The orange infarct and the stroke led him through the interior of the building, with Kate and the others who came to the blacksmith, the two workplaces. Time is also limited, so immediate action was initiated.

"This will be the blacksmith...... but I don't have anything ready yet. Tell me what you need. Prepare."

"Mind if I check inside?

"Oh, let us both be free. If there's a problem, we'll fix it this way. Sola, Sho, I'm sorry, but I need you to grab your stuff about the two of us. I check other tools.



With Kite's permission, the two began to check the blacksmith. Sora or Moment keeps her luggage about the two.

"There's nothing wrong with the blacksmith itself..."

"The furnace one...... I'll put the fire in.

That's what the stroke puts the fire in the furnace. Sho, who was there about the stroke, looked at it with interest. I didn't mean to do the blacksmith, but I was interested in how to do it.

"Dear Hall, can you scrutinize the impact on the entire building?


Kate, asked by a stroke, uses witchcraft to confirm the impact on the entire building.

"The smoke flow path... no problem. You don't seem to have any cracks in there.

Follow the smoke flow by magic and make sure no leaks have occurred anywhere. Fortunately, it seems to have been used carefully and seldom. I guess there was no reason to damage it in its shade.

"Really? Thank you.

"The rest of the material… seems to be just a few common objects, such as iron ore. I guess a lot of it is held up.

"Well... then I guess I'll have to go buy it.

"Right. I have a set of tools for Xuanrong... but I can't help but the ingredients.

The twins will report what they've checked with each other. As such, he concluded that the ingredients needed to be purchased and made a wish to Kite.

"Dear Hall, may I ask you a favor?

"Oh. Before I said I would buy what I needed this way, there was no problem. What do you need?

"If possible, if you'll join me. Because I want to know the store and so on.

"Oh, there's no problem. You want to go buy some by the end of the day?

"Yes, please.

"Okay. Tsubaki, are you okay with your plans?

"... Yes. There are still vacancies for your plans after this. If it's that time, no problem.

Thanks to a week's schedule, there was plenty of room for Kite to act. Therefore, he was able to move freely.

"Right. So, you two go ahead and see if there's anything else you need... hmm?

A peek at Kite's schedule written in Futotsubaki's notebook. Kite. It is not a very complimented item because I have not obtained permission, but it is my own plan, so there should be no problem.

"... what are you planning on doing on this date?

Behind that plan were Kuzha, cherry blossoms and other names written for the female noodles. If you look at your plans, it's almost every day.

"Huh?... Oh, dear Kuzha, what a cherry blossom..."

"... can't you?

Kite wanted by cherry blossoms. I couldn't say no.

"I don't mind... if you give me a shout, that's all we need to talk about..."

I'm not going to turn down an invitation from a woman with Kite if I don't even have plans. The plan is not just overcrowded.

"I tried to..."

"Aha haha..."

Female Faceko smiles bitterly at Yuri's words. Besides, kite leaned her neck.


"Mr. Yuri is too advantageous in the first place.

"I think it's almost always cowardly to be together.

Mizuki and Meizumi complain. Once in a while, Yuri would either take out Kite or go somewhere on her own, so she wouldn't be caught. No one will be able to schedule that.

"Yeah, but you're making good time for the two of us. I'm waiting for you on a date somewhere else.

Yuri disagrees with the two of them as if they were a little obstinate. Also, Yuri is somewhere else, but can monitor Kite. I was just following him. Nevertheless, Kite, who realizes it because it doesn't give the basics a little bit, doesn't see it as a problem either. Sometimes it was adorable that Kuzha and Cherry Blossoms were with her.

"The basics are out of business hours, so can you call me if you want to stay somewhere?

"No, we won't, will we?

"Don't you?

Tsubaki-san, supposedly Kite. Kate was only slightly depressed when she received scattered accolades for Tsubaki, who was not supposed to have been assigned that long yet. Well, it's true.

"... well, apart from staying. Will it be scheduled until the date is scheduled?

"Isn't that what you hired me for?

Tsubaki understood it to be a perfect way to free up time for dates, etc., due to the amount of women involved. I was tilting my neck.

"'Cause you're not?

While that's how Kate solved the misunderstanding - the only person she thinks she is - the orange infarct and stroke finished confirming the blacksmith.

"Dear Hall. I finished confirming one thing.

That's what I said at the same time, and Orange Millet handed me the list. That's how I see Kite received it, and I tell Kite.

"This will be the list that you think needs fixing.

"Oh...... are there still iron ore and jade steel?

"Yes, because this is still Masayimun Muramura.

"What's this all about?

Because it's Masayichi Murakami, I'm instantly interested in the way you say it. Kite and orange infarcts, strokes eyed each other in the words, and twins were to explain.

"Did you know that you will need mineral resources to do blacksmiths?

"Well, of course.

To the two words, the moment nods. Even children can understand that more than working out metal, ore containing iron ore and other metals or the metal itself that I said jade steel is necessary.

"So the metals we specialize in in in each genre are different. For example, if you are an alpha helm gateway to elves, there is magic silver (Mithril), and if you are a Dwarf soil ally, alloys that use iron or copper systems, there are metals that you are good at. Many of them are metal that one of the gates has found or is deeply involved in. Are you sure you want to go this far?

"Oh. Understood.

The moment nodded, but just in case, the two of them also ask for a face other than the moment they were listening. As such, I saw the other faces nod and decided to continue. Thus it was a piece of metal, called jade steel, that was removed.

"Yes. So, this Jade Steel is what my village Masayichi Gate specializes in. Steel created by special methods from iron ore.

"So you can't use anything else?

"No, that's not what I'm saying. Just excellent at creating tools to make with this, that's all. Dear Grandfather... If you are a first-generation village master or a second-generation village master, you can strike a first-class knife with all the metal. Nevertheless, we just don't have that much arm, so the Demonic Crystal (Orihalcon) stops, and so on.

Kate and Tina are just a little surprised by the words. The Demon Crystal (Orihalcon) stops, but its Demon Crystal (Orihalcon) is amazing enough. well deserved admiration.

"Well, can you even process Demon Crystals (Orihalcon) anymore?


The two of them had no illusions whatsoever and nodded at Tina's words. Tina nodded contentedly when she saw it.

"Quite skilled.

If you are a short-lived human, there are not many people whose lives will end in a place that is more than just jade steel, gold, or silver. This point could be described as an advantage of the long-lived species. Nevertheless, even with that in mind, it could be said that it is good to have even traced the processing of Demonic Crystals (Orihalcon) in 50 years.

"Thank you.

"Whoa, I broke my hip talking to you. Keep going.

"Yes... so Jade Steel is my specialty... I need to make this using Tatara, etc., so I need to buy it.

"Kite and Tina can't make it, can they?

"Well, I can't. But... it's a hassle to make hundreds of kilos like that.

I don't deny what Sora said, nor does Kite. Except for mass production. Certainly, there is no magic to remove only certain materials from minerals. Naturally we have both mastered that.

But it just took a lot of work to refine an ore that was hundreds of kilometers long, not to mention a kite or tina that boasted a huge amount of magic, and it wasn't something to let the two of us do in the first place.

"The rest will be refined by the golems in a 24-hour system. It's too tedious and rare to refine that amount of lower ore with your own hands.

"Well, so is that.

Once and for all, the two are in one of the highest positions in this world. I couldn't imagine Tina doing that in particular. So I was convinced while Sora was bitterly smiling at Tina's words like that.

"Well, let's just say... let's accommodate the rest if it's not enough.


Tina also has stockpiles, but not enough to accommodate them in large quantities. It is also because Tina consumes large quantities. So taking it, the orange infarct and the stroke bowed their heads. So, with that in mind, Kate suggested.

"In the meantime, most places would sell fine ore if I had a Duke's reference. I'll make you write references around Kuzha, so we'll pick them up later.

"Please. Okay, I'll go on. A weapon made of jade steel is a knife in a famous place. At our one gate, we have already known our name as a mason for more than hundreds of years, so at the sword, our one gate prides itself on being the best in the world.

"Kaito's grandfather speaks the best language in the world with all his weapons.

"Your grandfather is special. All the weapons made by that one are provided only to top fighters. By contrast, the arms of the Father are beautiful with practicality, recognised by His Majesty the Emperor of the Emperor of Entesia, by many upper classes, from the other continents to the imperial nobility of the Valtard Empire at the end, and many nobles are being bought.

"... Where's Valtard?

Sora asks Kite in a hissing voice. Kite explains, recalling the knowledge that was up in the report.

"It is an empire in one iosis of the twin continents. The country was founded 300 years ago. It was once a country where several countries were interested in connecting in marriage and so on... apparently the emperor today is young but quite a doer.

It is a country linked by marital relations and so on in order to entangle from common enemies. Naturally they thought that the loss of a common enemy would disintegrate them, but apparently every time they were about to disintegrate, a spicy emperor appeared and prevented them from disintegrating.

"We are now even making it huge to the Great Empire, which will rule almost all of one of the twin continents in its hands. Besides, the way the influence is exercised is brilliant again. From force moves in the context of force to the use of economic cooperation, to the nationalization of booklets using matrimonial relations, etc. … In the dominion, the imperial kingdom, but the area substantially affected would outweigh the imperial one. I hear the modern reign is stable. Tia was complimenting her brilliantly. Import and export is one of our specialties... but I don't think so either.

Kite praises the hand of the Emperor of the Empire, as does Tia. Incidentally, the Empire has marital relations and economic cooperation with many countries in the same way, so it can exercise a lot of influence on other continents, but more importantly, the state of the Cold War with its neighbours sounded. Influence is therefore inferior.

"How much force?

The economic situation is beyond observation. Kate also praised the reign as brilliant. I guess the economic situation isn't bad either. That's why Sora asked about force.

"The countries that now have airships are limited to the Empire of Entesia and the countries under its protection, the Empire and the countries that join it, and later the Kingdom of the Millennium, and a few other countries. You can guess the technical standard from there. The only one of them with a large fleet of airships is our place, the Empire, and the Millennium Kingdom. In numbers, we're the bottom line.

Kite tells a little bit of a laugh. That said, there's a good reason for this. That was a difference in design thought. Whereas the empire was of a higher quality than the amount that emitted its edge to Tina, the kingdom and empire, which could not ensure the quality of Tina, decided to make up for it in numbers.

"Well, the imperial side performs well as the country from which the airship originated, so it would be mutual if we fought. The power ratio is 1 to 3 against the Empire. One-on-five against the kingdom. Even more so if it is up-to-date. Yeah, we're naturally overwhelmed with performance, even if we say it's expensive. Whether general-purpose machines or low estimates would be about five generations ahead of the Imperial average. If it's Tina's secret work, it won't be a battle on one ship, will it?

With a confidently invincible grin, Kate speaks so lavishly. That's how much I trusted Tina.

Note that Tina seemed quite happy to hear that secretly. Before that, Kate and Tina won't be fighting in any country.

"What does that have to do with us?

"So far, no.

Kate dares to emphasize that so far.

"... so far, is that possible?

"It depends on the next intercontinental conference.

Naturally, some of the spy information caught on Kite's information network is also spies from other continents. The most common of these were spies from the Great Empire or from a kingdom that lasted longer than ancient times. The upper echelons of the Duke's house, including Kite and Tina, were certain that the Vertard Empire would be interested in Heavenly Cherry Blossom School.

"Heavenly Cherry Blossom School is technically an overwhelmingly ahead crate. The treatment will naturally be discussed.

"... do we need to go?

That said, Sora goes further in and asks questions. Recently, it was Kite who was glad that Sola was broadly interested in the situation. Mainly because it makes my job easier.

"It's obvious. Some people, depending on the situation? At least the upper management needs to be ready.

"Hmm. Thankyou.

That's what I say. Sola to keep in the corner of my memory. In the meantime, the question was resolved, so there were no further questions.

"Oh. Never mind.

That's how Kite finished her explanation, too. After that, the orange infarct and stroke also finished explaining, and all went out to purchase the ingredients.