Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 217: The Spirits - The Great -

Sora and the others returned to the Adventure Department, and Kite took advantage of Silfi, who just showed up, to summon the other great spirits. That's how I looked at the face of the adventure department, and there was an adventure department figure there that didn't take one movement.

"... what's up?

Kite and the other great spirits lean their necks suspiciously in the face of not taking a single physical movement. And Tina opens her mouth.

"... so I told you not to. I'm late to say hello. It's been a while.

Tina gives a polite salute and greets with a rarely tense face. Even the emperor would not take such an attitude, except for their great spirits.

"It's been a while. Ladies and gentlemen, Kate, sometimes you forget who you are..."

This one, rather nervous, is gracefully greeted by the grown Yuri. She rarely gets so nervous either. If that's just the Great Spirit of the Wind, then plain evil Nori too. But it was different when it came to all of us.

"As the Lord may forget, you are the greatest man in this world without any deception. You can't resist the style that surrounds you.

"Hard, huh?

For Kate, she feels comfortable only to the extent that she is simply surrounded by magnificent nature, but the other faces are different. For them - even Tina - seeing the eight great spirits that make up the natural world was similar to seeing majestic nature and realizing that they were themselves small beings.

"Er, isn't this how mundane it is? Kite is so fuzzy."

Norm looks up from the bed. He didn't know why everyone was afraid of him. Well, that's just her. So against such a gnome, Silfi tells.

"Haha, you shouldn't classify kite as public. Because Kite is special.

"Let's suppress them all for once.

I saw Silfi suppress the power. Dine suggested to the other faculties, suppressing the power to wrap them all around themselves. Also, the gatherer of the Great Spirits is Dine. I mean, there's no spirits trying to wrap it up other than her and Sol. Well, even if it wasn't, leaving it to the other great spirits wouldn't be a big deal, which we've all learned since we first met together.

"... cum.

Someone exhaled small. Everyone finally gets their moves back, as if they had signaled it. And all but Tina and Yuri fell to their knees. They were all trembling, and even to Tine, the family of the Spirits, they were weeping with the earliest emotion. That's how we wait until we settle down, and Kite introduces everyone.

"Well, they're all back...... Tine, are you okay?

"Yes, no! It's okay!"

Kate asks when she sees that Tine, who meets the Great Spirit to whom she belongs - Silfi and Norm - has been solidified into a bee, but Tine answers as she goes up and down. Shivering, I decided to miss it at this time.

"... well, okay. Well, the Solas know the great spirit of the wind, don't they?

"... I know you do, but..."

That's what I say with trembling, Sola. I still didn't know how to treat them all.

"Uh heh, if you look like this, they don't think you're a boy. Boys are terrible by all means.

"If you think so, you should always do so.

The Great Spirit of Fire laughs bitterly. That's how Kite started the introduction.

"Well, shall I introduce you? First of all, the wind silphide. Salamandel of Fire. Water undine. The soil is the norm. So far is the basic 4 attributes. All the guys with long names are abbreviated. Silfi, Sarah, and Dine.

"If you think it's long, why did you name it that way... it's the name you gave it. All the other kids are short, aren't they?

Dine asks with a bitter smile. Sola et al. Faces familiar with games and fantasy objects understand their origins and laugh bitterly.

"Well, speaking of the Great Spirit... you know?

The names of the various spirits spoken in various fantasies derive from them. Sometimes I couldn't think of a better name, so I named the perfect name for my image. That's how Tina was questioned, but even if she were asked to comment on the naming of the Great Spirits in this situation, she couldn't make a far-fetched statement.

"Ask me for my consent..."

"If that's what Kate thought when she saw us, we have no objection. I didn't originally have a name.

Sarah laughs bitterly at Tina like that and tells her. No one cared what their name was. As a naturalization, they simply called themselves the Great Spirits of many times, could not find the meaning to name them. Difficult to call it, it was Kite who gave it a name.

"And now, then, it's going to be cool.

That's what Norm says happily.

"That's above all...... so, it goes on. Princess Snowflake of Ice. Thunder Thunder Hua. Sol of light. Luna of darkness.

Was Luna listening, waving from the top of the bed to the depression? When it comes to this, it is not spoken of in fantasy objects, so it is entirely Kate's sense of naming.

"Well, there are times when Sarah Hitsu calls you snow about Snow Fai.

"I don't really like the way you call me that.

"Fine, nothing. Snow or snow.

"Your cheeks are blushing.

To the words of Lei Hua, Xuehui turns that way.

"Sol and Luna are twins...... okay?

Sure, Kate asks the two of us that it should have been.

"Yes...... oh no, not exactly. We can't exist on either side.

Sol admits, correcting it after a little thought.

"That? But I thought you said you were okay with the twins at first.

When we first met, Kite asked if it was okay to recognize the twins. At that time, it was said that there was no problem with the perception.

"We are... two... one. Not individually...... just different thoughts and bodies.

"So we share memories and experiences other than intent. We'll both materialize and share our senses if that distance is close.

"Oh, so for some reason you two are together... no, it's nothing.

Kite, who had a verse to think of, took it down abruptly as he was about to make an inadvertent statement. If I had spoken to the end, it would have been a line with no guarantee of my safety.

"Twins, I said it because at the time you wouldn't understand explaining it, I thought. In fact, it's still not a mistake, is it?

The flesh does not make any more sense than it is the naturalization of the Spirit. That said, if it materializes, it can eat and drink, and everything that can be done to life is possible. What was impossible was to die and to transfer between worlds because they were possessed of the world by boulders.

"Hmm, the point is, is it like a dual personality with two bodies? Sure you're twins and have no problems... hmm?

I realized that if Kate knew about one side of the experience, she might also know what had been done.

"Hey, could..."

Kite sweats a little cold and asks Sol.

"Yes. I know it all.

Sol, who guessed what Kate wanted to say, also replied bitterly.

"... don't we both want each other to know too much?

"It's my own thing... but I don't want to worry about it. Whatever you do... whatever you do, it's about Sol. Not me... not me. Besides... different place. Right?"

Luna got out of bed and answered. Don't ask me, that's what I'm trying to say, Kite, but Luna didn't care. Some gaze is poured on Kite, who perceives the meaning and asks for an explanation, but Kite decides to go through completely. Also, I know the answer to the question.

Well, aside from that, even if it is indeed my own behavior, I can say it is someone else's if it is not truly my will. I guess there's a fold around there.

"Well, that's right..."

"We're not surprised there either... but we're going to have to accept it because we think it's more than true.

No matter how many of them are great spirits, there are things they don't know or don't know. Two perceptions were one of them.


Maybe it's one of the self-defense reactions, that's how Kite makes the discussion.

"Well, we'll discuss that later... if anyone sees us, it's bad.

Kate laughs bitterly and decides to move on. If anyone sees this place, it's like they're exposing themselves.

"So, most of the other faces, including Silfi, are in this room. Specifically, borrow my spiritual world on my own.

As a matter of fact, that's why Kate joins the chat - let her - in a significant proportion of the time, both at work and during serious meetings, but no one has noticed. I'm more used to it than that. It is his valve that it would be easier if he could divide consciousness.

"Speaking of which, what reason is that? I don't think that has happened to a few of our contractors before. I remember that the rest of it was written in the book.

Tina has met with several contractors, mainly Kate and the others, but Kate has always said things like being with her. I was curious, but I couldn't ask about the Great Spirits. I decided to ask if it would be a good opportunity.

"We didn't know that either.

It is Lei Hua who says so.

"Whatever we are, this is the first time Kite has made a blessing. I don't know what's going to happen. The only thing I knew was that I would be able to call us. So the first time I blessed you, I was surprised.

When Thunder Hua suddenly realized that he could go to a strange space - a room borrowed by Kate's spiritual world - he went to try it out, and there was already a great spirit there besides himself.

"I'm the first person I've noticed. I didn't know where it was then and what the hell space it was for...... I finally realized when Sarah came.

That's what Dine says, who gave the blessing the first time. And then, taking it, Kite answered.

"At first I thought it was just a place for me to talk to the Spirit. Nothing, it was like a dark place. It's just me and Dine standing there. I just thought it might be a special space where consciousness is the only place to be flown to converse with the Great Spirit, who usually doesn't have an entity.

It's tiring that Kite is standing, I just think of wanting a chair and the chair came out. So when I looked it up, it was the spiritual world of kite, the flow. Thereafter, the spirits arranged what they wanted, and they became like a room. Nowadays, televisions, consoles, and billiard stands are even installed.

"No way. You didn't think Dine was there.

"I was just unexpected, too. Because I had no idea where this place was or what it was for. I thought maybe it's one of the spaces I have.

Take Sarah's word, and Dine continues. Give it a blessing and see if Sarah can follow Dine's words to a strange space, and Dine will be there.

"That brings me to the discussion that where Silfi came from, we can all finally get together. It's a very user-friendly space, without the need for power for manifestation.

Naturally, if we want to manifest the Great Spirits at the will of Kite, we will use magic accordingly. Once invoked, the entity is retained at will later, but still does not translate into consuming the corresponding magic.

"This is my own imagination... but something like Rayline probably connected to me. For nature's conceptual great spirits, the magical layline can remain a passage for movement. I guess the connection with my very existence allowed me to travel to and from my spiritual world.

The contract calls on the Great Spirits to use the ring given to the contractor. Therefore, no layline existed for the individual contractor. From here, Kate inferred that she was connected to the layline by signing with herself.

"Maybe that's the right answer. Exactly, we don't know the details, but otherwise, I can't explain it.

That's what Snow Fai says and discusses.

"If there's any other reason than layline, that's what the contractors should be able to get to the spiritual world. But that's not it. They can call us, but they can't call us. We need a rayline to call.

The contractor will only be able to speak to the Great Spirits and use their power, and will speak to them like Kite and call them - but whether or not to respond to them depends on each individual - because there is a magical connection between Kite's very existence and the Great Spirits. By passing through that connection, they were able to climb under the kite.

"Hmmm... whether or not that layline is the difference between Kite and the contractors... So if the rest gets blessings, can we also invite you to the rest of the spiritual world?

"Well, you know, I can't give you a blessing or a contract... but in principle, it's possible.

Xuehui acknowledges Tina's inquiry. Instead of blessing Tina, she cannot be granted a covenant or protection. I have enough power and credentials, but there's nothing I can do about all this. Since the cause has already been pursued, Tina can only give up.

"Hmmm...... that's as unfortunate as ever...... we've got a point. Thank you.

That being said, Tina gracefully salutes the Great Spirits sitting beside Kate.

"So, why are you all standing?

That's how Tina's questioning came to a paragraph, which raised questions from the beginning.