I'm going to complain, so the kites who were visiting Count Laemes' residence in Count Laemes' territory, next door to the Duke's territory, finally arrived in front of the room. That's how Kite kicks through Count Reames' bedroom door. The kicked wooden door blows away as it roars and spins, crashing into the walls of the Count's bedroom to become a piece of wood dust.

In the room thus opened, of course, Count Reames lay in bed. Apparently he was asleep. Well, it was already around 1 o'clock at night, so it's natural. Next to it was a half-naked woman who seemed to have slept with him as he did after the affair.

"Hey, what's up!

"Hey, what!?

With the roar of Kate kicking through the door, the two of them jump up. Kate tells it cheerfully, with a fierce grin, ignoring it.

"Ooh. I came here to complain, didn't I?

"I don't know who it is, but what are the guards doing! Let's get rid of him!

I say that and hesitate to raise my voice, but I have no reaction. Well, not a single servant is moving in the Count's mansion, so naturally.

"Oh, I'm sorry. The guards have just wiped them out. Nobody's here.

That's what Kite says. He approaches the bed. Count Reames understands that no guard will come to such a kite, or pull out a protective dagger that was hidden in bed in the approaching kite.

The aftermath caused a woman to fall out of bed. When she realizes she is not the target, she abandons the Count and rushes out of the room. There were Kuzha and Sola in front of the room, but when she realized she wasn't the target, she missed it as it was.

"Come on!"

"Let it go.

Count, on the other hand, who had become an abandoned form, but the dagger he had unleashed had been severed in two by Kate's knife, which had been unleashed at a rate far exceeding it. Kate sticks her loose knife into Count Reames with the momentum she has left.

"Oh my God, have you tried your hand on the Duke's land?

"Hmm, so what's up! It's not your business!

That's what I said about nobility when I was flat yelled at while I was being poked with a sword. There was also some fear in his face, but it was from an instinct that could be done with the blade pointed at, and it was thin nonetheless.

"Whoa, you forgot your name. I'm Kate Amane, Director of Adventures at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School.

"I don't know.

"I know, don't I?

Yuri gets bigger after the Count's word. The eyes of Count Reames, who blamed Yuri for having grown up, are opened.

"What!? < > said it was Ulysia!?... Wait, pale haired kite? So it's you! What interrupted all the measures of Non!

Count Reames stares at Kite when he remembers that Kite's name was raised in a report by Deacon Keyes. But Kite doesn't care at all. Plus Yuri goes on.

"Yeah. I warned you, didn't I?

"Who cares about the warnings of men made up only of martial arts like your lords?

Hearing the Earl's words, Kite turns back, and it was the realization of many nobles that 300 years is certainly not less than half the history of the Empire, but that if it were for its performance and loyalty, it would be no less than the nobles at the beginning of the nation.

"Dude, it was 300 years ago when we were built of martial arts..."

"My Laemes family has had its origins since the founding of the Empire! There is a difference between heaven and earth compared to the youthful creation of savages like yourselves!

Thus, in the return of Count Reames to the words that Kate told in awe, Kate understood his criterion of judgment. Along with that, I feel weak from kite.

"Ha... you, judging by the history of the house..."

"Speaking of which, many of the houses in the report were just houses a little after the establishment of the Imperial State.

"Oh, did we all do that in school?

We didn't think it was such a sloppy criterion, and we didn't understand it. Well, that's the same for the other nobles, who usually look down on the other houses just because of history. No one will even think about it.

That said, just because you're frightened doesn't mean his guilt is gone because it turns out to be the cause. No, more than that, a frightening recoil evokes further anger. Thus, Kate turned the knife she had once waved down to the Count's neck again, increasing her magic once and for all to increase her killing temper throughout her body.

"Well, okay. I can't believe I warned you. Crush it next, he said.


If the heroes of the war of 300 years ago were to kill me, I would have no choice but to cling to Count Reames. He leans back on the bed in a great panic.

"Where are you going?

Kate ascends onto the bed to follow it, hunting down Count Reames as he descends behind him in a slow motion.

"Ha, help me!... but never again! So."

Count Reames leans back and finally also falls off the bed, and even reaches the wall and runs out of escape, finally weeping and begging for his life. But Kite doesn't have any discretion in that. Block his begging for life and tell him without question.

"I don't know. You're the one who ignored the advice, aren't you?... over.

That's what Kite says. He shakes his knife up the upper level. The Solas who saw it turned a blind eye to the tragedy that would befall them.


And the next moment. "Kasumi (Blur)", one of Kite's demon swords and village masters, was waved without sound. But the blood splash never went up.

"... did you help?

"... this is the last warning. No next time.

The sword, which he thought would be slain, was waved down in front of Count Reames. Chin, along with the sound of it, Kate snapped a knife. Besides, Count Reames can only be taken aback. Thus, Kite gives in and inquires against Count Reames, who is taken aback.

"Got it?

Count Reames can only snort at the words. And Kate turned her back on Count Reames. When Count Reames sees it as an opportunity, he tries to strike Kite with a dagger he hides in his clothes. His reflective attitude was all acting. But that's not what I don't know, Kite.

"It's late, how many times do I have to tell you? To that extent? Even the average soldier once was faster.


By the knife of Kate, wielded at an overwhelming speed, the Earl, who again turned down his dagger from half, attempts to fall back, falling from the floor down. By the slaughter of Kite, released at the beginning, Count Reames' mansion was cut off from the top to the bottom.

"Yay, help me!

"Crawl up yourself, will you? Hey, before that..."

Kate threw it away in disgust. That's how I thought I'd walk away, Kite, but on the verge of it. He gave himself up again before Count Reames, who was desperately about to go up from crack to bedroom.

As such, Kate smiles the craziest feeling she's ever had as she approaches her face so that she looks like Count Reames alone. It was a mad, mad grin that floated those who enjoyed 'fighting' and 'killing people', as anyone who had ever been out on the battlefield and seen madness would know.

"One, I forgot to tell you. Hey, man. Now, hey. Or... here, you want me to die?


At that moment, he falls, letting go of the hand he was grasping for falling, trying to get away from Kite at all costs. The fear stuck on his face showed that his attitude was not acting. Even more unconsciously, he was incontinent from fear, but he didn't seem to realize it either.

So the sound of Dosa, but at that time Kate was lurking a mad grin and turning her back.

"Bye. bei."

Now it's time for Kate to walk away without looking back. And Yuri, too, turned her tongue out, and turned small again, and sat on Kate's shoulder, and this visit was over.

"And well, here's the thing.

That's when Kate came back to Sola and the others in front of the door. They were all stunned. Everyone has tried to complain to me once, but seeing so overwhelming a sight and the Count's ugliness, it doesn't matter anymore.

"No, you, how did you do that?

The moment asks intriguingly. Kate did not slaughter Count Reames, but broke off the back wall and the Count's mansion.

"A true knife slashes only what the owner wants, right?

"Sure...... so there's a secret in that knife?

"It's a lie. The truth is, by specifying the point of incidence of the slaughter, you tore it from behind the Count.

That's what Kate says. She flaunts her shoulders. I tried to see if he really wasn't out of sight, but he was a little sorry because of the results, so he clapped his shoulders. For such a kite, the moment puts a scratch on it.

"Which way!

"Well, it's a good idea to put it down and wait for the other guy to come... but if it's a single shot, there's no use for it. Spatial manipulation is quite challenging.

Satisfied to expose the Count Reames to ugliness all the way through, Kate laughs asshole. It was a fairly high-difficulty move to use spatially manipulated magic to generate slaughter from a designated point, but there was one problem. It is good that the point of incidence of slashing can now be specified, but now it is not possible to attack from the point of incidence to myself. Though the range grew, it was only a restraint for the melee subject, Kite, to approach. That said, it doesn't leave kite and useless moves intact at all times.

"Well, the application allows slashing to occur from all directions around the target.

The drill was further packed and, as a result, it was finally used by manipulating to the direction of the slaughter.

"Oh well.

The moment attracts your face to too much altered character and a blown move. But all Kate had to do was smile at the moment of such a convulsive face. That's how he tells everyone.

"Come on, let's go home.

"Huh? Can I leave that one alone?

Point to the Earl where Sola fell. I thought he'd hit me for about a shot, but I felt a little sorry for him when he was exposed to that ugliness. but kite answered flatly with a disgusting face.

"Ah? You won't help?

"Uh, no. Plus, you wouldn't have a problem falling further from there. I teach magic that reduces free falls in the school of magic.

Kate and Yuri reject each other and encourage them to go home even more. It's gonna take me an hour to get home, and I can see that I'm busy tomorrow. There is not much room for relaxation here.

"So, we're going home.

Though I wondered if Sola and the others would like that word, I decided that the Count was at fault for this one. Thus, when the hoarding was lowered, it was after the Count's mansion.

A short walk out of the Count's mansion, Kate turns her neck and shoulders. So I groaned with a sunny look somewhere.

"No, it feels good to get busted in a while. Well, that's a hard point to do in an instant.

"You went wild when you helped the cherry blossoms.

"It was a cave over there, wasn't it? I don't want to be ruined. It would be bad if it collapsed.

"Huh? With that...?

The only cherry blossoms that were watching the whole thing flash when I heard Yuri and Kate say it. It was obviously overwhelming. It was normal to think that not so much, then all the best. and Tina puts in a supplement to it.

"For Kate, the average Rank A demon is 200. That was amazing...... rarely was kite like Shura.

He said that and remembered the time. Tina gives a look of glory. I wondered what the hell had happened. Together, but at the same time one question had arisen. So Sora asks the question.

"... did you do that by yourself, Kite?

"Is there any reason? We're with Lux and Will, Baran's old man and a few others. Tina joined Kuzha and Aura in a nearby village, and we intercepted her.

"A few others? Are your people still here?

Kite laughs and says a few others, so Sora asks. With Sola's knowledge, only the first seven knew.

But, of course, war is not something to be fought in small numbers. There's a bigger group of people out there, and Tina and Kuzha are the only ones famous for it.

"Oh, there are quite a few other things like Second Generation Village Masaru/Murakami and then Empire Lead Warrior Minato.

"Weren't you Dragon Dare and General Maximilian then?

"I'm sure he did... he asked us to help him at the general's request. A large group of demons are approaching a nearby village, so they asked me to crusade them.

In Yuri's words, Kuzha, who knows kite and taste, begins to remember the past. It was Kuzha who went on after him.

"So, just in case, me and Aura, your sister, make up the city's final line of defense. Well, your sister has been quite sloppy..."

"Mm-hmm. I'm in a bad mood for the rest of the treat in front of me... well, I could see something unusual instead, so it's good.

"A rare thing?

"Rarely has Will's operation come off. It was a complete surprise attack.

Tina said something unusual, and the cherry blossoms inquire. Tina's been looking at most of her stuff, but she wondered what it was that she said was unusual.

Well, what was unusual about this was that only those who lived at the time could see it. It was indeed rare that Will's strategy, which lived hundreds of years and was the same or more intelligent as Tina, who was taught by the ancient dragons (Elder Dragon), would come off.

"Don't tell him... no one thinks there's a raid from the Demons without previous information. The army of the demons was flattered, too.

"Well. It was hard to see them panicking. The villages we were supposed to ambush were attacked by demons first. Besides, it's right in front of us, where the center of the battle has moved on a massive scale. I noticed and tried to take it back... but the demon found it before that. After that, we went to war with these demons, demons, triplets.

"We weren't expecting a riot right after it started. We were left in the heart of the riot. It's a total riot, so the massive Tina's can't cover it. No, why do I summon all the great spirits to help? Balan's old man used Yanbu with help from Sarah. Lux was totally serious when he used the original look of all his weapons.

The two make alternating explanations, amused and nostalgic for the past. Not to mention the kites, in addition to the average Rank A equivalent of 200 demons, we couldn't afford to deal with an army of Demons at once. Besides, there was a village behind it. I couldn't help it.

"It was unusual for everyone to do it for real. Isn't there anything but a big battle between that and the Demon Army opponent?

"Were you? I think I was pretty serious..."

"It was quite enough to say that one person. You can tell by looking at your face, whether the Lord is serious or not.

"Were you..."

"You didn't realize?

I'm going to ask that and think about it. I'm going to ask Kite what Tina's been questioning. Sometimes this is an exchange, but it's the first time someone else has done it anywhere else.

"Tomorrow, it's Kite. Isn't that when it happened? What changed the colour of the Lord's eyes from black to pale? Why is that?

Tina looks unusual and serious and asks Kite. Kate interrupted and annoyed the thought she was thinking about.

"Come on? Did you?

"You had black eyes the first time there was the rest, didn't you? Besides, some of my hair was just pale, and black became the main thing. After that, my hair and eyes discolored slightly each time my lord meant it... but why is that?

"... I don't know. Haven't you awakened the blood of the Great Dragon Clan?

I repeat the answer to the question that has been asked many times for a long time by Tina, to which Kite has likewise returned many times for a long time.

"Hmm. The color of the Lord's magic used to be rainbow... but I've never heard of it before. I have lived for a long time, but I have never only seen the phenomenon of the Lord. My sister won't tell me anything about the Lord either. What if..."

"Stop there.

Kate stops Tina from looking like she's getting to one end of the truth. My eyes were telling me, if I didn't shut up, I'd shut you up with my strength. But with Kate's fighting and killing spirit, Tina enjoys herself. No, on the contrary, even comfort was how I was feeling.

"Oh, I'm scared.

"Um, Kate, it's time for you to contain me..."

Tina has a flat, glossy grin, but the cherry blossom language was somewhere strong. Besides, Kite looks around. The faces of everyone except Tina were bright blue.

I couldn't have stayed safely in the midst of kite class murder, even though I was attenuating my guilt and fear with drugs, to say how much I was able to tolerate murder in front of my eyes.

"... bad.

Kate apologizes and extinguishes the killings she was unconsciously releasing. Tina enjoys the killing, but no other face can enjoy it.

The silence lasted for a while, but after walking outside from the Count's residence for a short time, the sleeping inhabitants finally began to come out. Apparently, it's the sound of a crumbling Count's mansion, and it's waking me up. Naturally, but aware of the tragedy of the Count's residence, the inhabitants become noisy.

"Let's go.

That was how, behind the hustle and bustle, Kate and the others followed the city of the Count's mansion.