The first line of the second inning is over, about a week. Though Millet was somewhat less busy due to his dispatch, the Adventure Department still had busy days, but only in the morning, he was not busy but relaxed.

"Run, ru, ru, ru, ru."

In Kate's own room in the adventure club where she lived, Yuri was watering down to the routine flowerbed as she sang her nose in a good mood. The season is early summer. 8am. It was a great day out to be sunny.

"Oh, this kid's doing great today. For this minute, I think I'll accumulate another bottle or so in the next week.

Yuri recovers the container that was collecting the morning dew of the flowers. These flowers are special and can be used in everything from morning dew to flowers. That's how the door to the room knocked as Yuri looked after the flowers for about 10 minutes for fun.

"It's open. - Okay, go ahead.

When I hear from Yuri, the door opens. It was the cherry blossom and Mizuki lady combo that came in.

"Yuri. Good morning. Oh, that's a beautiful flower.

"What a flower is that?

What Yuri was growing on a flowerbed was a flower characterized by translucent petals shining in rainbow color. Yuri is now inherently small, so the two of them were looking at the scene in a slightly sober way, precisely to the sight of a fantastic landscape.

"Ah, cherry blossoms and Mizuki. Ohh. This? It's a flower called the Underworld Hua.

"Underworld Hua?"

The two look at each other once and at the same time tilt their necks. For once, even after both of them came to this side, they had not eagerly failed to study, including knowledge of grasshoppers, etc., but they were the names of flowers that Yuri had never heard of.

"Yeah. Also known as Unseen Hua (Yuuka). A hell of a rare flower in Enefia that only grows in the deepest part of the underworld forest. It's hard to raise this.

"Are you raising that?

When I hear Yuri, who is difficult to procreate but is not an expert, raise her, Mizuki tilts her neck. Because I don't know the circumstances, the cherry blossoms on the side are similar.

"Yeah. Because it's an important flower that Kate gave me. Well, I'm the leader in this development.

"Huh? Kite?

Kate gave it to Yuri, the two of them were just a little surprised to hear. While it is true that Kate is a serious gift giver, it was rare to present laborious flowers such as care.

"Is there a reason why Mr. Kite was given flowers?

"Uh, yeah. This underworld hua (mei mei) is the raw material for elixir if you mix petals into a psychic drug that morning dew helps with all diseases. It's one of the Duke's specialties now.

After describing the characteristics of the Underworld Hua (meibe), Yuri begins to speak only a little shy.

"Once upon a time, I had a bit of an incurable disease specific to my fairy family. There is no cure for the disease other than a spirit medicine or elixir... well, this underworld hua (dizziness) itself rarely comes around. Ericcil was such a precious thing that neither Kite the Brave nor Will the First Prince of the Empire of Entesia could get, was he? 10,000 Mithrilled Silver Coins in a Round. Ericcil is one of the best pharmacists I can formulate, so I did a few times that. If I tried to get it at the time, it would be obvious because it was a thing where a Rank S adventurer put together a 50-man caravan and took six months to finally take home a wheel or two.

Still, the expedition is still organized from time to time because it benefits just commensurate with the risks and the duration of the expedition. But even the S-rank adventurers rarely wanted to go, as the return rate was 60%, even if fully prepared.

"Well, so I gave up and hid my illness and lived a normal life too... finally fell down and the doctor pronounced me dead and everyone found out, didn't they? Two months left, no batter. So, when I found out about it, Kate suddenly disappeared... and a month later, she wore me out and brought back this underworld hua (dizziness).

The reason Kate went it alone was simple, because in time-priority situations, other faces would be a bundle of feet. Note that Kate perfectly discretionarily carries out this expedition, so to speak of it as the Duke, it was a rather dangerous bridge.

"But Mr. Kite said he'd be back in tears..."

To Yuri's words, the two of them are stunned. Mizuki and Sakura have no reason to know, but at the time, Kite's combat ability was still considerably weaker than it is now. A little stronger than Tina, by and large.

But it's still beyond Tina, who has an overwhelming ability to fight. It is the place where such kites come home worn out. It was clear that it was dangerous. I can also nod that Kate once said he wants hundreds of times more combat power than he has now, even if he just runs in.

"Yeah. Apparently, it was a very dangerous place. Well, in its shadow, they traced it to the dense fabric of Underworld Hua (Mei). They brought it back from there.

Yuri tells her that she seems happy but only slightly frightened. Kite, who had no knowledge of pharmacy at the time, did not know how many rounds it would be, but reached further back and deepest into the underworld forest in search of Underworld Hua (dizziness). Kite, who didn't even know how to take it home, borrowed the wisdom of the Great Spirits and took all the objects and information necessary to cultivate about 100 rounds of Underworld Hua (vertigo) from the deepest reaches of the Underworld Forest.

By the way, even the underworld forest demons frightened by the Rank S class adventurers recognized him as the Lord of the Woods because Kite was so impatient at that time.

"So, you used one wheel for medicine, you gave me 10 wheels, you gave me 50 wheels at the Duke's house, and you donated the rest to the Empire. The price has dropped considerably now that the underworld Hua (Mei Mei) has established the cultivation method, because the petals will be restored over and over again, and will not wither for hundreds of years.

As a result of several years of research, a stable supply of medicines created in the Underworld China has been established, so that the death toll from the plague in the Empire can be reduced to no more than 10% by then.

As a result, Kite, who brought back the Underworld Hua (vertigo) and his fertility information from the deepest realm of the Underworld Forest, confirmed his status as Duke, and Will, who led the study, also confirmed his status as Crown Prince, and Yuri, Kuzha and other Duke officials were able to gain a great deal of fame on all continents for the successful cultivation of the precious Underworld Hua (vertigo) from the Merit of the Great War.

By the way, if you think about it normally, I don't think you need either 100 rounds to make it a pill. Then why did you bring back a lot more Underworld Hua (meibe) than you should, because Kate liked Underworld Hua (meibe), and only because she hoped that Yuri wouldn't be able to raise her? It was a feat of injury.

"Psychotropic drugs and elixir are now important trades for the Empire. As long as it's grown properly, the underworld will never wither. So, the flowers from that time, this. My greatest treasure.

That said, Yuri is proud to show the underworld of flowerbeds. Looks really happy.


Listening to Yuri, the two are just a little jealous of Yuri. If we were in the same situation, Kate would do the same, but we were still jealous.

"Yeah, so I'm still nurturing this underworld hua.

Yes, Yuri spoke in the light. And once she stopped talking, Yuri realized.

"So, what's wrong with the cherry blossoms and Mizuki?

"Oh, I was. Kite, didn't you see that?

The two of them, who fell in love with the beautiful flowers on, had lost sight of their original errands. So ask Yuri about her original errand in a little light.

"The mock fight with Tina was... when it was over. So, what about the office on the third floor?

It is the daily routine for Kate and Tina to have a simulated battle from 6: 30 a.m. to about an hour. No matter how busy that was, it hadn't changed. And the time is past 9: 00 in the morning. Whatever it was, it wasn't considered in training.

"You weren't there. There are traces of me getting to my desk once..."

The moment I heard the word, a glimmer of sweat flowed from Yuri's forehead. There are signs of him taking his seat once at 9: 00 in the morning, and for some reason, Kate is not in the office. And I've been busy lately. All the conditions that Yuri fears are in place. But Yuri, who still doesn't want to believe it, asks further.

"What about the dining room on the ground floor?

"Mutsuki on duty said he hasn't come. That's what Tina, who was eating dinner, says.

"... there was no sticky paper or anything in the office?

"No, I didn't see it.

"... when did you see it?

Yuri finally starts to tremble, and the two of them are surprised, but they dare not answer what they have been asked.

"Uh... about thirty minutes ago. After that, I looked everywhere..."

"I'm going for a minute!

Upon hearing Mizuki's answer, Yuri immediately moves to the office on the third floor via a space transfer.


The metastasis ends. No, no, Yuri calls out Kite's name aloud and starts looking around.

"Hmm? What's up? Kite's not here.

Ask Yuri how she panicked the moment she said that and was reading the paperwork at her desk.


When I said that and looked at Kite's desk, there was one piece of writing down there. It was short there, like, written.

'Today, I'm off to market research. Adventure Department Manager/Kite'

"............ I was alarmed.

Yuri shrugged and shuddered. I've been a little busy lately, so I thought I could still afford it by accident. But it was completely misread. Still, it was busy being very busy. Meizuki asks Yuri, who looks like that, bitterly laughing.

"What's going on? Kite's guy. You're late today. Sleeper?"

"Hey, charm. Kite, I haven't seen it...... right?

"I haven't seen it.

I didn't have to ask Meizuke's answer, but Yuri asked just in case. However, since it was the answer as expected, Yuri took possession of a magic guide that would allow her to contact the Duke's residence immediately installed in the office.

"Yes, this way the Duke's residence.

Confirming a response from the Duke's residence, Yuri immediately stated the requirements. By the way, it was the golem that responded. It's not necessarily how much magic is used to apply the voice. So the golem made by Tina comes out first. By the way, there's a maid or butler who knows who Kate is right next to her just in case.

"This way, Ulysia Felicia! In the highest command authority, give an immediate order!

"… Voice prints and other matching confirmation.

That's what I said. Golem's comms went out, and it connected to Fine.

"Master Yuri, how are you?

Exactly. I don't judge the Duke's family as Ulysses themselves just because of their voices. For the first time, the magic and voiceprints on the voice match to connect to the Duke's people.

"Fine, good day! More on that later! Code Blue Escape! Repeat, Code Blue Escape!

The morning greeting was also understood over the phone the moment I heard the words told there, when Fine froze.

'... is it true? Isn't it still in the middle of breakfast or something? It's about your husband, so don't you sometimes have breakfast at this hour?

Ask him if Fine, who knows Kate's habits, could be anything other than Kate's disappearance. The voice was just a little tense.

"... I wrote it down. The content is the usual market research.

"Was it too late......"

Phine sighed when she heard that.

"Get some personnel around here! I'll take command, too!

'Okay. Please. Now if you'll excuse me.

That's why Fine blocked communication.


Fine, who blocked communications, rushes to report to Kuzha.

"What's up? It's unusual for you to panic. I mean, I'm not a princess now.

I laugh bitterly at the way they used to call me, uncommonly thinking of the hasty Fine. Kuzha was last called a princess 300 years ago, but also before the reign of the Duke of Kate. Then they called me a princess, about when I got home.

"Code Blue Escape!... Your husband is gone again.

The moment I hear Fine's report, Yuhara, who was lying next to Kuzha, freezes.


Because it was frozen, the tea I had put in Kuzha overflowed and overflowed.

"Ahhh! Sorry! I'll clean it up in a minute!

Apparently, he's in a pretty rush, and Yuhara forgot his polite tone for work.

"Please hurry! There's stains on the carpet! Before that, Mr. Feene! Please arrange for your brother to be nominated throughout the Duke's house now!


While wiping away the zero tea, Kuzha also hurries to deal with it. Kuzha was also in a hurry, so he was back to what he used to call it. Within that warmth, the alarm rang throughout the Duke's residence.

"Ugh... should I really have recruited..."

"It's about your husband, so even in that case, the quote that the beautiful girl applied for, why won't you win..."

I sighed as we both cleaned.

"An official was recently seconded by the Union, so I was wondering if there was still a respite...... I was alarmed.

"So should I go, or something like that?

"Damn... was it a mistake to think that there was no way to make one Yuhara feel good..."

"I don't know if that's why you're going.

That said, the two principals will only have a little restraint. But I cut it right up. Because there's more to it than that.

"It's just..."

"Yep. In this situation, you're sure to bring the girl back..."

Having said that, the two again exhaled a sigh of giving up.

"What is it? That good pull.

"I don't know!... How can you always bring a girl or an orphan home if you skip! Kids and girls aren't dogs and cats... ha..."

"Aha haha..."

Yuhara smiled dry against Kuzha's stupidity. Some of our brothers and sisters, picked up by this kite habit, were the ones who were picked up by it, but couldn't get into it very hard.

"Do you just hope your brother finds you soon after... please, don't bring the girl back..."

With that said, Kuzha begins to pray seriously. Seeing one of those lords, Yuhara kept cleaning.