Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 201: Expedition - Village of Minado -

Three days after Sola's expedition was decided, Faceko boarded a dragon car on an expedition to the village of Minado in the morning. Surrounded by the adventure department was the first long-term expedition, so many drop-offs had come. Of course, there was Kite.

"Well, do it without a temper. And that's my first expedition. Leave as much information as you can.

Before leaving, Kate tells Sola to get the information.


"Yuri will also assist Sola. If you notice anything, it would be helpful if you would report it. Al also asked for Sola's assistance...... the dragon car is going to be all right, right?

If you ask Al, it's been a long time since the dragon car has been operated, so I'll ask Kite just in case.

"Yeah. I haven't had a dragon car in a long time, but I do remember something.

Al sits in the chair of the dragon car and watches the ground dragon move. Kate confirmed it and nodded. And when I see them all get in the front carriage, Kate exchanges her final greetings with Al.

"Then go.

"Yeah. Well, I'm leaving! Ha!"

Al begins to run the ground dragon by controlling the wax. Thus, and at the time, Sola faces out of the window provided for the carriage and waves to the face where she came to drop him off.

"Well, I'm just gonna go!

"Hang in there!

Someone inspires all the dragon cars in. That's how the dragon cars carrying the Solas went away as they raised the earthen smoke.

"Well, I asked for a lookout.

That's what I say. Kite flies a little pale bird. When the bird nodded, he immediately rose up and went away, as he chased after Sola and the others.

A few days later, Sola and the others arrived in the village of Minad just a little earlier than originally planned. Because the battle was less than expected, and the borrowed dragon seemed to be only a little better, and it was speeding.

Thus, the last day left when the sun could not yet rise, so that we could arrive with the village of Minad before noon. Looking around, I could confirm that many farmers were farming on the farms and fields there.

"Ha... it's an idyllic village.


I got out of the dragon car and looked around, and Sora and Yuri muttered. Since we had until now focused on villages close to Maxwell, we did not know what was happening to villages quite far away.

"Hey, get out of the way with the two of you. I've got it.

"Oh, I'm sorry.

Sora rushes off to the side, apparently blocking the entrance and exit. Then there was a sigh of sigh in the idyllic farm landscape, which was unusual for both the faces and Maxwell that came down.

"Wow... don't feel so rural.

"It looks just like my country.

"Oh, is Shibuya living in a dorm?

"Sort of.

That being said and each one of them sharing their thoughts, Al, who was driving the dragon car again when he saw them all get off, pulled up the dragon car and returned.

"There was a place I could park a little far away, so I've been docking there. I'll see you over there when I ride.

"Oh, Thankyou. I'm sorry, I'll take care of you on the road.

"Fine. It's rare that a dragon car owner can do that.

Al complains a little proud. As a matter of fact, military men who can be the owners of dragon cars are rare among the regular army of the Duke's family. For this reason, it would naturally be quite expensive to hire a dedicated person. It was only natural in various ways that Sola asked Al.

"I've been thinking about it for a long time, but Al is versatile, isn't he?

"Oh, yeah?

To a certain female student's inquiry, Al asks a question that seems a little unrealistic. I thought I hadn't seen Kite, Tina, and some of the other bearers of the Duke's superior performance yet. I didn't realize that I was the owner of a performance that I could take "quite" but I blew.

"You're good at levitation and snake-bellied swords for dragon cars, right? He also said he could use an axe or a sword on a spear..."

"Well, yes..."

Not yet with that degree of strength. That's how I started to think about Al since Kate and Tina returned. It was humble or nothing.

"This, gentlemen. What the hell can I do for you?

Talking like that at the entrance to the village, an old beast man emerged from the village with a dog-ear and tail that looked like an official. Apparently, he was on alert, seeping a little tension.

"Oh, I'm sorry -. Were you interrupting?

"Haha...... yeah, well, a little, though.

With a bitter smile, the old man agreed to Yuri's words. That said, with Sola at the head, everyone presents their registration cards and the documents they have received from the Union.

"Excuse me. Uh, we are adventurers who have been asked to do so by the Union. Did you make it to the change?

"Was I? Thank you for this. The guard's departure is tomorrow morning, so you'll be on time enough.

When he sees that the documents he receives from Sola are free of lies and falsehoods, the old man answers with a de-alerting smile. That's how he realized he hadn't introduced himself.

"I'm late for this. My name is Coras, and I am the head of this village.

"Oh, was it Mr. Village Chief? Oh... I'm Sola Amasillo, I'm the leader of this party.

Though somewhat preposterous, Sola tries to be polite. Kate told me to watch out for tone in conversations with clients because their actions would also lead to an evaluation of the Adventure Department after this.

"Was I? So, I have some time to change, so I'd like to tell you what's going on, would you mind?

"Yeah, please.

Though I said it at first because I'm unfamiliar with it, I'm from the upper class with Sola. Immediately create a social tone and expression to respond. He would not like it very much in person, but it was a gift of Kaoru Ceramics at his parents' house.

"Then come to my house.

That said, Coras points to a large building in the village. Located in the heart of the village, the largest building is apparently the village chief's residence. Well, since it's the village chief's house, we needed something like majesty.

"In the case of villages of this size, the village chief's mansion often combines the accommodation of bureaux and officials. Maybe we'll stay there, too.

Al whispers in Sora's ear. Exactly the consideration was that the village situation in the other world would not be understood until we actually looked at it.

"Oh, I see. Thankyou."

That is how we all turn to the house pointed out by the village chief. Therefore, I was guided to the room that it is also used for conference rooms, etc. Then there was a man in his late 20s already in light gear sitting there.


The man, who looked relaxed and generous, raised his face carelessly when he realized that Sola and the others had come in. The face was nowhere else, a face-to-face man who resembled the village chief.

"Here, silly son! We have a visitor, so I'm sure! This was rude.

Keeping his son scolded, Coras apologizes for his son's disrespect to Sola and the others. Besides, Sora waved in panic.

"Oh, no, I'm here to relax. It's us. Never mind.

"Whoa, this is rude. I'm Corason, the son of Coras. Now we have a security captain in this village... Dear Alphonse!

Corathon, who was greeting him with his hands up in a loose manner, but at once corrected his posture when he realized that Al was with him on the way to greeting him. Apparently, he looked familiar. Corason asks Al as he is.

"What the hell, you came here to take our turn?

So far, that was the only requirement I could imagine from the adventure-style facade, so I asked, even though Colason had only a few doubts.

"Oh, yeah. Was Mr. Colason from the village of Minado?

With a slight bitter smile, Al asks. I had spoken to him several times in joint training and so on, and I heard that he was the son of the village chief, but I forgot which village it was.

"Yeah, well..."

"Are you acquainted with my folly?

"Dad, you know Alphonse from < >.

That's what Corason tells the village chief. But the village chief is surprised to see why such a name comes up.

"Uh... I'm late for my application. I am Alphonse Blau Weisslitter. He is the second son of the current Weisslitter family owner.

Al, who wasn't really going to reveal who he was, made a formal introduction, albeit shabby. It was utterly futile to say that I had deliberately changed my armor so that I did not have to reveal who I was. Of course, I also bring in that armor just in case.


By presenting Al's introduction and a dog tag with a family crest of his own home, Coras also grasps who Al is. Speaking of the Weisslitters, there is nothing in this village that I do not know, it is one of the Duke's heavy towns without deception. The village chief looks surprised at why such a big man is in this village.

"Well, there have been a lot of circumstances...... I can't speak in depth, do you know the rumors of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School?


That's how Al and Sola talk about the parts they can talk about in their own circumstances.

"Oh, I see. Were you combining their escorts? Let's just say it's an irresistible overlap for this one.

If Al were to be nominated, they would only pay one more zero for the request. It was hired for almost the same amount as the average adventurer. Normally, I can see increases and reluctance, but this Coras village chief was different. Without this degree of strength, the village chief would not be able to do it.

"Yes. It's above all that you understand.

"No, duty, good job. Then let my son explain what's going on ahead of this.

That's what he says. He switches seats for his son. Before taking his seat, Corason put a map of the area and a note paper on the large desk he was using to change his conference desk. I intend to describe the necessary contents in the notes that I have pasted on top of them at future meetings.

"Oh... which way did I talk to you from? For starters, I have regular training for our village guard from the day after tomorrow. In the meantime, it is normal to ask a trusted adventurer from the Union, and this time he asked me to do it again. If something happens and you need a meeting or something, don't hesitate to use this room. The villagers have been notified for your meeting. Use it when you take a break.

I will present the information that I think is necessary and mention it just in case the colason realizes something.

"Oh, yeah. Nothing. Night is fine. It activates a junction against demons to cover the village. Still, unless you find it at night, but look around mainly by day.

Originally, this degree is common sense even if you are not an adventurer, but Corathon dared to mention that Sola and the others knew they were from different worlds. Though Sola and Yuri had previously been briefed as a whole on changes in school boundaries, they were surprised by the slightly unexpected look on their faces that otherwise seemed to have been their first ears.

"How long has that training been?

Sola speaks because Corason asked if there was anything with his hand on this side. Note that the tone is as good as usual, and permission was given from the other side, so I did not hesitate to let him do so. Current student leadership is Sola. Therefore, even at this meeting, not Al, Sola was taking the lead in asking questions and responding.

"That's a lot of five days. We're going to train in the city for a day, so we moved back and forth for a day and asked for a total of seven days. I know it's written in the special notes section of the requisition, but it could come off the back. Needless to say, I'm supposed to pay the late fee over here...

"Oh, that's just... the point is that the assignment lasts until the old men return.

"I'm not an old man! Still 25 on this one!

That's what Corason denies, but Sola laughed and denied it.

"By the looks of it? Because - you're lying. I don't care what you think, old man.

Sora tells her to go away a little bit.

"Ugh... look at that now. The time has come for you to know what time it is.

My son told me the same thing, and I care a little about Corathon. So it overreacted. Actually, the fact that he's storing his beard in his jaw in an attempt to be a little dignified is what makes him look old, but he hasn't noticed yet.

"Ha!... So, what's going on in the village these days?

I tried to hang up on him, but Sola pulled the story back, so I had no choice but to return to him.

"Shit...... strangely many goblins have emerged lately. Maybe we got a nest nearby.

That said, he will put the reported emergencies up to now on the map. Then I could see something in common.

"Coming from the woods?

Yuri asked Corason when he noticed that there were many sightings and records of engagement in places relatively close to the woods.

"Sounds like it. Well, then you don't have to deal with it because I'll either ask the Union to crusade or plead with the Duke's house. Just get rid of me coming.

For the sake of Sola and the others, Corathon will include them. In the first place, it is not possible to force people to search for nests or go crusading because they are out of contract. Well, I guess that's good if you do.

"Something unusual so far. Oh, you know what? Dad, is something wrong?

"Hmmm...... no, I don't. As much as the hunter Syrah recently said the forest was a little weird, but it would be the same as what happened earlier.

He thought about it just a little bit and decided that the anomaly he knew was also connected to the Colason case. As will be asked later, and keep a map of the hunter's home called Syrah.

"Dad, what else? I'm gone.

"No, this is the last time.

"Okay. Then I'll take care of your absence.

At the end of the day, they didn't think they'd hear from each other. That's how Sola responded to her client.