Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 110: The Earth's Inhumans

"Maybe... there's one more drink?

To the question thrown by Rui Shu, Kate answers openly rather than hide it.

"There he is.

That's what Kite says. He takes some pictures out of different spaces and shows them together. It was a picture of his companions on Earth, which he could carry at all times.

"Everyone pictured here is demonic and interracial.

"Uh-huh... that's the actress you've been selling out lately! This is the famous actor who was in the Hollywood movies the other day, right? It is true that there are quite a few great places in the entertainment industry..."

"Oh, it's Murakami, whose grandfather is in Japan. Su Fang, the stage name, is the real name. That's half the total tightening in here. You speak English, right? You're using magic, so it's natural.

I peek into the picture Sola with the pulled face was looking at and Kate says with a laugh.

"This picture here is a foreign model in fashion magazine. Yikes... cool personality. Rumor has it that there are fans all over the world in that attitude that doesn't appeal to anyone, and they've also been making movie debates lately. The golden hair is amazing and beautiful. This one sure wasn't a global singing princess?

Say so and show Meizuke another picture. That's how the peeping charm shouted out.

"Which one...... I'm a big fan of this guy! I have all the CDs!

Charm and Yuri raise their voices unexpectedly when they look at a photograph of a wavy blonde soft-haired woman and kite in the picture they were given.

"The two of you are of foreign descent, and there are various kinds of interracial activities, mainly in Japan. Well, the entertainment activities are overseas centered, and now you're traveling around the world with my demon... Oh, there it is. This is the signed CD and poster. The singing princess is the mermaid, and the model is the vampire. You know you two are big best friends?

A proud kite shows signed CDs and posters. It was autographed, besides to Kite, and well named.

"My first ear... so many things? So, that's it.

That's what Makoto reaches out to the signed CD. He just said he was a big fan and instantly identified his signature as real. By the way, with this singer's fan connection, Charming and Kate's sister were so close that they went live together.

"Do yourself a favor next time. Well, Europe has always been a breeze to interracials, hasn't it? So I hear you two ran into each other by chance and went on to flee life together, but that's also been tough since the medieval witch hunt... and they've fled to Japan, where they're basically symbiotic. Well, it was quite a while ago when I came to Japan, and until recently, they were hiding. Eliza - the model - was the one who tied up the same kind of aliens in Japan. Elsa - the singing princess - apparently supported it with dedication. These are the two of them who joined a similar tribe to become a major force in Japan. On the contrary, during many years of living in Japan, Grandpa Murakami was able to create a large force around him.

Kate hiccups as she explains, and moves the CD out of Meizuke's hand to a place where she can't reach it. Then the charm jumps and reaches out, but it still doesn't reach just a little bit. That's how Kite plays with charm by repeating it several times.

"Take it!

"Look, this way, this way.

"Kite, your main......"

Tina shakes her head when she hears what Kate said that sounds like fun. Meanwhile, Kate seemed amused and twisted. Yes, actually, at this time, Sola and the others were able to get it done with other personnel, but Kate was talking too much. Now, the obvious question flew from Sola.

"How many forces are there?

I look like I enjoyed hearing more about it, Kite, but she asked me. And when I saw Tina, Tina shook her shoulder.

"Anyway, you know what time it is.

but she decided to reconsider that at some point she would discover. Only Kate and Tina have yet noticed, but in fact, some of the faces had already begun to show signs of it, without them noticing either.

"Ah... uh... yeah, you're three because you're big. Two are the forces I just said. It's another thing... I don't actually know much about it either.

That's what Kite says quite a bit. But he decided to keep talking with a big sigh. He overplayed with charm and accidentally talked about it.

"Well, there's information I know..."

"Hmm? What's up?

I notice something obviously strange when I see how Kate stares when Sho obviously says it.

"Oh, well, actually, this last force seems to be connected to companies and celebrities. Uh, guys... don't be shocked, okay?

Kate puts in a no as she scratches her head. but when I returned to Japan with more strength from the current situation, I didn't intend to hide it anymore because I knew for sure.

"I have a list of famous houses and companies connected to this demonic tribe that are considered certain... both the Heavenly Way and the Shrine Temple houses are listed... or the conclusion that both houses have demonic blood mixed in their blood muscles. There are several other families in the school. I don't know exactly how far back it goes. Well, Grandpa might know, but you didn't have a description on that list.

"Become... is that true?

Mizuki is unwittingly dismayed when Kate tells us that we weren't even informed. I won't say anything, but the cherry blossoms were also bright blue in the face. Seeing that, Kate decided to wash up and talk, thinking that it would happen.

"Later, the Sakurada family at the Fukasaka branch, too. Keep your mouth shut on the maple yet. The principal may not even know. I don't know exactly where else to go, but Heavenly Road is a dragon tribe. This is certain from the fact that the dragon killing was extremely minor on me in the side system, but it worked, and my grandfather admits it. Be careful with the human cherry blossoms in the main house and Sora close to the main house. Still unknown, Rui Shu stays as close as possible to weapons with special effects on the species.

Yes, this is why I can't do without Kite or Tina talking. For if the blood was awakened by the continued strength, it could come near the breadth, unknowingly, and be a lifesaver.

"... Yes.

Being bright blue but life-threatening, the three keep in mind. Thus, not only the three people who were turning bright blue, but the spearhead was also suitable for other faces.

"So, there's a good chance it's coming from here, that's the level. The names of one house and three branches enter here. Later, there is the possibility that there may be a diverse ethnic group of flowers who did not belong to any of the forces several generations ago, at the shore family of Shang and Yuri's little bird tourists.

Mitsubishi is the home of Meizuki. Everyone turns pale when they hear the words, but Kate just put in a follow up.

"Well, if you start saying that, it's likely that the majority of the Japanese have mixed interracial blood. Unmixed would be about a child between naturalists I.

"No, it's no consolation..."

Slow Sola says to Kite, who speaks of uncomfortable comfort.

Although until now we thought we were pure human beings, we actually found out that interracial blood was likely to be mixed in high concentrations. This has been a breakdown of the great premise so far. It was not impossible for them to turn bright blue.

"Well, you will. When I noticed it, I was flabbergasted.

That's what I'm saying, Kite, but I actually knew that I already had Dragon blood on me when I was in Enefia, and it didn't come as a surprise. When I found out about it, I was more shocked than I knew there was dragon blood running through me.

"Well, sometimes this helps. I've had Dragon blood come in handy before.

Seeing the rest of us turning blue, Kate worries her head about what's going on. That's how I came up with my mouth. By the way, this isn't true, but it wasn't even a lie.

"Uh, I can't believe it, just take a break once until they're all settled.

Still, I managed to comfort myself with the way things were going, but I just didn't have the words to hang it, so I took a break until I couldn't manage to calm down, Kite. In the meantime, he decided to consult with Lucius and others, leaving care to Yuri.

Exactly. Yuri, who has a long history of teachers, was also aware of the advice in these cases, and had managed to bring them back to the point where they could all talk after a break of about 30 minutes. She talks a lot in the Duke's orphanage, so suddenly she also takes care of children who wake up in interracial blood.

"Ha... so I ended up asking, why are you so familiar with Japanese demons and interracials?

Though still pale, Sora, who held it back, asks Kate and Tina.

"Uhm, that's because Kite is the total boss of these two forces.

Exactly. I was appropriately going to twitch that any further disclosures would be shocking, Kite, but Tina answered me quickly.

"... dude.

"What, it's nothing good?

Tina blamed Kate for something. She decided it was easier and better to take care of it all at once.

"Ha... well, I met Murakami's grandfather, but then there was a mutiny that didn't belong to any force. He was pretty strong, so I put him out... but that's why he gave me the role of packer. Well, Grandpa said that he would be qualified to inherit because he was recognized by Gu Long (Elder Dragon)... but he wanted to immerse himself in his hobby forge.

Exhale and say so, Kite. Su Fangwong looked very happy when he said he could give up the Lord. Was the surrounding face used to it, and I followed it without saying anything as I was shuddered. Kite showed strength, which is also significant. As such, Kite goes on and on.

"Exactly for a little while my grandfather was following me... I was a little bit of an assistant to my grandfather. I replaced my assistant with a Japanese model... that would be fine. I'm glad to hear that at your grandfather's place... but suddenly there was an unidentified foolish strong young man in the top shift, so take a moment with the wary Elizabeth and the others. When there was a lot going on from there, and I stuck my neck in the civil strife at Eliza and the others, I merged into one. So as a result of the discussion, I tightened up the contract, and Eliza and Elsa assisted me, and now I blacksmith everything but entertainment activities.

Kite, who was constantly wondering why he was being made to play the pooler until he returned to Earth, is foolish at the sigh.

"In other words, in Kite's case, you got nostalgic for the two of us and at some point you traded a contract that resembled a magic contract for use. It doesn't feel like Kate is the Lord and the two of us are squires. Well, there's more..."

Once again Tina says something extra. I went on to say something more, so Kate half-seriously stared and shut him up.

"... kite? Let me listen to you later, okay?

"Kite, why don't you just throw it all up right now? It'll be easier, won't it?

Yuri smiles and says so, having become a female/user demon and a great grasp of what happened. Furthermore, the cherry blossoms, which have always been bright blue, regain a little blood and both say with a radiant smile. However, Yuri's eyes were not laughing, and the gloss had disappeared from her cherry blossom eyes. We both had no dreams of it all.

"No, that's not why I moved to be aggressive! It just happened for some reason! I'm not bad!

"I don't know if I'm going to put a story on the smoke, but these two don't get it, do they?

Whatever you think, Cherry Blossom didn't think he was playing the game. Yuri naturally doesn't even know the source of the story. I couldn't get the story grasped as a story...... it should have been.

"Ah, it's a duke connection, isn't it? That's my son over there...... if you want to cut your hair? This place is round-cut from ancient Japan.

"Huh? Don't you know?

Unexpectedly, Kate and Tina open their eyes. I didn't think cherry blossoms would normally like to play games.

"I play most of that series if it includes remakes..."

"Mm-hmm? So, do you do this or something?

That said, I take out some similar style of game software that Tina had stored in different spaces. A few of them seem to have played cherry blossoms, and the two of us are going to be thrilled.

Seeing as the cherry blossoms have recovered over time, Kite is just a little relieved. As a matter of fact, Tina was designed to be like this. Seeing the two, the other faces recovered even more, although slightly.

"Hey, let's get back to business...... I'm helping because I have support for me who tends to be absent from the two of us. Instead, I also support entertainment activities.

"Hmm. Specifically?

That's how Yuri feels from years of dating when she sees that Kate has smiled differently somewhere and at all times. By the way, cherry blossoms still didn't have enough power to notice this slight difference.

"… mainly in terms of mobility using metastatic systems.

That's what I say and I turn a blind eye to Kite. But now the cherry blossoms noticed something strange. In other words, at the end of his gaze, the cherry blossom stood with a glossless eye smile. And the cherry blossoms opened their mouths.

"Anything else?

"... na... no, there is a bit.

On a slight patrol, Kate decides to admit that she is about to make Worst's decision with one hair at a time. but naturally not a little was found out by everyone.

"Ho, ha...?

"... I take responsibility.


Though I'm not going to take responsibility, it's not exactly moving that way from the beginning with Kite. No, but it does for some reason. Kuzha, it was that the women close to Kite, starting with Yuri, were haunting their heads.

As such, we talked about interracials who were frequently engaged in entertainment activities, and were surprised to be able to regain some spiritual equilibrium with them.

"Ha... so how can you not know the third Heavenly Taoist? Kite's house was next to Heaven's Road, wasn't it?

I don't know all the sidelines exactly, but cherry blossoms know everything about the sidelines that are in school. The student chairman is impressive.

"No, my house is at the end of the sidelines. You don't know because you don't have a hand in the main house. Besides, seeing that you haven't even notified Cherry Blossom, you really only know a small part of it, don't you?

"Well, I'm sure... at least you know your grandfather and father..."

"I think your father would know about the Shrine Temple family. Later... some of the auxiliary council attendees who are splitting up may know.

The two raise a person who is likely to know, but it is all but an imagination, and the details are in darkness. By the way, as a matter of fact, both Kate and Tina are grasping the information that the Lord would know, but now it's not the point, and I was silent because the shock seemed so great.

"I guess. But the interracials connected to each house rarely show up because of their influence on their descendants, so they can't grasp their tails. The Tendo family found out it was Dragon blood because I found out it was mixed up with Dragon blood, right? I have no idea what kind of organization or how many there are.

Kate flaunts her shoulders. Naturally, if we are in Japan, the power of interracial blood will not be strengthened, and if we are not strengthened, we will not be the same as human beings, so we cannot know. Even though we knew it was mixed, the thinner the blood, the less we knew what connection it was. On several occasions, Masao Murakami and Masao also went into and out of the Tendo family to explore, but they were alerted as the head of another force and could not grasp their tails at all.

"Well, I think the action is taking place because I just lost my blood line... because every force was basically non-interferent until I came out, and the third one was a no-reaction even when I tied two tissues together. Well, there's just not going to be any hostility... but if we talk any more, it's going to take time, so let's do the rest next time.

Kite reassures me by saying that there are no demonic or interracial raids on my family in the dark. Although there was considerable mental shock along the way, he managed to start training.