Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 153 Discussion Disputes - Punishment -

Supporting the hangover and fluttering moments, Kite and Cherry Blossom manage to get to the conference room. Once inside, the faculty looked uncommonly at the fluttering moment.

Thus, one of the faculty members spoke out worried about the unusual fluttering of the article. Well, for a moment or two, Sola was returning to normal because of strong counseling and prescription of drugs, but the raid was yesterday. I can't help but worry about the faculty.

"... Is one article okay? What if I sleep in the infirmary? Heavenly doctors are here just now. Yesterday you guys... well, it was tough. You should get some rest.

The teacher recognises once again that he committed murder, no matter how much to protect his people, including ourselves. Besides, even though the moment is quite sorry inside, I can't say I was made to drink, and shake my head at the temperament.

"No, I'm fine. Because I just have a headache due to a little lack of sleep.

"Right. But when it gets hard, you tell me, okay?

"Yes. Thank you.

I thanked the faculty and managed to sit down while the moment held my head down with one hand. The teacher, who seemed to think that the lack of sleep was due to various shocks, thought that it should be kept calm and sat straight in the original seat.

Apparently, this idea was shared by the other teachers, and everyone never spoke to Kite and the others after this.

"Kite, I'll take care of Sman later.

"Oh... don't compare me to drinking with the Dragons if I punish you for this.

"Oh, haha...... I'm sorry to see you. I can't follow the boulder.

Moments, on the other hand, sit down and meditate on your eyes early, enduring headaches. Besides, kite and cherry blossoms secretly have to laugh at the faculty.

The Dragons were naturally all wobbly and alcoholic. It is a bad moment to hang out with it. Well, it's also bad for the dragon tribe youths around me who put the moment on and forced them to drink.

"Gu, Sman..."

"At this rate, one house seems unlikely to be a dragon... the pills should hear about it in another hour. Until then, be patient.


The cheap decision is strictly forbidden, but due to the instant appearance, Kate thought it was unlikely that the Dragons would be present in the ancestors of the One Article family.

Because Sola, who is definitely drawing Dragon blood, also has a terrible hangover, but not so far. It's just bad that Sola was purely swallowed together by the warriors of the surrounding wars who called it counseling and forced her to drink it to make her spicy feelings wash and throw up.

Well, it seemed to be strong but effective in how it was this morning, so I guess it's subtly successful as counseling. As a side effect I am suffering from a hangover headache this time though.

"Looks like we're all here. So shall we start the meeting?

While Kate and Sakura were in instant care, the faculty were all there and even a little hasty Kuzha, who had gone to see the First Empress, returned, so Principal Sakurada declared the start of the meeting.

Kuzha managed to make it after using a Tina-made airship to move, because the First Empress's consultation was about this raid.

"Firstly, Mr. Kuzha, everyone in the Duke's house. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the students at Heavenly Cherry Blossom. Also, you both did a good job protecting the school. Thank you.

That being said, Principal Sakurada and the faculty, the three kites bowed their heads. Plus, Coffle tells you as Chief of General Security.

"Oh, I hope there is no future for bandits. Even the name of our beloved Duke will bear mud if you give it to the bandits.

"Coffle...... I'm sorry. Please forgive my men for their disrespect.

It seems that Kofl at work plays a spicy role, and Kuzha apologizes for Kofl's words. But Principal Sakurada, who was apologized for, shook his head, taking it as a fact.

"No, because it is true... I would like to proceed with moral education, including with the faculty, as there will be no future.

"Yes, please.

"Later, it also made everyone in the adventure department feel hard. I'm sorry. As Dr. Ishima said earlier, if you feel any burden, don't hesitate to rely on us or the infirmary.

"Yes, thank you.

Kite bowed her head small as Principal Sakurada told them with a serious eye to guide themselves.

"Well, I'm sorry, but we'll be excused for this.

"I was sudden yesterday, too. I haven't contacted or communicated with the troops yet. I'm sorry, but this will get me out of here.

"Yeah, let me know when you've officially decided to punish Mr. Eiryu. Now if you'll excuse me.

Kuzha said his job as Duke's house, Kofl took over the troops, so they both thanked each other and left the meeting.

"Ha... it's gonna be rough.

Shortly before Coffle left, Kite whispered that she had a grin so that only Kite could tell. Yes, he was mocking Kite for not being able to escape a meeting that would surely be havoc.

"Don't stick around..."

About three hours after the meeting started. The meeting was as rough as Kate expected. It was already past one o'clock in the afternoon as the meeting started at 10 a.m.

"So I can't help but get out of the house arrest room, I'm telling you!

"But I think it's too harsh to go outside in any way!

The first discussion was, naturally, about future school operations. This party was able to work together to advance the agenda, so there was nothing wrong with it.

However, he moved on to the agenda to decide on the punishment of Toshiki boy, and a few opinions broke up. The result is this yelling. So, to say what opinions are divided about, it was punishment for Toshiki Boy. Because sins have already been commuted, they are being rubbed between teachers who recommend house arrest as it is and teachers who try to mitigate sins at all.

"You still want to..."

"This is the third time this story has happened..."

You've been emotional since just now, I've already repeated the same story a few times, and the cherry blossoms were also spooked instantly - the medicine seemed to have worked, and your health was back. Kite on the other hand missed something.

The moment I stopped listening, I decided to ask the only Kate I was listening to. Also, cherry blossoms were stunned by a grand argument over boulders, and after drinking punishment, I didn't know why I was speaking here, so I stopped asking along the way.

"What's going on with the force map?

"So far, teachers with many of our Adventure Department facades are in favor of shutting down in Toshiki's house arrest room.

"By contrast, many teachers who don't have many adventurers are passive for lockdown in house arrest.

The current situation I didn't even have to see, so I would add cherry blossoms to the instant question. Even if I hadn't listened, I knew. I just don't have enough insight yet.

"That's why. Strong among them…"

That being said, the three see a group of intense arguments again. From the words I could hear, there was a mixture of words I had heard many times. Apparently, he's in a grand tour again.

"So if you go outside, you could get assaulted by the students!

"Then you can ask the Adventure Department to put on an escort!

"You're letting the primary victim protect you!

That's how they sidelined the raging group, and again the three of them resumed their conversation in a whisper.

"The claustrophobics are mainly Sensei Ayumiya and Sensei Miyayo, who served as seniors. And then there's Mido Sensei at Ruiki's place and Natsume Sensei at Rin's place.

"The denialists are mainly Dr. Hot Island at Yoriku's place and how they serve their first year except Dr. Natsume.

"Especially if you look only where we're having an intense argument, it looks to be in the favor of the deniers...... is the truth the other way around?

"Yeah, quite a few teachers seem to see it as unclosed.

He seemed to understand that about two-thirds of teachers said there was no need for claustrophobia, although he was hiding in a group of intense arguments.

Teachers who believe in the regeneration of their students and may have a little pity, but this time there will be no choice. They also wanted to show some compassion, but they were on the verge of a raid last night. However, somewhere in my mind, it stops me and makes me give up that I have no way of doing it.

"Still, I can't conclude, because those teachers are stubborn.

Seeing it, he's in a grand tour again, and the argument was quite difficult to navigate. But that was the same for the other teachers who were looking at the group and for Principal Sakurada.

"... even if we keep talking about it, can't you see... I can't help it. Let's have lunch.

Precisely because of the controversy over the argument and the clamour of Principal Sakurada's crane, who boiled the business to the status quo where he never saw the bond, we were to pinch the lunch break together.

"Ha... reminded me of the Imperial Council of nostalgia..."

"Is there such a thing?

At the end of the students' lunch time, and in a cafeteria where quite a few people were sparse, the three gradually start eating lunch. These three are the only students who are eating lunch, and the surrounding students, who are still not exhausted by last night's raid, also looked at the three of them in a sympathetic way who were tired.

That said, the three of us now weren't even going to care about that gaze. That's how Kite answered the instant inquiry with a face that sees some distance.

"Oh, to set the policy for the whole empire. Each nobleman thinks of individual policies on boulders, but only large policies can be rubbed if they are not unified across the board.

"Oh, I see... I don't know what that means, you look tired.

Kite's explanation was a tedious one, but I managed to understand that the moment I attended the current meeting. Even the meetings that decide on the treatment of each student are so far disputed. If that were to determine the overall policy of the country, its degree of dispute would be incomparable.

That's how Kite, who understood and received the bitterness on her instant face, starts to fool around with a rare and tired face.

"Ha... the Duke's first year in office is just after the war. Who will take the lead, which nobles will be involved in which rights, who is doing this kind of corruption, etc... and who will do what they say, and who will be guilty of saying this, etc., etc., I will leave... How many times have you guys thought it would be nice to come and go... Well, there were a lot of other first years, so there were less thoughtful guys, and on the contrary, there were a lot of bloody guys. It's going to be a beating brawl once every three days and a watering argument once a week. Oh, that's not an analogy in this case, is it? Seriously, we watered each other.

Kate had a distant eye on the way. I'm getting tired of just remembering. If Will, the Crown Prince, would have listened to the stupidity of this kite, he would have agreed with great joy and said, "Did you see the spiciness of the royal marquis?"

"If you think that's over in the third year or so, then you'll be negotiating your rights to lead another dispute over what to do next, what to say crop, and what to do about building streets. How many times have I been brought under my sleeve? [M] Every time the friendship is brought in, Kuzha and Aura's mood drops in Mach and they spend their time in the mood...... I didn't tell you to bring the fringe... It's Will and the rest of us, I'll bring the conversation. The Crown Prince and the Empire's heaviest towns are the public, so there's no reason to reject them in the Duke's house... Will and the others can't turn it down because of their aristocratic relationship, because we're the ones who recommended them as dukes, and they look sorry...

Kate is about to start crying to punish. It was a vice that forced the aristocratic education to end in a few years to Kite, who was originally a general commoner. The two of us have to laugh bitterly at the stupidity that comes overflowing without stopping.

"That was tough......

The cherry blossoms comfort the kite, which looks quite popular. But around here chasing Kate, she's got a good personality too.

"I also get the fringe brought in sometimes, so I get it.... Kite will do something about it in the future, won't she?

As such, Kate was disappointed by the blow of Todome released from the cherry blossoms.


Because it was what I did, I didn't go for a run, and I didn't intend to bet on my ticket to get away with it.

"Ha ha ha ha... well, leave that alone. How dare you eat dinner?

"Right...... ha"

If Kate returns as Duke again, it is certain that the fringe will be brought in again. Thinking about it, Kate only sighed.

"Oh, with that said, Mizuki was a pardoned wife or had a fiancée, so good luck with that, huh?

"... Yes.

I wonder if I should give up a lot, Kate thinks so in her heart. But he didn't know there was no cure for Kite's femininity in the future.

So when the three of them had finished their lunch, one of the teachers approached them.

"Heavenly Sound, right?

If you look closely, he was one of the teachers who was in the house arrest deniers at the earlier meeting.


"I need to talk to you a little..."

That said the teacher sat down on a chair near the kites.

"Hey, can't you guys plead for a commutation of your sentence?

Again, that's what Kate thought. But the answer was decided from the beginning.

"You can't.

That's right, Kite. The teacher was flattered by Kite, who affirmed that he couldn't do it immediately.

"If you do that, it affects your engagement with the Duke's family. In the first place, house arrest itself was obtained by temper. Show me more enthusiasm, and they won't accept it.

Before that, it was Kite who induced the cherry blossoms to decide this sentence. There was no way Toshiki's sentence could be commuted more than that kite wouldn't admit. And since Kate thinks there's no need to commute her sentence - rather than already commuted it - she wasn't going to put commutation from the Duke's house as an agenda.

"... but you're Mr. Kuzha's apprentice, aren't you? Can't you do me any favors there?

"That's why I broke it off as impossible. Before she was her own mentor, she is the principal proxy for the Duke's family. Bending it for one disciple will not show.

"But he's one of you?

The teacher, who found it difficult to persuade, now decided to appeal to the feelings of his peers. But this is bad.

"I can't do it any more. Now we're going to lose faith. Some of the long-range students who fought on the roof committed murder. Aside from them, students who guarded the gate outside saw the killer up close. If it were a light sentence, their faith in us would fall to the ground.

Kite is followed by cherry blossoms. She also grasps this commutation of Toshiki's sentence as a warmth, and a proper grasp of the prize imperative from her parents' education. So it's negative for commutation of sentence.

"What's more, if we allow this, there may be people out there who think that because he was okay, he won't be severely punished if he gets caught, either.

"So educate me properly"

Kate tells the teacher by blocking his words.

"Education,? I've done it before. Still, anything that wakes up happens.... Next, you're going to die, right? That, too, is not an accidental accident, but a death as a blame. What will you explain to your family after you leave? It's hard, isn't it? Your child sinned and died in another world, and disappeared with the dew of the headstand, my God.

Teachers mumble only a little to the ruthlessly spoken word.

"... show me, you mean?

"You may take that.

That's what Kate said, and teachers exposed their disgust and fear of the unknown. But Kite doesn't give a damn about it and folds it up all at once. This spiciness was one that I would never show against my peers.

"Besides... it was our Adventure Department that asked the Duke's house to commute his sentence for life or life. It would be too convenient to tell you to commute that further.


Kate's words were not communicated to the school side as unnecessary. As a result, a moment of confusion appears in the teacher's face. By the way, even though I was induced, ostensibly I'm not saying that Cherry Blossom decided to sentence me. Because you don't have to, and you should be the top person to wear that mud. If you asked me for details, I would answer them, but I didn't have to answer them even though they weren't there.

Thus, this teacher, who was able to grasp the meaning of Kate's words, opens her eyes and reveals her surprise.

"Nah!? Wait a minute! What's that supposed to mean?

"It means as it is. Otherwise, he would have been summarily executed there by the Duke's house. Now, until we stopped, the Duke's family was going to execute him as well.

"You should talk to your normal teacher and decide to say that! What are you doing!

The exalted teacher stood up and stuffed up to Kite, who told him plainly of the matter. Of course. Students exchanged promises with the Duke's house at will, ignoring any teachers. Normally, there was more to the problem behavior. But normally, it is. It wasn't normal at the time. So Kite points that out.

"That's why I told you. If I hadn't, I'd be dead. I couldn't afford to talk to the teachers in that situation. That's why it's a decision. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I decided the change was impossible.

Stuck by a teacher, Kate told him plainly. The teacher who saw it shrugged and tried to say something, but eventually turned around to walk away without saying anything.

"That's enough! I asked you guys to do it. I was the fool!

On his leaving back, Kate throws her advice. This was the last mercy for everyone and the last fortress to prevent the worst.

"Doctor, if you're going to let him get away with it, you should stop. as a result of killing him.

"Really! You say you're gonna get him anyway!

Kate wants this to be protected, but there was nothing she could do about it. They didn't know how she judged it, but she walked away.