Not long before the kites arrived, adding excessive power called Gynn on the road. A large army was gathered in front of the city where Count Reames lived.

"... what the hell is that all of a sudden? I can't believe we called it in the middle of the night.

"I don't know. You're not busy again, are you?

It is time for dinner or to convene where I was thinking so. Besides, priority in everything, so many people were not able to eat dinner. Therefore, the morale of the soldiers of Count Reames, even if only originally low, was low in circles. Apart from the other two, the soldier, both senior and junior officers, was flat out dissatisfied.

"Hey, haven't you got any rice yet..."

The soldier arrived after 23: 00, and by the time the date changed, he was finally able to take a breath and have a rather late dinner. Besides, when I came to this side, I used full physical enhancement by magic and magic to rush through at full speed, so I was hungry and tired. So he mouths his frustrations abominably.

"I'm hungry...... that fat guy. Seriously, what are you thinking?

"They're gonna ask!... you know. I'm hungry and sleepy too..."

I whisper that to a colleague who raised a flat and frustrating voice, and the soldier throws up flat as well. They have not been told why there was a convocation, although it is good that they were called. Of course. If you notify him that there may be more than one attack from the ancient dragon, the escape will undoubtedly be rampant.

Since it is the same with Enefia that escape from the army is a felony, some of them who have become deserters will undoubtedly fall for bandits. If that were to happen, it would be certain that even the insecurity would deteriorate in Count Laemes territory, and that even less gestures would be made. But not long after this, they will know why they were called.

"Tina, remove the camouflage camouflage from all three ships. All hands, get off the ship and take formation as soon as you descend.

Kite, who told Tina in a reading, unlocks the cover-up magic she had hung on herself. Along with that, the three ancient dragons (Elder Dragons) who were flying outside the airship also show up. Then, it was immediately discovered. Well, even at night, the moon is out, so it's pretty bright, and Tia's a pure white dragon that looks like a dark night. It is more suspicious to not find it than to be able to strengthen your vision with magic even in the dark night.

Thus, as soon as they were found, the soldiers under Kate's eyes went all the way out at once. It was with the pure white dragon that appeared in the dark night, even the crimson dragon known to everyone if they were of the Empire. They were not soldiers whose intentions were unclear.

"... hey, what did the Count get his hands on?

I imagined the worst on their heads. If the Count had done anything to anger the ancient dragon, we would not have been blown apart, not even the city.

"... you know! Hope you didn't do something to piss those people off!

The gesture of the Count, who saw three ancient dragons (Elder Dragon), frightened and bewildered all, hesitating to the right and left.

"Hey! Everybody, no matter what happens, don't attack... no, don't put your hands on weapons! Never be hostile!

The commander, overwhelmed by the beauty of the ancient dragons, commands me to return. If even one stray bullet hit them, they could have been executed as national bandits. Thus, a short distance from the soldiers, three airships also landed.

'Here we are.

"Oh, thank God.

Not long before Tia lands. When Kate thanked Tia, she jumped off Tia's back, cleverly concealing herself so that she wouldn't understand that she was riding on Tia. As such, Kite and Tia, Graia and Gynn land at the same time. But they never become the usual beauty, as they are the dragons.

Then a little while later, everyone I brought with me this time gathered at Kite's, forming a formation with Kite in the lead. As such, Kite opened her mouth when Count Reames' army was ready to do everything while she was distracted and unable to act.

"I'm Kate Amane, Director of Adventures at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School! This time I came as a better messenger than the Duke's! Wish Count Reames all the best!

"Hey! Kite!

The cherry blossoms rush into a halt because Kate named it Heavenly Tao School in grandeur. It was clearly a dangerous behavior to give the name of a school that was not in the ranks of nobility, than the opponent was also a nobleman.

"Well, let me handle it.

But Kate can forgive the approaching cherry blossoms with both hands. I was told to leave the cherry blossoms to Kite, so I decided not to dare leave them to Kite. Within doing so, in response to Kate's call, one of the most senior commanders in the line in front of him appeared with his confession.

"I mean with the Duke's messenger... what the hell can I do for you?

"It's about how it works this time.

"Ko, this is Master Kuzha. Was Kuzha with you? Do... What the hell can I do for you?

"Don't you see?

That's what Kuzha told me, Commander, but apparently he wasn't informed of anything. deepened the strange look that was on his face. So, when he's surprised, someone like his deputy asks for details.

"What the hell does this time mean?

"It is disrespectful to them now protected by our Duke's house by the decree of His Majesty the Emperor Leonhardt.

The commander who hears it turns his face bright blue. He was told by the Emperor's decree that he also understood the seriousness of the matter.

"I'm sorry. I will check with the Count now.

In an overly serious matter, the commander immediately retrieves it and tries to send a message to the Count, but before that, Kite begins to move.

"No, you don't have to. Turn from this side...... hey, some of you coming?

This isn't an elegant visit, it's a crude one. For Kate, there was no need to pierce that logic, and I'm not going to protect you. So Kate showed her willingness to push through, turning only her head back and asking Sola and the others who didn't know what more to do.

"Well, I guess I'll have some time to go. He's also one of the victims of this incident. I'll have to do it a little bit.

"... then so am I.

"Huh?... So we're all going?

Hearing Tina's words, Cherry Blossom ran for office, so Sora asks everyone who was thinking about creating a wrinkle between her brows to go with it. I didn't mean to wait for them to be classy. But what surprised me greatly about this was the commanders who were responding. Stopping Kite from trying to start walking in a big hurry.

"What?... No, wait!

"Are you going to stop it?

Hearing the commanders stop, Kite stares at them. Besides, commanders who didn't know who Kate was accidentally put themselves away.

Not only that, but in keeping with Kite's words, everyone who had refrained behind Kite set up a weapon. And the soldiers of the Count begin to be frightened by the magic that began to swirl in Russia. Obviously, we found ourselves too different. It didn't even occur to me that everyone was going to escape because it was too different, and fortunately, no one had escaped.

"I'm not thinking of putting anything on my hands. I'm just embarrassed about being a little disrespectful.

'Hey, kite. If you're going, go quickly. Let it go, or this guy will go to sleep.

Tia hurries when she sees Kite try to relax and push her questions. If Kate saw you in those words, Gynn would have started rowing the ship.

"Oh, bad. Okay, I'm coming.

That's what Kate says and tries to walk out. but before that, the commander pulls out his sword and pokes it at Kite. That way, he makes it clear that he is not a threat with murder and intent to kill, and tells Kite.

"Please wait! Exactly. Even though you represent the Duke, such disrespect is unacceptable!

"Well, shall we put our hands on the rest of the men we protect? Ready for that, good.

'... Huh? What? Do you do? Begin?'

To the man who poked his sword at Kite, Graia stripped his fangs furiously. Furthermore, Gynn, who fell asleep in the struggle she unleashed and mistakenly mistook it for a war, tries to roar. Speaking of mere growling, if Gynn let go of the growling, that alone would cause damage to the city and soldiers. Exactly. Kite rushes to stop. Kite and I are not going to harm the innocent people.

"Oh, hey! I'm not ready to start yet!

Kate stopped it, so I got it all right, but this effect was enormous. Everyone and he were all frightened and trembling. While bitterly laughing at the effect, Kate asked the commander to put a sword in front of him and give him a bitter look.

"So, can I come through?

To that word, the commander had no choice but to deliver his sword to the sheath. If I put my hand on Kite, it will only give permission to the Kolong (Elder Dragon) and the others to attack. I couldn't take that risk.

"Believe me, are you sure?

"Yeah, unless the Count and the others work disrespectfully on this side.

"In the name and family crest of the Duke's house, let us promise.

Two promises: Kate and Kuzha. Exactly. The Commander could not have stopped at the earliest if Kuzha, whose status was superior to that of Count, had been agreed even by proxy.

"Okay, let me through.

With that said, he led the way to the Count's Hall of Fame, where he would walk.

"You're bigger than you are.

Sora, who turned her fangs fiercely, says to Kite. I'm sure he's going to get involved from now on, but he won't. Incidentally, Count Reames' mansion was, as Sola did, a smaller castle than a mansion.

"I used to make that one, so I was full of hands. There weren't as many humans as there are now.

"At first it was just me and my brother, and four of Yuri on Aura.

"We're renovating now. One of these days we'll build a big castle..."

"Don't make it!

Smudge and miss the time Yuri and Kuzha. but to the words Tina told when she heard it, kite slaps Tina on the head.

"Whilst... why not!

"It's not a busy thing to do!

"What!?... How about this!

That being said, Tina presents Kite with an ongoing renovation plan.

"... What's this?

"The Duke's Mansion is planned for renovation! The current progress is about 30%, but the pool and basement hangar are already complete!

Tina has a busty chest, even though she's renovating someone else's house on her own for some reason. Well, since Kate's fiancée is her original identity, the Duke's residence is also her home in the future. So you can do the renovation on your own without saying no to Kite, maybe.

"When did you do it?"

"I've been doing it right since I left! Well, I'm not leaving the work to the golem!

The two begin to argue in front of the Count's residence. We had to keep an eye on that together.

"... hey, did kite have that personality?

"... what do you think? Maybe, I think so.

Sola, who would know Kite best among them, asks the cherry blossoms. But I have layered my body with her many times, but I don't know much about the state in which I just lifted my emotional restraint. Therefore, because cherry blossoms could not be judged, they had some difficulty judging them.

"I'll show Cherry Blossom some old footage as well. Not yet, before Kate started suppressing her emotions. Still, when Lux or Baran's old man was alive. Give me the real kite.

"Yeah, please.

"Oh, me and me.

That's what Sora raises her hand. Along with that, other faces raised their hands.

"... somehow.

"Hmm. You should give him some advice.

"I'm an expert.

Kate and Tina smile secretly in the middle of the argument when they see that Sora and Yuri, who were quite mentally unstable, are well. The advice of the warriors in the war who heard about this one on the road, as well as the medication and advice given to the tribes only by the creepy fellow kites, stabilized their mental state for a long time.

"Oh, I'm interested in your ancestors..."

"Sure, you're interested in Master Ballantine.

Two turned toward the Count's residence, sidelined by a lively conversation between those two to the Al's without dew.

"... Well, looks like you're ready for a welcome. There is no education as a nobleman to keep our guests waiting.

"Mm-hmm. The rest are not customers. It's polite to bring one of the best drinks.

Sola and the others, who noticed that Kate and Tina were looking forward to the words, looked at the Count's residence and the armed guards appeared through the door.

"What does it look like at such a late hour?

"I am from the Duke's house. I would like to ask Count Reames as he sees fit.

Kite calling against the guards who showed up. If you could let me through with this, I still didn't mind.

"... the Count will never see a man like you. Walk away, but good.

"Hmm. Did I say Duke's earlier?

"I have not received any communication from the Duke's house that a messenger is coming. Leave early but good.

With that said, the guards release their killing spirit, as they pull out their swords and intimidate them.

"If you don't leave, as an act of hostility to our territory, may I force you to eliminate it?


Kite also pulls out a knife against a guard who pulls out his sword. Thus, without distracting from any gaze, he asks Kuzha.

"... what about the Count's bedroom?

"The reed investigation says it's further down the hidden aisle from the back right of the top floor.

"I have a plan, so I'm coming with you.

That's what Yuri sits on Kate's shoulder, 300 years ago in combat style. Here and now, 300 years ago, the brave man made a complete resurrection.

"Rikai. Okay, I'm coming.... Ah, all of you just come back a little later. I'll clean it.

"Then let me show you the rest.

"I asked. Okay, push through!

Kate stormed out loud and seemed to open the end of the battle at once......

"... that?

Sho tilts his neck at a guard who has never made a move. The end of the battle should have been opened, but the so surprised Solas lean their necks. Although Kate is gone, no one in the guard will try to move. There is still silence in the Count's mansion.

"To this extent, you don't even have to deal with them, is that what you mean..."

"What do you mean?

Moments inquire into Lil's words, which shook his body by accident.

"It stays that way. We are all losing our minds.

To match that word, Al approached the nearest guard in an unwrought fashion. So Tung, and when he poked, the guard fell down with Dosari.


Yuri opens his mouth to a guard who fell so carelessly.

"How did you do that?

Ask Tina, where Sola was lying. She answered Sora's question as she sidestepped the guards who were passing out standing there not saying they were disturbed.

"I simply blamed you for the murder. That's not Kite's killer, is it? Those in line will endure well. Well, I'm sorry to bother you to die... but here we go.

Sora and the others knock at the door, starting with Tina, who said so. Then, the cause of the silence of the Count's residence was found.

"... this too, are they all fainting?

The moment I let too many situations pull my cheeks, I looked around and asked. Just like in front of the Count's mansion, they were all passing out standing.


"But some of you are down...... you seem to have breath.

Cherry blossoms, observing their surroundings as well as moments, decided they were alive from the top and bottom of their chests. Besides, Tina tells the guess.

"Probably a spy from another house. Even Kite's killer collapsed, so he passed out directly.

"Other houses... even nobles are scouting each other..."

I heard unpleasant things, Sho was frightened like that. But Tina flat out said away.

"What are you talking about? There's a detective in the Duke's house, too, isn't there? Well, everyone's gonna find out, so he's gonna be grand.

"What?... you don't have to rule it out!

It took Sola and the others just a little time to understand what it meant to be exposed so carelessly. That's how I understand it, and Sho shouts out loud.

"Well, I'm a spy from the royal family, and you know what's going on over there. He seems to be letting go that we can get information that the royal family can know and that no other house can get.

Kuzha tells the truth with a smile just a little closer to a bitter smile. Incidentally, the face of the Duke of Kuzhada's house also unleashes a spy against the Imperial Castle. He was your son because you should know that over there.

In that way, we climb the Count's mansion, which is supposed to be heavily guarded, to the top floor without any danger. Together, they arrived in front of Count Reames' bedroom through a passage that was completely destroyed and did not make up the meaning of the hidden passage.

"Oh, are you here? Looks like there were quite a few undercover detectives.

"I'm surprised there's more than ten of them.

"You must be wary of the foolishness addition and subtraction of Count Daita Reames.

"Now, everyone, from here on out, is a big stuffing of the routine. Well, watch.

As they all watched, Kate kicked through Count Reames' bedroom door.