A little further away from Sola and the others who started practicing on their own in different spaces, Kate starts talking again.

"So, I'm going to teach the three of you... and I'm not afraid to think about what I'm going to teach you. First of all, Mizuki. Does Mizuki know about dragon killing?

"Of course... in Japan, there are Vegetarian Naruto (Susano Onomikoto), Gelman's Beowulf, Siegfried, St. Georg, etc. There's more..."

"... oh, that's about it.

The name went up more than Kate expected, but there was a name she didn't dare to raise, so Kate let her cut it up. It was a kite that was stunned by the same amount of knowledge, but in the meantime, I decided to think that this knowledge would be appreciated because it would not be in vain, but rather because it was a benefit.

"So, I'm not going to dare teach the trump card to kill dragons...... one problem. Western-European weapons contain all the elements of the Devil's Sword. I come for the inevitable considerable price. So, so I'm going to teach you a relatively low-cost weapon with a show bill first.

"Well, Siegfried's glam was all wretched down by its owners, and Beowulf's nailing hit the dragon's head and broke.

As he nods at Kate's words, Mizuki raises the disadvantages of legendary stories. Kite nodded at it and added more supplements.

"In Beowulf's case, Flunting is more famous... although Flunting doesn't work against sarcastic opponents.

"... oh? Speaking of which, isn't St. Georg's Ascaron definitely the Holy Sword? I don't remember any devastating anecdotes. Well, there are a lot of different kinds of spears... but it didn't matter.

Mizuki asks, recalling that Kate said earlier that we could incorporate weapons from another system. By the way, St. Georg is also a monotheistic great man who crusaded dragons, but Kate makes a slightly troubled face.

"Uh, St. Georg's a great monotheistic man, isn't he? I've been converting people from the land where the dragons lived since then... and this is a troublesome place... me and Tina have been wary of all the thoughtless monotheistic groups over the last few years on Earth. Monotheistic weapons like Ascaron and Longinus have not even been seen replicas. Besides, if you're not a believer, you can't use it unless it's a weapon closely related to religion. I can't reproduce it.

As a kite, I was also interested in monotheistic weapons, but just as unpopular as showing my secret weapons and secret tracks to my wary opponents. For this reason, if they knew who they were, they would almost certainly eat the front door payment. Well, I don't know who I am.

"Vigilance... how the hell is that?

Nonetheless, it is one of the largest religions on Earth. Mitsuki didn't know that was the reason to be wary of the anonymous kite on Earth.

"It gets longer to elaborate... In short, there are many myths and races left of relics everywhere that monotheism has made obsolete or crusaded as heresy... They're wary that they're going to retaliate against me.

"Well, you don't even know.

If Kite smiled bitterly, Mizuki was also convinced. It is the monotheistic religion of the earth that has so far excluded numerous religions, myths and interracials as cults, heretics and demons. As a result, we were able to become a major force on the planet… Naturally, there were few resentments we bought, and after deepening our intimacy with the interracials and gods, it was only natural to be vigilant and wary of Kite, who summed them up on a global scale.

"That's why St. Georg's is dismissed. Well, if it's okay with a weapon that I think is like this, that's fine. Besides... St. Georg's story is supposed to be the first one to be knocked down with a spear. I just don't know the truth. Just because you can incorporate a spear into a two-handed sword, that's better if you need a two-handed sword. It makes me less uncomfortable.

"Yeah...... or do you really know it.

Mizuki opens her eyes only slightly to admire the knowledge of Kite, who returns to such things as sounding if she hits him.

"In my case, this is the lifeline. Naturally, I know the weapons of the heroes of Enefia, and I own some of them for real. If you want to see it, why don't I show it to you later?

"Yeah, definitely. You're still confident in your eyes, right?

I say that confidently, Rui Tree. Does it seem a little happy because you like to see beautiful artwork? Besides, Kate smiles like a boy who comes up with just a little mischief. Moments and Rin seemed to notice, but Mizuki didn't. Well, Kate laughed in a position she couldn't see from her.

"Well... well, I hope so... you haven't said the biggest downsides and advantages of this move. Disadvantages first...... Using this move will also grant the owner the concept of that hero. In the case of the previous gram, it naturally encapsulates the doom. If you use it for a long time, it will definitely kill you.

"Don't try to teach me those moves!

The moment I hear too extreme a disadvantage, I yell at that moment. Nevertheless, this is only in the case of polar theory. Naturally, Kite was thinking not to either. So Kate seized the moment she embarked on herself and told her.

"Well, wait. I'm just talking about not having to use it for that long. I don't always possess it. Once lifted, the curse on nature and its owner is also lifted. The point is, there's a time limit, just think about it.

"Oh, you mean that.

"Well, as it is now, I'm sure it will be out of magic and unusable before the curse comes out, so don't worry. But it's a matter of not knowing. I told you first...... so, benefits, but this turns it over.... Mizuki, what's Siegfried famous about?

Asked Mizuki remembers the story's awesomeness and begins to tell a famous anecdote.

"Did you bathe in blood and become immortal when you crusaded Evil Dragon Fafnir... it seems that part was excluded because of a single leaf sticking to your back... could you possibly be a pseudo immortal?

"That's the thing.

Kite laughs and answers that. Even though there was a time limit, it was an extra advantage to compensate for the disadvantages.

"That's... that's a hell of a benefit. A short showdown would be invincible.

"Well, it's still fake, so overwhelmingly the power is deactivated on the person above it. Don't be overconfident. That's what I teach you… < >.

That said, Kite creates a sword that glows about 140 centimeters red and black. It boasts a bloodthirsty red

but including them, where was the body, it was beautiful.

"Is it real...?

Attracted by the breathtaking beauty, Mizuki looks at the Great Sword with a look resembling intoxication. It was a beauty that was not the ratio of all ancient and present East and West ancient artwork that I had ever seen. but kite smiled at the question and shook her neck to the side.

And he was a little glad that the fake which he had made was to be praised when it came to pass. Well, as a blacksmith and a kite who has seen the real thing, I'm still not convinced of this.

"No, it's fake... the real thing is hidden in a Nordic hideout on Earth. The owner now is Siegfried's daughter. Naturally, it's your family heirloom.

"... have you seen it?

I find Mizuki breathtaking because she saw the real thing without thinking about the shaping that was too real. A sibling was similarly breathtaking. Thus, Kate nods to Rui Shu's inquiry.

"Yes. They relied on the handouts to get to the hidden inside, and there was so much to show. There are also several hiding places on earth that possess these legendary weapons, as well as interracials and gods. By the way, you live in hiding with the Heavenly Nation that the Divine Nation is Enefia. Still, if you get on the surface, the influence is comparable to the Kuzha guys... well, there are some guys who came out of the war once... but he's not busy when he comes out... I wonder if he's doing well.

Kite changed from talking to some nostalgic mouthfeel. This divine tribe is at random a little more than or equal in influence to the heroes and ancestors of the founding kingdom, and I do not want it to come out as a kite if possible.

By the way, when Kate and this Divine Clan came out in unison, it was a secret that I wanted them to pull in - even from the Divine Clan - because it wouldn't be a busy thing. As such, Mizuki inquired in a rather curious manner about Kite, who had an ungrateful idea for anyone that she would go and see him for a long time.

"What gods... are you there?

"I'll treat you like a god. Still overwhelmingly more powerful than the other species. Comparable would be the chiefs of all kinds and the dragons of the seniors... No, it's just inferior to the < > and spirits. They are the most powerful life in this world.

Fix it at the end with Kate laughing. We lifted up so many Divine tribes that we received protests from the Great Spirits - mainly Sylphi. Therefore, lift up the spirits for once.

"And then you can take down Kite at your leisure, too. Tina is overwhelmed, too.

"You and Kuzha now would be able to defeat a concomitant divine clan. Well, I own a god-killing weapon, too. It's the treatment of natural enemies against them from the world.

Kate only knows how to fly about it, and she just flaunts her shoulders. He made the mightiest brave men of both worlds possess even more of the weapon of God's killing. No matter how strong they were, they gained victory without any problems, even for the Divine Nation, more than they possessed the weapons of the Special Attack.

"So, I want Rui Shu to master this... well, now you can't. Remember this < >.

With that said, Kate creates a sword made up of flames. That said, it was a sword made of a fairly small flame because Kate is now forcefully suppressing the flames.

"Levatein... the sult sword that burned everything down in Ragnarek, right?

"Oh...... the downside is that if you use it too much, you burn yourself out too. The advantage is that the flame giant used it, thus disabling any fire attributes. Well, let me use it once... Ooh!

When Kate untangles the sword, she sweeps it off her side. Then the slaughter turned into flames and burned the front of the kite.

"I'll tell you more about it later.

"Yes, please.

As such, Kate further taught Rui Shu the plan of what steps to follow in turn.

"So, seniors next. I'll tell my senior a few things. Start by learning from these three bottles in whatever order you like.

That's what Kite said. He created three spears in the air. One of them was a spear that I saw momentarily before and still practice. So the moment he realized it, he revealed his surprise.

"That's... the spear I saw before!

Moments see golden glowing spears in an excited way.

"Hmm? Was this..."

That's what Kate said. She took the golden spear. It was already the other side of the oblivion as to which spear fought Al, so Kate couldn't figure out who he was.

"This is a special spear for Indra, the military god, to slaughter even the gods supposedly inflicted on Karna, the Indian hero, in one blow. The name is < >. The disadvantage is that you can only use one shot a day while using any absolute protection. The downside of a time limit is the unavailability of all temporary weapon moves (arts) and the fact that wheels such as carriages come off and become inactive if you are riding… Well, given the original anecdote, it's a level of silence every day, and it's unusual for Enefia to fight on a carriage in the first place. but the inability to use weapon moves (arts) becomes a dead and alive issue. Well, these disadvantages will be erased if you create them as Indra's weapon... but instead you eat a hell of a lot of magic. I only use it as a trump card, too. By the way, the Military Divine Attorney is not that strong.

tell as Kate shook her head. The original Karna anecdote was that < > could only be used once. Given that, it would be practical enough.

"You weren't gunnil..."

The second I thought it was Gungnir because the spear I threw kept chasing my enemies. Actually, Kite was just manipulating it so Al wouldn't be alerted to the factor of continuing to aim even when it came off. The moment I didn't even think of it as dew, it would be impossible not to know.

"Karna, speaking of gold armor and earrings is fine?

Mizuki, who apparently even remembers Indian mythology, inquired in memory of Kate's famous arsenal of heroes.

Karna had been given armor and earrings integrated with herself by her father, Sulya, the Sun God, to testify that she was her own son. By the way, in Karna's legend, this armor is more famous. That's why it's now time for Kate to look back at Mitsuki's allegations.

Hero Karna is only famous in India, but it was a myth not very familiar in Japan. By the way, it's not surprising to know that 'Maharbour Rata', with his story, is a fairly famous epic in the Middle East, but it would still be too familiar with the anecdotes of all the countries of the world. Maybe he's looking into it in his hobby, Kate thought.

"Why are you holding up to Maharbour Rata... well, I think I'm more user-friendly over there too... instead I'm hit by a hell of a number and level of bad luck. It cannot be used with < >. Bad luck doesn't usually seem to have much of an impact, but it's pretty serious during the fight. Speaking from experience, it was just a hell of a lot of stuff, like an ally's stray bullet flying in at a must-win time.

Due to these disadvantages, the servant kite is also reserved only for a moment in the event of inevitability. Well, it doesn't make any sense which one of us is losing out on power at the point of being pushed into an inescapable moment.

"Well, when he uses it the way it should..."

That said, when Kite can magic the spear, purple electricity begins to drift around the spear.


When you stick out the spear in a temper, a great deal of thunder is released in a straight line from the tip of the spear. Thunder stretched everywhere and disappeared at the same time as Kite unraveled her magic.

"As long as we keep putting our magic into it, this thunder will continue. It's a fundamental comparison to the opponent's defense. It's the same even if you use it as a spear. Seniors would do better this way.

"Oh...... so, what else?

Upon being prompted, Kite took a spear with a letter on the tip on his right hand and a spear with five more tips on his left.

"The spear on the right hand side is < > and if you let it go, it will always hit you. Because the benefits were prolonged in witchcraft and even greedy in knowledge, it became somewhat understandable the witchcraft used by the other party. The disadvantage is that if you were a wolf related opponent, you would be weakened and one eye would be unavailable.

That's how you disappear the spear on your right hand and move on to the description on your left.

"This one is a < > Must Win Spear (Brewnag) > > and can attack up to 5 at the same time with an attack stretched from the tip of your ear. The advantages are excellence in witchcraft, combat, etc.; the disadvantages are excellence in general, but one inferior to those with specialized abilities… This disadvantage is due to the fact that I don't know much about Lou. Well, it's user-friendly in its shade. There are no disadvantages due to time limits.

Having said that and finished his commentary, Kite disappears the spear on his left hand. It was just impossible for Kite to know God's weapon, which she had not yet met. So this is all Kate's creation.

"So, the last one...... I don't think this can be used properly for the time being.

Kate said no, she took some disastrously divine spear, more red and black than blood on her right hand. And eyes so ruthless that the moments have never seen them before.

"Koitsu is a spear supposedly used by Ku Fulin, who takes the alias of the Clan's Raptor, < >. He is the hero that Mitsuki had just named. Weapon moves (arts) become 30 thorns if stabbed and burst. So you don't have to die, if you can get hurt with this spear, it won't heal. There are many other ways to draw strange trajectories and definitely hit them, etc. Famous as a spear, there are anecdotes such as throwing and always hitting and piercing enemies at lightning-like speeds... well, a quick story is a must and special weapon. The single biggest disadvantage to the user is that it is non-deductible. Using it only results in the end of killing the other person. Well, there are other things you won't be able to attack your dog lineage opponents, because this one only needs to be careful, so you can deal with it. The downside of a time limit is that your body is numb.

In the original legend, Coo Houlin is a demon spear that was used only at the last minute by even a qualified opponent. Its effects are immense, and even its opponents, before this demon spear, have been defeated. Therefore, Kate reproduced what could not be done differently as a disadvantage.

For the record, there is an anecdote that this Ku Fulin spear was thrown with his legs, but because Kite was denied by the person he met on an edge, Kite has judged it a lie.

"The benefit to users is that they can continue to fight without ever falling down with any serious injuries. Because the legend himself ended up stabbed and fell with this demon spear, took out the spilled built-in, washed it, tucked it in his belly, bracketed himself in a tree, and never fell to the end.

"Dude... what an anecdote.

Kite speaks plainly. Ku Fulin is also a less familiar hero in Japan. You won't have to know the anecdote if the moment doesn't. The instant face was cramped, and Mizuki said it was true.

"Japanese Musashiba Benqing is doing something similar. Let seniors eventually master this. As I told Sola and the others, the pros and cons story is about the final stage. Think of it as a one-shot, special attack weapon you've chosen. By the time you get back to Earth, you can do this, you should think about it.

Against those two, Kate sighs and tells them. As a matter of course, it's the first time that you can incorporate delicacies that have really looming pros and cons. If at all different, it can only be admitted to the extent of a mere replica. That's how I let the last spear disappear.

"So, what am I? Surely, there's no hero with a snakebelly sword, is there?

"Well. I can't help it, so be patient with the moves I've made.

Mizuki, seeing as his brother's commentary is finished, Rin asks Kite. Until now, it has been done with heroes and gods active on Earth, but no one uses the Snake Belly Sword. That's where Kate developed her new moves.