Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 130: The Day Before the Raid

One day a few days have passed since the Usage Demon course by Tina. Rarely did the Rain Palace show its face in the Adventure Department room.

"Oh? Dr. Rainmonga. Good morning.

"Hmm? Oh, the shrine. Good morning."

"Good morning, Dr. Rainmonga. So, what can I do for you today?

Kite leads the visitor to the sofa when she realizes it was the Rain Palace that came through the door.

"Oh, no, no big deal. My hands are empty. I'm just here to see if you guys are doing it right. I'm sorry I can't always show my face.

"No, because the teacher will be busy coordinating with the school of magic guidance run by the Duke's house right now. I can't help it.

I have been making adjustments for a long time, but as things stand, there is no prospect of the publication of Tensakura School, which was difficult to achieve. Furthermore, it is probably still a long way off that we can achieve more than some combination with the nobles who send their children through the Magic Instruction School.

"Yeah, the teachers over there come over here sometimes, but they still call it a cultural difference or a difference in the world... because they have a lot of different common sense. I was surprised when I normally saw beasts and elves walking around there, but you're used to it.... Well, the Demons are still surprised at night. Well, are you guys used to seeing this already?

That's what Rain Palace laughs at. The Night Demons are also known as the Sacubas and the Succubus. If you're not surprised by that, you'll be able to do it splendidly in different worlds. Well, apart from that, pure dragons, divine werewolves, etc. are too strong to be overwhelmed, but that doesn't change even the inhabitants of this side.

By the way, not surprised by the Demons at night, even the students from the Adventure Club are not doing well. It is Kite and other adventurers who have more intercultural exchanges than their teachers. Even though that was still impossible, there was no way the teachers could. But it still had the effect of gaining experience, and with the exception of Kite and Tina, a small number of people, such as the moon, were able to talk to most races so that they could deal with ordinary people.

"I've been through a lot of arguments with the teachers over there trying to make it a success if I'm going to... I can't quite come to a good conclusion.

That's what I say and a bitter laugh at the rainbow palace. They had a hard time with them. And so you remembered something about the other side, and a certain concern came to mind, and you decided to tell him because that party was Kite.

"All the time, speaking of, Heavenly Sound. You didn't say hello to the other teachers, did you? Anything wrong?

Sakura had already been greeted by Mizuki as student chairman and representative of the Adventure Department. For various reasons, moreover, the early face of the Adventure Department was a situation in which everyone was greeting, except for Kate and Yuri.

"No, I just don't happen to have the right date.

I thought Kate would still be told, but I wouldn't show it to her face. Anyway, I'm trying not to see you. Kate was meeting Kuzha for various reasons so that she wouldn't have to say hello. Naturally, but this is not a cliché reason to say otherwise moody. There was a good reason.

From time to time, some of the teachers who come to this side from the School of Magic Instruction come quite ancient ginseng as a representative, and that role is rarely held by those who have lived since 300 years ago, that is to say, faculty who were present in the creation and who, naturally, know Kite. If you encounter a teacher who doesn't know of his return, than you have only informed some of him of his return yet, it is a great disturbance. Yuri is obvious, but he's the school director. Why is she pulling in here because she has trouble making a scene?

By the way, Tina is young, so she hasn't noticed, so she said hello.

"Really? Well, I hear you've been in frequent talks with Mr. Kuzha and Mr. Ellord of the Duke's house as head of the Adventure Department. Maybe I don't have a choice. But I need you to say hello soon, okay?

Naturally, Kite also knows the rainbow palace. Therefore, he also reserves his greetings to the extent that he says, when time is available, and takes his seat.

"I'm going to have to go to the Magic School in Maxwell again. Sorry I can't stay long.

Apparently, he's heading to the city again for work. Interaction with schools in different worlds should be quite intense, but if you look closely, you were just a little in a good mood.

"No, good job, good job. What about the escort?

"Oh, they say the Duke's house will get the carriage out. I'm going to go on that.

"Really? Take care.

"Oh. Thanks.

That's what I said. On the verge of getting out of the room, I cut it out as if Kate remembered.

"Oh, Dr. Rainmonga. Please leave early a few days from today.

That's what they said. The rain palace only thought a little. But as soon as I looked indoors, I remembered why. And he decides to carve Kate's advice deep into his chest.

"Hmm?... Oh well. I'm sure Mr. Ellord's unit hasn't been in a military exercise for a week since today.

Yes, military exercises, which had been previously notified, will begin in a few days. If you think about travel, you're leaving after noon today. Because Rain Palace knew that the defense of security gaps that it could do was that students who were adventurers would fall, it was bad to overburden the students.

By the way, Al and Lil have also returned to the regiment in preparation for a few days with this, so they were not in their quarters today.

"Yeah, once all adventurers plan to return before dark, but you've never gone beyond caution. Well, they're going to have a replacement from the Duke's house, so it's patience until then.

"Right. Okay. Was it three mornings later when the replacement came?

That's what they said. Kite noticed there, acting like. Well, actually, I didn't realize it just now, except to say it in front of the rain palace that it was originally planned.

"Oh, that's right, but when I spoke to Kuzha in the meantime, the adjustment went well and she's going to be able to come two nights later. I will pick you up on the day with myself and Chairman Heavenly Taoist and a few others, so I leave the command in between to Senior Ijo and Mr. Jingu Temple.

It is true that the Duke's family is understaffed, so it is not a lie that replacement personnel need days to come. Kite just told the school that the adjustment was prolonged, that it would take three days, and that it would be half a day earlier than her original schedule. In fact, if we really adjusted, we could have arrived at the replacement unit two days later in the morning.

"Right. That's reassuring.

I was relieved to say that to Kate's words, and the rain palace left. Seeing it, Kate draws attention to other adventure department faces. In the meantime, it was because of the great danger of having them outside and the madness in the plan.

For this reason, he taught the magicians of the guards to use magic. You don't have to go around to keep an eye on the school a little further away, so you can prevent it from going out cheaply.

"I think I know other faces, but it's forbidden to go out at night for the last three days. If anyone's going out there, stop them before they do.

"I know. If anything happens outside, help will be delayed.

Since the discovery of the existence of Toshiki Boy. Now, as soon as the Duke's family faces find such a student outside, they're bringing him back. We have also made early discoveries of students who are likely to go outside thanks to a newly stretched junction, and there were no personnel outside after dark outside except the adventurer. If only they could go outside, it would be the only Toshiki boy swimming.

"Oh. Especially when I'm gone two nights later. I'll leave the command to the seniors and Mizuki.

That's what I say, approaching Mizuki, speaking to Rui Tree in a low voice.

"Once Tina stays, but still in case it happens. Be careful not to let anyone out.

"Yeah, I know.

Two nights from now, our defenses are weakest. There was no alarm whatsoever in Mizuki or instantly. In that way, many more times - and by the way, many times I have said it before today - I will press my precautions on those who know who I am.

"No, who's coming?

Sora cares who comes. I thought it would be good if we knew each other.

"Oh, it's Mr. Coffle, the chief of the general guard in the Duke's Domain. The numbers are about 10, but the total power seems to be more than Al's troops leaving.

"Never heard of it in the Union? Sometimes the Duke's house says he'll take the request better. You're one of them.

Some faces don't know who Kate is, so Kate blurs it out and tells them, and Yuri puts in a supplement.

"Oh, speaking of which, my uncle at the reception said that during this time. He said he was getting me a request that was cheap and not suitable for the price.

That's what Maple says when he remembers what Lyle told him when he was on AC. Moments admire Maple's words.

"Well, do you also do that at the Duke's house?

"Probably to imagine the Duke's house close to the people. Naturally, the impression from the people would be better if the heavy towns of the Duke's house received such a request. That would be the case.

Because Duke Takate supplements, those who instantly know who other kates are receive them as facts for a moment. but no one actually knew that kite's escape was a hang-up.

"We met during party interactions. Were you the one who was picking up Yayoi to go to the Duke's mansion?

When the moment said that, a party member at that time remembered oh. but at the same time I decided to think that I was quite young - like my appearance and mental age - but I guess I was interracial.

"Oh, speaking of coffles, did you name them... then erm... clan of secrets?

Though Sola, who is meeting at the banquet, says the Coffle race with no confidence, she was wrong. Therefore Yuri corrected it and Sakura provided a supplementary explanation.

"Isn't it the Secret Demon Clan?

"You're a clandestine demon. It's a minority tribe of the Demon Nation. He was picked up 300 years ago by the Duke where he was an orphan, and he's providing territorial protection in return.

"I was just looking for a place to fight.

The words you two have said are publicly available. So Kite squeaks, blurring at the unlikely coming-back setting.

So, how about the truth? Someone also said at a night club that was held when Kate returned, but it's not uncommon for Coffle to be challenged by Kate. He was captain of the guard to build his workouts.

Actually, Coffle lost to Bogus when he first encountered Kite. He couldn't beat Revenge many times and sought a place to train. Well, eventually he loses to Uhura, who begged Kite to teach, and he begs Tina to teach. Because of that, he still can't get his head up on Tina.

"Ha, I knew it would be the Duke's house, but it's not.

That impresses someone in the adventure department. And the cherry blossoms were snorting, but that's when I realized. The head of the Duke's house is Kite. And the proxy has been a runaway kuzha lately, and even its accompanying maid has herself runaway, rather than being able to stop the runoff slightly these days. Coffle is a direct subordinate of that jurisdiction, and his sister, Yuhara, is of approximate character. Is such a decent reason possible, and I will focus on Yuri with that in mind. I noticed that, and Yuri answered with a mouth ache.

'That's not true.

And for some reason, we are convinced of it. The story broke my hip, but Sora opened her mouth again where she was convinced to go.

"Mr. Coffle of the Secret Demon Clan, but isn't it pretty great to be captain of the General Guard?

"Oh, that's great. It belongs only to the regular units of the army held by the Duke's family, but it belongs irregularly. The Chief of the Guard, to put it plainly, is the head of the police force.

"The point is, Inspector General?

"That's what I'm talking about. However, the difference is not between the Japanese Inspector General and the uniform team. It's a kind of fight in the field.

"How strong are you?

Asked that the moment he learned to be interested in answering Sora's question, Kite remembers Coffle when he fought at a previous banquet. Even though they weren't both at their best, Kite had a great deal of strength. More than that, I can't do a more advanced blow K.O. without grasping more or less strength.

"If you take Al as a thousand... it seems like a place called the Great 10,000.

By the way, Kite is still reading Saba downstairs to avoid shock for once. It's actually way beyond these few times. It was the result of 300 years of indispensable loading of the original teachings of Tina. How Al is a talented warrior, but this difference alone is difficult.


To Kate's answer, someone pulls on her face. Even Al is out of reach today. I was not interested in knowing who Coffle was far beyond that.