Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 223: Dating - Nominal: Buying Prizes -

A few days after the announcement of the second tournament was thus made. As planned since then, Kite had gone out to purchase prizes with cherry blossoms, Mizuki and Yayoi.

"Well, what kind of things are good..."

"You like what you can wear, don't you?

Cherry blossoms ask Kite's grunt as soon as she leaves the Adventure Department guild home.

"Oh, that's an accessory-based trinket. Something with a magical effect is better.

To the cherry blossom inquiry, Kite nodded. Even in commemoration, what the Adventure Department needs today is a practical one. Where the emphasis was on design, it was only used poorly on the journey and damaged. With that in mind, Mizuki expresses her opinion.

"Then bracelets and earrings are the best.

"Well, given the fight, I think that would be reasonable.

Sakura agrees with Mizuki.

"Well, I don't know where it is. I'm not for proximity.

The battle is possible because Yayoi has also completed his adventurer registration as the Second Battalion of Heavenly Sakura School. Though, sister? accessories for close range were unknown because they use weapons similar to whips as well.

Well, on the surface, though. In fact, she has been involved with Kate for over a year with some of the best interracials in Japan and gods around the world. Kite and the others have a lot of strength by the standards.

"No, I want Yayoi to think about accessories for the distance... there's nothing wrong with focusing on design over there. That said, I can't be categorical with a complete design focus.

Kate smiles bitterly and tells Yayoi. After various decorations have been applied, it is the end of the line if the movement is inhibited. That was the last word.

"Hmmm... maybe a necklace after that... nice hair decoration too. There are also rings.

That's how the three think. That's how I thought about it all, and I noticed the cherry blossoms.

"Isn't it more prerequisite to find a store?

"So is that. Kate, you know a good store?

"Huh?... why don't we just hang out properly?

To Mizuki's inquiry, Kate blinks her eyes. As a kite, I was planning on looking for accessories while cooling down, and I wasn't thinking about where to go, etc. Actually, this guy. Maybe he just wanted to have a date while I was telling him why.

"You're still thinking like a woman in a place like that... well, that's certainly true, too. Where's the accessory?

"North Town is the major...... no, don't you dare go.

North Town is a luxury residential area. Therefore, when Kite advises that, we will move to North Town together.

"Oh, you've got a pretty good design.

Having said that, he expressed interest in small earrings with only one ear created in Mithril and Demon Stone at a shop where Yayoi was located.

"Sounds like a little jewel... what is this jewel?

The jewels Yayoi pointed to are predominantly red, but appear purple and other colors depending on the viewing position. It was somehow a gem similar to Alexandrite. However, unlike Alexandrite, this one reacts to magic rather than light and comes out in completely different colors, so it was definitely a demonic stone-related gem no matter what you think.

"This will be a gem called Twilight Eye. Origin is the residence of the Dwarves in southeastern Demonic Territory. Cutting has become 'Witches Garden'. My assistant chief, Aruna, has made the cuttings.

A female clerk who appeared to be a good product assigned together answered Yayoi's question. Naturally, Yayoi, who doesn't know where he is, asks Kite immediately.


"" The Witches Garden "Witches Garden" is, well, a kind of different world. For once, the entrance exists at the border between the Duke and Demon territories... but not inside this way. There is a demon clan called the Witch, where there are only women... who create one giant space in their magic and live there. It's an ever-spring climate inside. It is therefore the garden of the witches, because all kinds of grass and flowers bloom and look like gardens. Famous products are tea, magical herbs, and medicines that use them. The current chief is Lord Justiel. The tea over there is famous for the favor of the present demon king Claudia and His Majesty the 15th Emperor. The Duke's house must have bought it, too. They call you a witch, so naturally you're good at handling demon stones and magic.

Kate briefly explains the witch's garden in the wake of Yayoi's words. It was the clerk who was surprised by it.

"Customer, you know very well. They are hidden at the same time, so rarely are they on the table...... we also managed to gain their credibility and finally did this demonic stone cutting. Have you ever had tea?

The clerk asked Kite, looking just like a little peek. This was an object that questioned Kite's knowledge, as well as a glimpse of his origins. He was trying to figure out if he was a customer.

"Someone I know is a witch. Occasionally, but they let me taste it. The refreshing but aromatic aroma of the dark red is different from the tea in the elves, which is light red, aromatic and noble, and from the fairy family, which has a light reddish brown color and a glowing flavour." The Witches' Secret Medicine, "Witches Elixir," can't help it. It's a cup of tea they serve for their own enjoyment, and they rarely go out.

That's how I felt the cold wind from the cherry blossoms as Kite draped the accumulation of tea.

"Kite, you didn't tell me we knew a witch, did you?

Cherry blossoms seeping a little black aura asks Kite. Besides, Kate blinked the other way.

"Hmm? You didn't hear that? Tina's a witch, isn't she?

"Huh? Tina, are you a witch?

"It's been almost a year since I've known who they are... but I never heard of them either.

Apparently, no one knew. I was surprised by the triplets.

"Oh... I thought you knew. I don't care what you think. You're a witch, right? I mean, Yayoi listened... Oh, well. I thought you weren't going to tell me it was better not to tell the Witches on Earth..."

"If you ask me..."

That reminds the three of Tina. Indeed, he is good at handling magic and demonic stones and draws well in concealment. If you were called a witch, it certainly was.

"Well, put that aside... that's why Witches' secret medicine, Witches Elixir, rarely comes out, but it's also said that a theory might have a magical restorative effect. I've often heard that drinking makes the lack of magic easier.

"Yes. I do ask you that, too. Nevertheless, you know your customers really well.

A female clerk nodded to Kate's words to agree. It matched her knowledge perfectly and her feelings when she drank were almost identical to what she had gained. Besides, there are several women and even witches I know. From there, she determines that Kate is a considerable clientele of aristocrats, etc.

"So what do you say? Can you wear it once and see it?

The clerk asks Kite with Nico's face. The response rose to one rank, judging it to be a superior, but late.

"What do we do?

That's what Kate asks Yayoi.

"Right. Can I ask you a favor?

"Yes, then I will prepare it for you now.

The clerk thanked him and took out the showcase keys and opened the showcase. And attach it to Yayoi's ear.

"What do you think?

That's what Yayoi asks Kite.

"Oh, I think it's good. Yayoi is an adult beauty. That's what I said. Lovely accessories would be good with gaps.

"Yes, thank you.

Yayoi returned the earrings to the clerk, gladly saying so.

"Are cherry blossoms and Mizuki good? If you have something you want to see, just say it.

"Really? Now, take this..."

"Right. Thank you. I'll sweeten your words.

That said, they both pointed to the ornament that they were concerned about, and let them try it on.

"So, you buy that?

They ended up staying for about thirty minutes and found something cherry blossoms and Mizuki wanted to buy. It deviated from its original purpose at this point.

"What about Yayoi?

"I'm fine. If you buy it here, you won't be forced to buy it next time you have something good.

It was like a line that I enjoyed playing with. But cherry blossoms and Mizuki react to this.

"Right...... right. It might be a good idea to enjoy the buying process a little more.

"You still have plenty of time. Looks like he was floating a little.

He thought if we ended our shopping now, we'd just go home afterwards - at this point we'd all forgotten our original purpose. Besides, Kate smiled bitterly and apologized to the clerk.

"I'm sorry. It seems they still want to enjoy shopping..."

"No, I think it's a good relationship.

The clerk seemed a little unfortunate, but decided he got enough connections with Kite. They chose not to press here. But it changed and Kate continued whispering.

"Deliver here what she has chosen now. After that, what I just said is this way.

That said, Kate points to what Yayoi chose and colors the price and gives it to him. To this extent, it was necessary expenses. When I said why it was just Yayoi, I actually observed it most enthusiastically, because it was Yayoi who was most unfortunate. If I had the same reaction at the next store, I was just talking about buying it another time.

"Yes. Thank you.

Seeing a kite like that, the clerk smiles unexpectedly. Note that after this, she sighed unexpectedly when she saw her boyfriend, but the reason is uncertain.

"Let's go, then.

"Thank you.

After receiving a greeting from the clerk, Kite and the others followed the store and did the same in another store.

Meanwhile, in the store after the kites left, a female clerk who had received the money was ready to send the goods.

"Uh, this Twilight Eye... Adventure Department? Oh, that's a guild you've made in the meantime. This one... Yep! Store manager!"

What was written on the paper given to the female clerk was a mailing request to the Adventure Department Guild Home and the other.

"What's up? Not too loud to say you don't have customers.

"Here, this!

"Hmm? What! Request to send a gift to the Duke's Fine! What a clientele you were!

The manager, who should have noticed the clerk, opens his eyes when the clerk shows him a note. Actually, Fine also boasts considerable visibility as a maid with kuzha.

Anyway, he can act as a companion to the High Elf, who is even superior to the Elf. It couldn't have been famous. If I became a customer with whom I had personal relationships, I could say that the customer was also a superior and the top superior.

"Uh, a young man... I did bring three beautiful women with me. It was a mouthful like there were several other women out there.

"Never be disrespectful. Include other employees.


The clerk snorts firmly at the manager's words. As a matter of fact, this is how Kate buys and sends presents to everyone. Besides, I remember choosing them all myself or what I liked when I went shopping with them. I have great doubts about what I don't like about women, it was Kate's behavior.

Meanwhile, when Yayoi and the others said around that time, they had completely forgotten their purpose.

"So, I'd like to ask you one thing... do you all remember what we're all here for today?

After leaving the first store, I looked around a few houses in about three hours and bought - secretly - the accessories each one wanted the most. Since the purchase of the gift had ended for other face-to-face uses, Kate asked the three daughters who were about to look around further. Even if you suspect why I didn't say it before, I thought I should let you like it for about three hours, so I intend to pass it by. The time for this was actually ordered by Tsubaki to leave it free.

"Huh? Sure, it's not a date?

"Yeah, well, I'm afraid I'm not alone..."

"What? Are you unhappy surrounded by these beauties?

Three people who were totally enjoying shopping. The face was not entirely for work, but the face of one girl. To those three, Kate tells them with a smile as if she had smiled bitterly, as if she were loving.

"... for once, I'm here to find a prize for the tournament..."


Three people finally recall their original purpose to Kate's such answer. Kate expected this to happen - after going through it over and over for 300 years and finally understanding it - was.

"I forgot. Sorry. Sorry."

Yayoi apologizes while dyeing her cheeks red just a little bit.

"Speaking of which, you did.

"Shh, excuse me..."

"No, well, I'm sorry I couldn't buy him this way..."

Actually, I'm buying it, but I promise I won't tell you that. Kate apologized for making a face that seemed sorry here.

"No! Kite did a decent job. That's enough for today... then let's go.

Cherry blossoms tricked by such kites follow. And so it was only this time that we went out to find the prize.