"Today... I think you're a minis. Maybe Mirei or something for backup.

"As always, do you know who the clerk is...

On his way to the West Town liquor store, Kite sighed in horror at Al's whining.

"It's just cafes here and in South Town. Others... Oh, I also knew the cafes and taverns in North Town. Is that it? There are also several taverns in South Town......

I wondered how much I knew, and I went into the store with a knight who started to think, and a fairy who admired the Lord, the Lord, who hurt his head with such a knight.

"There you go. Oh, Dear Al, Mr. Kite. It's unusual, at this hour. Oh, there's Mr. Yuri too, isn't there?

That's what brought Minis closer. Minis was a little girl of a dog beast man.

"Oh, in Sola's celebration...... 10 please.

Kite turns around and counts the numbers and tells Minis how many.

"Yes. Mr. Sola, is something wrong?

"Oh, I was promoted to Rank D once again today.

"Congratulations on that!

Minnis, having heard Kate's words, congratulates him with pleasure.

"So I thought I'd throw a banquet today, huh? I'm sorry..."

"Yes. Alcohol, right? And I'll take proper care of the food as well.

"Thanks.... we've all secured seats.

That's how I saw the story wrapped up. Al went out and came back with the other faces. Kate and Yuri had taken their seats in the meantime.

"Kaito, are you going to drink alcohol again? I get it, but you still like alcohol.

That said, Yuri, who knows why Kate prefers alcohol, smiles bitterly but forgives it. Sometimes it's useless to say.

"You can't help it. Because I like it. Well, I'll even eat dinner for the drunken.

That's what I said. Kite pinching the rice balls served instead of the knobs. Once Kate got sick, an old acquaintance who was a soldier told him to do this.

"I'm the one who's gonna get drunk and take you back to school!

Yuri tells me happily somewhere as she speaks of alcohol herself.

"You've never been that drunk, have you? Mostly Indragon's grandfather is the worst. Well, you drink the most.

"But in the case of Lord Jen Ryu, the light flame holds the reins, so it doesn't end before then. You're mostly drunk when Kite's hit by a light fire, right? After all, it's not Kite's fault.

"... is that my fault?

Waiting for the two of them to talk like that, at some point all the other faces got to their seats. I saw it. Minis approached the table.

"I'll bring you a drink in a little while..." said Miriam! Long time no see! "

"Wow! It's been a long time since Minis had one either!

Apparently, they knew each other. The two were joyful together with each other.

"What time is it?

"Didn't I see you during this time... when Minis came to make the request?

"Oh, then. About a month ago?

"Is it urgent that the group come and ask for backup? I ended up being driven out for backup, too, didn't I?

"Is that it? I miss you.

Two enjoying a reunion, but that's where the manager raised his anger. Suddenly 10 people came to the store, so the kitchen began to get busy.

"Hey! Minis! I'm not drinking! Carry it now!"

"Ah, yes! Excuse me! Let's go!


"You know him?

Kite asks Miriam, who is friendly, how well she is and how she is sober.

"Yes. Me and Minis are from the same orphanage.

Milia exposing herself without incident to being from an orphanage. Miriam didn't seem particularly concerned.

"... er, are you glad I said that?

Charming asked Miriam a little hard to hear, but she didn't seem to care about Miriam and talks normally. Although not familiar in Japan, orphans are not uncommon in Enefia, where demonic attacks occur. That is why no one will ever feel it.

"That's okay. It was an orphanage run by the Duke's house, so you could normally send me to the Duke's School of Magic Conduction, too.

"About the Duke's house. They treat orphans like this. Why don't you thank the Duke?

Miriam answered Lyle's words with a really bright face.

"Yeah. For us orphans, we can't sleep with our feet turned to the Duke.

"What's a duke, Mr. Kuzha?

"Oh, no, you're a brave man. This is an historic orphanage that has been around since the brave founded the orphanage. This orphanage is decent enough that some people from the orphanage have become heavy ministers of the Duke's family.

I suppose you really shouldn't have one, Miriam, who says that to the inquiry about charm. There was no dark side there. On the contrary, I even feel like I'm proud to be from there.

"... well, that's fine.

Kite finishes this story. She also didn't think Miriam was much of a topic to discuss at meals, and she didn't intend to go on any further.

"Yes! Thank you for waiting! This will be a drink! You'll have food with you soon!

That's what Minis brought me a drink. So, where it went together, everyone raises the cup around Sola.

"You've all gone, haven't you? Then celebrate Sola's Rank D promotion, cheers!


Together to toast to Kate's head of voice. Everyone starts a conversation by cutting it off.

"All right, then, Sola. It's a promotion from us.

That's what Kate said and secretly handed Sola the box twisted with a slightly larger cloth. It's not even a meter in size.

"Oh! Thanks! Can I open it?...... hmm? That's pretty heavy.

"Yeah. Fine. Oh, be careful not to drop it.

When Yuri urged Sola, who was surprised at the considerable weight, Sola took the contents out of the wrap as they all noted.

"Hmm? There's more crates inside...! Seriously! That's a new shield and sword!

Sola checks the contents of the crate and takes them out with great joy.

"Just don't pull it all out here, okay?

"I know.

That being said, Sola only tries to get her sword out of her sheath a little bit. Then, from the sheath appeared a double-edged body of clean steel without any dirt.

"After all, the new weapon is beautiful... hmm? Something different from the weapons we've had before?

Sora felt uncomfortable with the colour of the sword visible from the gap. Besides, Kate, this setup guy, started explaining with a little happiness.

"Have you noticed? It's made of Nakatsu's Jade Steel, not the iron it's been before. It has a more uneven sharpness, strength, and magical affinity than ever before. He gave me a little discount on a set of swords and shields. I managed to get my hands on it, that's why.

In fact, it was obtained at a considerable discount because Kate took her to Nakatsu country. I was able to find a cheap store for the charm clothes holding the purse string with Kate by chance, though I was deceived.

"You're gonna be a little more aggressive with this, too, so it's gonna be a little easier to fight, right? Also thank Kate for taking the time to find me.

"Oh! Thank you, everyone!

Sola took off the single-handed sword and shield she had ever worn and equipped her with a new sword and shield. And when I tried to put down the gear I had removed, I realized that there was no storage.

"... what do we do with this?

This is the weapon you have been equipped with. On second thought, I couldn't throw it away like a game, and for once it's a loan from the school ceded by the Duke's house, so I can't go for sale. It was the rule to return it when it became unusable.

"... sorry. I didn't think that far.

That said, it's with Kate that I didn't realize this. So I wonder what's wrong with him.

"No, I'm not managing in bulk in the toolbars like a game.

Sho, too, smiles bitterly and troubles his head with what to do, along with the others. They had no idea what weapons they were all originally equipped to send to Sola.

"As it is, well, for now, I'll keep you in the different spaces I have with me. If it's still a little while, it has the capacity.

"... sorry.

That's how Sola handed Al her original weapon, and Al stored it in different spaces.

"You should think about something as a whole school. There will always be more weapons and protective equipment.

Later, with Yuri's remarks as a hang-up, he would purchase a magic guide to bulk management of weapons throughout the school, but that was ahead of him for the time being.

"Well, it's not just Sola's gear that makes you nervous. Other faces don't get so much baggage. I don't need to buy Sora's weapons for the time being, so I don't need to think about it right now. I think I should eat the food before it gets cold.

"Right. You don't have a problem with that for now.

Tina and I start eating together so that we can be blamed for the charm. Thereafter we enjoyed our meals together. Not until Kite has a report of the incident.

"Oh! Kite, you're a pretty good drinker!

"Well...... knobs are good here.

Lyle is impressed with how well Kite normally drinks, and pours his next drink generously into Kite's smaller cup. The kite who took it sips it and compliments the taste of the knob in the store.

"Oh! You know...... you, aren't chicken skins too sib? Are you sure you're the same age as Sola? Speaking of which, don't you want ale - sparkling liquor?

Lyle laughs a little bit when she hears Kate's words, remembering her age. Kate had a chicken skin skewer on her cheek with alcohol in one hand. I can't help but notice that the smell of an old man is the influence of Lyle's ancestors.

"I don't like ales.

"Really? You like this bitter taste and throat?

That's what I say, I'll rattle my throat and drink up ale all at once, Lyle. Was this place quite lavish as it was an old adventurer?

"I can't get the flavor to accumulate in my stomach anyway.

"Uh, well, sure don't accumulate in your belly.

"Ah, Mr. Kite, I'll pour it for you.

"Oh, I'm sorry.

"Miriam's lady, come here, too.

For a long time, Lyle drinks up the ale at once and offers the glass to Miriam. Miriam, who received it, tried to pour ale into the glass, noticing that the contents were empty.

"Yes...... Ah, Minis, please replace me -!


That's how Lyle and I have already had a drink, Kite. Miriam was pouring alcohol about the two of them,

"He still doesn't like booze. Besides, it's a complete soldier who drinks chicks for a long time.

"As always... Cherry Blossom can stop you in a hurry.

That's what I hear Sora and Tina say. They swallow spiritual water divided by various drinks. In fact, a small amount of alcohol was secretly behaved together.

"... I wonder if that's okay. We'll have a drink too.

"Fine, fine. It's not here in Japan.

I am caught behind my hair slightly wondering if Meizuki and Yuri can have a drink alone, but in fact this conversation has already been repeated.

"... those guys are surprisingly swallowing, too.

One, Shang, far from danger early, looks at it from a distance. Looks like Al was already going to finish the job and went numbing when he found a pretty girl.

"... well, okay...?

Sho, indistinguishable because he is alone bare, is entangled by Sola, who has instantly already tasted like liquor even when one silently hands on the dish.

"Hey, Sho! You can drink, too! It's delicious!

"Uhm! Enefia liquor is pretty tasty too!

Say so and hand Sho the liqueur equivalent of what Tina says on Earth. Sho, who received it, apparently disliked to poke through the seriousness on his own step by step, staring at the cup that was never given his will.

"Shit! If we don't do this, we're gonna have a rash! I'll swallow you!

"Oh! That's a good drink!

Tina and Sora praise Yanya and Yanya to Sho, who drinks at once. That's how Shang also participated, thinking that there would be a feast with nothing to stop, and Al looked serious and held the comms. I noticed that, Kite, but I get an instant reading from Kuzha.

'Brother, I have bad news.

"Kuzha. Al was also receiving correspondence now. What happened? What happened? Al's got a comm coming in, too. Does that mean school's involved?

Kate, who had already perceived that it was a bad story from Al's face, asked with cold eyes where his cheerful face had gone so far.

'Yes.... one of the students died.

'Right. A month or something unexpected.

Little, sighed out at no one, Kite. Kate's prediction was that the dead would come out a little earlier. Therefore there was no surprise.

'Yeah. Cause of death is murder by oak. Oak seems to have escaped intact. The location is the Northwest Forest.

'Hmm.... try to keep the students from getting upset.

I felt signs that Kuzha was receiving any reports that far from Kuzha, Kate. I decided to wait for Kuzha to say something. And Kuzha came back to read about it, but there was some panic.

"Brother! Things have gotten worse!


"Apparently, a student who survived the story told me that one took a dozen athletic adventurers and said they were hateful and headed to the Northwest Forest!

"Chi! Was it too late! Get people off Lucius and his men and stop them immediately!

Signs that Kuzha will receive the report again. Kate only had a bad feeling.

'... the situation has gotten even worse. Sakura's party and the student council officer to stop Jo after Jo's party...... What!...... ok.

Thus, to Kuzha, who looks rather frustrated, Kate understands the deterioration of the situation.

'... has it gotten worse again?

"Yes. An army consisting of goblins and oaks was discovered near the school as well as time. The number is 100 grand. The group of the first one and cherry blossoms discovered this and fought this in an attempt to protect the school. Lucius and the others went to the rescue, but Sakura and Vice Chairman Sakurada, as well as several other female students, appear to have been caught. Looks like Lucius and the others are currently fighting this group. I thought the rescue would take a while.

I heard that far. Kate accidentally raised her voice.

"Shit! Stupid kid!

All of a sudden I raise my anger and quiet back to the kite who slapped my desk about what was going on around me. Kate apologizes with her hands for it and continues her conversation. Tina and Yuri felt they weren't just doing things because of how Kate was doing, and immediately connected their awareness to Kate and Kuzha's thoughts.

So, why did that happen while Lucius and the others were here? If those guys get serious, they'll be opponents in the goblins and orcs. Normally, you'd run away without turning a woman around.

'Apparently, a further step of demons appeared in the woods over there. The presence of Brad Auga was confirmed earlier in the Northwest Forest. The Union branch has drawn up an arrangement and has also contacted the Duke's house earlier.

"Shit, you're not busy.

'What will you do?

'... I'll have to go... I'll show my eyes to the fool who forgot how horrible I am.

As things stand, the only people who could possibly save the cherry blossoms were the kites, no matter what you think. The safety of cherry blossoms was a priority over the discovery of who they were.

"In full, brother. And Lucius and the others?

"If the battle is still ongoing, I order you to continue your crusade. After that, keep the wounded safe and alert for further reinforcements. This time the behavior is unusual. I can think of a cross spear from anywhere.


"Ellord will be back next week. That should keep the rampage down a bit.

'Yeah. I'll let Elle and Brass take care of it.

'Oh, do that. Okay, I'm coming.


That's how I ended my reading, Kite. I stood up immediately and raised my voice.

"Al! You understand the situation!

"Yeah. My brother just contacted me.

Without having to listen to Kate, Al, who was contacted, had already been armed by perceiving his actions after this.

"Sora, I'm sorry, but the feast is over... Minis! Ask for accounting.

To the sudden words of Kate, together with the flashes. But Kate ignores it at all costs and finishes the accounting.

"Hey, what happened?

I noticed that Sora was not the only one who looked unusual.

"Cherry blossoms were exposed. I'm going to rescue you.

I don't know what's going on with that word. Together it gets noisy. Besides, Kite started explaining the situation.