The week after Kate started special training for the fascinators. Finally, once the rendezvous was dropped off, the Maples will join the adventure club, and exchanges will be held, including the face that previously left a message at the school.

"And so it is. This time, we had them teamed up, except for the face we had previously interacted with. Everyone pay more attention to the fact that it will be a different collaboration than before.

Turn in the new personnel and let Kite draw everyone's attention.

"The leader is Senior Maple and Kikuchi, please.

Kikuchi is the former deputy captain of the Ichijo party. He summarized the activities of the adventurers after the moment retreated with the maple, but from today on he was to work as a full-fledged Adventure Department member.

"Yeah. I'm in charge.



Moments inspire against Kikuchi. That's how Kikuchi joins his arms in an instant.

"You're not the only one with junior classes, are you?

"Ha ha, because kite has more strength here... and Rin too.

"Exactly that you can't beat your sister with a single one?

Kikuchi laughs at instant things.

"Shut up."

The moment scratched my cheek in a lit manner. While you're at it, you'll be ready for other faces.

"Senior Kikuchi, all of our parties are ready.

"Ooh. Okay, I'm coming. Sho, please explain the adventure department on the road.


Moment after moment, just like Sho's two, Kikuchi was also a student of shore affiliation. Therefore, he was familiar with Sho from shore and entrusted his own assistant.

"Don't get hurt.

The moment, that's how I drop off Kikuchi and Sho who walked out of the room. Then he talks more secretly to Tina and Al.

"Al, Justina...... ask everyone to be safe.

"Yeah... well, Tina's more dependable than I am.

"Rest assured. Other than the rest, the demons are secretly guarding us. There is no problem with detachment.

Tina shifts her gaze only slightly and nods at Kate with the cherry blossoms. This time there is a party without Kate or Tina, so just in case, I decided to watch with the demon.

"So, Yuuka.

"Yeah. Then I'll go.

"Oh, come on.

Meanwhile, drop-offs were also taking place at Maple's.

"Well, you're coming.

"Yes. Come on in.

That's what I say and smile and the cherry blossoms drop off the maple. Expecting that conversation to end, Kite asks Maple.

"Maple, do you have an emergency telecommunications device?

Actually, I also let Sho and his prospects Al and Tine have it, but in the worst case scenario, they were giving Maple a necklace-shaped communications magic guide that would lead to Kate and Tina. Tina doesn't have a problem with it because she can use her reading on her own, and I didn't really think things could happen out of her control around here in the first place.

"Yeah. How long can you actually come?

Maple opens his chest just a little and shows the chain of the necklace. If anything happens, Kites, we have to buy some time until the rescue arrives. I needed to know the guidelines in order to be aware of the pace allocation of the battle.

"It won't take a second if the junction isn't even laid in the Duke's territory. I don't need five seconds to smash it if I don't have a Chieftain class even if I have a bond. And Coffle and Stella... I don't know what to say. He also told me that my private soldiers would rush if there were any problems. If we can't get in touch, and we can't deal with it on our own, let the guide know, or tell the nearby Duke's staff that it's Cherry Blossom. That should tell you.

This time, Kite was trying to be as complete as possible. The distance Kate and Tina can use metastatic magic almost without hoarding is wider than the entire Duke's territory. For this reason, to the extent that it is within the Duke's territory, it did not pose a problem, but it can also be considered the worst case scenario. A few seconds is often a lifesaver. So I was arranging wherever I could arrange.

"Well, then it's the theft you should be aware of.

"Oh. Well, I'm magically preventing theft so I can't steal unless I'm a fairly high-ranking operator, so I guess I'll be fine..."

Simply put, he was practicing magic that would keep him from coming off the owner. It was Tina who applied it, so I don't think there is anyone who can curse it by stealing it. Anyway, if this can solve the curse, it will be a draw back from any country.

"Okay, I'm coming.

"Oh. Be careful. Tine, I'm sorry, but I need the maples. Sola, Yuri. Allow the use of weapons moves (arts) at once. However, don't use it in downtown except in the worst case scenario. I can't measure the damage.



Kate concludes by saying that to Sora and Yuri. We both still can't use Weapon moves (Arts) to our satisfaction, but we still have a success rate of about once or twice every 10 times. I never went over there to warn you. That's how, listening to Kate's attention, the maple party also left.

"So, what do you want me to do with the remaining face...?

"You're awaiting a request..."

I dropped off two parties, saw a hand-held kite bothered me without doing it, and the moment sits on the couch. Because the number of people is still small, we cannot consume strength in training, so we had to wait.

"Speaking of which, Mr. Kite.

That's how they all waited as long as they wanted, but Fumi speaks to Kite as Mizuki remembered.

"Hmm? What?

"The gods around the world used to use the Internet, didn't they?

"Oh, right.


The cherry blossoms I hear for the first time are opening their eyes. Kate explained the situation to the other faces because she had no choice.

"So that's why... what's up with that?

After explaining the kite, I finally got back to business, so I urge Mizuki to ask questions.

"No, I wonder who's using it.

"Hmm?... right, it's Air and Odin that have high utilization? These two are in Japan and Europe, so we rarely meet. The conversation between the two is mainly online. Odin, the oldest god of wisdom and the knowledgeable god, is the Lord asking. Air responds well to that flow, and so on.

"Teachers and students, is that what you said?

The moment I get that impression from Kate's talk asks. He looked like he was convinced with the words, I see. but kite laughs at this.

"What else? Air currently teaches history in high school. The oldest god of wisdom, so, well, of course, but quite familiar with history. When I came here, she asked me if there was anything I could do, so I suggested to the teacher, would you try it, and I took it on. Well, I faked all kinds of paperwork... but you seem to be living a full life now for what it's worth.

Kite speaks with pleasure. We know the history from the point of view of the gods, but we knew the history from the human point of view and worked quite intriguing. By the way, Kate dated her practice as a teacher, but the history from the point of view of the gods was also interesting from a human point of view.

"Is that... heavenly cherry blossoms?

Kite, it is our Heavenly Cherry Blossom School that comes to mind with high school. So Mizuki heard terribly, but Kate denied it.

"No, that's just not it. It could have stimulated the backs of the Dragon Clan and the Shrine Temple at the back of Heavenly Road. There's a cherry peach school in Tenjin City, right? There."

Tenjin City was the place where Tenjin cherry blossoms were originally located, at the knees of the Tendo family. In a land where consolidation and redevelopment had recently progressed, it presented a near-future picture.

"... Could it be that you are an air teacher in history? I thought it was an unusual name..."

Cherry Blossom School, a private school run by the local famous family, and Cherry Blossom Girls School, attended by many children of the Good Family, had the opportunity to work together at festivals in Tenjin City, and Cherry Blossom had the opportunity to visit frequently as the student chairman of Tenjin Cherry Blossom. That's why she knew about Air, who calls herself a history teacher.

"Oh, you're an oriental good-looking guy with brown skin, blonde hair, a decent face, right?... the gods and the heathens are always beautiful. I don't like it.

I heard about Kate's stupidity. Together, she laughs bitterly.

"I don't think Mr. Kite is so despicable either..."

That's what Mizuki follows, but Kite didn't really take it. It is said and accustomed in the Duke's time. Moreover, the two men of the same age of his fellow tasters are both sturdy and far outnumbered him, and even now there are two school signs on the left and right: Sora and Moment. I can't help thinking I'm normal myself.

"Thank you. The other Elizas use it to match their work holidays, and don't let them slate you to search for gods like Susanoo and Indra. And then there's Gaude. He's using it to numb girls. I don't know the details. I don't even want to know.

Kite tells him to throw up. He was caught up in it and made me wipe his ass several times.


Meizi hears something disturbing about Kate's statement and flinches her eyebrows.

"They'll be gone a lot. So the relatives who said Amateras and Karna are searching. If you still can't find it, you often come to Tenjin City and rely on other gods.

All kinds of gods became interactive around Kate, and the righteous in every myth could not follow and reach. Such a dick is quite powerful to get, so it's out of anyone's hands.

"Ha... At this rate, I think there are others in Tenjin City..."

"As far as I can tell, all the gods who have migrated to Japan in the last few years are in Heavenly God.


It was a word I thought Meizuke would say, but it is lightly affirmed by Kite. The lightly affirmed enchantment had a cramped face.

"Dr. Air must have been in a foreigner's quarters in Tenjin City, so aren't we gathered there? Since the redevelopment has recently come to an end, there must have been quite a few prospective occupants.

The cherry blossoms I've heard of have moved from Air to Tenjin City in the past. When I heard the words, I opened my mouth as if the moment I lived nearby and Mizuki remembered.

"Speaking of which, there were a lot of guys over there who just saw it at first sight and could tell it was a corner person... now that I think about it, obviously it was a sign or something different.

"I've often thought that foreigners could come over there lately, but no way is God..."

Because of his own origins and appearance, Mizuki rented a room near the school to be less conspicuous, but especially close to the dormitory where students from overseas lived - and because of the implication of his parents' intentions, he was given a rather luxurious room. As a result, it became near the expatriate settlement.

"Oh, you bought all the sellers in that area... no, it's not my money, is it?

I bought it, and everyone gave it to me, so Kite hurried to fix it. There was no way we could have bought a strip of land, even though it was two of them, Kate and Tina, who were making so much money.

"Surprised... I wondered how much money you had.

"Exactly. Yeah. He said he didn't have a billion. That's just what God is putting out. Some of them have houses as places to live in Japan.

"Hey, maybe Mr. Elsa and the others have a home, too?

From Kate's words, fu, and charm are of interest. As one of my fans, this is the information I would have liked to know if I could.

"Oh, you have it. Well, rarely.

"Oh well... I knew I had a home abroad.

I look a little sorry for Meizuke for the answer she gave me back from Kate. Well, I thought it was obvious, charm, but Kate gave me another answer.

"No? It's Japan, right? It's usually in Tenjin City. You're not here simply because you have a jet lag at work. I usually stay at home in Japan on vacation. I was eating Elsa's hand cooking the day before I was flown. [M] I'm lending the two of you a user demon specializing in metastatic witchcraft, so you're going from your home in Japan to various countries. I don't care about travel documents.

It's an obvious and criminal exposing kite, but God and those who use witchcraft - including national witchcraft agencies - were doing what they deserved. The defense was so sweet that it could be said that travel documents and entry and exit data controlled by science and technology and humans, which did not take any magical measures, could be forged all they wanted using magic. The kites and gods didn't exactly abuse it, but they let it be used in the creation of Tina, Gods registry data, etc.

"That's a crime, seniors..."

"Rin, then why don't you complain to God?

Sure, it's a crime, but no one could complain about God's opponent either. And Rin was no exception to that.

"You're a hero or a god, about a little bit, aren't you?

Rin imagined herself going to pay attention to God and decided not to ask with a smile. My brother is only stunned by it.

"Hey...... hmm? Could the owner of Super Ebisu Ebisu be Ebisu God?

One: Remember the owner of the supermarket, whose brothers and sisters often use it, and ask Kite. In Super Ebisu, outsider-style buyers often chatted with the store owner, and the siblings often wondered if that was okay. But I remembered the name of the manager, and I remembered that there was a god among the gods with the same name.

"Oh, right.

"Well, maybe..."

As such, there will be nothing for my client to come this day, and the kites will be waiting for Tina and the others to return, who left on a day's waiting list.