The face of the adventure club, which saw the contents of the note given by the moon, was uniformly stretched out. At some point, I thought it would come, but it was a little close to surprise.

"Is this a bandit crusade request..."

"Sometimes, I thought..."

"Dead or Alive...... life or death.

"Hey kite...... how could you ask for something like this?

It was a request that we could not judge on our own because it included the lives and deaths of others. Everyone's attention was therefore drawn to Kite, who had already gained numerous experiences. That's how it got noticed, Kite, but it was an issue that Ariel couldn't do, so he was a serious eye, too.

"After the Duke took office, I did everything I could with my captivity.

"Before that, I mean..."

Everyone except Tina and Yuri breathes in response to the moment saying so.

"No need to pity the thief. You almost saw the enemy kill.

It was about the time Will or Tina asked him to take advantage of the bandits and capture them. After capturing them both and getting their information, he sentenced them to death by tying them up and beheading them, and showed them off.

"Then why did you tie him up after you became Duke?

"Show me. I need to know what happens if I fall for a thief in my land. Naturally, the death penalty is the only thing you've waited for after your captivity.

Kite was not in any doubt and answered instantly. The face of the ministry of adventure is also wary of its ruthlessness. In the end, it was only the difference between killing then or later.

That said, in fact, Kate is throwing up one lie. At the time, it was said that shortly after the end of the war, so few of the thieves had quite special circumstances. Now is the time for some of the thieves who said that. Few of them had sexual roots that were not rotten and were just doing the thief out of unstoppable circumstances to stop. Kite was limited to those who said so and applied as Duke's minister.

Among those who said so, those who survived were still serving the Duke's family as loyal ministers, sliding from the grace of salvation. An outgoing official from the Duke's house who once disguised Kate and Tina's measurements was a good example of this.

"There is no one in the adventurer or soldier who feels sorry for the thief opponent in the first place. Your lords are mistaken. I think of them as human beings, so I make mistakes. With animals.

"No, it's less than an animal. Animals have reason to be animals, and there are laws. They're worthless things.

We both ruled ruthlessly and painfully so because we survived the war, or because of the gift of education, but there was no disagreement from Yuri either. but the supplement was succeeded instead.

"Well, in the days when the kites were there, it was the end of the war and the beginning of reconstruction from there. It's still a little warm right now. But... the death penalty exists, and it's still being executed.

Taking over the slightly sad words of Yuri, Kate explains her punishment in the Duke's territory.

"The current applicable charges include robbery, assault, rape, arson, murder, etc. In addition, soldiers are subjected to looting, assaults on civilians, and torture referred to as interrogation of the other soldier. Similar objects are imposed on the general public during wartime as an emergency. There are few exceptions and commutations. An injunction is taken in which a lie by witchcraft cannot be vomited at the time the charge is suspected. No right of veto. And no one has refused, except if they're lying.

It is judged that there are no lies using witchcraft, so it was a paperwork that has nothing to fear for those who are guilty of injustice. So there is no one who refuses. On the contrary, he who is lying refuses and tries to flee because the lie is exposed. At that point, there was suspicion of escape, so he was going to be punished either way.

And that's how once Kate saw the faces of all of them, they were uniformly just slightly blued. So Kate smiles bitterly and worries about a slightly softer tone.

"Well, still, there's no need for you guys to fight. But we need that much punishment in this world. Now would be the time for less......

But in the middle of talking. Kate remembers the war she tried. As such, it was unintentional and cold sighted again.

"I saw a number of abandoned villages in the war to taste. Many have seen many villages and cities that were either caught in the war or attacked by demons... but were attacked by bandits. What was there is a tragedy. I hear a woman groaning from somewhere and a child sobbing. I hear men crying for pain and regret. The bodies of the young men, of the fathers, who would have desperately resisted if they had looked forward, were rolling, and the women, who would have been mausoled if they had looked beside them, were lying. There's only one pair of shoes left in the trail that the bandits seem to have gone through... how many cities like this were there? One or two? There was more.

That's how a tear spilled out of Kate's eyes talking. It was a tear of remorse for what could not be saved.

What Kate said is the first thing not to be seen in a peaceful Duke's territory, no, more noble than a duke with good security. That's why I never get that feeling with all the people I hear. So I didn't know how to react to those tears, and I was confused. But Kate went on to confuse herself elsewhere.

"When I first saw it, I killed a human for the first time. But there was no regret... there was reflection.

You remembered the situation at the time, and Kate laughs mockingly. The only person who could react to it was Yuri, who knew it.

"I was so annoyed by your sister. Don't make me worry, don't run alone. Well, they hugged me after that. What if something happens to you?

She wipes the tears of her spilled kite and smiles. Besides, Kate had a grin that wasn't self-derisive just once, and started talking with serious eyes again.

"I still don't think I can beat you... let's get back to it. The bandits who were there begged me to kill them all. I also killed the runner. I felt guilty after crusading... but when I saw the kids back in the city, it was foggy. I haven't had any forgiveness since. Because I can no longer see them as the same humans.

Having said that much, Kite smiled mockingly again.

"... No, you had regrets. I was wondering why I couldn't get to this city sooner. Well, I couldn't stand killing someone else in the end, and I passed out, Mr. Hexen... the captain of the unit I was in at the time took me home carrying me... but I woke up and saw the children crying over the respiratory adult wreckage. Few of the mausoleum women regained their sanity and lost their lives themselves. The men were devastated by despair, and the days of being done for many nights went on. Everyone had hopeless eyes. Still, the village chief and some of the guys thanked me for helping the kidnapped children and women. I would have been more miserable if you hadn't been here.

Until then, Kite's self-derisive grin was still a small thing. But remembering the next scene, Kate finally had her self-derision spilled out of her mouth.

"Still, some of them resented each other. Not one or two stones were thrown in that city. I don't know why you didn't come sooner. If you were sooner, my daughter wouldn't have let herself die, but the number of people who got cursed like that would have exceeded 10. In another city, some of the guys died in front of me, mocking me for saying they were protesting and praising me with the Savior. Every time I thought about it. I thought there was something more I could have done.

"Kite, I've told you so many times... that's a needless remorse, isn't it?

Tina finally hung up on Kite, who grinned herself like crazy all the time. We can't save everything, that's what she told Kate so many times when she started teaching her politics and tricks. That, too, was much weaker then than it is now. With a good understanding of it, he saw something dangerous in Kite, who laughed at himself as if he could not save him.

"I know. We didn't have the means to detect a bandit attack back then, nor did we stay in the city. It's just a city I stopped by by chance. It would have been treated as a mere fact, without even knowing it.

That's how, pulling in a self-derisive grin, Kate offers a silent prayer for her once deceased victim. I couldn't have felt better if I hadn't. And when he opened his eyes again, there dwelt in them a ruthless light that cooled to the bottom.

"Since I became Duke, there have been several laws of absolute compliance in this Duke's house. One of them is, for whatever reason, don't miss the thieves. Anyone who misses shall be deemed guilty of the same crime. Only these laws of absolute compliance are clearly cultured in the rules of the Duke's territory so that they cannot be changed even if the Duke replaces them.

This harshness of Kate was not only famous within the Empire, but worldwide. And the heroes themselves, mercilessly and harshly hunting down the bandits, told us that there was no falsehood, and the effect on the stability of security was immense.

Originally in the Duke of McDawell there existed a race of autonomy with several special powers and few travellers. Since the territory is also the largest in the Empire, there should be few bandits who try to profit even at some risk. But there is no record of bandits attacking any city in the last few decades in the Duke's territory. Less, not less, zero. There is somewhat of a record of bandits attacking merchants in the streets and so on. Even the bandit was crusaded and never said that he had fled to another territory.

With this absolute law of compliance and the leading power of the Empire of Alda, the bandits will never enter the Duke of McDawell's territory alone, no matter what.

"So I figured I should take it?

The moon, which had faded slightly after listening to Kate, concludes so. But to this, Kate shook her head to the side.

"No, it's no use accepting it's you guys right now. Then help me out here. We're looking for an amazing collaborator.

I told a dark story, I thought so, and Kite dares behave brightly. That's how Kate showed a single flyer on the moon. The moon that sees it makes a slightly more contemplative face.

"Guidance and escort for travelers starting next week...

Maxwell travel permits for non-adventurers had been granted since the beginning of the week, but there were not enough escorts on the road and guides and escorts in the city.

"Well, if you can't take this, that might be fine... ok, I'll talk to everyone later.

"Oh, please. Don't let the official circular come after everyone leaves today.

When Kite bows her head on the snorting moon, she next gives instructions with the cherry blossoms.

"Cherry blossoms, a senior. I'm sorry, but I can think of a similar request in the future. Turn the circular so you don't take it for the time being.

"Okay. Turn circulars from the returning party in turn.

"Oh, okay. Let the club hear it from me, too.

"Oh, thank you. Sho, Yuri, there may be people out there who get the request driven by righteousness from the club. Just be careful not to storm out, just the guy close to you.

"Yeah, okay.

"Oh, that's fine... wouldn't you be able to take a request of this magnitude?

According to the note that Moon brings, this request is a Rank D request. The size of the bandits written was not so great either, and it was described as achievable with about 10 Rank D adventurers. but this was a cheap inquiry. The moment I heard Sho's words, Kate and Tina, as well as even Yuri, got caught up in intense killing. In this way, we all forget to even breathe in the signs of intense death that are clearly different from the struggle we wrap ourselves up in.

"Hey, Sho. You... can you kill a creature who looked just like you?

"Is it possible not to lose your temper in the face of this killing? You're still in the realm of Gongfu, aren't you? If the rest of you and Kite get serious, it's possible to kill all of you just because of your killer intentions.

"You shouldn't take it easy to kill too many people. Because that's unhappy for everyone. In Kate's case, it was done because she was completely angry and forgot about me. It doesn't make sense to decide to kill him from the beginning and go on a crusade.

Everyone can't respond to the three people who just let them have a dense sign of death without having to release their overwhelming magic. They showed overwhelming differences in character, and everyone was overwhelmed.

"... bad. It was far-fetched.

As such, Xiang managed to spew out words of apology by the three of them paying homicide. No longer did everyone think they could take this request.

"Oh, good. Until then, I was the same. I don't know if I'm going through this. Besides, it's a story I've never been through before.

"Well, yeah. Kite is admonishing folk grass so that you can say so.

"Besides, the welfare of professional relations is well equipped in the Duke's territory, too. Zero banditized inhabitants in the last hundred years.

The three of them are fine with their mouths, just in case. But inside, I was equally apologetic to everyone. That's how Kate apologized sincerely and then began using the pronouncement to tell her what she was going to do now.

Yes, the school adventurers will have to take the place of the Duke's army in the future. That had to be protected, even from people whose opponents looked like bandits and other humans. Even if only the kites could dye their hands to kill the worst, only where people kill people had to be looked at. But if you show tragedy cheaply, it breaks your heart the worst. That's why Kate decided to strike a cut-off measure.

"So, who's Kite? You haven't been around long, have you?

So, when all the talk was over, Yayoi asked Kite. It was Yayoi and Happy Moon, who were not able to keep up with the rapidly unfolding story flow and were flush by the change of things, but they got the opportunity to ask questions gradually where the story had gone from paragraph to paragraph. Although I didn't know the majority of the story, I could understand that Kate had some kind of secret.

"Uh, Mr. Kite?

Despite Yayoi's call, Mutsuki calls on Kite because he has a faint response from Kite. Although Kite responds with one hand up to it, the response is as faint as ever.

"Oh, give me a minute.

That's how I waited a while, but there was no sign that Kate's reading would end in one line, so Yuri and Tina decided to give an explanation instead.

"Well, in short, Kite is the brave and duke Kite McDawell..."

Tina introduces herself by taking over from it.

"The rest is former demon king Justina Mistrutin.


I don't know why, Yayoi had a strangely convincing face against Mutsuki, who said so. That's how Kate's story was explained to the two of them.