Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 229: The past of the squire - the awakener

Thus, Tsubaki's dream draws to an end.

'But will Master Stra agree?

I was told about Kate, and Tsubaki became anxious. Still a few days in, and I was looking forward to many nobles being offered. I was wondering if maybe you could accept it.

'Oh, there's no problem there.

Whether or not he knew about it, Kate said it was obvious. Tsubaki began, which Kate did not know but thought was a dead end, but immediately reconsidered.

(He sees me as a mix.

That's what I signed up for. There was no way I didn't know what was going on to this extent. Yet I pushed my heartbeat to be okay. Tsubaki followed Kite, even as she questioned it. And on that road, something even more puzzling happened.

"I'm taking over now, but I'm planning on going around to the Lord's escort in a little while. At that time, thank you.

Co-worker, Tsubaki was surprised by all the people introduced to him, inside, jumping up. The person was Stella, the sister of Stra, general manager. And he called his lord his lord. Tsubaki deepens his doubts about Kate's identity, but the doubts dissolve in Stra's room.

'Ha, Sman. Well, you haven't introduced yourself yet. I'm Kate Amane. You know Tensakura School?

That's what Kate tells Silmi. I had already heard the story of Tsubaki, but I could not believe it to be true. And from his appearance, Sirmi took Kate's words as lies. And finally Tsubaki knows. The man who's trying to get her out of here says he's not a white horse prince with a metaphor, but the truth, a white horse prince.

"My other name is Kate McDawell. For once, I am the Duke of this city.

The moment I heard that, Tsubaki thought it was impossible. Brave men are 300 years old. That can't be the Lord.

'Lord. I brought it.

But that's how while Tsubaki is surprised, Stella brings the paperwork. When Tsubaki was assigned here, it was a written document. From there, the conversation proceeded to a ton of clapping.

'All right, now there's no problem. Tsubaki, don't ask for it from now on.

That's what I say and smile at. To the Lord, Tsubaki gives a bowl of grace.

'Well, I won't say much... ask for that girl.

That's what the Lord said to Sirmi. He answered it with a smile and used a pronouncement to someone. In the meantime, Tsubaki speaks to Shirmi.

"Um... Mr. Sirmi. Thank you so much so far.

He distracted me a lot, even in a few days. Of this whorehouse, I felt most benevolent. Nevertheless, I hardly ever met another woman.

'No, that's fine. I can't believe this is happening. Just a little bit, you're gonna be jealous.

To me, a prince like this never showed up, only on that point, I envy him a little, and so says Sirmi, laughing. Plus Tsubaki feels only a little guilty, but Silmi immediately gave her the pleasant smile of her original sister's skin.

'But a good snack. Well, I heard quite a bit from this guy, too, but it shouldn't be a bad one.

The approximation of Kite's personality can be judged by the inheritance that passes on quite a lot, etc. From there, it was decided that Sirmi would not do anything terrible.


Sirmi gave a slightly relieved look to Tsubaki, whose flair disappeared slightly and whose beauty appeared when she was in the facility.

"Really, he can't get his head up for his good view.

That's what Sirmi points to Stra.

"Ha ha, how many minutes do you hold a former assassin like me in this position? Besides, you're the one who was after me. You can't be unfriendly.

Apparently, the fact that he was an assassin was also a first for Sirmi. I was greatly surprised.

"You were an assassin? Sometimes you look so cold with reason.

"Hehe, yeah. In the slam of the Imperial Capital...... but no more. I grew up there and there was a lot going on. That was reckless, even if I remember it now.

When I heard that word, Stella smiled bitterly and started talking about the past just a little bit.

'From now on, mainly selling fights, that's inconceivable. Well, there was no stopping me then that I was being taken for quality...'

"The Lord who found out about it just cleaned it up. Besides, you picked us up without a destination to go to... and this doesn't matter.

'No, I'm interested.

I can tell from the fact that I don't know that I was an assassin, but apparently for Sirmi, it's the first time I've ever heard of Kate and the Stra Stella brothers and sisters taming each other. I was listening to it quite intriguing.

"Haha. I'll talk to you later, even among my friends.

'Well, I'll look forward to it.

Sirmi laughs at Stra's words. I heard it later, but apparently these two are really a couple. When I heard that, the Lord was greatly surprised.

'Besides, I have to drop off Tsubaki now. Tsubaki, Your Excellency is quite unscrupulous, but at least he's kind. Nice to meet you, please.

With a smiling look, Stella smiles small at Tsubaki. Tsubaki took it and bowed his head deeply. If I correct the original, he would have sent me around to Kite. In a way, he could also be described as the Prince of the White Horse.

"Yes. It is the cochlear that brings you to this edge. Thank you.

'Well, I won't be seeing you any time soon. I'll send the package with my shipment.

'Thank you.

As such, I get some advice and chat, while I wait for the end of Kite's thoughts. And I finally finished my reading, Kite, but I was just a little depressed.

'Tsubaki, let's go...... ha.

Kate was depressed and sighed. I don't know what they said, but at least I could understand that it was okay for me to go with them.

"Well, I'll be back.

'Yes. Then I'll drop you off.

Tsubaki also took a seat following a risen kite and a stra who tried to drop it off. But Kite controls Stra.

'No, fine. I'm going home from here.

That's what I said. Kite opens the window. To Kite's actions, Tsubaki and Shirmi don't know how, but Tsubaki was lifted by Kite while she was stunned.


All of a sudden, Tsubaki screams small. It is quite intimate and striking, but like the men before it, there was no disgust.

"Hey, let's go.

'I asked for the girl.

That's what I said, and at the end of the day, Silmi bowed her head to Kite.

'Oh, I'll take care of it. Bye!'

That's what Kate said, and Tsubaki woke up when she jumped out the window.


Tsubaki woke up with the feeling of falling as Kate jumped out the window. I was just scratching my sleeping sweat. Looking outside, it was still dark, and I couldn't see the sun rising.

"... hehe.

That reminds me of a dream I just had. It is as if she were a princess, unworthy to hold herself as a squire, but to a degree of delusion, she would be forgiven.

"Speaking of which, yesterday..."

And the LORD was fleeing into his room, that he had angered the cherry blossoms and the cuzha. Exactly when I went to bed, I went back to my bedroom, but I stayed in my room pretty late at night.

"In its shadow, is it?

I had a good dream, Tsubaki inquiring about the stuffed animal saying so. It was the first time I saw it that I had bad memories, but the end was happy. From that grin, the old faintness was quite gone, only the faintness of a flowery face from the beginning.

"Your husband..."

Just saying that, my body lights up. This is all the horny blood in me had made me do that. Usually it can be suppressed by activating other blood, but it has also been activated quite actively lately.

"No, right..."

Occasionally, when I ask the Lord's bedroom for use at night, I hear a whisper. The voices varied from the legendary witch named Ex-Demon King, to the princess of the High Elf who protected the land, to the fairy who kept supporting the Lord at all times, to the student chairman of the school that the Lord was attending, to the children of the great treasurer's maids and good houses, to the maids who were taking care of themselves in the Duke's house, to the guards who protected the Lord from the shadows.

"Your husband..."

With that said, I reach for the shirt the Lord wore not long before it was nearby. I couldn't help but scratch the blood and I didn't even wash the clothes he wore. Even though I know I shouldn't, that shirt is natural, close to my face.

"Mm... Phew... you..."

When blood is activated this way, I really do it. If they see you, they might throw you away, and if you think so, you feel scared. But still, I couldn't stop thinking of the Lord.

"Sorry... do..."

Why, who are you apologizing to, Tsubaki doesn't even know. But for some reason, I felt like I had to apologize.


Thus, once satisfied, Tsubaki closes his eyes again. Even when I looked at the clock, I had quite a bit of time until morning.

"These days, there are so many of them... I think they're getting stronger..."

For once, maybe you should talk to Meath, Tsubaki thinks so. No matter how much blood you lose, you must not attack the Lord. That degree of distinction also existed properly in Tsubaki. I need to find a way to contain it, somehow, I don't want to be abandoned by the Lord. That was the only thing that supported her.

"But once or so..."

I don't know anyone, I squeal. Tsubaki also didn't realize he squeaked.

"Ah... Speaking of which, I need to take a bath..."

It's dirty, it's the Lord's body, but it stinks of those men. That's what she couldn't stand. Even if that was because of her metaphorical temper, she couldn't stand it.

"Corner, I had a good dream..."

This is ruined, she reprimands herself for what the Lord had been visiting last night. Because of that, he fell asleep in the futon.


Then he takes a shower in remembrance and falls into a bed that smells like the Lord. I know you're behaving badly, but nobody's watching. This degree would be forgiven.

"Good night."

With that said, Tsubaki meditates his eyes. After that, no one knows what kind of dream she had, except for her.

"Hmm... how about sensory error?

And then again, hours later, time shifts. Tina was taking care of the research results in her lab.

'I feel about 5cm uneven on my right hand.

One of the three capsules feels but remains reported to Tina. It doesn't make you feel emotional, it's a flat voice. From his voice, he was pretty young.

"Hmmm...... I think I feel only a little pain in the error correction of my senses, but because of my patience.

"Copy that... Yikes!

The moment Tina unfolded the magic formation, a voice sounded in the capsule to withstand the agony.

"What do you say?

'... no problem. Sensory error, corrected.

"Hmm. How about Ein and Dry?

That's what Tina asked the other capsules. Then there was a response from one of them.

"I feel uncomfortable in my lower abdomen.

"Hmm? Claudia, how's the meter?

To the voice in the capsule, Tina frowned slightly and asked Claudia, who was checking a different meter from Tina's.

"Ha... this is... well, it's called a girl's day.

A little crunchy, I laugh and Claudia tells you to be in the capsule. From the words of Claudia, apparently in the capsule is a woman.

"Girl's Day, is it? … Knowledge available. Understood.

The voice of some emotionless, flat girl understands from the knowledge given Claudia's words.

"Mmmm... Smanu's. As close as possible to a person's body, I could have done it if I thought.

Tina laughs bitterly at what she has done. Let's go for perfection because we're going to create it anyway, it was a feature that Tina put on momentum when she thought about it. It apparently worked in a strange direction that I was working on various manipulations to solve the original creepy valley phenomenon. He thought about what he put it on for and decided it was pointless.

Well, still. If the day came for them to fall in love with someone, they left it there thinking it would help too. It will be for each man to see this as an imitation of God, but a late arrogance, or to take it as the kindness of the Creator.

"I appreciate the care and gratitude of the Creator (Maker) for trying to be as human as possible.

"No, Smanu. How many minutes does your Lord see a woman as a man without vision? If you know it comes with that kind of feature, you might attack it with joy and bravery.

That said, Tina laughs happily. It should be noted that the Lord and the others do not currently believe that there are more followers on their own. And if you listen to this Tina, you will protest fiercely. But Claudia laughed and agreed with the words.

"Hehe, it's possible.

"Bye...... well, I guess I'll try to make the last fine-tuning. When this is over, it will be sunny and revealed to the Lord.

"Please, Dear Creator,

The voices of the girls echoing simultaneously from the three capsules. It may have been Tina's desire that sounded like expectations seeped into that voice.