Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 193: School Publications

The morning before the farm development took place at the school. The Duke's residence was moving in a hurry. That, too, should have been done in a great hurry in preparation for today's noon meeting.

"Yes, everyone pay attention.

The beautiful maids and deacons that the Duke's house possesses align themselves in front of Yuhara.

"From now on His Majesty the Emperor will come to the Duke's residence. But there's never anything wrong with it. After that, you don't have to be nervous. This house is full of tools that the Great Spirit has touched all over it. You just have to treat it the same way.

Few squire are nervous about meeting the emperor for the first time, and Yuhara sends exhortative words toward it. Well, slightly disrespectful, but it was hard to react because I'm sure the Great Spirit is higher.

By the way, if the Great Spirits are confirmed to have touched it, the object will be treated as a national treasure for any cheap item. So this word only became a tightening of my usual attention to the same job, and did not relieve the tension Yuhara aimed at.

"Well, security seems to be done by all the Kingsguards, even if they serve, by a dedicated butler, so you just don't get too close.

That's how Yuhara concludes when she sees the face where the tension unwinds. Dealing with emperors in the first place is our oldest job. Well, the point is, I'm in the way of my job, so pull in.

"Then dissolve.

After several subsequent administrative contacts, Yuhara orders its dissolution. At the same time, I take the demon props for communication out of my chest pocket and call my brother.

"How about that way?

"I'm glad I brought the Heavenly Cherry Blossom Principal to us yesterday. When the emperor suddenly arrived for a meeting, the city made a fuss. The carriage looks like it's hard to get through.

Coffle tells as he watches the hustle and bustle of the city. He was supposed to bring Principal Sakurada and the Cherry Blossoms. Unless Sakurada can reach the city on her own, Principal Sakurada and the head teacher cannot reach the city without a carriage. That's why he secretly put the two of us in the city yesterday in anticipation of this.

By the way, there's a reason the emperor didn't tell us he was coming today. If we make it public to hold a meeting here today, all kinds of secret detectives will enter the Duke's territory. At present, the Duke's side is busy responding to the Emperor, so the school's security is neglected. In that case, the school's security could have been in the unlikely state of affairs. Therefore, the Emperor was not notified of his arrival until just a moment ago, but only that a meeting would be held at the Duke's residence.

"Well, come on.

'Yes, sir.

Check the status quo over there and Yuhara gets to work on her own too. After a while, one of the maids reported that the cherry blossoms had come.

"Yes, yes, all the time. Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a while. It's been a long time, too, Cherry Blossom.

"It's been a while, Mr. Yuhara.

Yuhara only greeted Cherry Blossom separately because of her relationship with Cherry Blossom. It's a relationship between us, Kate's girlfriend. Therefore, cherry blossoms and yuhara were twice as close to each other.

"And His Majesty the Emperor...?

"Your Majesty hasn't come yet.

Yuhara answers Principal Sakurada's query. Besides, we exhaled together.

"Well, you all take your time and relax until then.

That said, Yuhara went back to work again. Though I picked her up because of the cherry blossoms, the busiest ones are her, who holds all the servants together, and Kuzha, the duke's deputy, Fine, who makes that adjustment. I couldn't stay here and have a relaxing chat.

"What kind of person are you..."

"I see you are quite sturdy in the pictures..."

Principal Sakurada answers the question of the head teacher. That said, that's about all I could tell.

"Hmm... just nervous.


One moment and cherry blossoms were just rarely seeping tension into a meeting with a king of a nation. It seemed unusual, but natural, to be nervous about the cherry blossoms that would be meeting with Japanese ministers, the Prime Minister and the Emperor as the world's leading corporate warrant.

How can you say cherry blossoms, as a matter of fact, it's a mid-teenage girl. She meets mostly with her grandfather and father. So these two were the main conversations.

In some cases, however, we may have to talk in the main on this occasion. It was natural to be nervous.

"His Majesty the Emperor has been descended to the departure site of the airship. After a while, you'll come this way.

Looking a little nervous, the maid tells the four of them. He notified me early because he thought I would need a familiarity check or mindset. The outfits are courtesy of the two teachers, and the cherry blossoms and moments are student clothes.

The two cherry blossoms and moments felt slightly uncomfortable because they had not slept through student clothing in a long time, but I had to laugh bitterly when I realized that the discomfort was due to good quality. And together we get familiar for a while. The maid came again.

"Your Majesty is here. I will call you when Your Majesty is ready, so please wait a moment.

And it came to pass, and the maid departed again in a little haste.

"But without disrespect.

Principal Sakurada will include it just in case. But the faces who are here are the ones who understand it. So I got nervous, but I figured it out and prepared for a look.

Meanwhile, around that time. The current emperor Leonhardt was relaxing in a private room given for visitors.

"Sire, the guards are not lagging behind.

"Right. This one is good at any time.

The old butler who brought them in reports the Duke's side and the guards they brought to the Emperor Leonhardt. Take that and tell him that Emperor Leonhardt is ready.

That's him, but he's in a pretty good mood. Because, to tell the truth, this room was used by the 15th Emperor Will - who also says he occupied it on his own - because it is a room. He was in a better mood because he was old enough to stay in a room that his hero had used.

"Have you heard from Valheit?

"No, no big deal.

"Big deal, huh?

"Yes, the big deal.

In the words of the old butler with a soft grin, the emperor Leonhardt smiles with pleasure. I just didn't make a big deal out of it, and I heard from him. And since the contact details can generally be imagined, the old butler reported that he didn't say a big deal.

"I guess that means don't do anything you don't need to do.

"On your left.

"There's nothing I need to do, I'm working on it..."

Emperor Leonhardt sighed. Sure, it wasn't like I had no expectations of an encounter with Kite. However, the positions of prospective visitors on the roster submitted were those who were in the right position to want to see themselves. Regardless of how much influence it has had on the operation of the school, it would be suspicious to think that Kate, who is only part of the director of the department of living, would be present in a place of sight.

I wasn't going to push there either on the Emperor Leonhardt's side, and I wasn't going to settle for a covert game of blame by such forceful means.

Somehow, with the special power of the royal family, we can determine for sure whether or not Kite is a brave man. That was too easy, and I don't think Kite, who knows the royal power, will show up about this before him.

"Not yet, it's too early to be noticed.

Emperor Leonhardt muttered. I'm still doing some groundwork on who Kate is. Even if it moves, it doesn't work for the most part. I wanted to move cheaply and avoid getting this one sniffed out by unwanted snitches.

"Well, I wanted to see you. I wanted to see you.

Emperor Leonhardt smiles close to a bitter laugh. And to say the same, the emperor Leonhardt and I are releasing secret detectives around the school and the Duke's residence.

Well, I don't even feel like the detectives who are releasing to the Duke's residence are being taken in by the Duke's side one by one, but the information available is huge as a result.

That said, I don't even think it would be reedy if, even for the person in question, I came to my room flat earlier to say hello and left the report at that time.

"... hmm?

That's how I was flat reading the report I received from the reed, but I discover one interesting statement there. I'm about to be taken in, but I'm still doing my job right. That was a report at the former Demon King's lab that had secretly infiltrated.

"There were new and more areas...?

This report demonstrates his competence. So, whether they were finding out about reeds or knowing they were playing a little, that was why they've been placing him here for years.

I haven't actually heard anything about the new area in this description. It was only in his arms, for one thing, that he could discover it as the coffles and stellars of the paranormal walked around.

"An experiment with the demon of use...?

The report contained a slight picture of the likeness of a girl placed in a larger capsule. But no further details were given. Even with him, security was too tight to get any closer. I guess I'll need specialized personnel if I'm going to get the details. But it's too bad to do that.

Anyway, sending people in cheaply doesn't get them out. Especially in the research profession, there will be insufficient skill and no escape from solo infiltration. Just send it in and you'll find it.

"Well... I also took this possibility into account..."

Emperor Leonhardt thinks deeply. Tina's research area is a mass of so-called black boxes. Therefore, even if new areas may be found, there can be no new creation. Unless it's the legendary former Demon King (Tina) or the brave sister-in-law (Aura).

But if Aura got the message here, there's no need to hide it. Because that makes work easier, and we can expect to be highly active financially. So if it is a new area, it will be Tina's. And there's another thing that bothers me.

"Are the researchers traveling from the lab hearing about this new area?

"... I don't know... I remember it wasn't up in the report..."

Emperor Leonhardt points to some of the reports and tells the old deacon. But he also shakes his head following his memory. With that in mind, for a while the emperor Leonhardt closes his eyes.

"Do you want to rethink the plan..."

"I understand.

In the wake of the emperor Leonhardt, who closed his eyes, the old butler shuts his mouth. Kate was the only one who separated the measures from Tina's presence. Therefore, he contemplates reformulating the measures. But it'll be over soon, too. It was on the way to paperwork, and because four people from Heavenly Cherry Blossom came.

"His Majesty Leonhardt, the people of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School are here.

"Right, come in.

It's not exactly a formal glance, so there's nothing more distracting about it. It's just a face-to-face meeting. A formal thank you or a look would be another time.

"Excuse me, Your Majesty.

The maid brings the four of them into the room. That's how the four people who were brought in saw it was as sturdy as a lion. But he was relaxed for a long time, and he felt less overwhelmed.

"I'm Tadashi Sakurada, Principal of Tensakura School.

Following Principal Sakurada's introduction, they will greet each other.

"Oh. It's Leonhardt, the 24th emperor. You're rude on such occasions.

Emperor Leonhardt laughs small. He kept the report in his hand, he was busy with his job, and a pile of paperwork was on his desk. Thus, Principal Sakurada Datian Sakura School side deeply bows his head.

"Your Majesty, thank you for your support so far.

"No, until we are returning the favor we received only marginally. I owe you from Kite the Brave.

To Principal Sakurada's gratitude, the Emperor Leonhardt returns with his eyes raised from the paperwork. Yes, they saved countries on the verge of emigration and many others. It certainly included humility, but he thought that he would never have given back where he had saved hundreds of people.

"Still, I appreciate it.

"I'll take it. Hmm... that was definitely a moment.


The emperor Leonhardt, who received his gratitude as such, turns his eyes there in an instant. I didn't have time, so I was supposed to end up showing my face, but he cared about something.

"Are you a spear man?

"? Yes, it is..."

To the words of the Emperor Leonhardt, the moment tilts his neck. By the way, the emperor Leonhardt has never heard of instant martial arts. Because it is not the kind of information I would give to the emperor in the first place, if I wanted to. He watched the instant prey from his clothes, etc.

"Even if you throw a spear, your muscles are too attached to your torso. Focus more on your lower body. Even if you cast a spear, it is better to use a jump to cast a spear that also uses the force of falling from the sky. Think not to mention spear from the ground.

"Ah... yes, thank you.

Emperor Leonhardt pointed out his problems because of the way he instantly muscled and so on, and the moment he received it he realized all the more and bowed his head. Apparently, the emperor Leonhardt is an unmistakable martial artist.

The instant is originally a shore thrower. Therefore, the way the upper body muscles are attached is not semi-livable, and there are many ways to fight using arm strength even in spear-based battles. Lil also pointed out that she is not a bit good at explaining things because of her cerebral muscle system. So there was no improvement, but I noticed the distortion in the way my muscles were attached in the current explanation.

"Mm-hmm. I'll be waiting for a day when I can fight you.


"Your Majesty, I don't have time for you, so around here..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. You can go back now.

"Thank you. Sit down.

Thus, the emperor Leonhardt returned to work, and the four returned to their rooms.

Then, a few dozen minutes later. There were three emperors, Leonhardt, Kuzha and Yuri, in a large international room in the Duke's residence. Four people from Heavenly Cherry Blossom School are not in yet. Because even if I let you in now, my doubts will fly over you.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to begin the meeting.

That's how I check the time, and Kuzha speaks up. The meeting will begin and a circular will be sent about the Tensakura School.

Naturally, but it was accepted with surprise. In spite of the emperor's presence at the beginning, there were so many people who casually skipped the question. About that, it was confusing. That's how the cherry blossoms come in and the meeting continues.

"So you don't know about the brave kite, do you?

"Yes, it will.

"We've never known the name Kite the Brave, either, since we came this way.

"I'll vouch for the rest. Indeed, the brave Kate has not yet been found out.

Kuzha, Cherry Blossom and Emperor Leonhardt answer the reporter's questions. Cherry blossoms come in and fly is a question for Kite. About that, the name of the brave Kate is huge. That is why one of the reasons why the details of this meeting were laid to rest was to find out about 'The Return of Kate', and to the extent that even secret detectives from other continents would have entered, the name is so great.

As a people, I can rejoice. But as a country, I have a very headache. That was the presence of Kite the Brave.

"The rest shall protect them as one of the descendants of those who were once saved the country. This is the remainder of the wish, as well as the thoughtless reward of His Majesty the 15th Wistaglias, who once died in disillusionment, a redemption for the brave Kate, who was mindlessly left by our greed. That is why this decision is the general thrust of the Empire.

Finally, Emperor Leonhardt proclaims the protection of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. Thus, the presence of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School was unveiled in Enefia, and all of Enefia was revitalized in Russia.