Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 124 AC - In the case of the Maples -

Maples were breaking up with Kikuchi and watching another message board. I was just looking for any good requests as well.

"... you don't. How's that?

Maple talks to Yuri and Sola because the bulletin board he was watching didn't have a good request.

"Um, no.

"Oh, you don't.... Oh? This..."

That's how Sora got a single requisition.

"What's wrong with that?

That's what I say and peek at the maple. That is followed by a peek at Yuri as well.

"That's a low fee.

"Oh, that's why nobody took it, is it?

"Um, so we'll take it?

"Oh, let's do that.

"Don't you dare talk to everyone.

That's what I said and consulted with other faces. In order to obtain recognition, Maple went to the reception and received the request.

"I'll take this.

Maple declares acceptance to the reception.

"Hmm? Oh, this. I'm sorry. It's such a low-cost, out-of-town search, no one's gonna take it. It's about the Duke's stellars who take that kind of thing. The Duke used to take over these requests for occasional holidays, and he's doing them regardless of the money.

That's what Lyle said. He looked a little sorry. Incidentally, Kate had relinquished her duties and received requests for escape from the stress she had accumulated in her paperwork as a duke, but the result was to boost her reputation as a duke, and henceforth the ministerial corps has taken over and continued regularly.

"Yeah, so we'll take it," he said.

"Right. Thank you, Sora. And the ladies over there. Thank you, too, Mr. Tine.



"Yeah, because I'm part of the Duke's family, too. For the sake of the inhabitants, there's nothing like this.

Having said that, we went under our client after the Union Branch building and were close to East Town.

"And so, please. It's a cruel thing I want.

It's the girl who's not even old enough to say that and keep her head down. It is because she is this client, and she is not even an older girl, that the client fee has become lower. That's how, seeing the maple I was talking to the girl, Sora and Yuri discuss it in a whisper. Other faces talked in a whisper just like that.

"That, who is it?

"Come on, I don't know -..."

"Yeah. Leave it to us.

Maple smiles with a smile like no one has ever seen. It wasn't exactly floating the usual coolface in front of a young girl. And Sola and the others who saw it had the face that it was impossible.

"Okay, let's go.

Thus, after Maple asks some questions, he hangs the decree on everyone. The girl left, so the maple was back to its usual coolface.

"So, what kind of stuff do you end up looking for?

"Hair decorations. About this. It looks like a hair decoration with a pink flower design.

A male student affiliated with the Student Council asks Maple for more information about his search. In its words, the maple makes approximately 5 cm in size with its fingers.

"The boy I care about gave it to me. So, she dropped it a while ago when she was looking for herbs just outside the city, and she didn't notice. You must be tired of playing.

That's what Maple says, smiles tenderly. Apparently, she's surprisingly fond of children. I often had this smile on my face when dealing with children.

"Well, then, I have to find you.

"Do you want to try?

Sora and Yuri smile quite a bit. We both have close siblings younger. I remember my siblings when I was young and I was feeling calm. As such, a voice hung from behind him as he tried to leave.

"Oh? Sola on the maple, not Yuri. The adventure department faces are working over here today, too?

"Oh, the moon. Are you over here today, too?

"Yeah, that's right. Kite... doesn't seem to be here.

"Well, I'm on surveillance.

That's what Kate talks about in her reading on the moon.


All of a sudden, Kite talks to me, and the moon jumps out of my mind. So I shake my head and check my surroundings.

"Haha. I'm not here. A pale bird flying up there is my surveillance demon.

To the words, the moon looks up. There was certainly a pale bird flying there. Another identical bird is flying a short distance away.

"You... it's bad for your heart.

"You're always amazed, it's not right for you.

A pranky and entertaining voice echoed my head, but the faces around me all of a sudden just seemed like the moon had started talking to itself, and I was surprised.

"... Oh, could it be Kite?

"Oh, I see.

Sora and Yuri know Kite's character and identity, so they came to the idea that it wasn't weird for Kite to be watching him from somewhere. Maple was also convinced when he heard that.

"What do you mean, you haven't even told Sola and the others!

I realize that the moon doesn't sound like any other face, and I do the clever art of whispering and angry.

'Oh, I didn't need anything.

"This doesn't make me look like a freak!

'It's not normal at the time you're dressed as a woman.

"Oh, that's right..."

They have a sense that it's not normal for once. With strange convincing, I pulled my anger in.

"Is that what you're... keeping an eye on us, too?

"No, you guys have a good idea, don't you? This is my first party organization, just in case. Some of the teens have never been together before. In case there isn't, there may be a hundred million.

"I'm still worried.

I laughed at the bitter mix of laughter, wondering if there were others who knew Kate's personality best.

'Fair enough. The Duke won't be worried if he's doing it. You'll have this personality. Well, I'm already pulling in.

"That. I'll see you at school.

'Oh, bye.

Since the conversation ended without any problems on this side, Kate safely blocks the reading.

"Kite, what?

"Nothing. mere chatter."

The moon waves with the feeling that it's really nothing to say that. It's true, so I can't help it. Though not as good as Kite, Sola and Yuri, who knew the character of the moon, decided to see it as the truth and let it flow.

"Hmm. So, speaking of which, why is Moon here? What other faces?

"Oh, I'm a buyout home. Half the other faces are the same. The rest is over there.

When Moon pointed that way, there were the adventurers he knew and the students at Tensakura School who disguised themselves as the general public. I remembered that there was a Sola who noticed that appearance, so I asked a little concerned.

"Oh, were you allowed to move freely from today? Is that your guide to the city today?

"Oh, no, I'm not. Looks like a year old met someone he knew by accident. They told me they wanted me to tell them something delicious. So, the other two or three years Faceko means buying out for adventure. I ran out of buyouts and it happened to you, so...

"Oh, then just keep it in mind that we're not going to East Town for once. I'm sure you've already been warned. Just in case.

"... Oh, is that a sex town? Okay.

When Maple asked me to give him some advice, I thought a little bit about the moon and remembered what East Town was like. It's a rough way to put it, but it's not wrong. As such, Higashimachi nodded without hesitation because he also properly knew why he was a little insecure in the sex district.

"Yeah, that's the thing. I'm not banning anything... just fine.

I wasn't forbidden to go as a school, but I'm implicitly forbidden to go against public order. By the way, Kite and Sola have traveled to East Town several times since the school's coordination of activities in East Town, but never entered the store. Well, the women are with us, so we can't help it.

"Rikai. Then I'll go.

"Yeah, please. So, shall we go too?

"Then shouldn't we buy lunch first?

"... right. It's a request to find a small object outside, so it might take a while. Where do you want it?

"Hmm, we always make it a tavern in West Town at times like this..."

"Well, there you go.

That's how they decided to procure lunch all the way.

"Welcome -! So, are you Sola and the others today?

It was Millet who said so and welcomed him.

"You're early today.

I look at the clock and ask Miley to be just a little surprised. The time is 11 o'clock. It is still quite early in the day.

"I'm going to go outside on a request.

"Then bread would be better. Tenchai, are you making bread -?

"Whoa! Wait a minute!... Oi!

That's what the manager says. He lines up the bread on the shelf. Apparently it was freshly baked and smelled good.

"Wow... looks like a horse..."

Even though it's only been a little while since we had breakfast, Sora seems hungry. but in fact, not only he, but also the students who belonged to the movement department under the blink of an eye were secretly dripping from the end of their mouths.

"Nice smell...... hey maple.

"No, you can't. There might be a fight. You fight with a full stomach?

"But you say you can't fight when you're hungry.


Yuri agrees with Sora's words. In addition to the two, several students who agreed with the opinion were nodding face to face.


"Ha... someone else who wants to eat.

I couldn't help it, so Maple decided to ask the other dough if they wanted bread.

"... all of them. Mirei, I'm sorry, but I'll eat the bread for the number of people.

"Thank you every time! Then I'll show you to your seat!

"Ooh, every time!

That's what the manager said when he looked like he was seeing the same thing funny, or he pulled right into the back. And together, Miley led me to my seat.

"After all, freshly baked bread is delicious.

"I can't say anything about this feeling of mottling..."

Sora and Yuri who say that and eat it looking really good. It was just bread we both chose. However, it was freshly baked and the hot air was dusty.

"You guys look really delicious.

"Speaking of which, you had plenty of food that made me feel better when I ate with Sola. Yuri eats happily.

Teine, who was dining with us in her room from the inauguration of the Adventure Department, tells us a little bit of fun. Sora, who heard that, seemed to illuminate only a little, but Yuri admitted happily to it.

"I like to make it, but hey, I still like to eat it too.

"Oh? Then why didn't you belong to the Family Medicine Department?

"Because it's about hobby. You can't beat Mutsuki.

"But Yuri's rice is usually delicious, too. Making sweets is something Mutsuki sometimes comes to ask.

Sola admires it. As a matter of fact, Sola and the others usually gathered in each house, sometimes eating handicrafts from Yuri. Especially since Tina really likes Yuri's western sweets, so much so that she can seriously destroy the country for Yuri's sweets. Feeding was successful.

"Haha, thanks.

Teine is just a little interested in Yuri, who seems happy to say so. She's 117 years old in real life, but mentally she's no different from that of a girl who looks right. I belong in such a fierce place, but I normally liked sweet things with her.

"Hmm, well, do the same to me next time.

"Oh, I want to eat again, too.

"Fine. Oh, but what shall we make... I don't know what ingredients we have here..."

"Nothing. Whatever. If it's an ingredient, why don't you ask Mr. Kite for it?

"I wonder if it would be perfect if I also asked for the kitchen at last.

Following Tine's recommendation, Yuri begins to work out some plans. Well, Kite likes Yuri's handicrafts, too, so thank you would be fine if you invited her to dinner. While we were doing that, everyone finished eating bread.

"It was a pleasure.

That's how I thanked you, and I did my accounting together. I'll pick up some more lunch bread and go outside.

"Well, now it's time to go.

Plus we went out of town together. It took me until the evening to find my hair fastened.

Incidentally, it's a little ingenious to find just about 5cm of hair decoration out of a vast meadow, maples that I noticed after searching for about 3 hours, but just because I noticed it, it wasn't easy with their skill alone. So I actually ended up relying on Tine's witchcraft, which I had noticed from the beginning, but I would skip that.

"Thank you.

And when he saw the girl, whose head he was glad to say so, all his heart was filled.