Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 222: The Second Tournament - Announcement

The day after the Second Formation was officially assigned to the Adventure Department. Kate assembled all the students belonging to the Adventure Department in her former lobby.

"That's why we're running the second tournament. Please note that participation below is conditional on participation in group matches.

Kite finished the narrative as a whole. Sometimes it's a place where even one of the twitches is supposed to happen here, but this time there was an odd tension.

"... Yes.

That said, a certain boy student slowly raised his hand.


"There's going to be prizes and prizes, are you serious? What, bounty, your personal expenses?

When I look at the total amount of the prize money, all the students gathered come down and ring their throats. Its total value is 30 Mithrill silver coins. About 3 million yen in Japanese yen. To them, it was quite a lot of money. Yet another female student raises her hand and asks.

"Is travel true? Money, with Adventure.

That's how the other students note the paper with the destination written on it. There was written the name of a kingdom in the South.

"I'm just going to give him some assistance in preparing transportation and clothing or something. They'll pay for the accommodation. Instead, they want the bards to hear something about Japan and rare stories about the activities of the Adventure Club. My consideration is that the prize money will be needed to play during the trip. It was only a prize. Thanks to you, I made fun of it.

To the words, the students laughed. More kite goes on.

"However, there are conditions for this. Naturally, I'm not going to drop my arm. One, to set some kind of goal and achieve that during the trip. Two, impose two hours of joint training a day. Location secured. Three, you know, but don't float and bother over there. Four, you know why it's over a month away? Means you can make money playing in the meantime. Five, naturally, are accompanied by teachers beyond being a ministry activity. That's it, any questions?

"Yes! What goals would be good for a goal!?

A boy student raises his hand vigorously. So far, everyone started to twitch. Note that this boy student is in the same grade as Kite and usually doesn't take this tone to Kite.

"Naturally, it's something as an adventurer. You can master new moves (skills) or deepen existing moves to date. Don't be afraid, if you can grow one step ahead during your trip, that's fine. What, we have a month. It's a good idea to set a pretty big goal, or something that goes slowly day after day.

The trip lasts about a month. We use an airship for travel, but it is a long way from home, so it is overnight. Arrival is at 5pm local time. The airship was naturally the latest type owned by the Duke of Tina.

"... Yes! Don't you really worry about the prize money!?

To the words, Kate silently took out the sachet. Together we look at it with silence. The minute the sachet was placed at the desk in front of the kite, the coin bumped charlin, the creepy sound sounded.

"... is there a problem?

Kite opens the mouth of the bag and arranges three 30 gold coins on a mountain of 10, on a desk. Together we just welcomed it in silence. That's the next moment. I get blurry.

"Uh, you, from such a large sum of money?

One of the students asks Kite as she leans her neck. They can have a lot of money when purchasing weapons, but still, it was an amount they had never seen before.

"I don't have to buy weapons. I don't even need maintenance.

Currently, Kate had publicly announced that she was able to produce weapons with her own magic and create weapons without assistive demon stones. In other words, I wanted to say that I don't need maintenance and purchase costs and can turn to savings for that matter. Well, I actually have a few items that need maintenance, but I don't have a problem with it because the orange infarct and stroke do it.

"Oh, well. But, okay?

"Sometimes the Duke's house tells his men to luxury him. Well, he wants us to turn the economy around. Well, I'll save up again soon. Never mind.

Several people understand the situation to a kite like that shrugging her shoulders. The point is that you should show your weight as a top by being luxurious.

"Whoa, whoa! Ka i t! Ka i t!

But those students who can't understand such things, along with Hail Thunder's praise, echo the voice in honor of Kite in the lobby. Kite calmed it down with both hands and went on.

"Well, now you're convinced about the prize money? Then, registration shall take place in the office after this. Deadline expires this weekend. Okay, dissolve!

When Kate announces the dissolution and goes down the stairs, the flow of people turns to the office at once. Seeing it, Kate remembered the beginning of the matter.

A few days before Kate announced the second tournament. Kate was in the office of the Duke's residence with Kuzha, Yuri and Tsubaki. Tina is also here, but she is pulling into an underground lab with Claudia. We both seemed pretty busy with the research lately.

"Letters? To me?

Sometimes it's unusual, that's what Kate thought. Almost everyone who finds out about Kate's return is more like coming over here on their own than sending a letter. When I sent the letter, it was only when I needed it.

"Yes...... this is a letter from my son-in-law, Lionhardt, daughter of King Artemisia of the South. According to the description, it seems that it has also been sent to the school principal Sakurada and several teachers, to the Adventure Department, and personally to Sakurada and Moment.

Tsubaki views Kite's letter and communicates the contents to Kite. The Kingdom of Artemisia was a tourist country of the South, on the east side a beautiful coral reef in the vast sea of emerald greens, precisely a southern resort. I knew this sea well because the kites used it a lot. Conversely, on the east side, vast grasslands are spread and livestock production flourishes. It has excellent seafood resources that can be taken from the vast ocean, livestock resources due to grasslands that extend to the west, and is also thriving in dealings with Nakatsu countries.

However, because it was a tourist country and because of various factors, it could not have more force than necessary, and now it was treated as the protectorate of the Empire. For this reason, dignitaries from the Empire in particular often chose Artemisia as a summer holiday destination.

Note that there are other places to stay from the Empire, such as summer shelters and skiing - brought about by Kate - in the northern demonic territories, and various other times in the fall, depending on when hunting for red leaves in Nakatsu.

"The former First Prince of the Empire?... Sounds like you put quite a bit in there, huh?

Ex, there was more reason than it came with. Kite, already grasping around there, laughed at Kuzha, one of the culprits.

"also, sorry......"

Kuzha apologizes to Kate as she turns bright red. The House of the Duke of McDawell, it was originally the most opposable event to think of as, but it became the former First Prince as a result of being on the side of the opposite presumption.

"I'll ask you later about why. Well, I generally understand.


He looks pretty embarrassed, and Kuzha shrinks. As I find myself shy and pursue, besides being able to guess the circumstances, Kite is also a bad person.

"So, what's its content?

"Well, briefly, how about a comfort trip?

As Kuzha turned bright red and inactive, Yuri answered instead.

"Oh, my God, is that so? Thank goodness. I was just thinking it was time to rest.

That's what Kate says. Check the contents of the letter. But reading the contents changes that impression.

"I see... Shit, use good hands.

"Right. Kite, there's no reason to say no.

What was written in the letter was a proposal for a comfort trip worried about an unfamiliar life in another world or an adventure department that had not taken a vacation satisfactorily. Everyone would have jumped if I'd only heard this.

"On the face of it is just a comfort trip. Let them hear the rare stories of the other world for their benefit. It's a story that benefits everyone. But the reality is to find out who I am?

In the letter, it was Kate and Cherry Blossoms who talked to the royalty, and instantly a few were nominated by name. Especially to Kite, it was definitely attached. The reason for this is royalty, so it is the right decision to look at the top talent as much as possible.

"Probably. It says here, without feeling the edge, that you have the same name as your former hero, the brave one.

Simply reading and deciphering is a coincidence and a pleasure. But the same letter has been delivered to Kuzha - naturally, the greeting complains differently - above all, it was dangerous to judge simply. I just want to say that you can read behind this.

"Perhaps it is true that you have doubts about your brother's identity. I'd like to avoid any far-fetched behavior..."

"The question is from where,.

The question is where Kate's identity was exposed from. At least, there was no leak related to the Duke's house. Because if we do that, we fear to buy the great spirits' unhappiness, which is scarier than the emperor's, - there is no such thing in reality.

"Probably from Imperial Castle, supposedly. According to reports, the royal reed that had been unleashed on the Reames residence recently entered the Imperial Castle. Perhaps they saw Master Ulysia's face?

Tsubaki presents the considerations from the report. And Kate agreed.

"That's possible. I tried to take a blow before I was seen in my face, but I can't deny that there was a rug just before I took my consciousness away. A few of them could be looking at my face.

Because of his concern not to kill, not to hurt, there were a few people who had slightly overly misjudged the power of his opponent. Since I am certain that I have lost consciousness immediately after that, I thought it was unlikely that my face would be seen, but apparently it was different.

"That's the royal spy? Perhaps other faces are also other Duke houses and well-known aristocrats. Do you want to modify the strength of the Empire somewhat upwards?

I exhaled deeply as Kite roared a little. I had grasped the approximate strength of each nobleman in the empire - not the force, etc., but the power of each individual - from the strength of the Ales and others, but apparently some nobles were more than Kate assumed.

It should be noted that Kite basically tends to overestimate his opponents' strengths and underestimate his own. I apparently underestimated it as my body this time.

"Any unusual moves on the Imperial Castle?

That's what Kite calls into the void. Then the shadow moved in response to it.

"Not at the moment.... Nevertheless, if the return of the Lord is being felt, we will be most vigilant.

That's how it was Stella who answered Kite's question. It was Stella who was still partitioning the Duke's secret detectives after serving as an escort for Kite. It was also significant that she was the liaison to Kate.

"Now, how can the modern sire be moved... just don't have too many people profiles.

Kate laughs bitterly when she tries to anticipate the action. In an effort to think about the emperor's movements, Kate realized she didn't know the emperor very well. Too little information was in hand to predict human behavior we had never met.

"Is it just right to make this a litmus?

Whether the parents and children were connected or moved individually, how far they knew and did not know what information they were hiding from each other and how the father would move with the son's movements. So, sometimes you'll try to move and see, that's what Kate thought.

"So will you take it?

To Tsubaki's inquiry, Kite nods.

"Oh...... Kuzha, is school guardianship okay in the meantime?

"Yes, it has also been requested by Lion, so there is no problem. I'm going to send a third squadron.

"Who will turn from the Duke's house later, but..."

"It's everyone here. You'll be fine if you take Stra and Coffle, and a few others, to avoid the man.

Kuzha replied instantly to Kate's grunt. To the answer, all the maids in the room nod. Naturally, they were maids who knew who Kate was and had a deep relationship besides.

"No, well, good..."

What number of adults are you going out with, Kite, I think so. Even Fumiko alone was like saying that Kate was a brave man.

"No, do you even show it as a bluff?

It's like touching on the return of Kite if the Duke's executives massively press with Kite. Too much. It would invite the suspicious demons of some, receive this as a bluff, and take into account the possibility that they have not returned.

"Good, we're all going to the ocean!

Apparently, the thought came together, and Kite called out to everyone in the room.

"Yes! Brother!

And it was Kuzha who was most pleased with it. In fact, I was in the process of arranging a new swimsuit in anticipation of this development.

"It's been a long time since we've all traveled together -!

Since I've been traveling here a lot individually lately, Yuri is happy with her long group trip. Thus, with the cheers of many of the maids, Kate continued her work. Note that there will be one additional person on this trip, but that is something they do not know now.