"Can you take the request now?

That's what I said and came in, there were some female students with me in the back as well.

"... hmm? Oh, it's possible.

The adventure club was full of people who wouldn't come like this today, but suddenly my client came and set me up all at once. Then guide the client to the reception sofa provided in the room.

"So, what's the request?... and first of all, I'm the heavenly voice of the head of this adventure department. Nice to meet you."

So cherry blossoms offer tea to my client's female students. This is why they built more kitchens.

"Oh, I'm Shirazaki, the head of the Family Medicine Department. So, this is my request..."

Include the tea served in your mouth and start talking to Shirazaki. The Department of Family Medicine was established after the Transworld Transfer through the merger of the Department of Handicrafts and the Cooking Research Association, and is now a must-have department in the school, taking care of school food and clothing repairs.

"Actually, I want a new dining room menu. I would prefer a menu of dishes on this side if possible.

"Speaking of which, you were upset that the student council couldn't replace the menu of learning and eating, because you're in a different world around the corner, and you want to eat unusual dishes.

I recall the opinion that Sakura had been raised to the Student Council in the words Shirazaki told me. More than two months had already passed since the metastasis, and opinions from students that it was time for new stimuli had risen to a significant number.

"Yes... we have also managed to make it in consultation with the Duke Army cook... I want another repertoire. So I let you talk to me.

"Hmm? Shouldn't we talk to the Duke's cook?

"No, because that person isn't always there either... so if we were all talking about it, this girl would probably get a new recipe for all the adventurers. I know someone in the Adventure Department, so I asked them to talk to me about it.

That said, Shirazaki introduces the little girl student who was lying next to her. She is a beautiful shortcut girl. Even as a woman, she's small, and probably only has a back length of around 155. It has the overall weak impression of a broken hip, tense or bright red stained cheeks, etc. She was a pretty girl who seemed weak, whose face could drive some small animal craving for asylum. So, that's her, but I got the impression that I've seen Kate and her face since middle school somewhere.

Incidentally, it is natural that the cook of the Duke's house cannot be present, and he also normally has a job at the Duke's residence. Even though he was not a combat officer, he could not come to this side until he had been escorted frequently, and once or twice a week was a good place.

"Nice to meet you. I'm the chief's heavenly voice.

Kite, who had the impression that the female student was younger and seemed weak, decided to smile gently so as not to give her a sense of intimidation.

"... No, Mr. Kite... it's not the first time..."

But such is the kind of voice she tells in denial of Kate's words and almost. That's what they told me. Kite sees the face of a female student dyed her cheeks bright red with a pale face. But although I have the impression that Kate met him somewhere, he didn't have any verses in mind.

"It's me... it's Mutsuki..."

Quite whispering, teary-eyed, face-up, Mutsuki telling her her own name. She dyed her face bright red, leaning over.

"Happy Moon?"

In introducing herself to Mutsuki, I recall a person named Mutsuki who has known Kate since middle school, but only one person in question knew her. But everyone shook their heads and denied the idea. Anyway, the person did look like a girl, but he was a man.

"... wait, is Mutsuki Kagurasaka Mutsuki? Kagurasaka Mizuki's brother?

That's how, to something too incredible, Kate asks with her hand sticking forward. Incidentally, this Kagurasaka moon has been in Group C for two years, and for Kate, she has been dating longer than the Solas. Therefore he was also well acquainted with the good moon, his brother. Also, in three years, a sister named Yayoi is enrolled. These three men possessed considerable family taste, especially the top two, who were actually quite famous and prestigious in the school, such as excellent fashion taste and complete romantic counseling.

"It's that good moon... Ugh... I was finally seen like this by Mr. Kate..."

Moon mourns with tears in his eyes. Yes, actually, he's him, not her. He was dressed as a woman for some reason, but being dressed as a woman in school, including in middle school, was desperate to hide from Kite, who was a childhood trainer. And the moment I hear it, Tina gets excited all at once.

"Oh! The one called the man's daughter! I've been talking to Yayoi about the qualities of the Moon since before, but it's so brilliant! After all, you were right to put on some saira clothes in middle school! You finally woke me up!

Tina rides herself out and takes out her smartphone to photograph the Moon. For every one of those shots, Mutsuki shrinks herself with shame.

"Right! You look great! You're so cute, Mutsuki needs to be more confident too!

"Uhm! You're right!

Apparently, they found a fellow artisan. Former handicraft department members and Tina shake hands disappointingly in how excited they are. Mutsuki had a distant eye as he looked sideways at it.

"Haha... I, you can cry now... or I'll cry..."

"... that's tough. Are those clothes Yayoi's hobbies after all? I've only been wearing personal clothes for a long time... Oh, was the uniform for women?

Kite gently forgives Mutsuki, who finally wept from the eyelids with her pompous eyes. Thus, clinging to Kate's chest and sobbing was, from the side, a girl wholly comforted by a man's hug.

By the way, even though the two of us as well as Sola and the others were in the same middle school, we never met with Mutsuki in middle school for some reason. We thought we were avoided because of our own rumors, but apparently they weren't.

"Gu... Yes. Sister Yayoi said to wear it because it suits her, and I can't stop a female member of the Duke's clothes clerk now..."

A good moon hugged to Kate's chest answered with a moist eye upward. Apparently, Mutsuki had turned into a dressing doll for her sister and the maids of the Duke's Department of Clothing.

"That guy... well, okay. So, what about the moon?

You know what Yayoi did, Kite? I didn't mean to stop it. Anyway, that's how good it looked. Kate regains her mind and looks around and confirms.

"Oh, Moon, I don't have a sister. He should be in school..."

Did Mutsuki gradually regain his mind, answering away from Kite? It is said that Mutsuki is your sister, but the moon is also a man. This one also looked great in women's clothing and was wearing women's clothes from her sister's hobby, who is also her eldest daughter. Incidentally, the person on the moon was completely norinoli, and the personal clothes were for both men and women in the month of peace, whereas the personal clothes were also for women in the month of moon. Besides, the bad news is that Moon coordinated the garment well and looked great.

Besides, the trick is a woman herself, a thing that tickles her manhood, so she was a beautiful girl no matter where she looked from. So I get numbed more often than not sometimes. So sometimes it was a constant of kite to be stuck with enthusiastic fans who wouldn't believe me if I exposed myself with a guy and let him wipe his ass. It wasn't surprising that Kate would not forget her metastasis.

"Hey, kite. You haven't even got your hands on a guy because of how cute he is, have you?

"There's no way you're letting it out.


Yuri asks, feeling a little anxious about the beautiful girl Mutsuki, no matter what she sees from anywhere. Kite stopped instantly, but didn't have any credit. Anyway, the voice was a little bar-reading, and his eyes stared somewhere far away.

Besides, it seems to have been detected that Kate was quite driven by her desire for asylum after seeing the current Moon. That's how Yuri stares into Kite's eyes as she dances out into them. Within it Kate turned away and looked away again.

"I think... I hope..."

Should even a man be cute, it was kite that made me want to cry to myself like that.

"Well, because it looks like this... people like that moon?

Seeing the appearance of a good moon with no victory in a beautiful girl in line, Yuri unexpectedly sympathizes with Kate. The words and actions of the Tearful Moon inspire a man's desire for asylum, but they were unnecessarily bad because they were natural.

"It's worse over there. I know a man's bump because I'm a man. How many men are fooled by the moon..."

To Kite, who answered with a more distant eye, Yuri could no longer but laugh bitterly. And that's where Yuri realized.

"Is that it? Speaking of which, wouldn't cherry blossoms be better like this?

Recall the frenzy at the previous banquet and ask her that in a whisper, Yuri. Cherry blossoms answer with a face about what they are saying.

"Huh? Oh, no, you make me say that Kaito-kun and Sora are better, not Kagurasaka!

As a matter of fact, Yuri has already discovered that there are secretly man-intertwined books hidden in the chairman's office. So the cherry blossom hobby was already grasped, in fact, not only by Yuri but also by Kuzha. That's why Yuri asked, but apparently not. Unfortunately, Yuri had no shapes for BL, one of her hobbies in the other world.


"Haha, sorry"

It was a cherry blossom somewhere as stubborn as a cherry blossom and a lighted lily.

"Ha... So, is that a recipe? Okay. Let's take it on.

Undo the derailed talk, Kite, and take on the request. To this extent, not even one of the worst kites would have been a problem, and it would have been enough as a first request from the Adventure Department.

"Oh, thank you! Could you get some ingredients for the sample, if possible? Because I can't get it out unless I actually make it.

To such a kite, Mutsuki smiled as the flowers broke. Plus, Kate snorted with a grin.

"Oh, let's take it on.

"Thank you. So, you know, the commission..."

That's what I call a good moon. Exactly. I was a little nervous because current school students don't have a fee to pay adventurers.

"Yeah, the Adventure Department is not supposed to get a commission unless it's a private request. For once, it's going to be a club. The budget is out of school, so don't worry.

"Oh, really? Good......"

Kate told him to reassure him, so he strokes the rest of the crew down his chest as well as the Happy Moon.

"Now, if there are more menus for learning food, it would be beneficial for both of us to explore... But was Mutsuki in the family department? I knew I was good at chores..."

"Yeah. Actually, Mutsuki cut it off and the handicraft department and the cooking department merged.

To Kate's whining, General Manager Shirazaki began to explain the situation. By the way, that's exactly why Kate didn't even know because she couldn't still be enrolled to grasp a month or so of harmonious moon clubs.

"Mutsuki, who belonged to both parties, will integrate chores and help us run the school. So I was transported to the Family Medicine Department for integration.

Hearing that, Kate opens her eyes and looks impressed.

"Well, that's awesome. Well done.

"Uh heh, thank you.

Kite stroked me in the head and replied so happily in a lit manner, Mutsuki. Yuri narrows her eyes when she sees it.

"No matter how I look at it, I just look like a girl. Hey, are you sure, man?

"So it's a man...... or a fairy!?

and here gradually the face of the family department notices Yuri and shouts her surprise.

"Oh, I'm Yuri, the special adviser.

Pecori, and Yuri bowing her head. And this is what Kate told Yuri with a slightly pranky grin against her like that.

"I'm forgettable with men sometimes on the moon and the moon.

"Kite, come on..."

A good moon to weep at the eye end again. Kate looked at it and laughed, and after that the story went on busily.

"So you just don't have to have a deadline?

"Yes. But please do it as soon as possible.

In this way, the requisition content will be consolidated and, in the unlikely event, the requisition form using the template to be used in the school will be completed.

"Get the recipe for the request. No deadline. Is this gonna be okay?

"Yes. Then please.

When the request was consolidated, the door opened with momentum. That's how one female student came in...... not a male student, Mutsuki's sister? It was the moon that was. Her appearance is smaller than 160cm in twin tails. The face was a beautiful girl who was also ashamed of flowers, somewhere, a beautiful girl with a small satanic impression, a man who looked like. This one also seemed so luxurious to her body that she was about to break, her hips were creased, and she only looked like a woman except she had no breasts from anywhere. She rocked the twin tails like that, uncertainly checked the contents of the room, and found the person she wanted.

"Oh, I was there. Mutsuki, your sister's calling.

"Ah, yes.

Mutsuki, who noticed the moon coming in through the open door, waved and answered.

"Oh, Kite's with me. Long time no see."

And the moon, when he noticed Kite, who was there before the Moon, waves to greet him in a flickering manner.

"Oh, it's been a long time.

Kite, who noticed the moon waving her hand, also raises her hand and answers.

"Are you off your adventurer activities today?

"Well. That's what you're gonna say. Kite's in the club starting today?

Naturally, she was also present at the inauguration of the Adventure Department a few days ago, so it was just a confirmation.

"Oh. Even so, what you do is no different than a normal adventurer.

"Hmm. This is the room... Oh, thank you.

Cherry blossoms served tea to the moon, and the moon thanked it. No, I took a sigh of tea.

"So, kite. Doesn't it look good?"

That's the moon that shows the good moon.

"You look too good... you sisters... no, bro? Ha."

"Right, right! You look great!

I don't care where the moon comes from, it's just a girl student. Yuri, no longer on Kate's shoulder, was suddenly self-defeated. Probably would have fallen out of the air if I hadn't sat on Kate's shoulder.

"Hey... are you guys really...?

I might still have thought she was a woman if Kate hadn't told me. With that in mind, Yuri asks how unsure she is.

"Huh? Right?

The moon that openly answers that. She was dressed as a woman, but she wasn't hiding that she was a man.

"Oh, by the way, underwear is a woman too. See?"

That being said, the moon attempted to lift the hem of the nya and skirt, but Kite instantly snapped his hand off.

"I don't need that information. You don't have to show it to me.

At first he was blushing with both men and kites, but he had already been able to tolerate similar exchanges over and over again.

"Huh. Kite, haven't you been able to stand me lately?

"How many years do I think I have with you?

"It's been almost a decade. Thanks to Kate, I was confident in women's clothing.

"... Kate, can you let me know what you mean?

Kite is stared at by Yuri after hearing what the moon has said. Kate looked a little, faraway, and peeled.

"No, well, a lot..."

"Can you tell me more about all of that?

The cherry blossoms who were lying beside him also join the battle. Seeing a siege net formed step by step, Kite begins to look for an escape. but before that, the moon stabbed Todome.

"See you next time..."

"Yeah, it's nothing good. You just complimented me.

"Sa, kite. There's also Mr. Kagurasaka in the corner, so can you talk to him?

A moon that deliberately dyes its cheeks and says so. Kate was stared at by two people: Cherry Blossom, who didn't know it was an act, and Yuri, who guessed there was something.

"So Yayoi sister. What?"

As it is, it will not be possible to collect, and the good-moon who decided so forcefully interrupts and modifies the story. Kate grabbed her chest. And she accidentally participated in the kite moon, but she also remembered the point.

"Oh, I got new clothes, so I said try them on.


A good moon that sighs and depresses. Apparently, she doesn't have a veto. I felt like I had already given up wearing it somewhere.

"Really! That's Kagurasaka-san! Sa, Mutsuki! Go!"

That's what I'm saying. A female student of a former handicraft department member who is forced to take a seat on Mutsuki. Since the requisition had been written and chatted, the other students stood up to it and each tried to leave the room.

"Bye, Kite.

Along with that, Moon also rose his seat, waved to say hello to Kite, and left with Faceko of the Family Medicine Department.

"You came like a storm and left like a storm..."

"So, kite. Do you want me to talk to her about the moon?

"Yes. I'd like to hear it, too.

And on the moon, which left the damage like a storm, Kate grudges in her heart.

"Ha... nothing funny about that, huh?

That is why Kate was to talk about her meeting with the moon. As such, no one would visit the day after this, and the store ended up as it was.