Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 117: The gossip - The melancholy of a butler

That night the kites were talking about one of the earthly gods and Yayoi. Two men stood opposite each other with their desks in one room, which could only be used by particularly important persons, of a luxury kiosk in the city where the relatively secure Earl also lived in Count Laemes territory. One was a demon (Monster Tamer) adventurer who had previously received a message from Yuri to Count Reames, and the other was an old - never dead, etc. - butler's clothing man about two times older than him.

"It's time for me to travel from here, too. Do I have a purpose, too?

An adventurer man tells you how grumpy he is.

"I'm sorry. Suddenly I called you up.

It feels like the other guy said he was past his mid 50s. The clothes you are wearing are swallow tail clothes made of fine cloth. He was an old man with sophisticated standing behavior and good taste.

"So, what does Count Reames' deacon want with me? Exactly. I'm not going to take a long request from you right now.

As a man, I was going to walk away before the Count committed any more fools, but I had to turn and be summoned straight away by the deacon of my previous employer.

"I'd like you to sell me some information.

That's what the old butler says, he takes the sachet out of his pocket. I guess it's pretty much in there because it sounded heavy the moment I put it on my desk. I could see many pieces of gold from my mouth, which was only slightly open. Besides, a man stood up frowning. I didn't have a hobby for acting like an informant, and I have a real job. From the old butler's point of view, it's supposed to be easy to get. So I didn't know what it meant to ask myself.

"Information or... you can even ask an informant about that.

"No, they couldn't. In the first place, it looks like the information itself is not available. One of the few people who knows about it is you.


A man takes his seat again, looking like an old butler who sighed just a little. He didn't even know the informant, and was told that he knew the information that only a small number of people were supposed to know, and the man was also interested.

"In one of the Count's runaways in the meantime, it looks like you also took part in the crusade.

The old butler sees the man as he confirms. The man nodded at it. Because it wasn't something I needed to hide.

"Oh. Even for me, I wanted to check on Brad Auga.

"Yeah. It's about the man who crusaded that Brad Auga.

"Hmm? That's why the informant hasn't even grabbed it? If you had as much overwhelming power as I do, you'd have been famous, wouldn't you?

A man is surprised. The man wasn't interested, so I hadn't looked into it, but even in that area the power seemed to be above Olivier, the highest-class adventurer. With so much power, it wasn't strange to be famous. There was a prediction that the man would soon be able to find out.

"No, that Brad Auga crusade is in Olivier's and others' hands. This has been announced under the combined name of the McDawell family and the Union branch. Besides, adventurers other than you have a dictation about what happened back then. Well, there's no choice about this one, considering who was abducted.

From the butler's words, the man also grasps the situation. Only this man was spared the warrant because he immediately escaped the Duke's territory.

"What?... Hmm. Should I have stayed and checked..."

He is an adventurer who even made Brad Auga kill instantly in limited circumstances. Russia would have been interested if the Duke's family had been enough to hide it. Nevertheless, now that he is alerted by the Duke's house, he could not enter the Duke's territory. Besides, the man shakes his head just a little bit unfortunately.

"So I thought I'd talk to you.

"I see, that would be good.

That's how a man tells what he saw and what he heard.

After the man had finished telling him everything and the old butler had some questions, the old butler took confirmation.

"Okay. The adventurer's name is Kite, isn't it?

"That's what the boy who was my friend answered. It didn't look like you were lying. I don't know exactly your last name.

"Thank you...... are you a boy with an overwhelming strength with a transferee from another world. Besides, I don't know if you're with Felicia..."

The old butler thinks as he strokes his jaw. There was quite a bit of bitterness on my face.

"Later a blonde woman and a divine werewolf woman. You don't even know his name, do you?

"Oh. But... at least those faces are overwhelming. Blonde woman and that man...... even if those two say they are dragon breeds, I believe. At least I won't have hands or feet. That's a smart choice to take from the Duke's for the time being.

A man who says so while stirring up fine liquor, but the old butler who heard it sighed deeply.

"... Again, are you thinking of fools?

The old butler, who was asked so, answers nothing, but the deep sigh ahead was the answer.

"Thank you. This is an information fee.

That said, the old butler gives the man an earlier sachet.

"Received. So, I'm gonna put this place behind me, huh?

That's what the man said and now it's time to take a seat. The old butler also takes a seat to suit the man and gives a toast to the man who tries to walk away.

"Yeah, let me take your time. I look forward to seeing you again.

"Hmm, if that Count fool has healed, let's think.

It was inappropriate as a social decree, but the man only joked a little and laughed and walked away because it was pity on him who served the stupid Lord.

"I wish I could tell you this and the Count would reconsider his thoughts......

That's how the old butler squeals so in the room where he's alone. Yes, one case this time was the discretion of the old butler. Count Reames at the time swallowed the announcement of the Duke's house, and now that Olivier and the others had left, it was his chance, and he intended to. Having such a bad head in his own Lord, he moved independently.

"Is anybody there?

When the old deacon says so, among the gestures of the old deacon the leader appears without sound.

"Yes, here.

"You were listening to me now, weren't you? I'm going to ask the Count to take a look, but you don't inspire the Duke's house. If the Count commands anything, let it slip away.

The old butler had served the Count family from the grandfather's generation of the current Count, and from the father's generation the gesture behind him had been entrusted with command. The status of the current Count was guaranteed as a repression to some decent men. but, naturally, it was neglected by the Earl of the day, as was the serious carat.

"In your favor.

And he bowed his head, and took with him the gestures that accepted the instruction, and the old deacon went to the earl's house.

"Well, it's adventurer bullshit. Didn't they just pay you high money and teach you lies?

"No, he didn't look like he was lying. Also, there's no reason to lie.

The old butler denied the inquiry of Count Reames, who did not believe most of the information he had communicated. I am an old butler who is usually neglected by Count Reames, but I can't do so without being an Earl, beyond being in a position to partition the back as well. Furthermore, because of the fire contact and the performance, he managed to visit Count Laemes.

"So, Count. May nothing be done.

"Ha... how many times do I know. I didn't do anything to the McDawell family. Don't worry about it.


Count Reames finally flew his fury at the old butler, who devoured him. By the way, the Count doesn't think this old butler knows what he's doing either. I'm just lying, good thing he doesn't say too much.

"Terrible!... No, I'm sorry. Well, I know you're worried because your father now asks you to do the rest. Well, you've worked too hard here for the time being... oh, speaking of which, Karat is back. I just ordered him to crusade the bandits in the realm. Accompany the Lord as his staff. What? You may not be in charge of practice. The mission ends at Hot Springs Street in the east. I also told him that after the mission, it would be good to soak up hot springs for the time being and relieve the fatigue of intense duties. The two of you are burdened with the rest. You can let me do this.


To the words of the Count, who made me not say yes or no, the old butler bowed his head in the absence of age-appropriate hegemony. On the face of it is the crusade of bandits rampant in the territory and the condolences to his men who perform intense duties, but it is a pain in the ass with good health. When the old butler, who had been ordered to leave, went to Karat after he was ready, Karat was just about ready to leave.

"Isn't this Deacon Keyes? What's the matter, sir?

As those who worry about the future of the Count family, the two were like distant friends of the year. So Carat laughed at the old butler and welcomed him into the room.

"Yes, I have been ordered to accompany Lord Carat now.

"It will be tough for your old body to tour the territory.

I understand what happened Karat, but I joke when I see the deacon who was depressed and say so.

"You're not that old. I also used to look at my martial arts. I still work out.

The deacon, who took a joke that didn't seem to be true, regains his mind and shares the information he gets with him. This information-sharing gave the old butler even more useful information.

"Holy shit!... I didn't know that kite had that much strength... and was the fairy next door like Felicia..."

"Did you know?

I was surprised to remember the boy Carat met in the Duke's territory when I heard about Kate.

"Yes, I was in the Duke's territory in an earlier incident... it was good until I rescued the merchant who was attacked by demons along the street at that time, when the merchant dropped his package. That's what I was keeping. And it seems that the party he led received a request to retrieve it. I met him by chance then.

Remembering the time, Karato speaks with a slight grin.

"I thought it was a lot of polite boys... Really, from different worlds...

Carat did not know about visitors from different worlds until he returned and listened to the Deacon. No, before that, even the aristocrats still do not know much. The presence of Tian Cherry School was still hidden by the upper levels of the Empire.

If they were visitors from different worlds, they were also convinced that Carat was polite. Well, actually, this beautifies Japan as a place of origin for brave men, but no one here points that out.

"I hope it doesn't harm them... I guess the Count doesn't want it that way..."

In the distance, but I thought of them leaving with a sense of soothing, and Karat couldn't help but pray so. In that way, the two give their lives to get their men ready.

"So do you want to come?


That's how they left, and it gets sooner than planned for them to come back to the Count's mansion again, but now they had no idea.