In different spaces, three people, Mitsuki and Rin, were asked to teach directly from Kate. Thus, the three took it upon themselves to extract and incorporate the concepts taught by Kate as taught, but it was frustrating. It seems like a long way to go, and it breaks my heart.

"... and this is why this is so difficult. First of all, the concept itself needs to be extracted. of, but there is a way to make this easier.

Three at once frustrated, but face up to Kate's words. On its face, there was some hope.

"Mizuki, do you know any famous legendary and anecdotal weapons on Earth?

Kate dares to ask Rui Shu, who is likely to have the most cultural upbringing of the three.

"Right...... in the famous spot, King Arthur's Holy Sword Excalibur, its chosen sword Caliburn. Siegfried Demon Sword Glam. Gungnir of Odin, the Lord God who broke it. If it was China, Sun Wukong's Ruyi Golden Hoop Stick, Princess Iron Fan's Basho Fan, and Sankoku's Guan Yunchang's Blue Dragon Lunar Knife. Snake spear of Zhang Yidu. You have Cao Mengde's Blue Red and Leaning Heavenly Sword and Indra's Vajra, the main god of India. There are other Brewnags of Lou, the Sun God, in Celtic mythology Tuahr De Danang. Gay Borg of Celtic hero Coo Houlin as well. If it's Japan, I'd like to say Murakami... it's something you'll have. What about the heavenly jungle clouds, the heavenly feathers slaughtered and the lightning cut of Tachibana Road snow?

Unfortunately, Mizuki raises something that seems famous. As for kite, two or three would have been nice, but I was a little more surprised to get a name than I thought, and my face was cramped. Kate and Tina looked through various literature after the Earth's return, so they knew most of the stuff, but the faces that didn't happen were flashy.

"Oh, no, I'm glad you didn't raise it so much... well, naturally there's an anecdote to these weapons. And naturally, it conveys its achievements... so let me divert it exactly the same way. Thunder cuts, for example, are easy to understand. I cut the thunder. Can you imagine that?

"Well, somehow......

That's what the instant I made the sound earlier says. But if he was just going to cut the thunder, it was easy to imagine. And that was the advantage of Kite's method. Because extraction cannot be done at all, it was decided to incorporate the same thing. Well, since the strength has increased as a disadvantage for that matter, it will be used less often, but the power was added instead.

"Then imagine it robustly, and dwell on the sword..." Oh, this is hard too, so you don't have to think you can do it from the beginning. Watch and remember first. Tina, I'm sorry, but I need thunder this time.

So, seeing the three of them desperately trying to start imagining, Kate smiled bitterly and hung up the stop. Of course, it was weirder to be able to imagine a weapon that had become legendary when they told me to imagine it.


That's what Kite says. Now he takes out the iron knife with no philosophy whatsoever and pulls it out. Tina also thundered to go with it.

"< >."


That being said, the blow Kite unleashed collided with Tina's thunder strike and tore Tina's thunder strike apart. That way, kite becomes just a little lit face before the same surprise. but regained his mind and Kate continued her commentary.

"Well, then the only thing you can do is knife, of course, but it's not. Even spears are possible. Tina, now let me show you a bunch of ice. It would help if you could move around.

"To this extent?

Tina, instructed by Kite, appears about 100 pieces of ice. It is about the size of an adult woman and moves around endlessly at that speed.

"Too many...... but okay. < >."

Kite's magical spear is released from Kite's hand. No, it goes straight to the ice cube. Ice cubes move around trying to avoid it, but spears along with it also change orbit, eventually getting pierced and smashing scattered. The spear that pierced the ice mass set its aim for the next ice mass as it was, and began pursuing it.

"... don't be just too much. Do you want to keep him in at last? < >."

That being said, Kite created an oversized thunder and threw it like a spear. The thunder thrown evaporated the exhaustion of the ice that fell within its range, while disappearing to the other side of the sky. 70% of the ice disappeared in this blow, further accelerating spear throwing and wiping out all the ice at once.

"And, well, that's what I built into the spear. Well, seniors would be easy to do. We're just going to create a weapon that we built in from the beginning.

"Hmm... does that mean I'm easier?

Ask Kite so that the moment she realizes it's the same way to think about it. And Kate nodded.

"Oh...... but earlier < > is not a spear. Vajra pestle. The spear now incorporates the power of < >. It's also an advantage of this technique to be able to use it in these applied ways.

Kite speaks with a little pride. Yes, there was no problem with the subject incorporating the concept of a spear held by a hero being a knife, beyond just incorporating the concept. This was the advantage of Kite's unique method.

"So, what's the downside?

From the way things have been so far, the three of us anticipate the disadvantages as they deserve.

"Naturally the weapon drains faster. Next, can you imagine the history of these heroes' weapons? That's how you can imagine the legendary weapons and put that concept into the weapon. The point is, I think this weapon is a rebound of the legendary weapon.... because it's not easy, and I can't do it without knowing the legendary weapon in the first place... naturally I need the amount of knowledge.

That way, Kite breaks down the downside once and raises the downside.

"Well, it's still easy because we can still just put the concept of weapons in our weapons. Create and extract flame attributes and other concepts, incorporate them into other weapons that do not originally exist, and use them… naturally the difficulty increases. In the first place, we incorporate the concept of non-weapon into the weapon, so there is a rejection both on the weapon itself and on the conceptual side. Naturally, suppressing it consumes a lot of magic. Incorporating weapons with concepts in them is still less of a rejection. Some legendary weapons have rebuilt legendary weapons. I guess the world itself is still convincing.

So Solah and the others that had been trained before them, even the men of Al-Daenephia, had words of suspicion in their ears. So as Sora thought, I put it out in my mouth.

"What do you mean, the world itself is convinced?

"The theory was definitely denied 100 years ago. Mr. Kite hasn't been around for 300 years, so it's no wonder he doesn't know..."

Lil, who remembered about Kite, said so with a convinced face. The more Al and the others were convinced. Al and the others were surprised to see why Kate didn't know so much about common sense. but this raises questions for kite in contrast.

"No, well... what do you mean?

As the Al's and the others were nodding at Lil's words, Kate unwittingly shrugs back. So, as I think of Kite, I expressed my doubts.

"Denied about the will of the world in the first place, what do you mean?

"It should have been the conclusion that both witchcraft and magic are forces that naturally exist together, and therefore no modification from the world will work. From there it is concluded that the will of the world cannot be confirmed and that there is no will.

"What a fool. That would explain the modifying power from the world in the first place.

"It is deduced that it is not the rebellion that accompanies the alteration of events.

"Wait... then you can't explain what happened once the alteration was confirmed. What happens to magic ceremonies like causal alteration? That doesn't change the world itself. Where the world itself has changed, we're trying to fix it properly, right? Besides, rebellion won't completely undo it. There's really going to be a loss. But......"

Tina, an expert in the sorcery system in general, accidentally penetrates Lil's commentary on Kate's inquiry. Lil interrupted and concluded with further questions, reasoning, and conclusions.

"Sure, because you exceeded the threshold, that was an explanation. It means that the threshold has been exceeded but therefore the rebellion force is weakened or can no longer exist.

What Lil is trying to say is that the spring has stretched out and is barely back, or the spring has run out and won't go back. That would certainly, for once, be explained. but the question flew from Tina.

"It's just a matter of appearance. Slowly, actually, but back to normal. That's not why we can have a complete resuscitation. What the hell are you thinking..."

That's how Tina stares at Lil half-eyed. but naturally lil doesn't think about it, so lil looks in trouble. So she tells Tina with a face of trouble that she's just gone a little bit. It was a mistake to inadvertently answer Tina's question.

"... no, um... I'm not the one who uttered this theory either, so whatever... I didn't verify it..."

"Mm-hmm? So is that. I'm sorry. We'll find out for ourselves later.

Tina, who was told so, scratches her cheek and apologizes that it was definitely a strain. That's how Kate tells the two of them how to draw a simple conclusion.

"... or did no one ask the spirits? Those guys will make an immediate stop.

Naturally, the will of the world exists. but kite is the only one who can give such a simple answer, of course.

"... Lord, have you forgotten how little you exist?

Tina tells Kite, in a voice like she was stunned. Yes, we can summon the Great Spirit to such human mischief, only Kite. He didn't understand it.

"Hmm? Really?... well, okay. Well, the world itself is willing to try to get it back. Because the world has been changed unusually against the will of the world, naturally. Naturally, however, the smaller the alteration, the smaller the anomaly, the smaller the corrective power. Therefore, incorporating weapons into weapons is less modifiable. The point is, we've rebuilt the legendary weapon, to the extent it takes.... Well, this is where things that don't exist are supposed to be, so the corrective power to try to erase them works... Still, there's just more magic consumption, and the difficulty drops.

Today, and I wonder if Tina's words are like that, Kite proceeds further with the commentary. but Rin, who had suddenly become a serious theory about whether it was a remnant earlier, asked Kate as she held her head.

"I don't care about theories and theories around there. What can we teach you?

"Well, Rin is a snake-bellied sword. There are no heroes on Earth. And you say... blah, if magic is a planet that generally doesn't exist, the snakebelly sword itself doesn't exist.

"Huh!? Really?!? Then why are you so famous!?

Rin, who never thought that the weapon he was using was a fantastic product, turns his eyes round and is surprised. Besides, Kite answered somewhat difficult.

"... is a product of Japanese geek culture. Wouldn't it be amazing if a sword in a melee, a whip in pursuit, a spike like a spear were made of one weapon? That's what you call a romance weapon.

By the way, this surprised Kate when she found out too.

"This is why Japan...

Rin has a deeply disdainful look, but Rin is also the one who chose it.

"Well, that's such a snakebelly sword, but it's not made of sword strength or anything. Hey, snakebelly, why don't you open the sword and wire it out?

Rin stretches the snake belly sword slightly as he is told and takes out the internal wire. Since wires are just made of metal, there are various problems due to strength and manipulation problems, they were made of magic silver (misril), a magic metal - but mass produced.

"The magic letters are engraved on it, aren't they? Besides, there's also a magic letter engraved inside the sword, which makes it more powerful, so it's a use in Enefia. Besides, you can control the snake-bellied sword's orbit with magic. The danger is also small.

"So you can't incorporate the weapons described earlier, can you?

"Well, I wish I could use the hero's stuff over here... I'm not familiar with it. So, I couldn't help it, so I knitted up some funny moves. I'll tell you later. Is this where the basics are?

Naturally, it was important to know if Kate's moves could be imagined. So the more I know about its history, the more I can use its power. If this is the heroes from Earth, they are somewhat familiar, and there is a connection somewhere, so it is still easy to understand, but in a hero who seems to be only in Enefia, it is necessary to know more about his history and the myths on which the legend is based. It was such a waste of time that Kate had no choice but to teach herself the moves of knowing. Incidentally, this is slightly the same for cherry blossoms, which have few heroes who use swords.

"By the way, Sho. How well are you guys doing?

The moment asks the Shangs, who had been practicing about a week earlier, as a guide.

"Er, right... I can only practice about ten times a day because of the amount of magic I do... I haven't been able to do it once. The moves are < >. Uh, are you from medieval Europe?

Sho looks at Kate and asks about a medieval greatness he doesn't know very well. Besides, Kate nodded, and started commenting. Why did Kate do it? Sho still didn't get a good idea of the great man.

"Oh, that's the sword supposedly held by an alchemist called Parakellus or Hohenheim. What I taught Sho was named after the person's rediscovery of the four elements. Well, inherently, the Azotto sword is best used as a healing or alchemy technique from inheritance... because of the inheritance that the sage stone was embedded, the difficulty is increased at once. The owner let me pass it on. Because he has the Azotto sword, he made it a concept that Sho is a parakerus. Other than Sho, it's a pleasure to learn what moves.

"Well, let me look forward to it.

The moment brings a pleasant grin to the way kite is said. Besides, Kate said with the same grin.

"Oh... well, the faces I've already taught you are in their own practice. The other three are going over there with me.

That said, Kate took the three new arrivals and walked away a little.