On the road to Laemeth territory, a description of the routine events of the Duke McDawell family was given on the airship boarded by Tina and the others.

"In other words, it's a warning to those who put their hands on the Duke's house in a backdrop that they can't do publicly.

"Warning, like a frivolous soldier..."

With Kuzha's explanation, we all look at the people around us. There were clearly top-tier powerful men and thinkers of all races.

They were soothingly bickering, but the magic that each individual was entangled in was comparable to a single group of soldiers. Besides, this is not the maximum value in battle, and now, it's in a state of normalcy. It was better to get involved rather than to warn.

"Well, besides that, it's also a demonstration that shows the connection between our various races. If you try to get your hands on any one of the races, all of them will be opponents.

Take over Meath's description and Kuzha begins the explanation.

"Well, if it was only 300 years ago, right after the war. Slavery and the like were also rampant, naturally. Your brother was against slavery and did not employ it in the territory, but there were many places in the surrounding territory where he had slavery, some of which enslaved the Duke's servants and the race of friends. Ministers and friends are often insulted and ridiculed from such places, and the result is to piss off your brother, Mr. Lux, and Mr. Balan......

If any of these three go out in formation, inevitably the Duke's family will follow suit. At some point it became an army of representatives of all races. So, take over Kuzha, Yuri explains.

"Besides, in numbers, we are inferior to non-human races in total numbers. Each race came together to earn numbers. I hear it started with Kate, Tina and Tia and a few others, but if Kate and the others bought all the fights against each race, this would have happened at some point. Well, many of them seem as funny as I am, so I guess I'll follow them.

"The beginning began when Lord Kite was angry for our demons.

That's what Claudia said. As usual, I refrained beside Tina.

"Well, it's me, isn't it? That pervert, I want to squeeze him even if I remember him now.

Yuhara, smiling only at her face, acts like she grips something with all her strength. Seeing it, Tina laughs remembering the time. Also, the men who could understand what Yuhara gripped were holding themselves back.

"Coffle was very funny then. Cancer, cry, help my sister, cry to Kate. I can't even look at you.

"Ugh, no, um... sister? If only we could talk about that time..."

Rarely does Coffle turn bright red. Exactly. He's embarrassed to talk about when he was crying.

"Well, isn't it good? As a result, it became the norm. If you say so, the Lord is not your biological parent.

"No, isn't that the beginning when Kate tried to go and her sister followed her on her own?

Sora and the others looked strange, not knowing what was going on, because it felt like Coffle respected Tina for some reason from earlier. Kuzha, who saw it, secretly explains.

"Coffle, who couldn't beat his brother a long time ago, challenged his sister, but he got bogged down without care. Ever since then, I haven't been comfortable with your sister.

At the time, Kate felt like she was playing Coffle against him, but Tina really bummed it out. He was forced not to kill, but succeeded in making him think he could not win mentally.

"After that, I apprenticed to my sister, but as a result, I couldn't resist what was still happening.

That said, Kuzha laughs really fun. Many faces were replaced with those of the time, and few were no longer there. But still. When I saw this army that Kate had been able to summon, I really felt that Kate and the others had returned.

"Nevertheless, I haven't had one in the last 50 years, and I haven't convened since less than six months after Kate got back - Another furious rush.

"Haha, just like Kite. But I don't call so many times...... should.

Yuri laughed and tried to flush the words Meath said emotionally, but the last one was losing confidence.

"I wish that girl would just leave, too. If you ask me this, I'm gonna fuck you up. Hey, honey, he said they left you.

Meath mourns her missing cousin. Neither has she seen Aura in the last hundred years. The words are always the same, but somewhere, there were signs of loneliness.

"Really, I wonder where you're leaning..."

In contrast, Kuzha becomes a gradually flat voice. Sora, who learns about Kate's family structure here, expressed her doubts.

"Is that it? You don't have a sister named Kite, do you?

"I don't have a childhood friend like my sister.

"Oh, Kagurasaka?

"Do you know your brother's previous Duke surname?

In the wake of Sola's doubts, Kuzha asks together. Besides, cherry blossoms answered that I was not confident. The other is not famous, so I didn't know much about it.

"Yeah, I thought it was definitely the Floyline.

"Yeah, it's Kite Floyline. At the time, you were treated like an adopted son of the sage Hermes. Likewise, after Aura lost her parents, she was adopted by Hermes. Looks like Aura was watching her younger brother like a real brother.

At that time the empire was in a crisis of exile, and Hermes, the great sage, was also absent a lot. That's why I adored Kaito.

"Well, I don't know if it's because of that, but I'm dependent on kite. I used to get on kite's back or it was snagging.

"Yuri was on top of that, wasn't she?

"Precisely, I was on top of Aura's head, on top of her sun-directed head.

A stranger's name came up, so Sora tries to inquire, but before that, the airship rocked heavily.

"Hey, what the fuck!

"... Sister.

That's what Tina says as she sighs. And it was Kite, who looked out, who was thrown like an onion.

A few minutes before the airship on which Tina and the others ride rocked. The three kites enjoyed the acrobatic journey of the sky immensely.

"Oh! I hope so!

"Bye! You can't manoeuvre like this in a dragon!

Tiers with kites on their backs perform slalom orbits while spinning proficiently. Besides, Kite is even more excited. He loves a ride where he can feel the wind. Besides, I am now uncontrolling my emotions, so I felt it was even more remarkable.

"Mm-hmm? I told you!

Take that. Now Glaia grabbed the kite on Tia's back and threw it away.

"Enjoy a little free fall!

Kite enjoys a few free falls according to the word.

"Yikes, yay, yay!

The thrown kite does not complain, but enjoys falling as she twirls with the guts pose.

"I knew it was good! Skydiving!"

'And here's the rest to catch.

That's what I said. Walk side by side with Kite on the way down and put him on his back.

"Soaring from here!

"Wow! Abu! I'll bite your tongue!

"Oh, Smansman.

"Mm-hmm. Concubines can do that too!

Tia will now take the kite on Glaia's back. After several acrobats that way, I noticed that I was considerably behind the airship.

"Hey! We're late!



We both look forward to that word, but no airship existed at a visible distance. Well, Tina's airship is going at 1000 kilometers an hour. Besides, in a spacecraft with a black camouflage to disperse in the dark night, it is impossible to lose sight of just a little stagnation.

"Just hurry up!


Kite, who is currently on top of the tier, said to the tier. Graia also accelerates as Tia agrees. A few seconds later, the airship caught up to a visual distance again.

'Oh, I see it.

That said the two accelerated again, but now they pulled it off overwhelmingly.

"Oh, now I'm passing by. A little late."

So a few minutes later, we started walking side by side with the airship again, but the three of us start to get back on track because we caught up.

"Now here's the thing!

That said, Tia passes through the gap in the airship.

"How about that!

"Oh, that's right!

'Hmm, so you want to try the rest? Hey, Tia, pass.

That said, it acts like Glaia receives something. Tia, who saw it, grabbed Kite and passed.

"By pass.

"It's a catch.

"Am I a ball!

Kate's voice was fun, so ignoring the words, Graia put Kate on her back. And as it is, Graia approaches the airship.

"Hey, kite! Run as far as you can over the airship!

"Hmm?... Roger!

I didn't know why, but I dared to jump and land at the top of the airship as I was told. Keep running all at once. And when we approached the cutting edge, Glaia said again.

"Jump from there all at once!

"Say it!"

And Kate jumped all at once, being told to stay put, and rose to the sky. And in the next moment, Glaia came out from under the airship and put Kate on her back.


Having a lot of fun traveling super fast to the free fall, Kite raises her hands with super high tension. Then he fluttered up and stepped away from Graia's back and rode on Tia's back.

"Hey, fun! Seriously, it's fun!

Kite, it is a great joy. But soon a protest came from Tina.

"Idiot, what are you doing?"

'Oh? What an acrobat. Finally messed up, King Da.

'You'll see! Don't tell me it's dangerous!

"Ah? Nothing. There's nothing I can do about it.

Three people and three ships flying about 10,000 meters above, but from this point on, it doesn't matter on its own where Kite fell. Tina was the same.

"Not the Lord! Not the airship! It's pretty shaky since just now!

It's not a spacecraft that loses control to this extent, but creatures just over 50 meters long are nearby, and they're moving at superfast speeds. The turbulence created by it was incredible. Naturally, the airship was shaking heavily.

"Oh, seriously? Bad. '

"Oh, Smansman. I got enthusiastic about it.

"Um, it's been a long time since my concubines have either. I'm stuck.

With that said, the three men walk alongside each other to the airship, and find a shadow that looks familiar to the Cloud Sea on the road, wondering if it would be destined for their destination, and stop.

'... what's next?

A frightened Tina calls out in a tale. The airship stopped. Otherwise, I felt like this was going to be the next time I wanted to see the shelling.

"Oh, a screw-up discovery.

Say so. Kate calls for the Cloud Sea.

"Hey, Gynn!

Then a giant dragon emerges from the cloud sea that shines golden. The total length is about the same as the current tier, about 50 meters.

"... what?... Where are we?

I'm not rubbing my eyes, but that kind of behavior came to Kate's head for some reason. He seemed to be asleep for quite a while.

"... because that mountain is over there... off next to us.

It was now about 500 km west of Maxwell. It is halfway down the Grand Avenue.

"... not iosis..."

When I heard Kate's words, Gynn seeped a little consternation and groaned. Iosis is one of two continents connected, located northeast of the Enesian continent. The other name is Iosia.

"Twin continents..."

"Since when did you fall asleep!

'... before it rained.

"You see!

Gwen was still trying to sleep, so at first glance she seemed to be falling asleep, but this is her vegan.

That said, neither Kite nor the other two know the weather a few days before where we don't know where on another continent. The three of them are just stunned.

And so, not only were the three of them all present, but Gwen, who noticed that there were Tina and all the faces he had seen in the airship, tilted his neck and asked.

'... what's wrong with all of you?

"I'm going to hang out with Kite for a little while.

"You coming, too?

'... just for a moment.

Just a few thoughts of Gynn fly out of the clouds. At the next moment, the Cloud Sea was extinguished by flying wind pressure.

"Hey, then we're off again!

That's how we added a new excessive force called Emperor Huang Long. Listening to the story so far on the road, Gynn, who expressed an interest in acrobatic navigation, proceeded as he received the kite and rocked the airship, causing Tina to get mad at him.


Then for a while. Unexpectedly, we all sighed at the sway that finally subsided.

"... What the hell were the Tiers doing?

With a paragraph finally made, the cherry blossoms ask Tina. Besides, Tina answered with a little tiredness.

"Kite's got to be pretty good. You've had a series of acrobatic voyages. What a hitcher.

Hearing that remark, Heavenly Cherry Blossom School and I doubted our ears by accident. Usually I couldn't imagine what a calm kite meant by a hitcher.

"I know your lords suspect. Well, that's not what he used to be, then, is it?

"We were surprised to see your brother's personality settled when he returned, right?

There was extra confusion, especially since Kuzha was set up with pranks on Kate's return.

"I thought you were someone else at first. Stella was in such a hurry that she was brainwashed.

Apparently, Yuri agrees with me that she was at the banquet from the beginning.

"... there will be no choice. That lord, huh? If the restless Lord, who seems to be gone when I think of him, suddenly calms down and leaves, I can't help it.

To Yuri's words, Stella blushes just a little. While we talked about that, Fu Fu Xiang looked out and for some reason there were more dragons. Sho shrugs as he shrugs.

"... more, huh?

"That's increasing.

The moment I look outside into Sho's words I agree. He realized it was pointless to be surprised over this period.

"... Not Sister Gwen... They found a place to sleep on the road......

"... g, to Dear Gynn.

"... what are we fighting against?

Lil and Al groaned in disgust. With this power, it was easier to unify the continent than to unify the world. Wrong is not the power to bring to a noble opponent. That's how the yellow lamp lit up aboard when they were all flashing together.

"Oh, that's not a signal enough before we arrive.

That's what Tina says. Moves on to observing the meter early. And make sure the location information is correct. Activate the communication system linked to the three ships.

'Mmm... I'll tell all of you. I'll be there in a minute. Get everyone ready.

That's how they moved into landing gear.