After cleaning the basement, we went back to the lobby on the ground floor together, but the lobby was noisy for some reason.

"Uh... this is a lot of ghost noise.

"Well, I'm a poltergeist if you think about it in common sense on Earth..."

There's a ghost coming out, that's why we started cleaning. It wasn't surprising that students and teachers who saw the cleaning tools moving on their own thought and got noisy.

"Ah, heavenly sounds! I need a little help!

One of the students who was gathered finds Kite and invites him. As the kites approached the group, they heard multiple voices that seemed to be objects of boys and girls they had never heard of.

"Hmm? What... isn't that a ghost noise?

Kate tilts her neck at the voices of the boys she has never heard before and looks at Sora beside her.

"Kid? Somebody here?

"No, well, I am..."

Kate's approaching revealed a circle of puzzling students in two. Beyond that was a gathering of more than a dozen children made up of various races. Seeing, there were also a large number of teachers who came to help with the cleaning, many of whom had troubled looks on their faces.

"Ah! That's the guy your brother bought out here!

That being said, a boy with a slightly pointed ear about 10 years old who seems to be the leader of a group rushes over to Kite. The boy's face was somewhere in a hurry, with tears in his eyes.

"Oh. So, kid, what about you?

Kate bends her knees and gazes at the boy, grinning. Not exactly, but you wouldn't know it if you told the boy what you know about it, thinking about it. Kate admits she bought it.

"I'm not a kid! That doesn't matter!

A boy approaching speaks out in protest.

"Brother! If you want a name, name it!

"That's right. Yo!

Again, both the boy with the tip of another long ear and the girl with bat feathers raise protests that Kate is not named.

"Oops, that's right. I'm Kite. It's Kate Amane. Nice to meet you.

That's what I said and laughed, Kite stroking the boy's head. The Adventure Department students opened their eyes to Kite, who was always different.

"I'm Lute! So, brother! Are you sure you want to exorcise the ghosts in the basement?

"Hmm? Yeah, I was planning on doing that.

"Hey, stop it! Sister Shiloe is a good ghost! These guys too! Hey, so don't exorcise me!

Lute points at a whim or bucket moving on his own, begging in tears and bowing his head. The other children bowed their heads as Lute pleaded. Many children were in tears.


"Dude... tell me to listen carefully. I was going to, that's what you said?

That's what I'm laughing at, Kite. Lute gives his face a good lift to the word.

"Uh... Ah, bye!

I understand what Kate said. Lute and the other kids float their faces full of joy at once.

"Oh, I stopped exorcising Shiloe. Either that or he wasn't expelled in the first place.


"Brother, are you serious!

The kids are thrilled to hear what Kate has to say. But soon Lute looked serious and asked Kite.

"Hey, brother. Why did you stop exorcising me? It's famous that ghosts here are bad, isn't it?

Apparently I'll get rid of it later, I'd like to hear why not be told. There was a gaze somewhere there that made me doubt Kite.

"Yeah, I heard it was bad, so I thought we'd get rid of it, too. But, you know, it was another ghost that was evil.

That's what I said, and Kite laughs niggly.

"Huh? But you've never seen a ghost but us Siroe sisters, have you? See?"

A different boy from Lute takes confirmation with the other kids.

"Yeah. Um... I've only seen Mr. Bucket or something on the broom. Shiloe, you said you didn't even know.

Among the group, a young girl snorts small. And then Kite laughed and told him,

"Oops. Well, that's what I was thinking... there's actually another one, huh? Master Kuzha admits he did it, too. There will be a circular soon.

"Brother, seriously!? So it will also be undone that your sister has done so much wrong!?

The kids start swarming to ask Kite what's going on. There, the voice of the girl they knew sounded.

"Oh, that's what I didn't know, either, but I think I was there.

"Ah! Sister Shiloe!

"Thank you, Mr. Lute. Oh, I'm sorry, there's a little ghost coming through.

That said, the translucent siloe slips through the students. One of the girls who noticed the siloe ran into the siloe to hold her. Realizing that, Shiloe quickly regained her entity.


That said, the girl dives into the siloe with less of a sense of joy.

"Oh, Meena's guy's doing it again.... Huh?

Usually, the girl's rampage was the two choices to keep going through the siloe and clash against the wall or dive into the ground. But today was different.


"Wow! Meena will touch you too!

That's what they say. Two people starting to go around. The other children and students are stunned by it.

"Huh!? What the hell is going on!

When I see a siloe that I shouldn't normally touch without ever touching me, the children flock to me and to me, and they all start touching the siloe half-heartedly.

"Ah! Wow! Touch!"

"Ah! Hey! Where are you touching it!... Nww!

Having been touched with the hands of many boys and girls, they lost the place to touch it and someone's hand hit their chest and buttocks. Siloe's cute whisper was up again and again.

"Ugh! Really!"

Siloe is screwed up by the children. By the way, I can hear whispers everywhere, but everyone ignored them.

"Ugh! Somebody help me..."

And the voice of Siloe was extinguished with the cheers of the children, and it reached no one.

"... Hey, Heavenly Sound. Is that the ghost of your employee? I don't care what you think, you don't look like an evil spirit..."

Ask Kite, who is similarly stunned by one of the students who watched the situation. Both faces still point toward Siloe and the children.

"Oh. Siloe wasn't an evil spirit.

"Don't ghosts touch you?

The other students also ask, keeping their faces pointed in the direction of the siloes.

"Well, a lot.

"Oh well..."

The surrounding students also embraced the situation as it progressed under a sudden turnaround. I felt like it was useless to ask.

"Ah, because later Shiloe and the other mourners will work here.

"Heh... yeah!?

"What do you mean!

The students around them are going to be dangerously thru Kite's announcement in the stream. But the moment I understood what it meant, I started making noise all at once.

"Hmm? It means as it is.

Kite says it's obvious. Then again, the students began to make noise, and inquired about the circumstances to the face of the ghost exorcisms that said kite and sola.

"And so, these guys don't have a destination to go to.... so we'll have to keep it.

That's what Sora closes. Currently, a directive from Kate had forced Sola to explain to the other students. It is part of our experience in future activities.

"Best wishes to all the other kids!

That's what I say and I bow my head, Siloe. The clothes were already ready.

"... So, okay?

Sola asks Kite with a tired look. He appeared tired of explaining what had rarely happened before.

"Oh, that's fine.

"Then you can keep the Sisters of Siloe here! Thanks, brothers!

Kids with a full smile saying that. None of the other students who see it can complain. Aiming at this, Kate dared to announce the employment of the mourning god and Shiloe on this occasion. And, dare I say, they came to live in peace. It is also difficult to complain.

"Oh, yeah! Brother Kite! You went underground, didn't you? You shouldn't touch Sister Shiloe's murdered sword! Be careful!

"Oh, yeah! It's amazing! Mr. Kite, I pulled that one out!

Siloe, who was part of the explanation, tells Lute immediately that she wants to talk to someone. By the way, Lute nostalgic for his original personality kite and was called his brother at some point. The original kite is quite well looked after due to the large number of siblings and relatives, so it was also quick to be missed.

"Huh! Really! Awesome! Hey, let me see!

Pleaded by one of the boys, he pulls the demon knife that Kite was bringing out of his sheath to an unaffected extent around him.


"Wow! Really!


Was the characteristic knife without ripples impressive for the kids as well, everyone admitted that Kate really pulled it out.

"Wow! You said you couldn't pull out Master Kuzha or Master Ulysia!? Brother kite could be a real brave man!?

"I don't know.

That's what I say, Kite. Raise the end of the mouth. It was not in a bad mood to be admired by the children. When such a kite looked out, it was already starting to dim. Seeing that, Kate claps her hands and tells her.

"Well, both Kickin 'Cho. It's dinner time, isn't it? It's time to go home. They're mad at me.

"Huh? Wow! It's pretty dark already!

"Huh? Wow! Mom's gonna piss me off!

Kite's words begin to rush the kids who saw him outside the inn. It's the same thing being told to go home by dark everywhere in the world. Well, depending on the species, the night is the real thing, so it's not a whole lot. A few boys and girls were now starting to get better the other way around.

"Kite, brother, can I come back tomorrow after school?

"Whoa, that's good... that's good, right?

That said, Kite asks around. The surrounding students nodded back at it as well. Exactly no one is twisted enough to reject these children's plea on this occasion.

"See you tomorrow no!

That's what I said and the kids waved and ran away.

"Ooh! Take care and go home.

That's what Kite says and waves back.

"... gone?

"Hmm? Oh, Yuri? Hey, what's up?

Make sure the kids leave, and Yuri puts her face out of Kite's hood.

"I knew several people..."

"Oh, I see. Oh, my God, Dr. Yuri?


Kite laughs joyfully at Yuri, who seems to enjoy watching Kite from previous years. Incidentally, the surrounding Solas and students and teachers who saw it are discussing it with Hisohiso. Almost all the contents are the same.

"Hey, that, who?

"... kite, I think.

"Yeah, Kite... should be.

Sola and Cherry Blossom answer Sho's query with no confidence.

"No, isn't it someone else?

In the words of Mizuki, Meizuki and Yuri nod vigorously. Al and Lil follow along, even as they wriggle their faces with a bitter smile.

"Er, I wonder if that kite was written on Master Lux's notebook..."

"In the notes of the original ancestors...... excuse me. I couldn't read it, so I don't know.

The reason I can't read Balan's notes is because it's a private note, so the letters are messy. In official documents and such, he writes words that can be read as chitin. Incidentally, the clutter of Balan's writing is on a certain level that, even if he reads the notes back later, he has failed to read them several times - and less so. In the official document, I still think I said I could read it.

"You're an old kite. That."

It was Moon who said that and said the answer together. Only the moon looked familiar to that kite.

"Until Nakaji, when Kite was flown this way, Kite had that personality. I'm used to taking care of children because of the influence of the ruckus. He said he likes kids, too.

Yuri nodded in nostalgia somewhere at the words of the moon.

"Yeah. Kate was keen to run an orphanage or something, too. The treatment of war orphans has improved considerably.

"You bet. The biggest casualties of the war we ended were our children. What kind of a brave man doesn't he protect?

"In a nutshell. There is no more vibrant city than a city without children's laughter. Don't say that, baby. If the child is full of life, nature and the city are full of life.

Two exchangers leave with a gentle grin for the children. So, I guess. It wasn't until I realized where Kate was or how far away she was. No one knows what Kate was thinking then.

"If it's to protect me, I'll take on the idea that I'm a brave man or a demon.

"The rest is the same. To be called the Demon King, we use our power to protect it.

Even if only those who know themselves asked, they thought they said something that wasn't even in the pattern, and Kite hits Kashiwaki.

"Now, open the baggage that's all been brought in. If you don't hurry, you'll be sleeping on the floor today.

Speak up and hang the decree not only on the Solas who were listening, but also on the other students and teachers who were discussing with Hisohiso how Kate was doing. Remembering that everyone was still in the process of cleaning, they rushed to resume cleaning.

"Hey, speaking of which, who's cleaning our room? Where are you going?

Together with the kites who finish cleaning the basement and start moving to support cleaning the upper floors. Sora asked Kite as she climbed the stairs.

"Oh, when the top V.I.P of the top floor comes to me and my predecessors and the upper faculties of the school, such as Principal Sakurada, or for outside visitors, the teacher whose suite room on the fourth floor is staffed by the other upper facades and Dr. Amamiya, the faculty who visits. The other students use the third floor or less. Students staying here for about a trip are also in the guest rooms on each floor below the third floor.

"Huh? Okay!

Sho and Sola rejoice when they hear they've been given a suite, though not the finest. Yuri and Meizuma seemed a little carried away on the contrary.

"Oh, didn't I tell you? We have a good chance of meeting outside people in the upper management. At that time, I can see at my feet that it's a very miserable room. I have to use a good room, even if I can't do it. Well, I'll take care of the furniture. Collect your personal belongings yourself.

More than meeting with guests, you need to install conditioning items that require quite a few eye-catching arms. Besides, in some cases, you have to meet some of the best guilds and merchants. You can't put cheap or gold hobby stuff away cheaply. Nevertheless, it was cruel, both financially and visibly, to demand sole from everyone. So Kate took it on.

"Keep it. So, who's cleaning?

"... maybe no one's done it.

Naturally, we will first clean common spaces such as cooking areas and large baths, and then we will clean them from our own private rooms, and the top floor will be the last.

"Ho... you mean maybe?

"From now on, yeah.

Kite also tells you how laid back she is, but Shiloe, who was listening, denies it.

"Ah, no. The 4th and 5th floors welcome the most important guests, and everyone is focused on cleaning them, so it's pretty beautiful.

"Ah, as far as it goes...... sure, that's right. It helps."

Thus, before it was late at night, each of them managed to finish cleaning the room with the help of the mourners and the Shiloes.