Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 185: Interventions - Or Tooth Turtles -

That was a while ago. Sola, forced by Yuri and Tine, had made a great deal of determination. Even so, it was only a few days ago that I made a great decision, and it was stretched to this day as it drifted.


"Oh, no, it's nothing!

As he blurred, Yuri tilted his neck. I won't have a choice. I've been looking for a chance to be alone with Yuri.

"Sola, they're confirming a subspecies demon of goblins in the vicinity of the school. Students remaining in the school have been contacted. Well, there's nothing wrong with being inhibited by the junction, but it just so happens that the idiots may go outside the junction. If you're free, go check with Yuri. If a crusade is possible, fine.

It was his best friend who put out a help boat to Sora like that. By the way, Kite didn't speak up knowing that Sora kept peeking at the opportunity, she just spoke up because she seemed to be free without any paperwork. But the words of this kite by Sola were just the opportunity of a thousand encounters.

"Oh, wow. Then I'll go for a moment. Yuri, let's go.

"Oh, yeah. Wait a minute.

In more than a dozen minutes, the two of them finish preparing for battle and preparing to travel and turn their feet to the school. Then we start by getting information from the students who remain in the school and focus on searching for points where there were many eyewitnesses.

In the middle of such a search. When Sola saw that there was no one around, she made up her mind. The place is a meadow where no one is, and the weather is clear. It wouldn't be a bad situation for Sora to confess, who doesn't want to be heard even though she's determined.


"Yikes!... Already, what?

Yuri, who was scouting his surroundings, opens his eyes to the sudden call of shouting. Besides, I scratched my cheeks with the look of Sola getting a little worse.

"Oh, no, it's not that surprising..."


Yuri zeroed his grin because he could see that feeling, which he accidentally shouted.

"So, what?

"Oh, no, the... uh..."

I dyed my face bright red and Sora mumbled. Yuri, who read what Sora was up to from that look, is also quite shy.

"Uh... Um... Yuri.


I guess I still get nervous at times like this even in Sola. For some reason, Yuri couldn't afford to point it out because of the lightness. I didn't, but they're still adventurers. I couldn't block myself until I acted soberly.


"Ah? Get out of my way!

"Um?... well. It was Itoko.

Sora gets seriously furious at the oddity of the goblins she hears. Well, I was going to confess now with a great deal of determination, and if that gets in my way, I'll get angry. But Yuri was with him. It was the chills that shivered even Sola that released it that way.

"< >."

When Yuri takes out a slightly shorter sword for protection, he speaks voluntarily. Light pale light dwells on the sword as the dictation takes place.

"Us, it was a good place now..."

Yuri, who was on the receiving side, was worse angry than Sola, who was about to confess with a generation of great determination. Please, the phonetic sound seemed very fitting.

When she sees that she is approached to use the bow, she cuts the goblin with a protective sword. The trick is to the point where Sola flickers.

"... hehe?

"Sola, I won't blur!

"Oh, yes!

Ordered by Yuri, Sola also joins the fight. That's right. Sora had to be polite in this rage, too, and she shook herself terribly and set up her weapon. That's how the goblins are crusaded with Yuri's wrath, but just when they understand the disadvantage of this situation, they try to start fleeing at first sight. But there was no way Yuri could get away with rushing through angry hair.

"< >."

He snatched his sword and tied his bow, and Yuri spoke again. Goblins are the furthest away from us. And she squeezes her thoughtful bow.


The arrow released in a breath goes straight for a goblin a few hundred meters away in a straight line, shooting through the brilliant goblin.

"< >."

Jin, and Yuri accelerate, pack the distance from the glittering goblins, and pull out the sword for protection.

"< >, < >."

"... Yes?

When he releases a verbal vote again, Yuri waves two daggers strapped to his waist. It felt like it was made up as a martial arts without them. To the demons crusaded while watching, Sora has no choice but to watch what happens.

She has been using several weapon moves (arts) since earlier, but I was very sceptical about Sola why she even used multiple weapons that she wasn't supposed to be good at. And so all the goblin crusades came to an end in minutes of things, and the bloody profit of returning blood returned to Sola.

"So, what is it?

"Oh, no... before that, why can't you use such weapon moves (arts)?

A frightening solar asks Yuri. He is also desperate to practice his weapon moves, but the first < > was still the best.

"Oh, this? I don't know, I should be able to switch for when I'm approached, Kite said.

"? What do you mean?


The two lean their necks and think of their intentions. But I didn't know what to think. Note that according to what I later asked Kate, this made a good sense.

None of the weapons moves (arts) used by Yuri were weapons of the Chinese trinity, and there is no cheat like the < > special attack on plants used by Sola. Instead, however, it was easy to reproduce, and Yuri had the option of switching several weapon moves (arts) to fight. The reasons for putting in melee weapons are also simple, and bowmen are weak when approached. In response, he taught Weapon Techniques for Protective Use (Arts).

But only one problem surfaced that I didn't even anticipate Kate. It is that Yuri began to engage in melee combat, which brought back objects like the roughness of previous years. As a precaution, weapon moves (arts) have no effect on personality, so melee combat has only brought back the feeling of an era that used to be bad.

"So, what is it?

After twisting their necks so often, the two finally get back to business. Even with Yuri's personality, he was finally back to normal, and now he was back to a relaxed way of talking. After Yuri's allegations, Sola finally gets back to business. Now he decided to stay out of the way.

"Oh... hang out with me!

"............... please.

That's how they were supposed to go out. I dare not mention the look on their faces at that time. I remember that time, and they were enjoying their pre-meal moments.

"Haha, well I'm freaking out. I haven't heard Yuri say we're here in a long time.


Yuri shows Sola's words, a little stubborn. But that was the advantage of how it looked, but it seemed somewhere happy. Two people enjoying a meal at a fine restaurant in Maxwell North Town with such an initial atmosphere, but due to Sora's habit of being from the upper class and the fact that the clothes they wore were quite elegant and upscale objects, some mistakes were favorably accepted by many employees and guests who were unaware of the circumstances as the first date of the noble gatekeeper.

One guy who was looking at those two seems to have no problem smiling. Against him like that, an old man with good gray hair came and bowed his head. He was the general manager of this store.

"Dear Kite, welcome aboard.

"Oh, those two are being looked after.

Kite nodded one against the general manager who bowed his head. So far some mistakes between the two have been favourably accepted, but still mistakes are mistakes. The two of us who are not used to it may be able to frown slightly on the store side and customers. So Kate had her own face in the store just in case.

As a matter of fact, most of the stores that I presented to Sola were historic since Maxwell was built, or where I could control my own information. In the unlikely event that something failed due to drunken momentum, I was able to root it out.

"No, I think it's a first, very good idea.

"... right. Appointments, arrangements, and thanks. Do something to everyone later.

"Thank you. Sit down.

The general manager tells him with a smile, and Kite nods too. And Kate hands him a beautiful sachet containing a few misrilled silver coins - an object used instead of an envelope to put money in.

Sure, there's no system of chips in Maxwell, except if that's nobility or a big merchant. I don't make it a problem when I give my attention to the store that gave me special consideration.

"Now, please wait while I carry your drink. Take your time, Yulicia and Tine.

After a short chat afterwards, Ji, he bowed his head without even smiling at the two who continued to observe a point, and the general manager left. Of course, Kite and I are familiar with dress codes and places to accompany women. So Kate brought Tine in a dress.

By the way, this is for a good reason. When it comes to women who can take Kate with them, it's because Sola notices them where they're dressed with cherry blossoms, Mizuki, charm clothes and dresses, or because Maxwell is too famous for accompanying Kate. Well, there are other reasons.

"Hmmm...... I wonder if I could escort some more beautifully.

"I've never seen Sola before, so is this the dropping place?


Kite sighed against the two obsessed with teething turtles. Escorting against unfamiliar interests from the way the menu is viewed is, of course, Sora's role. The two of them had scored on the Escort of Sola.

As a precaution, the VIP room was designed so that the two of you could see the surroundings but not the other way around. So you don't have to worry about the two of you being blamed by the surrounding guests unless you're in so much action.

"Come on, don't be a dick. You know Yuri doesn't need to have teeth tortoised either.

That said, it's not a spectacle, and it's my best friend's first date. For once, the reason is just in case you're unfamiliar with the two of them, but it's rude on the part of the store to make the tooth turtle the main one. The two of them are so enthusiastic, Kate will keep an eye out for them for once. Well, that kind of kite comes to the teething turtle for real and in front of the building.

That said, there was actually a good reason for Kate to be accompanied by a tine. That's for the tine side, too.

"That's true, too.

"Oh, excuse me.

"No, fine. Because we know that the chief's daughter is troublesome.

Turn the front kite in a slightly lit manner. She is like that, but unlike every military uniform today, she wore a dress like a decent good girl. What she wore was an elegant dress with white embellishments, mainly in young grass colour. Unlike Yuri, this one has a faint impression of wearing it properly.

"No, I'm still here to see Kate as a matchmaker, but I'm obsessed with teething turtles and it involves your tickets..."

"Well, my grandfather is also talking about that brother, or even your father or uncle, just bullshit. Don't worry about that.

To Tine's apology, Kate shakes her neck sideways. Yeah, actually, it was Teene's pageant today, too. When he came to me with a matchmaker a few months ago when he returned home, he relaxed, but he was ordered to know the atmosphere of the matchmaker once by his father, the current chief, who had boiled his business a few days earlier.

By the way, everyone had to feel intentional when they chose Kite as their opponent.

"It would be helpful if you could say that. Um... and one thing I'd like to ask you about, is the outfit..."

"It's not bad, right?

"No, um..."

tine blushes against kites that do to and distort the end of the mouth. Kite is now back where she was, and it's the outfit that still - from the standpoint of her status as Duke - is cheap, but she was officially fit as Duke.

As a result, the original kite's stern face was particularly prominent, and even the tine, who should be face-to-face at all times, blushed. Apparently it was her strike zone face in the middle.

By the way, though. Exactly in the outfit as it was, they notice it in one shot when I bowled it to Sola, so now aside from being pale haired and pale eyed, my hair was all-back, waxed and stiffened, and I wore Dada glasses for disguise. You won't know it from a glance if you do this far. He was sensible where he wore it with all-backs, glasses, etc. and reminded me of what his former best friend looked like.

"Which one looks like Will?

"Well, he's an image. It's the opposite of me.


To Yuri's words, Teine looks at Kate's entire body by suppressing herself blushing. The tuxedo is largely uncharacteristic, but apart from the camouflage glasses, I wear a pocket watch rather than a watch as an accent. Notice the chain of that pocket watch, and Tine tilts his neck.

"Like I saw it somewhere..."

"Well, there's all the stuff in the Imperial Museum on display.

To Tine's doubts, Kate tells him. Since it is a clock that I was able to wear within my companions, it was natural that I had seen it. Well, whether it's housed in a museum owned by the state or not. Once mentioned, Kite's pocket watch also becomes a national treasure with the added value of kite ownership.

"Well, I guess there doesn't seem to be a problem.

"I would like some more push..."

"Um, okay. Oh, it's so nascent.

Evaluate Sola's dating skills to the Trinity. I don't know what to say. Kite had a good personality around being a teething turtle.

"Speaking of which, who is Mr. Kite's first date?

"Oh, I don't know either.


To Tine's doubts, I recall the past as Kate looks a little farther away.

"Uh, no, you didn't date..."

"I grew up on the battlefield. In the case of me and Kate, I don't think I'd call it a date.

Even just Yuri can only bitterly laugh that given Kate's history, she can't help but be on a date.

"Probably the first date with Asahi, I wonder..."

"Uh, speaking of which, if I said a date, it might be a date.

"Master Asahi?

"Well, she's a little wacky.

That's why Kate inadvertently raises the name of a woman no one in the adventure club remembers.

Yuri knew just fine, but not Tine. So I tilt my neck, but the name is unknown because the woman in question is a little, and I'm not going to teach her as a kite. So naturally, even the cherry blossoms don't know their names or their existence.

"Speaking of which, other than that, you're not surprisingly on a date.

"Really? I feel like Cherry Blossoms and I are going on a lot of dates..."

To Tine's words, Kite smiles a little bitterly. Sure, I'm out on a date, but still, it's not a lot to look at per person.

"Still, it's rare, right? I rarely eat these kinds of meals. Well, that's why. I'm sorry it's been a long time since Duke Kate's date, but I'm gonna have you hanging out.

"Oh, yes.

Teine nodded one while blushing at Kate's invincible smile, which floated again. And Kate whined in her heart, secretly, that it was a loan.

It should be noted that, thanks to Kate's frequent missed attention to the teething tortoise, Sola and Yuri's first date turned out satisfactorily for both of them.

"So, what's the data?

hours after that. In Kate's private room, the three of us earlier, Tina and Kuzha, were all there. To Kite's inquiry, Tina takes one of the demon stones out of her nostalgia.

"This way.

"That's why I told you. He said there was no need for a tooth turtle.

"Then if you say so from the beginning..."

I receive the demon stone from Tina and Kate tells Tine. Whether Kate suppressed them or not, the contents of the two dates were recorded by Tina's possessed demon.

The reason is simple. Just because I understood the mood, the nori on the spot, and the two of us getting dissatisfied after interrupting the teething turtle. Well, I still had a teething turtle.

"Uh, because. I don't enjoy peeking at things like this.

"So is that.

Teine also agrees with Yuri's words. Does it feel like peeking into someone else's date from the shadow of a pole? So from time to time, the two of us remit a bad first date against Sola, but I just had to give it up.

That said, well, they seemed pretty happy, so all in all, good, I guess. Thus, the day of their first date was largely ended without any problems, thanks to Kate's hard work.