Thus, after all the aftermath, the kites returned to school with bad aftertaste. By sending a messenger in advance, a meeting was immediately held with officials in the conference room.

"And so I say.

Since Ellord and the others are in the exercise, Brass, who currently commands the entire unit, was explaining to the teachers.

"I didn't know that was happening..."

Principal Sakurada, who was briefed, holds his head. Apart from him, many teachers held their heads.

"First, let me apologize from this side. I'm so sorry about our students.

Following the explanation, Principal Sakurada, who understood everything, apologized the most for the opening. A student in his school made a sin, and it was a felony statement about a person's life and death, even the dead. First of all, I had to apologize before I could talk to you.

"No, this is the one I'm sorry to disturb you all. Besides, if you correct Dayuan, the nobles of our empire did what they did. I apologize on His Majesty's behalf. I'm really, really sorry.

That's what I say. Kuzha bows her head too. Along with that, Brass and the rest of the troop executives, the faces participating in this meeting also bowed their heads. Permission had already been given to the Emperor of the Emperor of Entesia to leave all matters to the Duke's family. Therefore, an apology could be made on behalf of the Empire. That's how Principal Sakurada opened his mouth.

"So, this is his treatment... I thank you for your pardon. They accepted and stopped their plea that it was a mortal sin without respite. Thank you.

Originally, you can't complain about being executed without debate on the spot. Even if it's stopped, it's enough money.

However, there was a headache for Kate and Tina that few people understood this. This is not the Earth. I wanted you to understand that, but it still didn't work.

"He's making adults in the Student Guidance Office now. We'll move them to the house arrest room one way or another, but that's all we have now......

"Yes, we know that too. Never miss him. If you let him escape, now is the time to take his life.

"... I acknowledge.

Emphasizing the never part, Kuzha takes a serious look and sees Principal Sakurada. Having seen its eyes, Principal Sakurada realizes that Kuzha's words are true. If we were to save his life, he knew right away that this was all we had. Having seen that Principal Sakurada understood it, Kuzha decided to move forward with the discussion.

"The heartbreak you've suffered in this case seems quite a thing.

The spiritual damage of others was greater, especially than that of students acting as adventurers. Students working as adventurers and those close to them were seeing bodies killed by fallen corpses and demons, which made them quite resistant to death.

"Yeah. Few students and teachers get sick.

Principal Sakurada, who himself was a tired face, agrees. Though there was little mental damage even with him, he remained calm with his tough mental strength and sense of duty.

"I don't think there's a way. So with me, I have traced the edge of my friend, Aurora, who has been entrusted by the Duke to represent me, and I have prepared a counselor...... call me.

Kuzha orders one of his men to go get a counselor. Then, in the meantime, when I realized that there was Principal Sakurada, I opened my mouth.

"I'm sorry, sure, wasn't Mr. Floyline missing?

"Yeah. He's missing... but he's not out of edge.

Kuzha smiling at me for saying so. While I was doing that, a counselor came, apparently. The meeting room door was knocked.

"Dear Kuzha, Master Meath and the heavenly tribes have been brought to you.

"Please come in.

To the words of those who brought him, Kate and Tina and Yuri opened their eyes and were astonished. Indeed, it was Kite who asked Tia to get a counselor out of the Heavenly Clan. But I didn't expect one of the best of the heavenly clans to come.

"Excuse me. I am Dr. Meath under the Heavenly Clan Chief.

Having said that, I came in gratefully to be a college student beauty with thin purple hanging silver hair and two wings of pure white wings. To its beauty, men and women alike were in love, even though it was a serious place.

The heavenly tribe behind it and everyone said a beautiful man and woman with wings, just the look of a divine angel. Heavenly Nation, that was how I understood very well what they would say.

"My condolences on behalf of the Heavenly Nation for this misfortune.

That's what I said and raised my face. Meath looked at Kite and smiled secretly mischievously, but immediately said with a serious face.

"Your heartbreaks will be healed responsibly by our Heavenly Nation.

"... thank you.

Principal Sakurada, whose beauty she described to me, manages to thank me. Not as a man, but as a human being, I fell in love with him because of his aesthetic senses.

"Yes. I'll take care of it.

That's what I said. The Meath and the Heavenly Nation were guided by the crew and seated close to the Adventure Department. Kuzha resumed the conversation beside the Heavenly Sakura School side falling in love.

"I think I'll ask them to wait in the infirmary starting tonight, will that be all right?

"Yeah, yeah. Thank you very much.

Principal Sakurada says so with a renewed mind. The infirmary was ideal if you look at the health of school officials, and the room for that.

"So this is a nobleman who planned this raid… this has been given strict attention by the Duke's family and His Majesty the Emperor.

Actually, I'm going to go after this for Kate's attention - retaliation in the name of - but that was something I didn't need to tell you. To them, I already paid attention, that was enough. Hearing that, Principal Sakurada puts in a heads-up.

"Really... please don't have it in the future.

"Yes, we will give them our full attention even on this side. Now for this filling…"

That said, before Kuzha went into the story of filling, Principal Sakurada blocked it.

"Before I do, I'd like to ask you one thing, would you mind?

"Yes, what is it?

"In this case, did you tell me that the location of this school was leaked?

It was the most important information on how the location of the school leaked, in the future operation of the school. Anyway, if the information is leaking, look for where it's leaking and plug it, and it will be the same thing over and over again. But Kuzha denies Principal Sakurada's words.

"... No, it didn't. I did ask Yoshiyagi about the location to the extent of confirmation... but it looks like they were grabbing the location before then.

He interrogated the Earl's gesture that Kate had him retrieve and extracted information on the location. It was a self-confession by witchcraft, and it was almost certain information because it didn't look like he was lying.

"Really... do you have a way?

"Yep. It's just..."


"We decided that a fundamental solution was impossible. That leads me to talk about making up..."

It was a slightly starved kuzha, but Principal Sakurada rushed me ahead, so I let him distribute the paper I had prepared. It was a schematic of several buildings.

"This... looks like a plan for the building?

"Yeah. Actually, it's inevitable that I just found out where the Cherry Blossom School is. Right now, many people, including those in the Adventure Department, are going from school to outside. Apparently, they got a location from there.

Before the school officials scrutinizing how many sheets of paper it is impossible for Kuzha to prevent them. No matter how many bonds are stretched to hide existence, their scope is finite. Naturally, if you get out of there, you'll find it.

If we continue to observe it again and again and with guts, it is only natural that we can speculate on the size, scope, efficacy, etc. of the junction. All this was that even Tina, Enefia's best genius in sorcery-related matters, could not be dealt with. If you wanted to lose it, you had to forbid it from coming in and out, but that was an impossible story.

"Really... so how do you connect with this filling story?

Principal Sakurada, who was briefed, understood the problem as it stands. Indeed, if a large number of people entered and exited the junction, it was only natural that the concealed junction would be less effective. Anyway, it's like saying there's a connection here.

"Yes, I would like to provide a building to use as a hub for the activities of Heavenly Sakura School in Maxwell.

"However, there is a risk that the school will have less defensive fighting power… and I wonder if it would be better for the students to live on their own..."

In view of the various aspects, Principal Sakurada shows a difficult color. Naturally. Originally, they were adventurers to protect the school, but there were no ex-childs to put it outside. but all this was painful and itchy.

If the adventurers enter and exit the school's boundaries as they do every day, they cannot lay strong objects from the problems of the surgical ceremonies of the boundaries themselves. In any case, there are frequent entrances and exits, even though it is a junction to avoid entry and exit. There was no choice but to put strong things up, and even strong things could not help but create a breakdown. If you want to do something about this, I'm going to have to do some maintenance, but there's no way the adventurers overnight can do that, and these massive junctions are secret technology in the first place. There was no way that permission could have been granted to flirt with the school side.

"You don't have to let the students live alone. I am the base of the activities of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. If you are a minority from the school, you can enter and exit using concealed junctions that can be utilized by individuals and minorities.

Until now, there were too many times to use a cover-up junction for everything. If you are a single party or individual, you will only be able to achieve results commensurate with cost efficiency. This means that the number of entries and exits must be reduced.

"I mean, you think there's no problem with teachers staying?

"On the contrary, I'd say it's safer than staying in a bad lodging.

Kuzha affirms. This is natural. The risk of safety and information leakage is different digits if it is a base owned by Heavenly Cherry Blossom School rather than using a lodging house where no one knows who is staying. I don't care who asks me if I talk about Japan in my base. Afterwards, as long as we watch out for eavesdropping, the chances of cheap information spills are much lower.

"... I see. Okay, let me think about it.

If you say so, it is a fascinating proposal, even as the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. As a result, Principal Sakurada withdrew. Take that and Kuzha will tell you where it is.

"Yes, we are looking further for the property on this side as well. Let me tell you, how about this proposal in the first place?

"Was I? I get it.

"Yeah, because you guys have a pretty large number of people. I thought that would require quite a large facility...... we are currently looking for candidates, including properties owned by the private sector.

"Thank you.

"Yep... I thought it would be safer to be as close to the Duke's residence as possible, and I think it's a little small, but we're also making the Central District property a candidate.

The Central District, close to the Duke's Mansion, is also a candidate, Kuzha says, but as far as she is concerned, there were no properties outside the Central District in sight from the beginning. I'm just putting it in as a camouflage. Even when the application came, it was intended to be rejected.

Naturally, the reason is to make it easier for me to visit Kite. Incidentally, it includes some personal feelings, but since many of them were practical issues, Kite hasn't come out very strong either. For once, Kate is at the head of the Duke's house. Just in case, they choose a place that is easy to get around. But Principal Sakurada, who has no reason to know that, would appreciate this consideration.

"Yeah, if it's a central district that's easy to get support from all of you, you can rest assured it's us. I can tolerate being a little narrow enough.

"Yes, I look forward to hearing back from you.

"Even in the near future, we will report back to you.

After thus exchanging several arguments of a high urgency among those that emit an edge to this case, the debate on this day came to an end.