That night there was a raid from Count Reames. There was a fuss at Count Reames' mansion.

"Count, will you wake up?

One of the deacons under Count Reames knocks on the door to Count Reames' bedroom.

"Oh, I'm awake. Do, what's the end?

Count Reames replied in a good mood. Looks like I've been waiting for you now or not. Deacon got a headache thinking about what he was going to tell me. But I don't have the option to tell him, I report everything to the Count.

"So you're saying the Duke's house caught you!


"Mobilize all that power and be fruitless," he said!

Count Reames' despair sounds seeping. We should have prepared an insider and succeeded in carrying out a complete ambush. The phrase that was returned perfectly, the assassin who let Kuzha go was captured, and there is a high risk that he spoke information, no, he spoke for sure. Now he was recognized as an enemy by the Duke's house entirely as well.

"Sa, even more..."

That's what I was reporting to the Count. The man dyes his face bright blue. I was about to fall down again. The Earl who sees it hurries.

"What's even more!

"The school guard said there were Princess Kabai Dragon God and Empress Red Dragon..."


The Count of Laemes, a servant, also ceases to speak to the deacon who reported. If this were true, it was information that crusaders might be formed from the surrounding nobles. Worst case scenario, the royal family could even move. No, that was higher. Anyway, one of them is the legendary Dragon Princess, who is said to be the Mother of the Nation. It was more wrong to think the royal family wouldn't move.

"... call back the troops we're sending everywhere now. And Karat and Keyes! They have the best arms in the land! I can't afford to let you play!

Count Reames, turning bright blue at once, commands the man. It wasn't if I was saying I liked or disliked it over this period. Thus, giving the order, the Count returned to his chamber and made a loud noise and closed the door.

"Please, Gu Long (Elder Dragon) don't come..."

A life-taking butler walked out of the front of the room, one, grumbled. Naturally, but his face was sloppy. Thus he turned to the ministry to convey the Earl's order.

Meanwhile. Kate put the cherry blossoms to sleep and stayed on the bed for a while. But that was also until the day changed.

"... I'm going for a moment.

Kate sees the three sleeping faces sleeping in bed, smiles gently, then turns her back on it and looks cold and leaves the room behind.

"Kite, we're all set.

Yuri was fully armed and took Kite's long coat. That's how Kate dyes the usual pure white long coat she receives from Yuri in pitch black and leaves her room. Then there is an unexpected sight there, stopping the leg.

"... they're going somewhere, right?

That was the moment when I said it was fully armed. Somewhere, he knew where he was going. There are other fully armed Sora and Yuri, Sho, beside them.

Sho was in the room to settle down and sleep when the three of them came to the room, and by chance he met the three of them. Cui was also next to him, but when he found out about the situation, he took into account Xiang's mood and sent him out.

"... about what?

"Do you think Yuri and I don't know who you are?

"Kate, maybe you're gonna go complain to the Count, huh?

Exactly. For the long-time face of dating, they grasped it. Everyone had a fierce grin on their faces. Kite doesn't know what the moment is, but of all the faces he's had from time immemorial, in particular, Sola and Charming, Yuri is quite a militant. If they do, I'll do it back. That was the creed.

"We don't need to hang out with each other.

"Oh, it won't be necessary... but this one is targeting us. Then I want to complain about one of them.

That's what I say, the moment laughs. It was a fierce, warrior grin. That doesn't change the other three.

"Ha... well. but not this time around. I can't follow you on your legs.

I'm not going to take him if I think about it from now on, and Kate dismisses it. But at that moment, the back door opened.

"In the first place, use the rest of the airship, so it doesn't matter how fast your feet are. Besides, there will be a lot of power left to play with. Nothing dangerous.

"Mm-hmm. I guess the rest will just be waiting.

"Well, the concubine has a role to play in carrying kite.

It was Tina, Tia's sister-in-law and Graia who came out. These three are the usual participants in the routine. And two more. One is Kuzha, who has been scrutinizing the situation of Meizuki and Mizuki, and the other is Cherry Blossom, who should have been asleep.

"Brother. All of your medications were missing. Rest assured.

"I'll be with you till the end, too.

"Cherry blossoms too, or... I wanted you to rest..."

In the past, Kuzha was excluded because he was young, but all the routine events that took place in the absence of Kite in the last 300 years were Kuzha and Aura led, so there is no problem.

But Kite, who didn't expect to come as far as cherry blossoms, thinks about it for once. Before that, Sola and his mental situation clearly exceeded his expectations. So Kite spins and thinks to the fullest.

"... you guys know what I'm gonna do?

"Oh, punch in, right?

Sora laughs and says. The face was a fierce grin that was floating around in middle school. I have a deep relationship with this man. It wasn't strange that Kite's behavior was understood, and I don't wonder with Kite.

Besides, if Kite knew exactly what his original character was, he knew it was natural for him to say he wanted to go complain a word when he found out he was going to raid. So he went into a tear up, in the sense of affirmation against Sola.

"Exactly, does Sola understand?

"How many times did I think I went to punch you in the face?

"You were so handy.

At this time, the complaint against Kate was once sidelined by both Moments, Sola and Yuri. The only person I want to complain about is Kate, and no, there are more people I want to say than Kate. I'm sorry to rub it and waste your time, and if you can go tell them that, they'll actually come along as glad.

"No, Sola was pretty strong then, wasn't she? It's about time my senior students bundled up and didn't fight me.

"Now that I think about it, Kite's just too strong. By junior high standards, I was pretty strong, too, wasn't I?

Sho and Sola make fun of each other. Well, you can beat nearly ten upper classmates on your own. I guess Sola would have been strong enough if it hadn't been for Kite to be compared.

In fact, he's crushed over 30 opponents in one fight. Only residents on this side would be able to rate that as weak.

"Hey, hey... you're going to complain, right? Let's mix it up.

So, finishing the joke on schedule, Sora tells Kate. The grin was a fierce grin wrapped around the roughest times of previous years. That fierce sign can no longer be stopped, and it is true that I want to complain about one of them. Besides, safety is more certain than it was earlier. Thus, Kate sighed and expressed her acceptance in words. Apparently, the earlier tears were not noticed as acceptance.

"Ha... ok. Everybody come with me. Tina, I told you to take him, so take care of him till the end.


That's how Kite leaves the school building with a fully armed team of Tina's. It was the army that was there. They were all fully armed with Tina's first-class products and the most prosperous in each tribe. Having confirmed that, Kite returns to her original adult state. Thus, at the worst that the Duke's family had, the strongest armies gathered together.

"I've been waiting for you, my lord. Everyone is already ready.

"Something emotional. I just dropped him off at the time, and now I can't believe I'm in this with Kate.

Stra, who confirmed that Kate had grown up, knelt down and Coffle grinned a little emotionally.

"Now that I think about it, it's the first time I've had Yuhara..."

Kate nostalgic, shrugged. After the Yuhara incident, it became routine for this face to gather and beat him up every once in a while. There was a lot going on, but now that I think about it, this seems to be the Duke McDawell family, Kate thinks so.

And, uh, I remember the missing faces, and I just feel a little lonely. But their turn is yet to come. Kate decides to keep the trump card warm, wrapped around rough signs. Now, it was not gratifying to find out who I was even in the upper realm.

"Without that, I would have been the bait for some pervert. Instead it was your husband's food, though.

"You must be the one who cried and asked..."

"Oh, speaking of which, would it have been enough to be taken away by some pervert?

"Please, who cried?

"Is that it? Was I?

Kite moves on with the blur of Uhura.

"Lord, they say the Count has already collected gestures.

"Well... but it doesn't matter. Even one of us is a winning army. More than that, this is just a sign of intent. My family and what happens if I get my hands on them.

"Will the Lord change? Okay, let's keep it the way I always do, too.

"Oh, do that.

So Stella looked at Sola and the others and smiled secretly with satisfaction, and, heh, disappeared into the darkness. Kate is the only one who goes to see the Count this time, but secretly it was always she who protects.

"Are you glad we joined?

Says Al, wearing a demonic ore (Orihalcon) weapon made by Tina, not the usual Duke Army equipment. It is much more superior and high-performance than the weaponry that is always used, and it is a piece of cake for him. He and Lil have been doing this habitual training in parallel these past few months.

"Besides, even get this kind of equipment..."

Lil, who is also equipped with weapons created with demonic ore (Orihalcon), is about to be sorry.

"I don't mind...... is this design Tina, you?

If you look at the gear between the two of them, Kite had a design that looked familiar to her somewhere. Besides, Tina answered somewhere happy. I guess I'd still be happy if you noticed the trick I put in place.

"Again, do you notice? Yeah, I'll see you later.

"Exactly. I couldn't have misjudged the armor of a comrade who had crossed the dead line with me half his life.

To Tina's words, Kate smiled bitterly. It was an unforgettable and unforgettable memory. And, to the words, the two red and white beauty princesses he was taking with him observe Al and Lil's armor.

"Hmm?... Ooh, this looks like Lux's armor. But it beats elegance over that one.

Tier gives the rating. So, next, Graia gave Lil's armor a rating.

"Is this Ballantine? That's Tina's way to classy tailoring that muscle armor.

"Mm-hmm. That's my sister up there. Al's armor is based on Lux's armor and redesigned to a shape that takes into account flying by flying planes. Lil's armor is based on Balan's armor, but of course Lil, a woman, can't possibly use the big armor that covers that muscle. We redesigned the design, composition, etc. so as not to kill Lil's toughness as a woman or her speed as a spear user. This one naturally takes into account flying by plane.

All the weapons used by Lux and Ballantines since the middle of the war were made by Tina. And that's the armor they used at the height of their lives. Therefore, redesigning to the two armor was not a creation for Tina.

"This is the Holy Knight (Paladin) Lady Lux's..."

"I didn't know it was a redesign of Lord Ballantine's armor..."

The first design story I heard, they armored themselves with emotion. Besides, Tina nods and tells him.

"Hmm. Your fathers were worthy men of true samurai, heroes. He designed it with the thought that he might be ashamed of the name of his ancestors, and that he might be given a medal in the present day and age. Yume, be sure to act shamelessly on that armor.

"In your favor.

The two kneel and acknowledge Tina, who gave her a rare peek into her face as the Demon King.

"So, shall we go?

That's what Kite says. He flips his coat and hangs the ordinance.

"All aboard!

In accordance with Kite's decree, everyone, except Kite and Tia and Graia, boarded the airship. The available airships have three ships of the same type unified in black. It was a night camouflaged, covert specification.

"This airship is not medium-sized among the rest of what we have developed, but let's guarantee performance and ride comfort. It will take about an hour to arrive.

Of the three ships, Tina explains, taking Sola and the others aboard the flagship.

"And we hide ourselves in cover-up magic so that demons and enemy soldiers don't find us on the road. I'm not afraid to find it. Enjoy a relaxing and empty journey. Oh, this ship is the best of the ships. Fifty bells and a name over there.

Naming sense was the former Japanese Navy. From the naming, in Tina's assignment, it may be a light cruiser.

"Oh, what's Kite gonna do?

Sora asks when she realizes there is no sign that Kate will ever get on board. That's how we all pay attention, but Kate never shows signs of riding.

"Kite is let on by her sister.

The moment Tina said that, two dragons appeared outside. The beauty overwhelms us all.

"Is that who they really are..."


The moment is barometric and cherry blossoms say so in a voice that includes the intoxication of seeing Tia. Tia's figure is a female dragon covered in beautiful silver feathers about 25 metres long. The figure appeared in the dark night, as if it were a moon floating in the night.

"I used to give you the rest of the ride. Now I don't let them ride except for Kite. I didn't even ask you to give me a ride.

Later Tia said she stopped letting him ride because she recognized Tina as the same woman, he said. Likewise, Tina said she saw it as the same woman, but stopped asking me to give her a ride.

That's how they answered similarly. It was only then that we were truly sisters.

"Well, in Kate's case, I sometimes stay on Sister Glaia... but I don't really do it because I can be stubborn on my sister.

"I think I know.

That's what the cherry blossoms, who are already hearing about their relationship - part of it - centered around Kate, said. As a woman who loved the same man, you don't understand. If you admit the other person to be the same woman, even her parents, brothers and sisters will still be treated differently.

"Is that Mr. Glaia over there?

That said, ahead of the cherry blossom pointed, a crimson dragon stood.

"Yes. A crimson burning empress. That's the Red Dragon Empress.

Tina nodded at the words of the cherry blossom. Glaia was a red, crimson dragon as blood. The total length was about 30 meters and only slightly larger than the tier. The rough masterpiece feels disastrous, depending on the way you look at it. By the way, the way these two are supposed to be bigger. It's near the school, so we're keeping it down.


But that still doesn't change the beauty of the two of us. So Sora whines when she sees Glaia close to what she is supposed to be. Yes, that's only if you turn it to the enemy. As an ally, I never felt more reliable.


That's what Kate says. She strokes Tia's head. Tia accepted it with pleasure.

"Hmm. It's been a long time since I've seen the sky. Not too shabby, huh?

"Sometimes you want to ride normally. It's always a battlefield when I ride you.

Kate laughs bitterly, while riding Tia's back in the jump. Don't ride across, because there's no way you can cross such a giant.

"Kuku, the concubine was a dragon rider. You can call me anytime you want.

"If it was, would you like to ride the rest? I promise you a thrilling flight.

"If he doesn't persevere.

The concubine is stubborn!

Tia says so, but knowing that she rode Graia's back mischievously without her knowledge would definitely bend her navel. That's all I could confidently say for sure.

"Well, will you let me ride Glaia home then?

'Oh, that's good.


To that obstinate groan, Kate and Glaia laughed and cut the conversation. And Kate checks her readiness in a nutshell.

"Tina. Ready?

"All boarding is complete. All systems are green. You can go anytime.

'All right.'

That's how Kite shouts.

"All hands out!

Thus, the kites marched to the realm of Laemeth.