Kite took Tsubaki and returned to the Duke's mansion to get angry once. The moment I followed it, I felt my legs get heavier. I am only under a lot of spiritual influence thanks to the fact that I am uncontrolling my emotions.

"I don't want to go..."

I think you're gonna get mad because you found out you skipped it, Kite. Still, I didn't realize what was causing my anger when I brought Tsubaki back. In this regard, we still saw improvements in our attention to the women. Well, it's a common fear many women have when they say they can't help it if it improves so far.

"Um... what is this place?

In response to such a kite, Tsubaki, who had still come to the city for three days, looked like he did not know the Duke's residence. Well, when I come to the city, I say I've been put in a carriage, so I may have no choice.

"Oh well, if you blah blah blah, it's my house... Tsubaki isn't this way, he gets a job at the Adventure club guild home that I usually pack for the time being.


"Well, come on in... uhh, you must be mad..."

Every time Kite skips, she's given hours of sermons. By the way, this was over in about an hour at the beginning. There are more women on Kite's side, which is proportionally increasing the time.

"Aura's not here yet..."

As Kate stood in front of the door, she sighed. Sure, I don't have my sister-in-law Aura, but when I explored the Duke's mansion, some of them were headed by cherry blossoms, along with Meizuki and Mizuki, who wore black auras. One less and three more, only longer preaching times.

"Ha... go.

Kate turns her belly and puts her hand on the door knob. Wherever you did not go to the Duke's residence, you will be captured at the Adventure Alliance Home. Give up, but it was auspicious.

"... I'm home..."

Slowly open the front door and look inside, Kite. There were a number of girls waiting, as you might expect.

"... Welcome home, brother.

Kuzha notices Kite and greets her with a smile that is smiling, but not her eyes laughing.

"Sa, kite. Do you want to go to your room?

With that said, Yuri takes Kite with a tremendous force not commensurate with his skinny arm. The opposite arm is caught by Yuhara.

"... Yes. Oh, before that! Yuhara, because her daughter is a newbie who has been in since today! Get him some clothes or something!

"... prepare your own. Oh, but I feel sorry for you as well... uh, ah, the daughters there are fine. Give her some clothes or something.

The maids, frightened by the circumstances that were frightening to Yuhara and the others with their fixed eyes, uttered a frightened voice, but Yuhara ignored it and gave instructions.

And the girls, who were given instructions, were frightened and hurried to take Tsubaki's hand and evacuate.

"Tsubaki! Because I trust those daughters and they're fine! Don't you dare follow those daughters! I think I'll see you tomorrow!

"Huh? Oh, yes.

Tsubaki nodded at Kate's words, but revealed a little vigilance and the maids took him. While Kate is sorry for that, she can't move.

That's how Kate was taken by many girls and forced into her room.

"Oh, I wish I had to skip if I knew I was going to be preached.

Coffle, watching a series of streams, squeaks with a frightened look. The fact that Kite is found manages to hit less than eight to himself. Less relief seemed to him.

"Ha, even to Lord Kite, you didn't seem to understand why he was angry at me at all.

With Coffle, one of the deacons who had been driven out by Kite's search laughed and answered.

"Ha... I don't know if you noticed.

What, is that Kate brings the girl home every time.

"You can't. Because for that guy, you'd only think about it to the extent that you hired good people.

An old friend of mine, who is Coffle's deputy, smiles close to a bitter laugh. Other faces laughed at the words.

Not quite blunt in the minds of others - not sensitive - kite, but only this habit, which I consider myself to be a human resource hire, seemed to have no cure. Only talent, that is, choosing without appearance, only brings beautiful girls and beauties as a result.

"At this rate, I'm guessing he had many samurai in Japan..."

Someone says so. Everyone immediately agreed to the word.

"There's no harm done to us...

As we speak, we notice that the cold magic is swirling. Seen, it revolved around the third floor, where Kate's living room was located, and the servants of the Duke's residence were moving as far away from Kate's living room as possible.

"Ugh! Sabi no!"

So Coffle feels the magic he sees, the chill. It was a very angry ride of magic. Even though summer was near, I felt signs of mid-winter, and Coffle had goosebumps. Besides, the butler next to me laughs.

"It's been a long time. Are you alarmed?

"Oh... oh, I'm going out now. I don't want to be here.

"Me and me.

In line with Coffle's decision to evacuate, the men who were gathering began evacuating in triplicate.

"As far away from here as possible... I knew I'd go to the orphanage.

It was then that Coffle began his original purpose.

Meanwhile, Kite, who was taken to the women's ranks, led by Kuzha, had been made to sit in the front seat. When the cherry blossoms arrived in the room, the opening was the best, and they sat him down. Kuzha was very jealous of this handiness.

"Brother, first of all, do you understand why you're angry?

"... Yes. I'm sorry.

I have already been seated for quite some time, but my legs were still not paralyzed because of my practice in Japan.

"Then confess what you have done.

"Yes. I, Kate, have sabotaged my work.

Sitting upright, Kite began to confess her sins. Note that this confession of sin has already been made for the third time.

"That's right. Your brother's already a good old man, so why don't you get settled in?

The truth is I'm furious that I brought the girl back, but Kuzha gives a sermon with an argument, so I can't argue with Kite in any way.

By the way, nobody emotionally accuses me of not bringing the girl home, so nobody realizes that Kate will be back in time to pick up talent in the future. It was a late blind spot because they were some kind of smart girls who were educated and theoretically smashed as children of the good family.


Kite nods cocklessly in a soggy manner. It is often forgotten because the appearance is almost always at the end of the teens and the character of the vegetables, but Kite is a good adult if you try to be a person around 30 years old in real life. That's not what they said, either.

"Besides, your brother is a duke. Your brother must understand how important that job is and how life-threatening the folk grass is.


That's what I say. I hear a sermon by Kuzha on the front seat, with a magical face, Kite. But inside, all I could do was sigh.

(How many more are there...)

"And, brother. You and your brother know what kind of employment methods you have at the Duke's house. What do you mean, the top flies it himself..."

The sermon by Kuzha continues. Looking around Fufu Kuzha, he was ready to wait for the order in which he preached to Kite. I would expect Cherry Blossom or Yuri next.

"Brother! Will you listen to me!


Having found out what you were looking at, Kite began to hear Kuzha's sermon again from scratch.

"Ya, it's finally over..."

By the time the sun began to set, Kate's sermon was finally over.

"Did you say something?

"No, nothing.

Upon being heard alone, and gazed half-eyed by Kuzha, Kite immediately shuts up.

"... Really? We will now temporarily take care of Tsubaki on this side. If the content of the test is true, I think we can send it to you in a few days.


Tsubaki, who said so and joined him on the way, bowed his head to Kuzha. I looked a little frightened until I came to Kate's private room, but with Kate with me, my fright got smaller.

"Oh, okay. Then I'll send the three of you.

"Yes. See you later.

By the way, there's a good reason Kuzha said later. I do not currently use different spaces for kites. However, they often gather in the bedroom of the Adventure Alliance Home.

So Kuzha, Yuhara and Fine three say so and drop off the kites. Shortly before leaving, Kate remembered that there was.

"Oh, whoa, before I forget... see.

That's how Kate hands out the gifts she bought to all the friendly women.

"Uh, I chose to look good on everyone, so I'm glad you put it on occasionally.

Kate says when she's finished handing out presents to everyone, it's lit up.

"Thank you!

Kuzha, who had been angry until now, looked at the contents of the gift and smiled full face. Apparently, Kuzha also recognized the design of her remote girl. Other faces who received the gift as well often had similar expressions.

I know it's cash, but it still soothes anger if one dissipates anger and thinkers send gifts. If it was something that was thought to suit us properly, it would also please us.

"Bye, I'm coming.

Five of them returned to the Adventure Department, but the mood of the women had improved considerably along the way.

"I'm home."

That's what Kate said, undoing her personality, hair, and eye color, brought her back to Alliance Home. But it was the crowd who came back and witnessed it. There was some nasty air going on.

"Ah! Kite! Hey! Seriously, help!

"Hmm? What's up?

Sora, who noticed Kate's return, has asked for the most help in opening the door. If you look at it, Sola was seated right, and Yuri, who seems angry, stood in front of Sola.


"Oh, I see.

That's what Kate laughs at, but she just thought it was pity that her best friend stayed misguided by her freshly dated, and decided to fool Yuri.

"Yuri... just listen to me for a second.

The moment he called on Yuri, Kite glanced at him only a little, as he was gazed at with a fairly seated eye. Recently, Kite, who doesn't feel more influential about the women, gave up was the key.


"Uh, huh? What are you so angry about?

I have a general anticipation, but it doesn't start by not daring to ask why. In other words, the tone has returned slightly to previous years. She looked quite angry.

"Sola's dating us, but she went to another girl's place.

Yuri's stupidity tournament that begins with that. To that stupidity, the women beside Kate and several female students who were trying to tamper with Yuri are nodding.

By the way, Tina was brought by a female student nearby who had lost Yuri's interest, but she was not currently involved.

For her, she couldn't understand why the man she loved was a good color and bad. This neighborhood could be described as a race difference between demons and humans. Nevertheless, Yuri's anger could be understood as the same woman, so he kept quiet.

"That's right. Looks like Kate was with us right now. We've been preaching earlier, too.

"It's terrible, isn't it?


Meizu and Yuri are both nodding at each other. Yuri got a sympathizer named Meizuke and other female students, so he settled down just a little. So I noticed that Fufu Yuri was different from when the four of them left.

"But aren't all four of us feeling a little better?

When I left my guild job alone, four people wore scary auras so much that the students around me pretended not to see them. Yuri noticed that it was now thin.

"Or a little upbeat?

"Huh? Does that look like it?

Mizuki looks a little unexpected. We didn't realize it ourselves, but our mouth was just a little loose.

"And that necklace. You didn't when you left, did you? And Yuri's hair decorations.

"Oh, this? Kate gave it to me.

That said, Yuri pointed to the hair decoration with a little happiness. There are actually no many hair decorations for fairies. Because if you can deal with it when it grows older, etc., it will be very difficult to deal with it technically. Therefore, I have to check it properly at the store, and the amount is quite high. It was the result of a proper effort by Kate. It was a great place for Kite not to properly neglect all these efforts.

"Oh, well. At first, he left in the name of market research. When I was looking around the market, I just bought something I thought looked good.

Inside the same surrounding wild horse, the men fought and the women sighed with envy compared to their own boyfriends to Kite, who seemed to say nothing. This man praised the woman with vegetables and understood that he could give her a gift.


Yuri, who said that and looked at Sola with a flicker. Much and anger seems to have subsided while talking to someone about stupidity.

"Uh, duh. You want to come over for dinner with me next time?

There is no hand to not hold back here, so determined Sora wavered courage and hung her date invitation.


"Let's arrange the next break so we can take it together.

"Right. Please come with me.

Sakura agrees with Kate.

"Well, this time, I forgive you - But really, the... eccentric thing... you didn't?

"Oh, oh! That's true!

"... because I believe you, huh?

Look at Sora with a serious look and Yuri says it with a serious eye. Sola just nodded at it. As a result, little work was done on this day, and the day ended.