The kites dropped off the sea crayfish that got back on track from previous years and started drinking again. That's how I was just drinking almost all day that day.

"What? Is it morning already?


Looking outside at the words of the light fire, the morning burn had already dyed the sky red. When Kate looked at the watch, it was already around 6: 00.

"Uh, how many hours have you been drinking?

"I don't know. About a day or night.

"That's not the answer. It's after first lunch, I started drinking.

"Did I?

The four of us had already vacated a barrel, and the drunkenness was turning in good shape. So Jen Long had completely lost track of what time he started drinking. In fact, his favorite liquor lover in Gu Long (Elder Dragon) was Ren Long, but at the same time, his weakest liquor user was Ren Long. Note that the orange infarct and stroke are lowered at a time when the night is getting late.

"Good morning.

An orange infarct and a stroke sounded, and the claw opened.

"Oh, good morning.

"Well, did you guys keep drinking? What should we do in the morning?

In response to the inquiry from the two of them about Asasai, they face each other at once.

"I eat.

"Let's get a concubine too. Does Grandpa have a sister?

"Non... um. I wonder if it would be a good idea to have it.

"I'll take it.

The point was to eat them all. Take that, and the two bow one down before ordering the servants they were coming with to prepare.

"Okay. Okay, I need you to get ready.

"I'm in awe.

After receiving the two words, he dropped off a servant who was leaving, and an orange infarct and a stroke went inside and closed him. That's how Kite asks where the two of them face each other.

"Is Kaito's grandfather still a blacksmith?

"Yes. I'm still at the blacksmith with my father.

"Right...... ok.

That's how the clouds suddenly broke in two as the six of them had breakfast and took their time off chopsticks. And cheers for it. That alone made it possible to anticipate the approximate circumstances.

"Are we done?

"You'll see if you go. I need you both to show me around.

That's how the five head to the blacksmith. Then there, as expected, was the figure of the father and son of the sea bass and dragon gall, who apparently finished striking the knife.

"Are we done?

To the words, Kaito threw a knife at Kite.

"Absolutely not, dude! Grandpa's a mason too, so don't knife him!

I complained, Kite, but I pulled the knife out of my sheath because I understand Haitang Ong's intentions.


Waving a knife in a flash of temper, the cloud disappeared this time. The disciples who were around him opened their eyes and were surprised.

"Oh! That's your hideout! It's still fading..."

The next moment a disciple says you are hiding, a hammer flies in momentum from Kaito and clashes. When I saw the result of my weapon's exchange without saying anything, I thought I was satisfied. But I didn't say anything because I could understand my current situation.

"I still can't hide this much! Don't call me hiding!

"... arms, you fell.

The disciples around him make a scene in the words that Kate groaned bossly. But that was what we felt the most. Angry until earlier, Kaito Ong, who should have flown a hammer, nodded a little carelessly.

"Hmmm... do you still think so?

"I knew it, Dad. Do it here for the time being. Hey, you got your share of blank out there.

All parents and children feel the drop in their arms. Normally, it was Kaito Ong who wanted to complain about one of the complaints, but this time I couldn't see the deterioration. Thinking a little without complaining, he raised his voice again.

"... how many pieces I've made in the last hundred years! Bring everything!


For a drink of the prawns, the disciples head out to the warehouse. Haitang said to Kite that everything but what went on sale could be collected that way.

"Return everything to the material.

"Whoa... this is gonna take a while, huh?

"Why don't you just do it!

"Yes, yes..."

Wasted where he turned away, and Kate, who knows it, obeys it with promises. That's how I broke down all the swords made using top notch material and started putting them back into the material. Note that the light fire and Jen Long returned to the room before being involved.

Then when the noon was approaching after about three hours of doing it, the dragon gallbladder and Kaito Ong, who had taken a temporary sleep, woke up. Exactly how tiresome it would be to say superhuman they would be if they kept doing their blacksmiths seriously all day and night. That's how I find Kite doing the same knife disassembly in the garden, telling her with a frightened face.

"What, did you still do it?

"No, you made me do it, Dad.

"Ooh, we're only halfway there..."

Orange infarcts and strokes are helping her, but they are about half as good. The amount of sword for a hundred years was unusual.

"Let your apprentice do it later. Such a waste would be a good reference.

"Do that from the beginning! You're just plain simple to work and sleepy!

Whatever it is, kite stays up all night, so the task is simple.

"But if it's not the Lord, it's over at the rate to this point.

"I'm sorry, Grandfather. But it was a good workout.

Orange infarcts and strokes stop working hands and apologize. So far, the amount of work was the same for one kite combined with two orange infarcts and a stroke. Note that it is not a matter of arms, it is simply a matter of difference in magic power and appropriateness, and it is just a story that kite is more efficient in returning the forged demon knife to the material. And to those grandchildren, Haitang Ong tells them with a favorable look.

"Good. Good luck to your lords. You can stop now.


"Speaking of which... what's your main business?

"Not now..."

About a day after we met again. Kate sighed at Kaito Ong when she finally heard her intention to come. In that way, the demolition of the remaining demonic knife is entrusted to the disciples of Masayashi Muramura, who together return to the room and start drinking again.

"Start by working this guy out again.

"I told you I got it on this continent. You're not a dragon killer. How to rebuild.

"Oh, turn me into a dragon killer that a dragon can use.

"Kuka...... your lord is still going to say impotent!

It is not something that can be done with half-breed power, such as improving it so that the Dragons can use it while having the power to kill dragons. If you weaken your power cheaply, it will not be a special attack against the Dragon clan. On the contrary, if you are too strong, it will affect your handles and can take your life. For the first time in its unscrupulous life, Kaito Ong grins lavishly. The more difficult he is at work, the more joyful nature he is. That is why he preferred this job. Seeing such a grin from previous years, Kate laughs invincibly and tells him.

"Well, you can only do about grandpa.

"Of course not. I don't know who else can do that.

"I can do this.

"It's not like I saw your Lord's work!

That being said, Kaito Ong uses his full arm strength forged in a blacksmith to slap the dragon gall's head.

"Say it!... as soon as you get back on track, this is it..."

"Hmm...... well good. Who's there?

That's what I say, call the servant, and make the servant deposit the great sword.

"Well... we'll just have a little time. I can't make anything that can be put out to others as it is now.

"Wow. Hurry up. Send me through the light fire as usual when you can.


After completing one of the requirements for him, Kite thinks about whether there are any other requirements.

"Uh, I gave you a letter from Su Fang's grandfather... oh, yeah. Grandpa, someone introduce me to the blacksmith.

"What. What happened? What happened?

Kate reports the status quo to Kaito Ong, who was completely depressed but therefore had not recently figured out what Kate was doing. When he finished hearing everything that way, Haitang Ong laughed at his heels.

"Did that happen? As always, the world is wide.

"I was seriously freaked out when they flew me too. Well, the luck of being unhappy is that it was a place to find out.

"It wasn't the concubines that freaked me out. A man with a disturbed voice suddenly came to visit. My grandfather and I ate bean cannons back then.

Somewhere dissatisfied, the light flame tells Kite. I'm not dissatisfied with the fact that I came back, but I was dissatisfied with the fact that I was set up. Besides, Kate laughed and got back to business.

"Ha, well. That said, Kuzha just surprised me, too. So, who's the good guy? Anyone with arms. No.

That's what I'm going to talk to Kite about, and Haitang Ong thinks only a little bit. That's how they came to a conclusion, and I looked up.

"... then orange infarct, stroke. Cross to the Empire about Kite for both of you.

"Hey Dad... at least with my acknowledgment!

The dragon gall just spoke up for the grandson's journey to be decided in ignorance of his son Gunn. However, the protest was returned with honesty to Haitang Ong, who regained the hegemony of previous years.

"Hang on. Your Lord is crossing the world once, too. I don't know how important that is, you don't have to tell me.

"Ugh... well, yeah. But it's still early, huh?

The dragon gall traveled with the kites when he was 500 years old. Sending two people out of the girl's realm yet as dragon tribes seemed a little resistant.

"Then I'll let him go to a man I can trust... maybe he'll come back with a grandson.

"Well, it would be safer for Kite to be here... but I'll give up my chastity.

"What do you think I am?"

Kate raises a protest against the two unfair evaluations - and just what we think they are. But it was the lamp fire and the Jen Long that answered it.

"I understand that's the kind of guy your Lord is.


"I've been badly treated lately, haven't I?

To the agreement of the two, Kate moves to the corner of the room and depresses. Orange infarcts and strokes were following such kites bitterly. Well, following wasn't a denial of the same word. That's how, laughing at those three, the light fire tells them.

"That's a long time ago. It is only bad that those who used to be virgins returned when they became their stomachs of age. The point is, it's not just a bad time.

"Well...... is it bad between...... so can you give up!

It seems that Kate also realizes the cause, but that doesn't solve anything. It's an accident that's coming home now in the first place, and so much so that I mourn that it would have been better a little later if I had tried Kuzha. Through such an anger of kite, Haitang Ong tells the orange infarct and stroke.

"You two are good, huh? Well, as in serving Kite.


"So ignore your parents and don't move on...... hey! Somebody call Grass Moon and Mother!

Dragon gallbladder sighed at the story of being able to proceed ignoring myself, his parents, but apparently realized he couldn't change the flow anymore. I decide to let the servant go and get his own wife and mother. Kite and Moonflowers raise their hips to a suddenly decided family meeting. Because I can't wait to get involved.

"Well, let me know when you decide.

"No, you're in, too.


Afterwards, a family meeting was held in which Kite was also invited to attend, and the two were to train under Kite.

"Hey, kite. Where are you working now?

Once the liquor platter was interrupted and the two men were to be ready to leave abruptly, we had everything we needed. That said, there's no way a man could handle his daughters costume around his age, so Kite and Dragon Dare were only called in when they needed a hard job. He also says he was kicked out. By the way, Haitang Ong and In Long are not helping. Kaito Ong returned, so he had gone out for a drink with the elders in the back, who had not gathered in a long time.

"Am I? Local.

"Bye, anything.

"Well, this is still a city that makes money from trading. I have everything for the most part.

In coming and going between the demonic realm and the Empire, every route had to go through the city of Maxwell if it was to go through some of the shortest routes. Maxwell is a major distribution hub.

There were several streets stretching from Maxwell, but half of them were direct to the Imperial capital, the general headquarters of the Empire, the remaining 30% directly to the demonic territory and the remaining 20% to another territory. If you go to the sea, it will also lead to Nakatsu. Given his national dealings with the Demons, he was precisely the most important base in distribution.

For once, there are no routes that do not pass through Maxwell, but they were not suitable for mass transit due to time lags or dangers. That's how I hear Kate's words and tell Kate as the dragon gall sees blur and dusk.

"... hey, ask for my daughter.

"... aye.

"Then come and show me your grandson's face.

"No, I don't want to.

That's how I relaxed and talked, and the two of them appeared ready.

"Father, Master Miyagi. We're all set.

"Oh well. They say the departure is the morning after tomorrow. Greetings should be tomorrow and you should take your time today.

I didn't expect to be able to bring the blacksmith home as it was, so sometimes it was a little earlier than planned, so I prepared time for greetings, etc.

"Yes. Thank you.

That said, they went back to their room.

"Well, you two are fine... you'll be annoyed when you get home..."

"Am I hitting my butt? Who?"

Around here with the dragon balls I couldn't identify anyone with my former companion, kite's runaway appeared. And Kate will be counting the folds.

"Kuzha, Yuri, cherry blossoms..."

"You, weigh yourself a little.

"I do... why not?

"I don't know.

To Kite, who told her in mockery, the dragon gallbladder answered by scratching her bold chest. As we chatted some more like that, Fumikite remembered.

"Is that your work in the abandoned hotel?

"Oh, did you pull that one out?


Hearing Kite's affirmation did not come as a big surprise. Because that degree was natural for the dragon gall to know what Kate's strength was.

By the way, I didn't bring the knife this time because the siloe is exactly where it resides. Because she also needed me to fill the hole where I was gone. No matter how the entity can hold it, it still makes no difference that she is a ghost possessed by a sword.

"Were there any ghosts?

"I wanted to be there. So, there were two evil spirits. The evil spirits were exorcised.

"I don't know. Then give it to the two of them tomorrow.

Apparently, what Kate said was instantly understood by the dragon gall. The truth is, Kate was supposed to ask if the ghost possessed by it could move freely. He understood that the dragon gallbladder would not say because he had exorcised one of them.


"Hey, it's Kite. No more booze?

And, over the walls there, Indragon showed his face.

"Am I right? There was a barrel, wasn't there? I took that, so drink that.

"I already drank that.

In Ryu has nothing to be evil about, and he speaks out. Besides, Kite tells him in a fright.

"There must be another barrel... but it's just too soon, isn't it? Two days later.

"What... So I'm going to go to bed today.

"In Long Palace. Then let me get you a bedroom. Hey, is anybody out there?

They were listening to the words, and the words of Haitang Ong echo from the outside. So before the servants came, Haitang Ong also overcame the fence. By the way, Kaito Ong will later be pissed off by his wife for this behavior after a good year. So over the fence, Haitang Ong told Kite.

"Kite, I'll let the Lord have a room for you too. The same goes for the lights. You should sleep there when you go to bed.

"Mm-hmm. I'll take care of you.

"Who are you gonna tell?

"If you tell the servants around there, they'll take you. I'll take care of it later.


At the end of the day they said something unintelligible and Kate leaned her neck but flushed it for now. It was only that night that I realized, as a matter of course, that there were twins in the bedroom.

"Oh, Grandpa. Soya, if Su Fang's grandfather sees you, let me write you one of the letters, or something, so write it down. Send it with the Great Sword.

"What. That brother is still worried.

I laugh when I say that, but there was no unpleasant atmosphere there such as disgust. On the contrary, he even looked relieved by his unchanged brother. Kite laughed bitterly at Tsubagamo like that.

"Ma, we haven't seen each other in a long time, so you can't help but worry.

"Hmm. Must be. Yeah, okay. Let's write it down.

"Well, I asked for it.

Two days later, Kate returned to the Adventure Alliance Home with an orange infarct and a stroke.