We had lunch and managed to recover from the mental shock forcefully together. We all had no appetite, so we made it lighter, so time hasn't passed much. So when Kate exercised lightly with both her stomach and stomach, she resumed her commentary on the same.

"So, I'm going to start training... as I explained earlier about Weapon moves (Arts). Naturally, a weapon corresponding to this weapon technique (Arts) must be used and recognized as such. Before that, weapons moves (arts) cannot be used without weapons that can be used first.

"And do you think we can still have that weapon? I see it as something that seems pretty expensive......

From now on, I will acquire the application of weapon technique (arts), so Ruiki will ask. but kite denied it a little mischievously for this.

"No, I can't use it if it's the current Mizuki trees in the first place. That's because Sola and the others are the same. I told you. What I teach you is its application.

After denying the words of Mizuki, Kate takes the commonly circulated iron two-handed sword out of her sheath, which she had brought to her feet before training.

"These two-handed swords are everywhere. Mizuki, take it.

That being said, Kate nabs the two-handed sword in the sheath again and hands the two-handed sword to Mizuki. That's how I make sure she doesn't have any kind of weirdness.

"You seem to have worse quality than what I use.

"Well, that was delivered by the merchant in the Duke's possession. It's incomparable.

Exactly, Mizuki uses the same two-handed sword herself, and even more so has quite an eye-catching arm as an upper class native. I saw the quality just a little bit. That should also be the result of the fact that Kite only considered using it once, so even the city's arms stores bought cheap items. It was a two-handed sword, simply because it was the cheapest in the store.

"I don't think there's any such thing as a philosophy.

Mizuki says so again by nabbing a sword and returning a two-handed sword to Kite.

"Well, otherwise, there's no point in the moves we're going to teach.

Kite says that boastfully somewhere. The advantage of this move is that it can be used with weapons of any quality. That's why I wasn't focused on quality. Rather than that, otherwise the budget issue makes this move less meaningful to them.

"So, what do you teach, that's a simulated weapon move (Arts). Normally, weapon moves (arts) activate weapon moves (arts) via weapon-derived magic... The magic of a weapon with weapon moves (arts) seems to be a concept. The concept, that is, this is what this is all about, has the magic to make an event happen. For example, if I had a knife, I would disable the magic phenomenon. If Al had a weapon, it would freeze the perimeter, something like that. These represent the act itself. These are hard to understand..."

That's how Kate points to Lil's weapon. Her spear would have turned into a flame if she activated a weapon move (Arts).

"Lil's weapon is easy to understand. Lil's weapon technique is that this spear is a flame, right?

"Yeah, that's what happens when you explain it now. In fact, if you activate a weapon move (Arts), it will be a pure flame. You can also hit this spear and burn your opponent.

"Isn't Lil hot?

Sure, Lil's weapon was turned into a flame, so he looks surprised if the moment isn't hot.

"Because I am acknowledged.

That's what I flat out say, Lil. Turned the spear into flames again, as shown by that.

"Snakes are never exposed to their own poison. Same as that.

Lil flatly touches a spear that has become a burning flaming spear. Seeing it, Kate nodded and resumed her explanation.

"This is the big difference between those who are recognized and those who are not. Weapons with weapons moves (arts) will never be betrayed unless this one betrays you. That's even if the weapon is stolen. Therefore, the weapon itself cannot refuse to harm a person recognized by the weapon in an attempt to harm him with the weapon. Conversely, a bandit who stole a weapon with a weapon move (Arts) died buying a weapon's displeasure, something I sometimes hear. Well, I hear laughing stories about how the original owner looked painfully at the reversal of a weapon that was angry about being stolen.

"Is that so..."

I don't understand it, but the three of them decided to understand it. By the way, Sola and the others have the same understanding.

"Well. Well, if you want to hear more, ask Tina, too. So, what do I teach you, the art of incorporating this concept into the force of a weapon? The point is to teach impromptu weapons craftsmanship.

That's what Kate says. Put up her two-handed sword and get her breathing ready. Kite didn't have to do this to use it, but she took her time to show it to them.

"Stay back.

That's what Kate said and kept us away from each other just a little bit, putting up a two-handed sword on the big upper stage... and dropping it right down.

"... Shit. I wasn't thinking about what to use.


Together, I watched as if I was curious about what would happen from the time Kate set up. I accidentally put in a scratch.

"Do you want me to use something? Accept the request.

Haha, and kite scratching her cheeks with a lighted look.

"Well, it's kind of flashy.

Sora sighs and requests so. With that in mind, Kite thinks of only a few things to use.

"It's flashy... you know, I get it.... Then let it be that one.

That being said, Kate once again sets his two-handed sword forward.


When Kite can roar, the weapon gets huge all at once, up to about 100 meters long.


Kate flashes her huge two-handed sword into a horizontal sword. The giant moved at an unbelievable rate, and the aftermath produced an unbelievably auspicious wind, with small tornadoes around. And the moment momentum stopped, the huge two-handed sword that Kate had went back to its original size.

"And it feels like saying. Tina, if you reproduce this by magic, what happens?

Tina, questioned, gave the answer.

"Well, naturally, then, the weapon itself explodes without withstanding witchcraft, well held and only a blow, bye. If it's going to be a practical size, it's often 2 meters... if you're going to stick to the size, you should change the material.

"By contrast, I can be that big for my moves. Besides, it's a magic power of my own origin, so I can't use it.

Ask me, what a convenient move it seemed. I do not see why this is not universalised.

"But naturally there are both a number and disadvantages. First of all, the weapon is severely depleted. It can be used several times even in the present sheer enormity. The intensity deterioration after use is remarkable because it is forced to become huge. It is difficult to incorporate the concept next. Well, incorporate a new concept into the finished object. It is naturally harder than granting.

"Is it not the same as the granting ceremony?

Mizuki tilts her neck to explain the kite, which resembles the grant technique (enchant) to be performed on the weapon.

"It looks the same. The effects are similar...... but different by the way. Granting Ceremony (Enchant) is an object that enchants a weapon with witchcraft and alters its circumference.

In other words, the granting ceremony (enchant) only grants witchcraft, and the weapon itself is not changing.

"By contrast, mine is making a difference from the inside, changing the weapon itself. And the biggest difference is power. A weapon that has changed only outside and a weapon completely separate from the inside. Weapons that are completely separate from each other from the inside are more overwhelming. For example, the addition of the flame attribute also makes the difference that the granting technique (enchant) involves the weapon wrapping the flame, whereas it incorporates the weapon itself turning it into a flame. Well, even the Granting Ceremony (Enchant) can be a flame if used by super-high surgeons... well, that's the job of a specialist surgeon.

So now I add the concept of flame to my two-handed sword. Then there was a two-handed sword made of flames.


Kate waves her two-handed sword down to the ground in one breath. The moment he collided with the ground, a huge explosion was created on the front of the kite.

"Well, here's the thing... hey, is this the limit?

Kite, who just seems a little sorry, says so. No, the two-handed sword went back to its original iron sword. The undone two-handed sword, but there were countless carvings there. And the next moment. The two-handed sword collapsed without sound. I'm sorry, but I was close to regretting that I bought it and broke it after several uses.

"As such, life expectancy shrinks sharply... well, it's so early because I did something iron and unscrupulous... if I did the same thing 10 times in Rui Tree today, it would break.

"How much can you do with me now?

Mizuki, so reputed by Kite, asks Kite.

"Hmm...... well, 5 meters with huge. 10 seconds with flaming, it's impossible to explode. This is another disadvantage. The power changes depending on the person who incorporates it.

While carefully observing Rui Shu, Kate answered. The carefully observed Mizuki seemed to illuminate only a little, but since I had heard it myself, I had accepted it.

Originally, a weapon technique (arts) used with a decent weapon guarantees minimal power, regardless of the power of the user, if the magic power is decent. but in the case of kite moves, depending on the user's situation, the power would be reduced.

"By the way, what happens if Kate does everything she can?

If it varies from user to user, it is naturally the case of kite that concerns me. The moment raised his hand and inquired.

"In my case?...... Huge 3 km with only one blow, explosion...... about 1 km radius? As long as the sword can withstand both flaming and gigantic, yeah.

"As always, you're flying...... So, how do you do it?

The moment came back with the same answer that blew me, although I heard it, so there's no point in referring to it, so I go back to the point.

"Explain it in flames? Think of the flame itself first...... yeah, that would be better if you could activate an unchanging fireball (fire ball) if you could.

So said Mizuki and the other three newcomers, they are incapable of creating flames.

"Here's the thing?

That's what Rin makes Kite look like. Mizuki was similarly able to produce flames. but moments don't work.

"... sorry. I still can't use magic.

"Uh, well, I guess so. Then you can just watch now.

Actually, there's nothing wrong with whether this is possible or not, so Kate just gave him an instant tour.

"So, Rin and Mizuki are fine...... now identify the flaming part with that magic ceremony. And extract it.

"There's no way you can! Identify the flame, extract it, is it a monster!

Rin, who was seriously listening to the course the moment Kate told him to identify the flaming part from the surgery ceremony, steps on and says that out loud. Kate also took this statement for granted, so she laughs openly.

"I don't know... so this is the hard part. First of all, the concept itself needs to be extracted. And all I can say is Tina or something. I didn't do it either in battle or anything. Well, I mean, the procedure doesn't make sense right now. If you do it normally, it's a degree of thought.

"... Then why did you make me do it?

Mizuki, who is said to be futile, asks Kite with her jitsu eyes. By the way, until the part where Kate taught me, I still managed to figure it out for anyone.

"It's not like there's no point. I can still do this, to the extent that. Well, put aside the positive-attack method... even more of a backwash appearance from here on out.

As such, Kite showed us an even easier way.