dictated, too.

Nori, even more enchantment adds to the joke to the words of Millet, who has ridden well.

"Wow, is that 3 strands? Come on.

"No, this guy's got his hands on the rest of his sister.

"Er. Four strands? It's surprisingly obnoxious.

Millet rides me while I can tell it's a joke. Apparently, she's very good at nori.

"So, really, who's your wife?

"Unfortunately, I'm single.

Sigh, shoulder to shoulder. Too bad, Kite says so in the pose.

"Hey, Millet! Bring me the food I made!

And, making such a joke, someone appears from the back who looks like a store manager and offers him a dish. Several other girls were carrying food.

"Ah, yes!

That's what Miley said and went back to work. Noeko, who wasn't finished ordering, decided to grab the clerk who was nearby and place the order, but apparently Kate had a job before cooking.

"Mr. Kite? I need to talk to you for a second...

With a good smile on his face - although his cheeks are slightly red - the cherry blossom speaks to Kite.

"... I'm sorry.

"I wish I didn't order Heavenly Sound from the beginning if I knew it.

Maple, who watched such a kite, sighs and joins the sermon. For once, they are the president and vice president of the student council. He had a duty to preach to students who tried to drink in front of him.

Thereafter, sermons by the serious Mizuki continued in addition to the two of them, but because they preached for a long time, the dishes arrived for everyone.

"For once, Heavenly Sound has the fighting ability of the top of the school, so don't take off too many feathers.

And, with one last word from the maple, it was over.

"I'll take it.

So, we all started eating hand in hand, but take a bite, and then another bite as Sora opened her eyes and then thought of something.

"Hey, Sola. You're not gonna eat?

Sho leans his neck and asks Sora, whose pace dropped at once where she had one more bite. I was supposed to get a bite before I could eat them all, but I hesitated to see how Sora was doing.

"... hmm? Oh, he said he'd eat.

That said, Sola starts eating normally with Pak Pak.

"Maybe it didn't fit your mouth? It's a pretty unique flavor, so the first time a customer eats it is pretty confusing. If it's hard or something, would you like to bring the milk with you at the service?

To Sora, who looks suspicious, Mirei asks.

"Oh, no. Because it tasted nostalgic..."

"Oh, Curry, have you eaten somewhere? Maybe you went to the store of someone who trained at our place.

"Oh, I guess so.

Even then, while Sola thought of something, she ended up replacing the curry.