And one day, a month passed after the students at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School started working as adventurers. In the meadow near Maxwell, Sola was fighting a united Lizard by herself. He's doing Lizard's solo crusade, a promotion exam assignment to Adventurer Rank D.

"Chi! I'm as strong as ever!

Sora tried to attack Lizard at the counter, but as always, with an iron one-handed sword, she can only scratch the scales. Lizard raises her torso to sneak up on Sola, but Sola jumps back and dodges this.

"Right here!"

Seeing Lizard with her upper body up, Sola attacks Lizard's abdomen without scales with a one-handed sword. Guh, Lizard stuffs with the voice, but it didn't seem to have done much damage, and Lizard just backs off a little while leaving the blood on the ground and breathes.

"Shit, < >! Deformed < >!"

Sola prevents Lizard's < > with a giant shield > > that focuses on herself. By making it circular, I can make a shield that covers me perfectly. Note that this is another technique that Sola has modified on her own, but a proper official name exists - < >.

"Exactly, don't fight endangered if it's Sola anymore.

Kate, who watched the situation from a little distance, was discussing it with her neighbor Al. In addition to them, Yuri was on kite's side, waiting for Tina to interrupt Sora's battle at any time while protecting the charms waiting a little further away.

"But you still don't have enough firepower. If you just don't have the firepower to cut and tear scales, wouldn't it be a bad idea?

"Well, if you charge the power to the max < >, you won't even have a slash rip...

"You won't give me time to hoard. Besides, if Sola's biggest blow right now, the mass-produced iron sword would be more broken. You lost Sora when you couldn't finish with a single blow.

"So you attacked the soft stomach, didn't you?

That's how Yuri, who was flying next to Kate's face, says that to Kate and Al, who are going to give credit to Sola's way of fighting with a serious look. Is she completely in charge of the teacher? She took out notes and described improvements, etc.

"I guess. But yes, he won't do it again and again. Especially if you're taking more than a blow just now.

If the three of them looked at Lizard, he was moving with blood from his abdomen. Because of the wound to the abdomen, or because of the cover-up of the abdomen, I do not want to expose the less scaly areas.

"So, what are we going to do? Sola."

Al observes Sora's movements with interest. To the best of Al's knowledge, the art of attacking Lizard across scales to Sola today should not exist, apart from the means of losing the sword.

"You have an idea for Sola, don't you?

Niyali, and Kite says so with a laugh.

"What's the new move in the meantime?

Al, who saw Kate grin, inquired in a slightly more expectant tone. Both of you, keep your gaze on Sola.

"Well. When I asked, it was quite an interesting idea.

"Heh. If that's what Kate says, that sounds like a lot to expect.

Since Yuri and I were fighting with Kite, I understand the specificity of Kite's combat laws. Yuri also became a little interested in Sora's new moves, which said the kite was interesting.

"Well, let's wait a little longer.

When Al put it that way, without failing to be vigilant to his surroundings, Tina and the others decided to sit back on the rocks that were close to sitting down and watch the battle of Sola again.

"Should we go that way, too? I'm also tired of standing.

To Sora, who fought a rather dangerous battle, Kate wondered if there was a problem even a little further away, and suggested to Yuri to move. We were both a dozen meters apart, and there was no effect on Sola's support.

"I can sit on Kate's shoulder or head when I have to, so anywhere, but hey.

"It's also convenient to be small.

Kite, bitterly smiling at Yuri and such Yuri, also turned to Al's sitting rock and sat down with Al.

"Shit, scales are tough after all......

Sora carried out several slaughters and squealed with a slight glance at her face. Thora has repeatedly attacked Lizard with a one-handed sword several times, but she has never seen any effect.

"If this is Kite, he'll switch weapons immediately and change them to weapons that penetrate scales. With as many weapons as Al can tear it apart... and Tina can ignore the scales. Sho... can't you do it yet? The other two can penetrate with the penetration of the weapon itself in the first place.

If you look for something you don't have, you have no reason. And if not, I would have had to substitute it with something else.

"I knew you'd do it. It's the first time I've used it in action...

That said, Kite gave me some ink. So where to send it, Sola decides to use it in action. As such, Sola, who decided to take a deep breath once she had left Lizard alone.

"Yikes! Let's go!"

Once Sora raised her voice, she stuffed the release again and fleshed to Lizard. And first, he smacked Lizard's head thoroughly with the belly of a one-handed sword.


Sola attacks and Lizard's upper body sinks just a little into the ground. Sora turned to Lizard, who had stopped moving, to the end of her shield.

"Let's go, new moves! < >!"

Sora grinned in her face, screaming the name of the move she had developed herself as soon as she pushed that pointy tip of the shield, which was beginning to concentrate.

Several small shield-shaped pieces of magic appear on the tip of the shield attached to Sola's left hand as well as < >. Furthermore, a slightly larger mass of magic appears in the central part of the shield, and many more of the magic shields appear again to cover it. Between the tip part and the central shield are covered with a small cover of magic shield, and it is not known from the outside what is happening inside.

"Blow it up!

Thus, the moment the tip of the shield created by magic comes into contact with the scales of the Lizard, Sola bursts a mass of magic in the central part. At the next moment, a small piece of magic shield in the tip portion is ejected, about 30 cm from the tip of Sola's shield. And with the roar, a mass of magic shields penetrated Lizard's hard scales, breaking Lizard in two straight.

"Tsk. I knew it was still tight.

Confirming Lizard was desperate, Sola takes a big breath and sits on the spot. It was still difficult for Sola to concentrate and burst the magical mass of the central part during the battle.

"Congratulations on ranking up.

To Sola like that, Kate approached with a round of applause. The other faces who said Al and Tina in the same way approach.

"Damn. You can afford a guy who's ranking up one foot ahead.

I understand that you are blessed while saying this, so Sora seems happy. Kite's not going to complain to Sora, either, much less smile.

In fact, a week before Sola, Kate had been promoted to Rank D by a forged card. The method was simple, creating a giant pile bunker and busting it without question.

"Well, if it's a pile bunker and I can use it, I can change my weapon in time. Scales to that extent don't make it bitter.

Sora, who heard that, behaved badly with a little envy.

"Shit, that's good, that's right.

"Don't tell me, I'll lose to you if I use a shield instead.

"Oh, yeah.

When Sola says so, she stands up with a hanging voice that says, hey, hey. That's what Sora says with an extra look. Seems like he wasn't struggling very hard, so a streak of fights would be possible.

"Oh, now Sora is rank D, too.

"Mmm. We can't do this alone yet.

I bless Sola with a little envy for Meizu and Yuri. Enchantment still had problems avoiding it, and in some cases, even if it fell out of the < > range of effects, it could have eaten an attack with the claws of both hands into the avoided gap. Yuri will be defeated if Lizard's speed can fill in the time. They both took the lead and are stopped by a kite who passed Al because anxiety will remain if they don't finish with a single blow. Both of us, on our own, had not yet reached the level of fighting Lizard and securing victory.

"You two are still good. I can't believe the attack hasn't been properly damaged yet..."

A little, on the contrary, Xiang sighed in rather dismay. Sho's attack is a serial, attack-oriented slaughter, so if he didn't have enough piercing power to penetrate the scale, he didn't have enough striking power to penetrate the attack inside, and no effective means of attack existed. All this is about compatibility with the enemy, so there was nothing I could do.

"You're developing new skills with your master, aren't you?

Ask the depressing Sho about the rumors Meizi recently heard. Sho heard it and seemed to see a little light, his face up and nodded.

"Sort of. They teach me relatively simple moves in my master's moves. If I can get that one, I can manage to pierce the scales... Apparently.

"Hmm. I was wondering if I could teach Mr. Teene some good moves, too.

Meizu is inspired by Sola and Sho to try to master the new moves, but Kite stops it.

"In the case of enchantment, we need to avoid it better. Too focused on the attack and sweet reading to the surroundings. In Yuri's case, you just need to get used to being able to attack faster.

"Mm-hmm. I'm doing it. There's no such thing as fighting without yourself moving like a game......

Yuri declares his difficulties in a sigh. The tournament with Tina had the advantage of cutting the shooting range five seconds fastest, but this didn't have to move the battlefield. If it was a quick fire while taking evasive action or something, it would have taken more than twice as long.

"It's also imperative to speed up a series of flows from dodging to accumulating magic. I need to be able to run out of at least 10 seconds.

Yuri snorts at Al's advice. For bows and arrows, accumulate as much magic as you can and then release it to boast considerable power. This was, in principle, a simplified version of < >.

"But if you're too fast, you're weak this time, and you can't wear Lizard or some hard scales.

"So you're gonna speed up the flow that far, right? If you can cut 10 seconds a shot, even your Lizard opponent will be able to afford it.

To Yuri's mourning, Kate tells him to laugh a little. And the enchantment I had heard so far raised one question for Tina.

"Hey, Tina. There's no circumvention magic?

Until now, everyone - and Meizumi thinks - has avoided it only at his own speed, but if there is magic, he thought there might be some such magic.

"Hmm? Do you have one?

That's what Tina says. Activates some sorcery.

"Not this one. See, for example, < > at the bottom of the light attribute.

That's how Tina emerged from a few splits that looked the same as Tina. But when Tina herself touched it, she went through her division. It is merely a separation of shapes applying the refraction of light.

"Heh. But isn't that the kind of magic that makes you more dodgy or something?

"If that's the case, that's the auxiliary magic I always use for kites.

Yuri, with her face out of Kate's hood, answered the question asked by a slightly surprised expression, Enchanted by activating magic on Enchanted.

"This is its < >. Try running to that rock over there once?

I was surprised that I couldn't feel the change, but I will try to run to the rock where we sat earlier, as they say. And I thought Meizu kicked the ground, and the next moment Meizu was passing beside the rock.

"What? What is this, not too fast? I don't know what to add or subtract.

The enchantment and distance was about 50 meters, but her sense of reality made her run through with almost two breaths. And Meizu returns to Yuri again. I've gone a little too far this time through a bunch of kites.

"If this happens, then Kite will be moving around the battlefield. I didn't know where I was running myself.

Pokan, left Sola and the others behind, stopped with the look of Meizi's convinced expression. Besides, Kate asked with a grin.

"Sort of. So, how do you feel about using it?

"I can't do this speed. I can't keep up with the reflexes if I don't slow them down a little bit... what the hell kind of reflexes are you on?

"Ha? If you move at that speed, you can't catch up on perceptions unless you normally accelerate the consciousness side with a magic aid, too? In my case, accelerating to roughly 3x is the defo in battle. Five times the minimum for a combination of Yuri's auxiliary witchcraft.

The answer given by Kate to the charming look on her face is, naturally, accelerating more to perfectly cover the charming clothes.

"... can't you do that?

The fascinating garment, which looks quite surprising, asks the speed type Sho, as does Kate. Attractive clothes had too many hands and had not yet mastered the acceleration of consciousness.

"No, I'm doing it, too, but you're 1.5 times faster in battle, okay? It's up to three times faster.... Kite is too crazy for you.

"In my case, I leave the auxiliary to Yuri and use the < > of the lightning attribute.

< > is the magic of accelerating the nerve velocity and thought velocity of the human body. Kite was using this in combination to accelerate the rate of reflection and thinking.

"Oh, is there such magic? I'm just strengthening my reflex nerves with an extension of physical strengthening.

Sho was also surprised by the answer that Kate answered.

"Exactly because even Kite still can't exercise magic two times at the same time...... or let's all study aids properly. Why don't we do some classes when we get home?

I suggest to Sola and the others, who don't know anything about auxiliary magic, that they laugh bitterly together. Apparently, the teacher's blood made a scene.

"Yeah, no, I'm tired since I left... but well, you're strong because Yuri provides support in battle.

"That's the thing.

Sora gently rejects Yuri's suggestion in a rather werewolf fashion and asks Kite for a topic fix. To Sola like that, Kate had to laugh bitterly, too. In fact, it is not bitter for Kite to use two or so sorceries together, and it is also possible to use the < > of the lightning attribute, which is generally known as the top auxiliary sorcery, or the < > of the wind attribute.

"Well, then can't you help it? Yuri needs our help, too.

"Eh heh.

Illuminating Yuri. Unhanded witchcraft is rare for Yuri, but she would be glad to be appreciated.

"Well, for now, Sola, congratulations again on ranking up. If you report to the Union Branch later, you will be officially promoted to Rank D.

Al starts the conversation after this because Al cuts out that it's not a good idea to chat outside where too many demons roam.

"Say it! Can we go to the Union branch now!

"Oh, the only other request I was taking today besides your promotion exam is the Lizard Crusade. That would also be fine if it ended with your fight earlier.

Kate tells me that she smiles at Sora, who looks tense and quite happy, and starts preparing to return to the city with her. Actually, there's one other thing I've been thinking about. The rest of Sola was trying to get it done early.

"Well, let's get back to it!

That led Sola to the heightened tension, and they returned to the city early enough.