Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 194 Additional Personnel

A few days after the announcement of the Heavenly Cherry Blossom School was made at the Duke's residence. As usual, the face of the upper adventure department was being chased by paperwork, but the manager's assignment and everyone's accustomed to it gave him a lot of time to spare, and now, within a week, it was only about two days of detention.

"Oh, come on. It's time to come home, isn't it?

"Is that Kite?

As I work in paperwork, I see weapons-related documents. Says as Sora remembers. It was instant that I took it and answered, so Sora changes her tone a little.

"I will. Isn't it time for him to come home?

"Hmm... is this your fifth day? Well, they say it'll take a week if it's too late. It would be around evening even if I were to come back.

"Well, that's just not going to be a week.

Listening to the words of an instant, Yuri joins the conversation with a bitter smile.

"If you bring someone home for a week, say so. It's about 3 days if we just meet.

"Then could someone have introduced me to a good blacksmith?

"Come on...... I don't know that far. Suddenly there's a demon crusade going in, and it could be something like that.

Sora and I had a moment, when Yuri was having a conversation, Mizuki, who was listening to it, questioned each other.

"Blacksmith... who are you?

"Imagine... some kind of musculoskeletal man, a pretty wrinkly old man?

Succulent clothing speaks voluntarily to the question of Mizuki. Well, since the dragon gallbladder remains in this image, it's not a mistake.

"What do you think of that place?

The cherry blossom I was listening to asks Tina.

"Well. I don't know if it's on Earth... but there are muscular bones on this side, and there are old men full of wrinkles. Some young people, some women. I can't really guess what it looks like.

That said, Tina thought a little bit more and raised her candidacy for what she thought.

"Is that a reasonable place to go? Next thing you know, you don't have the nerve.

"Oh, there's no acacia. Because I was broke.


Yuri, who pinched Tina's prediction in her little ear, denies it. Tina tilted her neck at the first fact she heard. And it was so surprising information that Tina raises the missing reply between them.

"Hmm... well, it's when Kite isn't here and I'm listening over there, okay?

After a few thoughts, Yuri decides to teach Tina about the acacia, so she interrupts temporarily. That's how I finished hearing everything and Tina nodded in a sigh.

"I see. I don't know what else to do.

"Well, you just broke one of the biggest commandments. We don't even know exactly what we're doing right now. Well, I guess I'm not in the Empire because I'm supposed to say hello when I get here just now.

Yuri shakes her head and tells her with a slightly worried face. Even though he was expelled from the inner part of his birth, the Duke's house is not forbidden to enter or leave the city. So much so that he initially resided at the Duke's house when he was evicted. If you're here, come say hello, but no wonder.

"Hmm... well, about the acacia I missed for Kite. I'm not surprised you came to say hello. Then next thing you know, you're not two orange infarcts and a stroke.

"I think I'm the most prominent candidate.

Yuri anticipated that future shortly after Kate said she would ask Masayi-men, a village in Nakatsu country. As for those two, I no longer gave up.

"Since Grandpa Kaito was pretty old here for the time being, isn't that your next point? Dragon gall was pulling a gate here for the time being.

"Really... is he the head of the gate now? Then there's no other way.

"With Soyuko. So, what's going on with organizing the blacksmith?

"Then it's over. Kate checked everything before she left.

Sola, who was helped to clean it, answers. With that in mind, Yuri turned her thoughts around again.

"Oh well... all you have to do is wait for people, huh? What's going on with buying out materials and stuff?

"You think about it when you get here.

"Well, I guess it's reasonable. We'll just wait for the rest of it.

It is decided to leave the cake to the cake shop and experts only to secure the upper hand and budget, and later to leave it to them. That's how I heard it, and Yuri stuck it at Kate's desk. Her work seems to have settled down, so it was a relaxing one.

"Ha... I was wondering if you could fix this guy.

That's how I stroke the ball-steel one-handed sword that Sola got. Even after the chip came in, I used it in the case, so it was quite worn out.

"It's time for my weapon to be repaired.

"Almost everyone except the long distance group is already looking to replace it......

The two weapons of Mizuki and Cherry Blossom were also awaiting repair. I received a request with a spare weapon at once, but I couldn't be very impotent because I felt it differently. But you two are still better off. I tell you in a slightly depressed fashion against the two of them.

"I'm broken already..."

The Glamorous Sword, which uses a slender sword called Rapier, had already broken from the middle. Rapier's spare parts are particularly drained, so there are currently no weapons that can be used by Charm.

"Ha... Seriously, you know why Kate said she'd hire a blacksmith.

Sora laughs bitterly when she sees such faces. For adventurers whose weapons are severely depleted for a variety of reasons, the presence of a blacksmith who can be gracious is above all gratifying. All of them, knowing it or not, were waiting for the blacksmith to arrive.

"Minasa, the master is back!

A siloe appears through the wall.

"Oh, rumors, huh? Where are you now?

"I'm having Mr. Milley sign up for membership at the reception on the ground floor!

"Well, let's go.

So they all headed to the reception upstairs to pick up Kite.

Not long before that. When Kate handed the airship over to the Kuzha and the others by landing it in the corner of the Duke's residence, he immediately stood in front of the Adventure Department's guild home.

"Is this your current residence?

"Well, that's the place.

"This... is a splendid building.

It was a pretty massive property for the almost untouched kites to get. Therefore, both the orange infarct and the stroke had their eyes rounded.

"Oh, because it's a luxury inn. It was a property for a reason. Oh, I've got my stuff around there. I can give it to them.

The two of them were never surprised because they had already been informed that the mourning god was working. That way, Kate returns the personality she was changing.

"... Oops. Is this okay? Are you both ready now?


Kite, who confirmed that the two of them nodded, opened the front door and went inside.

"Oh! Heavenly Sound, are you back! So, you found a blacksmith?

One of the male students who finds Kate back speaks up.

"Oh, come on in.

When we invite them in that way, the surroundings become noisy.

"Ho ho?

A boy student who spoke to Kite opens his mouth and stiffens. The students around them were similar. He said he would bring a blacksmith, but it was a beautiful girl who brought him back. Because he had the same image as Mizuki, he was taken lightly.

"You, weren't you supposed to take the blacksmith home?

"Hmm? A blacksmith, though?

"Anyway, he seems weaker than us..."

Apparently this guy imagined a big, muscular man. While Kate laughed so hard, she decided to finish her registration first.

"Well, let's leave their descriptions to everyone. Let's finish the registration first.


That's how Kate leads them to Millet.

"It's Millet, who's pretty much taking on our administrative connections.

"Yes, nice to meet you. I'm currently commissioned by the Union at the Adventure Department. This is Millet.

"Nice to meet you. It's an orange infarct/stroke.

Millet is confused by an answer that is almost entirely synchronized with the same voice.

"Huh? Um, which one is it?

"I am my sister's orange infarct.

"I am the stroke of my sister.

That's how you two answer at the same time again. His face is laughing just a little, so apparently he was playing.

"Blue purple hair is orange and red purple is a stroke. Well, sometimes they change colors and play, so good luck then.

Kite teaches Millet with a bitter smile.

"Oh, yes... then sign the paperwork on this side and..."

Having managed to grasp the names of the twins in Kite's supplement, Millet gives the two of them the paperwork for an Adventure Department membership to submit to the Union. As I was filling out some paperwork, I pushed through the lobby wall and Shiloe appeared.

"Ah! Master! Welcome back!"

"Oh, siloe. I just left.

"Well, I'll tell everyone in the office too!

"Oh, I'm sorry. I asked for it."


That's how Siloe burst through the wall again and disappeared. A few minutes later, I was in the office this time. I brought back some faces.

"Oh! Kite, you're home!

Sho, who first found Kite, speaks up. Plus everyone noticed Kite.

"Oh, I'm home. Tsubaki, I'm so sorry you're here.

Kate speaks when she finds Tsubaki, who was holding back at the back of the same.

"No, sir. Welcome home.

That's how Tina and Yuri noticed the orange infarct and stroke as they were talking to some Tsubaki.

"Hey, I told you, right?

"Oh! Your lords are here!

"Yuri, it's been a while...... er, who was it?

The two of us noticed Yuri, but didn't seem to notice one Tina. After the two of us face each other at the same time, we question each other at the same time. Still, the surrounding face was stunned by the words spoken at the exact same time.

"Mmmm... later! Tina!"

"Yep! Dear Tina! What happened!?

Naturally, for both of us, Tina's image is a luscious beauty with exceptional style and overwhelming beauty, blonde eyes. Tina, on the other hand, was completely different in her child's shape: a blonde blue eye.

"Well, a lot...... hey, ear to ear.

That's what Tina invites and explains the situation to the two of them.

"Uh, it's totally separate from the image, who?

"Ah, the two are orange infarcts and strokes. Twins.

"... you'll see.

It's incredible to be told that the eyes and hair are just different colors, and the two people with the exact same appearance are the others in red. So I was immediately convinced even for the student who asked the question.

"You explained it to Kate's old buddy until Masayichi Murakami was here, didn't you? That's your daughter.

"Nice to meet you. It's an orange infarct/stroke.

Two people introduce themselves at the exact same time, just like they did at Miley's. Naturally, I didn't know which one was the face around me.

"Uh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, which one?

Charming asks on behalf of everyone.

"I am my sister's orange infarct.

"I am the stroke of my sister.

"... not playing?

"Oh, you know what I mean?

Answered at the exact same time, everyone dropped their shoulders. Note that it had been established that he was no more than a regular person than he knew Kate, so no one even went in first person.

"Well, it looks like they're all here, so just say hello here... you're decent.

Let the two of you introduce yourselves that Kite, who finished her conversation with Tsubaki, is just fine.

"Well, let's change it..."

That's good for both of us at the same time, from where we introduced ourselves one way at a time.

"I am my sister's orange infarct.

"I am the stroke of my sister.

In that way, when you introduce yourself separately just by name, you introduce yourself again at the same time.

"We are the second generation of Masayi-mon Murakami, the daughter of Dragon Dare. I'm still a youngster with less than 50 years of blacksmith experience, thank you. We specialize in forging, but we also train to carry out repairs, renovations, etc. on other weapons. Please stay at the blacksmith when you need help.

That's what I said and the two of them bowed their heads. At the same time, applause arises from the surroundings. It was hard to predict where it was quiet, and Kate raised her voice.

"And, well, I'm usually going to have the two of you work in a blacksmith. Also, the two of you have come to this side for the reason that you gain insight into a variety of weapons, so take it with you actively... naturally, but it doesn't mean dictation.

"Don't you say that.

Kite tells me it's most likely, and someone says so. Still, they were all snorting at the words. Besides, kite sighed.

"Ha... I've never spoken... well, good. That said, there's a limited amount of work that you two can do in a day. The point is, don't ask one of us to fix a weapon with a thriving leg. Be careful with that. Any questions?


"Yes, there.

Kite fingers a boy student who has raised his hand with momentum.

"Do you two have lovers or something?!

"Oh, then marry the Miyagi..."

"Ask the two private questions later.

Detected by the words he was about to say to cherry blossoms and charm, Kite immediately blocks the conversation. I don't have any more hobbies to be poked at. Now it should have been possible to crush it before it was determined that it was Kite. Well, naturally, we'll talk about it later.

"Well, yes.


On closer inspection, she was a female student who had consulted with Kate before she traveled to Nakatsu.

"Is it okay to repair a weapon without missing parts?

"If that's the case, as long as we have the same material, no problem...... Exactly the material will be collected by you......"

"Uh... can you handle this or something?

That said, the female student shows a one-handed sword that was turned down from the middle she had.

"To that extent, if you have a day.


"I just... I want you to stay with me because I want to make adjustments for you..."

"Really! I'd love to!

That said, the female student gladly hands over a one-handed sword in the sheath to both of them.


"Yes. Sure... you seem to be treating it dearly. It comes down to blacksmith plutocracy.

"Yeah. Because it's important..."

"So, any other questions?

"Yes, yes!

After this, they were asked several questions, and the two were guided through the building by the upper facades.

Note that that night, kite was still under siege.

"So, kite, huh?

"... Yes.

"That's why I told you, right?

"Why make a fuss so far where there are more women around kite...... wouldn't that be good if you love me otherwise? He also said he prefers heroic colors.

"And apart from this!

"I wasn't expecting to get my hands on my old buddy's daughter... I was alarmed..."

That's how they saw Kite being dragged by several female students and taken to the office.