The day after I hired Tsubaki in. Kate was stuck at her desk early in the morning to get rid of the job she skipped.

"Lord... why are you skipping while you figure this out?

"I feel like it!

While Tina eats the sandwich, she asks Kite, who also does paperwork with one hand on the sandwich. As she began her work shortly after the training, Kate asked Tina's demon coo to bring her sandwich from the dining room area on the ground floor.

By the way, the time now - around 6: 50 - has not yet been visited by anyone in the office, so Kate is using her body for minutes to get the job done. If you can use man-made sea tactics, it won't take long to tell you what work you're accumulating. Well, it just increases the risk of being seen, until you can use it and start waking up to live in a guild home.

Note that both Tina and Kate came straight after training, so it is the original adult state. Naturally, Tina is not going to help Kate do her job, just by mouthing. Unlike Kite against Meath, she wasn't sweet.

"Well, that's what the Lord is... that Tsubaki thing? Is that girl a mix?

"... Again, do you notice?

Kate doesn't stop, doesn't even take her eyes off the material, reacts to Tina's words. And Tina answered without even putting her chest up as she grinned at it.

"Of course not. The rest was the Demon King. Of course I know the extent of it.

"Is that the greatest demon king of all time?

Kate has just a slight laugh of praise on her face. Even the servant kite couldn't spot it as a mix at first glance, but that's where he said he was a former demon king said to be a genius. Apparently Tina understood just once she saw it. And Kate goes on. From now on, I'm a little unsure of Kite.

"Though I think the base is the Dragons?

"Probably not. Beasts in nature, fairies in appearance. Besides, it also adds the factor of a gentle race around the Heavenly Nation. It seems to have been adjusted to be faithful to the Lord, to be intelligent and merciful enough to discern His lies, to heal them, to be tough enough to meet any taste of the Lord, and even to love a child with a woman other than Himself.

"Hmm, what nobility wanted..."

Kite groans a little abominably at the exact nature of a man's ideal mistress.

Essentially, the mix is to be given to the royal nobility, and although it may be said poorly, it is to be educated exclusively on full order. As a result, complete information regulations had been taken on the nobility who had requested it, and even the Duke's house, which had bought the kites Tsubaki, kept the information secret. The same goes for them, and they can't even tell the mixers what went wrong. It was a thorough information blockade. The only thing that can be taught is what the product (tsubaki) can do (specs).

So far, there's a reason organizations pay attention to the information blockade. If any information about the mix is leaked at all, the sexual preferences of the nobility that the requested nobility can grasp from it or vice versa can be grasped, and honey traps can be set up.

Scratching the eyes of the law meant that they had to avoid being the enemy of those in power by leaking information they wanted to keep hidden from their customers.

"Looks like we're in a bit of a hurry. To be branded as defective, there is a reason to be pressed. This could be a mess, huh?

Tina sends advice to such an abominable kite. If it were a regular kite, I would have done more research and preparation below before hiring in. As for Tina, she was intrigued that there was some kind of secret there. Actually, as Tina expected, Kite had another reason, but that's something I wanted to keep a secret from her as a kite.

"Really? Didn't seem like a very troublesome daughter to me, though?

There's no way I can tell you how sentimental it is. Kite just laughs bitterly. Besides, this word was also true, and I didn't think it was as nasty a nature as I would say to Kite. Stra has made a similar decision on this. Otherwise, Stra wouldn't want to let Kite go either. That said, I don't care much about this as Tina either. What she cared about was something else.

"Well, if you are the Lord, let's tolerate most of the nature. Then... pay a little more attention to the cherry blossoms. The three of you haven't had enough life experience yet. Besides the Lord, there are three men who have fallen in love from the bottom of their hearts.

"Well... you turn your attention to the other women. That's unusual."

Sometimes people started to move, and they disappeared, and Kate laughed as she raised her eyes to the paperwork. I am distracted by Kite and the cherry blossoms, but as things stand, I couldn't help but notice. Kite is sorry about that, too. I understand that, but the cherry blossoms were not dissatisfied with it either.

"I'm still your best friend. Oh, they'll need a little more time to understand and accept the nature of the Lord.

Tina has a rare and grown-up grin. Because of these kinds of care, many admired them as demon kings.

"Well, I don't mean to grieve them either.... naturally you too.

With that said, Kate holds Tina in her arms and puts her down. Tina was just left to be.

"Ha... the Lord... tell the cherry blossoms to do that too.

Release your lips, Tina says, close to Kate's face.

"It's not like I'm not trying. I don't... I'm really not used to it. I get a little nervous.

Kate laughs bitterly at Tina's words. Now Tina accepted nature and kite, but the cherry blossoms still needed to prepare their minds. When you do it unintentionally without preparing your mind, you turn bright red and fall back and forth unconscious. I think it's cute as a kite, but I don't want to do it much because it's hard to end it.

"Well, I wouldn't be happy..."

"Then let him get used to it. It is also in the Lord's service to make a woman his own choice.... naturally, it's like it's the rest of the role to make a man your favorite.

Tina has a luscious grin as she stays supple. It was undoubtedly them who educated Kite as one who stood above men. Instead, they understood more than anyone else that they were also his preferred women.

"Well, we'll have to wait for temperament.

Kate agrees with Tina. That's how the door opened as Kate tried to get her hands on Tina's clothes.

"Kate, I'm here... I'm sorry to bother you!

Sora turns bright red and turns right when two adults see that they are trying to get to grips with their love romance overseas. She tries to leave in a big hurry.

"Oh, what is it, Sola? Nothing. So, what's up, early this morning?

The two of them just say that Xing has been shredded, leaving. The time is 7: 00 am. If it was the usual Sola, it was about time she started to wake up by now.

"Uh... I'm sorry I seem to have interrupted something.

Sora, still blushing, came back to the room, but seemed a little uncomfortable.

"Um... can I talk to you about one thing?

Sora cut out to kite looking unusual and serious. Kite feels surprised by the rarity of her best friend, but doesn't begin not to ask.

"According to the content.

"Uh, yeah. Please! Introduce me to some good stores!

That's what Sora says, hands together and head down deep. Kate looked at how Sola was, once Tina and I met each other, and the two of us had a nasty grin. The face was like a child who had found a new toy instead of an earlier adult expression.

"I see. Do you get up early in the morning for the woman you fell in love with, too?

"Oh, my goodness, Yuri is also drowned.

"Well, then? You think I'm gonna do you one favor here as my best friend?

"Right. Well, at least we'll get a little consideration, won't we?

"... if there's anything I can do.

Sora's desire to escape before two people who see herself with a demonic grin in front of her aroused, but she made me hungry because of her anger yesterday. Take it, Tina tells you the price.

"Right. So, let me tell you how familiar I am with Yuri.

"Ugh...... yes.

"Well, that's a deal. So, how much is the budget? If you are satisfied with the results of your date, you may do so. You can't just claim the price for being dissatisfied with the product.

Seeing Sora turn bright red, Kate offered a flash of mercy. Well, you'll hear it out no matter how you hear it.

Anyway, both Yuri and Tine know that Sora has confessed and is successful and dating. Exactly. They both made the confession scene non-interferent with compassion, but Kite would be happy to sign up for cooperation if he took the audio head.

"Eh, about this..."

That's what Sola put up her index finger, which meant to say one.

"One gold coin... just for dinner, you're a little too uptight for a student. Well, wait a minute. Tina, show him the costume in the meantime.


Kate chose a plan worthy of her budget from a list of kiosks and restaurants owned by the Duke's family, during which Tina began measuring Sola.

"To? What?

"This, don't move. The measurements are out of order.... of this kind. After that, Yuri will not be measured.

That's what Tina says. She keeps a record of her measurements on her notes.

"What the hell!

Our unintelligibly measured Sola yells at Tina. Even though I was familiar with it a long time ago, it was just because I was approached by Tina in an extraordinary state of beauty, and maybe there was a mix of lighting.

"Lord, we know that the shop chosen at the time we asked Kite is superb.

"No, well, I'm asking you to figure that out... Ah.

Said it was a first-class store, and I realized there was a sola. I'm from the upper class with him. The reason was easy to imagine.

"Shit... I had a dress code or something..."

In order to get Yuri in the mood, I was passionate about choosing a store and forgot, but being top notch, some stores need dress codes. That's what Sola had lost track of.

"Oh... well, I'll take the costume as a necessary expense, so don't worry. Well, that's just how guilty I am this time, too. I'll tell you everything in one piece.

That's what Kate said as she looked at the paperwork. Exactly. He also thought it a little bad that he forced himself into a private room. So I decided to make the difference, including the apology. Well, it includes the celebration of my best friend's first date, but I'm not saying it because I was embarrassed.

"What? Why?

Meanwhile, Thora, who doesn't know the inside of such a kite, thought she'd pay for it at her own expense out of her budget, but inquired with a look that seemed unexpected. It was Tina who had already begun to think about designing a costume that answered that.

"For attending nightclubs with nobles, etc. If you show a gap in a place like that, it could kill you. How much do you know about that?


He was born in the highest ranking family, even among Sola and the upper class. The extent of this experience was so unpleasant.

"For us today, connecting with nobility is something we want. Then I don't even want to show a slight gap.

"How about you?

Kate's title is the finest duke as a title. There are only five of them in this vast Empire of Entesia, and their power is the greatest of all nobles except the Grand Duke. That's exactly what Sora questioned about the need to want any more, even though we have the aid of the highest nobility.

"Me, I'm not back in public yet. Or the royal family doesn't know.

The date on which the presence of the school was already revealed by talks between the Duke's family and the school, as well as the royal family, has not yet been set for the publication of the kite. So Kate told Sola as she looked at a number of materials.

"Oh, speaking of which, is it..."

Sora forgot why she kept Kate's identity a secret because she would continue to behave so much as a duke and treat her surroundings as a duke as well.

"So, well, that being said, it would be useful to have a handover besides ours. I'm getting connections and there's nothing to lose.

"Wow... do you mean like my father..."

There's no harm in being connected, it's the word my father used to say every time Sola was forced to attend a party over and over again. And to Sola now, I understood enough to say I didn't like that.

"Well, I don't like it, but I have to do it with us. Give it up. I need it, so I can't help it.

"Ha... Necessary, right... That's right..."

Listen to Kate and Sora thinks of something just a little bit. That said, there are a handful of people in the upper adventure department who can cross in the social world without problems with these upper classes. I also had to give up Sola.

"I've already made dresses for cherry blossoms, charm clothes, and Mizuki, and I'm already designing a dress code for a senior and Rin. Needless to say Al and Lil and the others...... ok, choose from this plan. I have left a few of the finest stores above this plan. Take him there at some point yourself.

That being said, on the paper that Kate gave Sola, she had selected a number of stores that seemed to be available for a date. Around daring to exclude the finest stores that seemed like they could only be taken by kite too, kite had a decent meal.

"Whoa...... hmm?... Hey, kite?

While appreciating my best friend's care, I noticed that there was a fuzzy store when Sola was picking out a few stores on paper given to me by Kite. That's how the questioned kite tilts her neck, unable to understand her intentions.

"Ah? What's up?

"Why are you even in the hotel! It's a sleepover pack!

"Huh? Isn't that normal?

"Normal. Kite, when you're with someone, don't you always go home in the morning? Looking like you're home, it's not your body.


Sora is going to believe the two words for a moment. but I noticed that my face was stingy and I realized that I was just teasing. By the way, it's true that the morning trip is a fact, and it's also true that it's a tear.

"... ha.

"Well, I'll forgive you for coming home in the morning. Enjoy it fully...... ha. You're surprisingly intolerant of incitement.

Sora glanced half-eyed at Kite for trying to make a joke out of it. Besides, Kate flaunts her shoulders. Sora sighed at her best friend like that.

"Ha... you guys really have a different personality... the usual recoil?


Kite smiles. We don't really notice the changes ourselves. Even though I knew it had changed, I couldn't understand how it had changed.

"Do something..."

For the upper levels of the Adventure Department today - especially the faces we've had together since middle school - it was the calm state when we met that was Kite's image. Therefore, the original kite or tina feels a little uncomfortable. Besides, both Kate and Tina have to clasp their shoulders.

"Even if they say so. Because this is the truth. I just can't help it.

"I don't know... I've already lived a few hundred more times, and now correct my personality, I don't care if they say so.

"Well, yes... well, do we have to get used to it? Thank you, darling.

That's what Sola says. She thanks Kate and Tina. I did, but not only did he suggest a few plans for a date, but he said he would even have the price. It's a little regrettable that you can't give yourself money for your first date, but it's a celebration of your first date from two friends because of you to two friends as well. Besides, he also leaves me with his own showcase. The remorse was spoiled and decided to accept.

"Well, I'm not kidding back in the morning. If the atmosphere permits, you should go. I'll leave it to you.

"... think about it.

Though Sola turned bright red on Kate's words, she went back to put the paperwork in the room once before the other faces arrived.

"Ha... and there's no Sora and Yuri.

"Attack the man from the stomach, but it looks like it was done with vegetables.

After Sola leaves, Kate and Tina assume that's why they started dating on their own. Incidentally, as a result, Kate was unable to recover yesterday's delay and decided to stay at her desk early the next morning.