When the other students at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School were cleaning the ground floor. Kite and the other founding members of the Adventure Department were down in the basement to clean the basement.

"They said the basement was originally planned to be warehoused in a small room, but at the design stage it became an exhibition room for artwork collected by the general manager and the owner.

"There are other underground dance halls. I've been invited once before, but it's a pretty big hall.

Kite explains in the space leading to each room in the basement. The basement was dark, even during the climbing hours of the day, as the lighting mounted everywhere has not yet been made available. We therefore distribute to everyone Cantera, a magic guide created for adventurers. By the way, she gave up on the charm clothes she was forced to bring in.

"... that's fine! Where did that employee die!

Shivering as he completely buzzes, Charming asks Kite. but kite was blatant.

"Come on...... you know.


"Well, it's not this room. I don't have a sword. … When everyone gathers and cleans, it takes time, so I don't dare to clean the squad in several parts. And so I say...... Yuri!


Take out the chopsticks Yuri prepared in advance. The tips of the chopsticks were color-coded into blue, red, yellow and green.

"Yes, pick one for everyone. Oh, Meizuke, too.

Yuri offers chopsticks on her charm clothes while still grabbing Kate. As such, the charm offered first in front of me also raises an unexplained groan, picking the shaved chopsticks. It was just so crowded that I had to grab it.

"Yes, of course!

Everyone pulled out the chopsticks at once to match Yuri's hanging voice.

"So, this combination?

This is what happened to the combination that I decided to do so.

"My place is only for charm.

A pair of kites and charms.

"Is my place Sho, Rin?

Moment, Sho, Rin's athletic club group.

"The rest of the place is Sola and Yuri..."

Trio of Tina Sola Yuri.

"My place is Yuri and Mizuki, right?

A difficult combination of Yuri pranks from Cherry Blossom, Mizuki, and Yuri.

"Well... then, do you want to see the map?

Together, Kate retrieved the map in order to break up with each team and decide who was in charge of the cleaning room. Note that it is a simple plan because it is not known where or what room.

"Well, it's these two small rooms because I don't have a lot of people.

First, Kate will be in charge of the two smallest rooms. And if you look at the plans in the basement, there was one room that was pretty big and it wasn't like it was going to end up cleaning seriously. Along with that, there are two median rooms adjacent to it. So Kate decided to place two people there who could use the demon.

By the way, we knew that the basement was quite wide, so we actually applied it to the liver test and made it into this mentz. Otherwise, we can't satisfy ourselves and mobilize demons in large numbers.

"Er, Tina and Yuri have demons to use... clean these three rooms. You decide how to divide it.

"So, do you want to clean the dance hall for the rest? If you summon the demons and the golems, it will be over by noon at the latest.

"Dance hall...... hey.

"What are you doing?

"I remember something bad.

To Yuri's inquiry, Sora says so and makes a slightly unpleasant face. Sora is born in the top class, so she has a lot of connections to social dance.

"Hmm? So, you want to stop?

"No, that's fine.

That said, it doesn't mean I absolutely don't like it, apart from Sola. So he decided to take it on.

"So we're the two remaining rooms, right? Oh, what should I do if I had any conditioning left?

Unlike Earth's conditioners, few use magic. The planet could not deal darklessly with cherry blossoms, which handled many luxury dishes, and with dishes from different worlds of its own.

"Oh, then Tina and Mizuki know.

"The rest were originally demon kings. I'm just used to handling it.

"I'm fine, too. I'm still the school director.

That being said, Yuri, who had previously summoned her own user demon, raises her hand in a flickering manner. If you look at it, there were some magic formations floating around Yuri. So I wondered what Sakura knew about Ruiki.

"... that? How does Mizuki know?

"Since I found out who Kate is, I've been showing her some art. The two of us also went to the museum during this time. It's also decorated with artwork collected by Mr. Kite, and I've learned a lot. At that time, we've heard some things about how to handle them.

Kite also collects artwork as a hobby and practical use - Kite is primarily a weapons lineage. Exactly, because Kite is not an expert in storage either, she is open to the public at the museum, along with her upbringing to the public. So, naturally, I can see most of the stuff if Kate says so, so Rui Tree is taking a good trip with the handover. This is totally her hobby.

"... Really?

Seeing Rui Shu, who seemed happy, Sakura said something, but I couldn't say anything because I was out with Kite with the cherry blossoms. Leaving that aside, moments inquire about their allocation.

"So we're the two rooms left?

"Oh, I asked. There should be no conditioning, because the two rooms are used as the original warehouse.

"... so what if you encounter a ghost?

At last, just to the point, Sola asks. Other noodles roared his throat, including the cherry blossoms, which were slightly grumpy along with it.

"Well, I hope not... Sora and Yuri tell Tina, Cherry Blossom and Mizuki tell Yuri. I think I'll be fine if I go out.

"... where's my place?

The only moment when the method is not communicated asks.



The words conveyed so succinctly, the three of them unexpectedly become proper. And Kate repeated it because it was important.


"I said it twice because it's important, bye.

"No, hey... he's invincible because he's already dead, and it doesn't make sense to attack him. If you meet a guy like that, you lose, don't you?

It's back to its original personality, so Kite is pretty sloppy. he told, laughing shards.

"I want a camera. Or a vacuum cleaner.

"Oh, I'll just be in the apartment, a vacuum cleaner would be nice.

The cherry blossoms that I found out about my ex came on soothingly. Cherry blossoms playing various video games on consoles that Tina has been secretly bringing in in her free time lately. Game knowledge had accumulated over time. Incidentally, although it is an ex-hotel, it is not a mistake because it is close to the apartment as a way to operate in the future.

Note that the console is set up in different spaces owned by Kite - or in the bedrooms of the kites - so other faces sometimes secretly gather in Kite's room to play. Well, this move will almost eliminate the need for different spaces, so you'll be sitting in Kite's room with dignity.

"No, it's not funny! How am I supposed to run away!

"Yes. Use your magic to dazzle me with this.

That said, you can play soothing witch mountains like that because it has nothing to do with it. So the moment of inability to deal with it yells as it is. At that moment, Yuri gave her the bill.

"... What's this?

"Well, in brief, it's just dazzling. Built for the opposite ghost, it doesn't work for the living guy, so run to that gap. Call me out loud later. Well, naturally, this kind of thing is usually developed more than having ghosts. When you're away from the city in the future, it's easier to travel if you buy one of these in bulk. Because it's rare for someone to be able to exorcise.

Obviously, it's a plaque, but the moment asks looking at it. Besides, Kite told me with a bitter smile. While I feel a little anxiety in the face that I don't have a way to deal with instantaneously, I accept your bill and hand it out to the other two. It was hard to complain if it was inconceivable.

"Then dissolve.

That's what Kate said, and together they disbanded and headed towards cleaning each of the assigned rooms.

"Ugh... Kate, don't leave me, okay?

That's how I'm on the move. Meizu held Kate's one arm tight. Kite, whose arms were sandwiched in her chest, although not thin, was quite difficult to get around. Well, instead, I enjoyed the feeling of hitting my arm, so I didn't seem dissatisfied.

"Ha... I've been thinking about what I'm afraid of ghosts.

"Why aren't you afraid?

"Yeah, 'cause ghosts... with him?

"It's me, isn't it?

That's what Lu manifests.

"With him?

That being said, an oriental beauty presents herself with black skin, golden shortcut hair that no charm has ever seen.


"Oh? Fana, why aren't you saying anything?

"... sometimes silent characters are good," he said.

"You're done at the point where you're saying that..."

Kate drops her shoulder for a reason that doesn't matter too much.

"... who?

"I'm Fana, one of your husband's demons. Nice to meet you. Oh, for once in my life, I was the chief of a section of the Beastman clan.

"Ah, nice to meet you.

Fana offers her right hand, Charm also offers her right hand, and both shake hands. Since we are going to be dating for a long time in the future, Meizi also honestly responded accordingly. Well, it's a big deal that you don't have to worry about because you're a demon. As such, after a brief introduction, Kate tells him.

"These two are ghosts, according to the way I see them, because they only extended their lives by signing with me where they're almost dead.

He is indeed a ghost, depending on the way he sees it, because he covenants with Kite that he will die completely a little later, and lives only as a soul.

"... Oh, and so is that.

I didn't realize that Meizuke also spoke normally, but indeed, the demons of Kate's use were like ghosts. The charm that reminds me of it calms me down just a little. But the next moment, I heard screams from the upper floors.


Plus, the charm screams and clings to kite again. Nevertheless, Kite didn't expect a scream from the upper floors either, so he immediately connects his readings to the upper face.

"What happened?

'... I just heard that there's a litter to clean the room at will...'


Kate also frowns and puzzles at Lil's baffled voice when she returns. No such report has come up, and you probably don't know Kuzha or Yuri. As such, Al will continue to report further.

"It looks like there are other reports of white luminescence, buckets moving on their own, etc. Plus, the upper floors are pretty clean. The sheets have been changed and we can still stay.

"Upper floors, too? Nobody's been in here in the last few years... just be careful. Maybe it's not a ground-bound spirit. Just in case Lu and Fana... Oh, I'll send two demons to use, so follow their instructions if you have to.

'Yeah. Take care of yourself.

Actually, there shouldn't be a problem because I'm secretly giving each person up there the same plaque as the one I gave them instantly, but I've never gone over to make them be careful. So Kate decided to send out the two people she just called out in addition to that.

"Lu, Fana. I'm sorry, but I need you to look around the floors just in case. Don't ever find me.

"Okay. You just have to hide and threaten me, right?

Absolutely, if you say so, it is the humanity that makes you want to do it. Kite stopped in a big hurry the fana that started to cowl.

"No!... Lulu, I asked you... not to be found.

If two students do not know they exist, two are ghosts themselves. Or rather, it's not a mistake. If you care about it, you can disappear in an instant without leaving any magical marks, so you can easily frighten them.

"Yes, sir. Fana, let's go.


That said, they secretly left to watch the upper floors.

"Ha... so this again..."

Charming clings to Kite again and starts to freak out and tremble. At this rate, it was still going to take some time before the cleaning could begin.

So for a while. Even Kite had no choice but to smile bitterly. The sight was spreading in front of her.

"... this is, again..."

"No! Absolutely no!

Two people who managed to finish cleaning one room and all had lunch and stood in front of the last room trying to clean the rest of the room. But when I saw the entrance, the two of them stood still. In the doors of the last room were placards and spells affixed everywhere. Obviously, I will leave. It was like saying.

"Stick your bills up to the door knob...... hmm? Did someone come in?

When I saw it, the plaque on the door part was torn. Maybe the neighborhood kid went in for a liver test.

"No! Don't tell me!

That's what I said and the charm that shook my head. I wanted to leave now, but I couldn't even leave the scared, clingy kite. Therefore, the next kite's actions could not be stopped or escaped, only to be left unattended.

"Well, then, open the door.


Kate opens the door without fear, as she can also demystify. And don't hesitate to come in.

"Oh, is that the demon knife in the matter?

"Huh?... Which?

A glamour with a raised face discovers a knife piercing the ground in front of him. And, at the same time, a voice echoed on my head.

"Are you the ones who prevent me from sleeping..."


All of a sudden the ringing voice makes my charm tickle. I also got kite into this, but there, I feel uncomfortable. To speak of evil spirits, I felt suspicious about the signs. Well, this is something I can tell because it's a kite that can de-spirit and pays evil spirits over and over again.

"Who's there? The rest is a great ghost possessed here. Those who prevent it from sleeping... will not be rewarded with what they deserve!

That said, magic gathers at once, and ghosts manifest themselves.

"No -!"

With the screaming, the charming clothes slip out of his hips. His face turned bright blue, and he was still crying. But what surprised me about this was what a manifested ghost he was.

"... that? Aren't those the usual kids?


Glamorous clothes with his hips off raise his face to an unusual voice. There was not a horrible ghost there, but a translucent adorable girl floating around.

"Huh? Could it be me, I did it?

A ghost who sees kite and charm and squeezes his eyes. The ghost was a delightful looking girl with a translucent shortcut in maid clothes. Thus, when the ghost girl saw that she was not the children she knew, she bowed her head in a great panic.

By the way, these are the people the ghost girl was expecting, and they make a fun smile with a funny cute voice that seems to mimic her screaming at the same time she shows up. That's why I knew nothing about myself, and when I saw the charm, completely frightened out of my hips, I realized it was suspicious.

"... sorry! I thought they were the kids who were always here, and I followed them!... Um, um, I'm sorry... are you okay?


The ghost girl said so toward the charm, but quickly missed her face in an awkward fashion. Besides, the charm hangs his neck with his hips off. At this point, Charming was unaware of his discomfort.

"Uh, charm. It's very hard to say... I have changed clothes and underwear... can't you?

Kate tells her off her face as well. That kite was just a little blushed, too.

"Huh?... Ah.

Charming clothes that look around you in that reaction. There was a yellow puddle there. The charm clothes I noticed gradually stained my face red. Seeing the charm that was about to scream in that way, Kate immediately closes the door and stretches a silent junction around her.


Unlike earlier, the charm dyes his face bright red this time, screaming by shame. It was incontinence from the relief that opened up from fear. So Meizumi promised this matter to the three of them alone, and this one was buried in the darkness.