Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 101: Adventure Department - Launch -

Two days after the meeting of the kites, the announcement of the department's activities was made, and a combined recruitment of personnel was made. Apparently, thanks to the vigorous activities of the Rain Palace, a joint meeting with the staff was held within that day. Then, three days later, personnel wishing to participate in the activities of the Ministry were gathered in the first meeting room located in the school building of Tensakura School.

"Almost everyone. Well, just if you act as an adventurer for nearly a month, can you understand the importance of information?

Just before the start, Kite is impressed while checking the number of people gathered. And the cherry blossoms snort.

"All of Kite's places will participate in this membership, and half of my places will participate.

"He said several people from my place joined him, but this time he managed to convince me. Let Sakurada and our sub leaders co-direct the remaining noodles.

"Yeah, I'll take care of that one. Well, the rest of us are scheduled to rendezvous as a second team, so I'll keep it for the rest of the training period.

Maple nods nervously just a little. As a result of the adjustments made in the past few days, Maple was still asked to direct the remaining members. The remainder of Fuko, whose participation was dropped off this time, was to rendezvous six months later and then recruit a general participant.

"Oh, I'm sorry...... well, let's talk about this adventure department.

Having confirmed the time, Kite will provide an overview on the whiteboard provided in the meeting room.

"First of all, this adventure department, but the activity is the organization responsible for the out-of-school activities that will be needed as future schools become independent. Maintenance of law and order around the school after the withdrawal of the Duke's army and procurement of necessities such as food, clothing and medical supplies are the main activities. The Adventure Department also takes the lead in the search for magic and magic for returns that will be found everywhere. With the inauguration of the Adventure Department, a new Immediate Response Unit will also be established, composed of high-ranking powerful people, who will, in case of emergency, provide rescue to the school's adventurers.

"What about policing in school?

If there was any doubt about Kite's explanation, she was told to raise her hand immediately, so students would not hesitate to ask questions and cherry blossoms would answer them.

"That's going to be the second team of adventurer registrations in the future. Several students from the Student Union and the Wind Discipline Commissioner are going to register. In the future, you will be responsible for policing around them and the faculty.

In future activities, the second team intended to enroll students who volunteered for activities of the production system - essentially supporting actors such as the practice of deciphering ancient documents that would be available in the future and the development of new sorcery.

At the same time, students who are responsible for maintaining law and order, such as the rest of the faculties of students' union officials and members of the wind discipline committee, are also scheduled to register. From the second line in terms of policing, there were also prospective participants from the faculty, who had already been put up as candidates.

"As for other activities, we are also going to take care of the students' problems, just like the requests we are currently receiving… naturally, however many of the same students, keep the confidentiality of the requests we receive.

That's what Kate says. She does her gaze where her party is gathered. It's a joke to soothe the place.

"I know. This whole thing counts as part of your activities as an adventurer, right?

That's what Sora says, who had already heard the explanation. I remember what Kate forgot to tell me when she heard the words.

"Oh yes...... and with this inauguration of the Adventure Department, I intend to apply to the Union for an Alliance in the Adventure Department. I haven't applied so far, especially since I don't need to decide on the name right now.

In the future, we will be working as adventurers around the adventure department, so it was easier to apply for an guild, so Kite set the pace.

In fact, Kitra, the Maxwell Branch Manager, was quite pleased with this. Since there is no Maxwell based guild right now, it took a lot of effort to gather the required number of requested personnel, because it was expected to be eliminated once and for all.

"As we conduct our activities as future adventurers, requests may also be brought from outside the school to the Adventure Department itself. In that case, it would be easier to apply to the Union for a guild and explain the procedure and circumstances. In the application to the Union, the master will be me, Heavenly Sound will serve, and likewise the sub-master will have a meeting with Chairman Heavenly Tao. In the beginning, these three lead the adventure club.

After raising the advantages of his guild application, Kite moves himself, the cherry blossoms, and the instant three of them into a visible position from all of them. And when the three men came to the sight, and sat again, their hands lifted up again.

"What other positions?

"I'm not willing to install it at the moment. Given the increasing number of adventurers to come, we will be placing educators and other positions, but at least a month away.

"So you're saying that the Adventure Department will take care of students after the second inning?

"Oh. Well, the second line of volunteer reception starts next week and the deadline ends next week. Then he selects and expects two months overall in seating and combat training and hands-on training. About seating…"

That's what I say. Kate signals Yuri riding on her shoulder. Yuri flutters up from Kate's shoulder and shows her face as an educator who eliminates the usual deceit. However, since he had not yet published a large figure, he hung it with great majesty. And he came before without publishing, and missed the opportunity.

"I'll take care of the pedagogical staff in the seating relationship.

Teachers at once - there are teachers in the face of this gathering - but Al controls it.

"The Duke's family guarantees you strength. She still lives over a hundred times in this, so she's well equipped for the sight.

Actually, everyone who hears that Yuri is over 100 is flabbergasted. but kite took control of it.

"Don't be surprised to this extent. Mr. Kuzha is over 300 years old with an array. Throw away any common sense of the earth.

Someone whines with a frightened look at Kite's words that your place is too tame. The high degree of adaptability of Kite's party was already a well-known fact. In the meantime, Kate ignored it and continued to explain.

"I dare you to leave education about seating to Yuri. With the help of Mr. Ellord, we have been able to help the people who are looking for us, as we have done.

When I heard the words, I looked as if I was furious with them. I was still anxious to do so after the withdrawal of the Duke's house. In keeping with Kite's description, the trooper who had come to the conference room stood up and greeted him with a military salute.

"The educator is a second-grade coach and asks the troopers to learn how to coach comprehensively. Even so, I don't need to teach you how to use weapons separately. This is the face I'm in right now, and I plan on letting the face I'm using the same weapon teach. What you will remember is standing around in combat as a guide in hands-on training, etc.

"So you're saying that we're gonna do what we're doing now?

Kite nods at a student question.

"Oh, I don't have a problem with that recognition. Basically, I'm going to ask an adventurer above Rank D to take charge in the area of Rank E, but there's one thing ahead. Exactly. There will be no more Brad Augaclasses out there, but don't be alarmed.

Since the previous incident, measures have been taken against warcrafters in the territory (Monster Tamer) at the initiative of the Duke's House, not in such a way that activities can be carried out secretly. Furthermore, since the main perpetrator in the previous case has already been warned, it could be said to be a little safe for the time being, but I thought it would be better not to be alarmed.

"After the third formation, the teachers will be seated, and we will be conducting combat training. I want you to stay with me.

Students raised their hands again to the words of that kite.

"What time do we start recruiting for the Third Battalion?

"Recruitment starts about a month away from the completion of registration for the second team. However, after the third battalion, there will be free entries with a deadline to be determined. Combat training is not mandatory for recruitment after the third formation, and it is also possible to receive only requests for warehousing and other less likely battles.

If many students enroll in requests that mainly include battles, this time requests with potential battles are more exhausting. Possible requests for battle were expensive among all requests, and if we monopolized this with Heavenly Cherry Blossom officials, we would inevitably be more likely to rub it with other adventurers.

Furthermore, as things stand, most of the parties in the first battle receive a large number of requests, and in the second battalion, the support of the first battalion and the management of the school facilities will be provided. As a result of this, the first and second parties were in high demand among all requests, and few were less likely to receive requests that had to be done in a short time. Therefore, in the third battalion, we tried to get people to do these less dangerous requests, which can also be received with a part-time feeling.

"However, naturally, we will impose combat training on those who want it. Also, I apologize to the faculty, but attendance will be mandatory no matter how you receive combat training. Because you shouldn't do fools without an education to the detriment of your school students.

That's what Kate says when she turns to the gathering of teachers. That is why faculty are present at this gathering.

"That's fine, but what's going on with the Third Battalion gear?

Naturally, the equipment after the Third Battalion needed to be prepared on the side of the Heavenly Sakura School. It is therefore an indication from the late teacher.

"We are currently going to take the request and turn 10% of the fee to maintain the school, but would you like to turn a certain percentage from here as a budget to the Adventure Department?

"You need to hang on to the meeting... Principal Sakurada, in addition to the agenda at the next meeting?

That's how the teacher who asked the question confirms it to Principal Sakurada. Sakurada meditates a little on her eyes, but decides she deserves consideration.

"Fine. Well, you won't disagree.

Most school adventurers went on with their policy of belonging to the Adventure Department unless there were special reasons for doing so. Given that, turning the budget to the Adventure Department was not detrimental to the school either. It was therefore thought that it would be put on the agenda but would almost pass.

"Thank you.

"Sure... that was Heavenly Sound. You, Heavenly Door, and one, will you be able to attend the next meeting?

"Adjust the schedule.

"Mm-hmm. Do that.

Kite nodded at Principal Sakurada's words and turned to the students again, even smaller and more graciously.

"Thank you. … then continue with the explanation. That explains the adventure department, but I'll leave a booklet in my room with details later. Anyone interested should read it at first reading. The department uses the second conference room with some magical hands. Specifically, we intend to set up a temporary sleeping area and a living area such as a kitchen. Slow down, a few people will be waiting at all times and will be available 24 hours a day. This magical modification, but I am already supposed to be able to consult with the Duke's Kuzha and get him to give me the magic guide.

Since it was only around the water to apply the hand, it would not be such a massive construction, and permission had already been given.

"I shall now make a final introduction to the personnel who will be joining us this time. Initial Fujiko, but half of them will participate from members of my party and Chairman Heavenly Taoist. In addition, half a month later, the rest of Chairman Heavenly Door's members and all of the parties of one meeting head will participate. Two weeks after that, that is, a month after its launch, it will be a general public offering. Slow down would force me to participate, but I didn't know what kind of glitch would happen at the moment, so I was allowed to apply for the time being. Apply at the current party if you wish to attend for the time being. I didn't reorganize the party every time it fell out.

There was another raise of hands from the students to Kite, who flaunted his shoulders.

"What are the criteria for selecting the initial face child?

"It's my ability to fight as an individual. As you know, my party doesn't belong to much of a club, and yet it's made up of stand-alone combat capable facades. In addition, the participants from Chairman Heavenly Taoist who participate in this meeting are highly assistive, both of us are knowledgeable and can collaborate. A meeting head's combat ability is well known. Until the selection of the immediate response unit, we all joined the immediate response unit, so we formed this formation.

Together with Rin, it was Rui Shu who decided to participate. This means that she was chosen for the tournament because the criteria for selecting the appearance were very strong.

"Any other questions?

That's what I'm gonna say. I'm gonna look over at the attendees, Kite. There seemed to be no particular question.

"Last but not least, it has been decided that both Alphonse Blau Weisslitter and Lil Bernstadt will participate in the headquarters activities as special advisers. All the others will be joined by all the current instructors.

That's how Kite, who told him together, turned to the other instructors in attendance.

"Slow down, you will be under my command for all of you who are currently serving as the Force's mentor.

Kite consulted with Ellord immediately after the Adventure Department story came out. Apparently, it is part of the support from the Duke's family, but acts precisely as a gesture for Kite.

This also required gestures for Kite and Tina in the first place, and there was nothing wrong with the Duke's chain of command because it would eventually get to Kite.

"Yeah, we've already got a circular. In the future, we will follow Kate's lead in the school.

"Yeah. A total of 10, but we've already reached an agreement by getting under Kate's command.

"Thanks...... I forgot to ask you one thing, who are you planning on becoming an advisor from the faculty?

Kite turns to the Al's and bows his head. Next, turn to the faculty and ask questions about the advisors you haven't heard yet.

"Mm-hmm. I also thought it would be better for Nong to do it at first...... I do mean Heavenly Sound and Heavenly Door, and a lot of the first row are in Group A for 2 years, so of the few participants were left to Dr. Rainmake. When we're getting bigger, we'll decide to increase our personnel again.

Principal Sakurada responds to Kite's question as she strokes her gray-haired jawbeard. Since it would almost bulk the external organization into the Adventure Department, the Principal himself had intended to serve as an adviser, but now he decided to focus on overseeing the whole rocking school.

"Okay. Dr. Rainmonga, please. It is possible to ask the principal to accompany you in meetings with the princes, etc., but thank you in doing so.


"Oh, okay.

That's how they nodded, so Kate turned forward once again.

"That concludes the general explanation, do you have any final questions?... You don't seem to have any. Nothing. The question doesn't have to be now. In the future, I may ask you a question because I have someone waiting for me in my room. Booklets with detailed descriptions will also be distributed to several locations in the school. Reference me.

That's how the general decision was made, so Kate decided to close the briefing. Kate took a seat and made sure everyone's attention got caught.

"Then have this time today to launch the Adventure Department!

Kate's decree inaugurated the Adventure Department, the first club in Heavenly Cherry Blossom School about different worlds.

The Heavenly Sakura School Adventure Department is said to have survived a crisis involving various races, people of various statuses, people from different continents, and people from different worlds at the end of the later life, in addition to members.

The Heavenly Cherry Blossom School Adventure Department, which will always appear in history books describing this era, was also a very small guild throughout Enefia, with more than 10 people in total at its inception.