Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 168: Resumption of the Workshop

It was Kite who defeated the Grounddragon and tied up a raider who tried to hide more evidence, but then decided to let Al and the others take care of the situation and let Sola resume the course.

"Tenjo! You're safe!

One of the hidden students finds Sola and opens his eyes.

"Let me tell you first. Thanks!"

That's what I say, my upper classmate bows his head.

"Oh, no, I'm sorry about that one.

That being said, Sora also bowed her head and briefed everyone once on the situation so far.

"I mean, that client was lying..."

"Excuse me."

"Well... sometimes my client is lying..."

"Yeah. Not always that my client is telling the truth. Even the Union will investigate it once and for all, but it's hard to say it's perfect. All we have to do is figure out and judge our client's tricks, what he's wearing, what's going on around him, etc.

Kite adds to the students in the second group who have been soaked and understood about the possibility of their clients telling lies. Kite has also been deceived many times, and that is how she can finally deal with it. No one could give him a shortcut for all this. But if you take a wrong step so that you gain experience, it can lead to death.

Therefore, it was equipped with the function of transmitting the SOS signal to the ring. No matter how much you get accused of invading your privacy, if you survive, you can connect next. That concludes the explanation as one, and Sola resumes the course.

"Well, that's the thing...... use the SOS feature of the ring if anything happens. Immediate response units will rush to rescue you if you are near.

As I had just seen about how fast it would arrive. Depending on the situation, you will be able to arrive within about 20 minutes if you are within a radius of at least 10 km.

"I'm going to do the combat training that was supposed to happen, but, uh, like I said, don't just be alarmed.

Thora says the same words as before the encounter with the Grounddragon, but this time everyone took it as true. By then, the impression of the earth dragon had been strong.

"Once I, Mr. Teene, Kate, and a senior will follow me, but if you're not careful, I'll see it hurt.

"Oh, bad. One, please."

That's what I said, and one of my upper classmates bowed his head. He was a leader in this population.

"So, there's one problem... they're not here.

"What? Why?

The original plan was to deal with a goblin that tucked around the luggage, but the plan broke down. Sora wonders what to do. But then Kate laughed.

"No, I'm here.

"What?... Whoa, this is lucky.

Looking in the direction that Kate pointed out, six goblins appeared the same as they had originally planned. There are also six faculties in the second line on this side, so the number of people was just right. A group of goblins unexpectedly encountered a group of adventurers, armed and vigilant.

"So, Sola. What do we do?"

In front of a group of weaponized goblins, Kite urges Sola's instructions. Although there was an earlier incident, I didn't mean to make a fool of myself as a kite.

"Uh, first, Mr. Tine, I need the whole backup. Is it okay for Kate to take care of the two people at the party with Senior Jo? Seniors gonna be okay?

"Fine. Then I'll take care of Atsugi and Suzuka.

Having said that, I decided to take charge of two boys whose moments were nearby, who were acquainted with each other in the same grade as moments. So I decided I'd better do it.

"It helps. So, where's Kite?

"Well, I... I need your two escorts.

Kate looks around at the remaining four and explores the power of everyone from her body, etc. That's how I decided to turn to following the female students of the upper classes and the female students of the lower classes who decided they were less capable of fighting among the four. By the way, you don't have to understand that because it's such a kizzy line. Just because you are openly weak.

"Thankyou. Well, the rest is with me.

Sola will be in charge of two male students in the same grade. That's how everyone pulls out their weapons and sets themselves up.


That's what Sora barks and the battle begins. So, a few minutes. Sora sees a situation she would have once passed, and a bitter laugh leaks. And I'm surprised at myself that I can afford that even more, and I laugh bitterly again.

"It's easier..."

Sora interrupts with Goblin in such a way as to avoid attacks and prevent stiff student gaps to prevent Goblin rusting and worn out sword attacks at leisure. The sound of clear metal bumping into each other rings.

"Whoa, whoa!

Sora made a swallowing voice and jumped a goblin sword full of rust with her shield as it was. Normal goblin intelligence is low, so turn your back on your enemies, even during battle.


"Oh, oh, oh! < >!"

One of the two male students instructed by Sola uses his moves (skills) in a temper and is slashed by a goblin with his back turned. However, the wound was shallow when using moves (skills).

"Is that it? Why..."

Sure, I would have used my moves (skills) to the best of my ability. Yet I don't see why the wound is shallow. Such a question was on his face.

He didn't realize. The moment I was shaking and waving my sword, I didn't know that I was closing my eyes. Furthermore, the move (skill) that I thought was activated was not activated. When he sees a friend who was not able to use his moves (skills) satisfactorily during the battle, the other male student speaks out with great surprise.

"Hey, hey! What a failure!

"Oh, huh? You're lying!?

"I guess we were too..."

Seeing them like that, I felt Sora smiling. Training and action are different. It is rare that we can understand that after the battle is over. This student was.

"Don't worry about it! I'll make another gap, so now think only about looking right at your enemies and waving your sword! Don't think about using your moves! I can't use it anyway! I'll take care of the attack!

Go into action so that Sola creates a gap again. After repeating this several times, the second group of students finally understood that they were not moving as trained. Thus, Sola's first instruction took about half an hour.

Along the way, even as we were seen in the incident of encountering Flame Lizard, an evolutionary species of Lizard who noticed the sound of battle, we managed to win together. After the battle, everyone in the second inning was sitting on the ground resting as expected. Note that Flame Lizard was immediately crusaded by the work of Kate and Teene.

"... was, I was scared. You guys always do that..."

Through fear, a sophomore boy student sees Sora with a look of respect when all she gets is a dry laugh.

"Well. I'm just used to it.

"I'm used to it... we're used to it too..."

That's what I say. The other boy student also asks himself with trembling. Besides, I answered with a bitter smile as Sora missed her first line a little.

"Hell yeah.

"Ha... Seriously, I found out what Yongta was saying.

To Sora like that, shuddering reminds me of the advice a boy student received from a friend. As a first-line student, he was already a front-line student.

"Ah? What were you saying?

"... take a diaper.

At that time, this boy student was listening with me, and the other students were assuming it was something they were joking about. But now I know it was a joke, but it was good advice.

"Pfft...... I see.

Sora blows it out unexpectedly. But I didn't mean to mock it with Sola.

"Is it natural..."

When Sola looked at Fujikite, the cover that had been stretched around her by magic was coming down. Looks like Kate finished dressing the female students she was in charge of. Note that Kate is not going to help you get dressed exactly, so Teene is helping.

"You know why I got dressed and prepared..."

Seeing the covered corner, as did Sola, the boy student, who was instantly led, murmured with a bright blue face. He vomited earlier out of fear and disgust at taking his life.

By the way, I've been in the prep for dressing as a must since I was in the first place. Instead, this was common to all adventurers and military personnel who were in the first place. Though, when Sola and I were together, no one vomited or incontinent because of Kate, so I just didn't have to.

"Well, he said you guys would be laughing in the next two months.

"I hope so... never say it, huh?

This student, who said so, also changed clothes earlier. It goes without saying why. The changed clothes are already in a bag dedicated to dirty clothes.

"Sola. We're pulling out in a little while. It's just dangerous to stay here like this.

Unlike the area that follows the school, the area also sometimes has high-ranking demons. The ground dragon ahead was a good example. For this reason, the moment suggests so.

"Right. Then, after thirty minutes, in retreat.

"Okay. Let's tell Kite that too.

"Excuse me, thank you.

The moment turns back on his heel and gives a message to Kite. So he took a thirty minute break, and returned again to the city.

"Ha... that concludes the course for today.

Sora tells the students in front of the second line. Fortunately, I never came across a fight on the road, and I was able to get back to the city. After that, send the students of the second line to Guild Home and it will be over. By the way, it's only natural that there was no battle, and Kate didn't intimidate the surroundings and bring the demons closer together.

"Ha... it's over... I'm tired.

"I'm hungry..."

"I don't want to move anymore..."

Return to Maxwell, and enter the inner realm strewn by the city, and the students of the second line, who said so and finished the first line, enter. Everyone looked tired. Besides, Kite tells you a little bit bitterly.

"Uh... I thought I'd go out for dinner now... do you want me to stop?

"Rice? What, are you going to luxury me?

An upperclasswoman student asks with a tired face. Besides, Kate thought only a little.

"... oh, that's good. I'll take care of them all. It's a celebration of finishing the first line.

Kite currently receives super expensive requests, so she secretly has quite a bit of money to invest in the school. Where they received a full course at a super luxury store in the Imperial City, their nostalgia didn't hurt as much as they said. Well, in addition to that, I can use my funds as a duke, so there's nothing wrong with that.

"Huh? Really?

This female student simply joked, but I'm surprised that Kate responded.

"Oh, it's true. It was originally meant to be a luxury for Sola. I don't mind.

"What, really? Thank you."

Teene laughs for some reason when she says that.

"That's the Alliance Master. I didn't know you could afford us.

The moment laughs as well, and Kate's shoulders together. Apparently, you realized this was the time to attack. Anyway, so far, it was only going to be a personal expense. By the way, he was going to follow. What? He liked the booze, too.

"Huh? No, that?

For some reason, Kate, who was supposed to luxury everyone, leans her neck. But here, even more, Sola put out a help boat.

"Say it! Then let's keep going to the diner!

That's how Sora put her shoulders together on the opposite side of the instant and started taking Kite.